Interview 1188 – James Corbett Explains What Everybody’s Missing About Brexit

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“Brexit is good!” cheer the nationalists. “No, it’s a travesty!” cry the globalists. “No, it’s a trap!” cry the conspiracists. So who’s right? All of them. Or none of them. As James explains on his recent appearance on WGDR radio with Jim Hogue, Brexit is a destabilizing move that can be used by the globalists to create order out of chaos or used by us to effect the only revolution that really matters: the revolution of the mind. Don’t miss this wide ranging conversation on the multiple origins of the EU, the 3D moves of the Gladio globalists, and how the real power lies with the people (if only they’d realize it).

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  1. This, dear James,
    Was the best so far, that I’ve heard about Brexit. Thanks…

  2. I believe this can be summed up rather easily actually.

    — Brexit is NOT good, regardless which side your on —

    Anyone who thinks the English and the Welsh (the only 2 communities within the UK that were Pro-Brexit), if you think they are going to kick out the banksters once Parliament invokes article 50 this fall, then you are sadly mistaken. Why? because they are already drawing up plans to keep the Big banks in London and they are already hitting the road renegotiating trade deals with India and other major markets…as.we.speak!

    If Parliamentarians actually invoke article 50 this fall, in 2 years time the UK will be threatened by Scottish independence and maybe even a return of the “Trouble” in N.Ireland.

    If you support Brexit and “individualism” then you MUST support Scottish independence. Meaning what exactly? Meaning Brexit = the end of the UK.
    You can’t have it any other way. There is no other outcome.

    There is no movement to throw out the “globalists”, at the end of the day, the chess board hasn’t been broken, we’re still playing the same game, it’s just the checkerboard squares may have changed colors.

    How ironic is it that “individualism” relies on individuals coming together and creating “communities” in order to defeat the “globalists”. Yet, this is exactly what the “globalists” are trying to do.
    (ie create communities much like the EU, US or UK)

    • I don’t know if I have the solution, but let me preface my statement by saying ever since the French and American Revolutions, which created the New Order, the secular order we are currently under, this is the best we can strive for.

      Ask yourself, are we really worst off today than we were back before the revolutions? I’d argue that no, quite the opposite, we are much better off today.

      Imagine living under some theocratic order, a Catholic or Protestant King? I can’t, the common man has a much better chance at a better life, whether that individual strives for a university degree or wishes to be a simple peasant.

      Now, lets fast forward to to the end of WW2, with Bretton Woods Conference and the Nixon shock of the the 70’s.

      They blew the head off JFK in 63 in Dallas, just so they could hijack the secular order, and make the US a petrol dollar Empire. Then came 9\11 and the oil wars of 2003…

      Armed with that knowledge, the right wing lunatics that control Israel, are trying to keep the US hegemony no matter how many wars it takes.

      Which brings me to today, after Brexit, the British people have spoken, there is no turning back, come this fall parliamentarians will have to vote to leave the EU, or risk public decent and possible riots.

      So, we are left with, what I wrote a few hours ago, in 2 years time the UK will be threatened by Scottish independence and more than likely a return of the “Troubles” in N.Ireland.

      The only peaceful solution would be for the English and the Welsh to embrace their new found freedom and more than likely poverty because they kicked out the banksters and watch Scotland and N.Ireland secede from the UK and rejoin the EU, but we all know they aren’t gonna let that happen.

      That’s my prediction/solution.

    • Dear peace.froggs did you actually listen to the interview?

      I ask as you seem only to have commented in a depressive and negative way. My understanding of the interview was that much if not all was still open and that this is not the time to rest on laurels or tear each other apart.

      I understand that James likes his threads to be as open to all as possible.

      However I fail to see what you are bringing to this thread other than a negative attitude and direct confrontation to other users about their actions and future actions.

      Some may consider this to be just a little Troll like in behavior.

      I get that you have a view and respect anyone that can form an opinion based on evidence. Even more so if they can get their without the perverse guidance of the Mass Media.

      So please keep posting and maybe show just a little more respect to others on this thread.

      It would also be good if your post were actual discussion about interview, its contents and connotations.

      Peace be with you and Love guide you.

      • Negative attitude?

        — Sorry to rain on your Pro-Brexit parade louiscyphre, but what I’m bringing to the discussion is a dose of reality.

        Some of you seem to think that this is the start of some sort of anti-globalist movement, and that simply ain’t so. Matter of fact, Brexit has caused a resurgence in pro-EU leanings across continent (The Guardian‎ – 2 days ago)

        The majority of the Scottish people love the EU and everything that comes with it, including free movement within. The same can be said for the Irish.

        But lets say for the sake of the argument that Brexit really was about the British taking back their country, they still have to kick out the London banksters in order to truly be sovereign, and I think we both know the British people aren’t about to that.

        It’s one thing to believe your free, but poor, I don’t think the British will go for that.

        Besides, according Nigel Farage, he already quit, stating why continue, I got my country back.

        So you see, for people like Farage, he’s more than happy to keep the banksters in London, he knows where is bread is buttered. BTW, you knew Farage has an offshore trust fund tax haven right? A real man of the people he is.

  3. There is some truth to what you say, however it isn’t exactly a secret, and furthermore, if the EU has it their way, I don’t believe the “centre of London” or the “square mile” will be half as powerful in a few years as it once was, even HSBC of Britain is threatening to move some of its operations to Paris due to Brexit.

  4. why don’t people lend to people?

  5. Thank you for your, as ever, very pertinent insights James.

    Although not so naive as to expect thereby complete defeat of the globalists, I voted to leave the EU, firstly for what I saw as the simple and overwhelming reason of a move towards greater personal sovereignty. I did not see this argument clearly or effectively made by the unsavoury bunch of puppets tasked with promoting ‘leave’ in the mainstream, which seems in itself quite telling. Neither was a great deal made, as far as I saw about my other obvious main concern; the utter economic failure of the EU as evidenced by no growth, long-term austerity nearly everywhere and economic disaster in Southern Europe. In other words, we saw almost no airtime given to the clear common sense of a ‘progressive leave’ case.

    In my assessment, because the globalist establishment had full awareness of the strength of anti-EU feeling, they had to work on a ‘plan B’, i.e. to achieve a narrow enough margin to create maximum divisiveness and potential chaos. In a very dirty and divisive campaign on both sides, they pulled out all the stops using tactics such as fearmongering, demonising of the Brexit case and its supporters plus major capital from the Jo Cox incident with possible vote fraud thrown in.

    The campaign and its outcome have created deep divisions and I have personally felt dismayed and surprised at the quite hostile reactions of some ‘remainers’, including from close friends and extended family. Even so, for me, the binary choice presented amounted to:

    1. Go quietly
    2. Stand up and fight back

    and I could not, in all conscience, have voted differently. I still prefer the current position to where we would find ourselves had the vote gone the other way, i.e. a legitimisation and furthering of the collectivist project and a likely return to general apathy.

    No doubt we will see considerable knock on effects in the rest of Europe and no doubt TPTB will attempt to stir up and make maximum capital from the ensuing conflict and chaos.

    Despite all this, I can see a positive change here in that many people seem to have moved out of their customary political indifference and apathy into a greater awareness of the deceit and corruption of the political class and the media. I can’t help seeing this as a positive development.

    I think we know that considerable upheaval will likely occur worldwide shortly, Brexit or no Brexit and we will need to do our best to carry on thinking, speaking and acting from a place of positive intention and rationality in order to promote what you describe as the much needed ‘revolution of the mind’.

    If it’s not too corny, peace and love to all.

  6. Just wanted to add that I don’t normally see the point of voting in elections but saw this as an opportunity to register a vote of ‘no confidence’

    • So what now angie? After article 50 is implemented (assuming that it will be), are you gonna follow through and kick out the banksters in London, or are you gonna forget the whole sovereignty thing and “vote” to continually be ruled by these same people?

      • Well, I think the job of ‘kicking out the banksters’ would fall outside my personal capabilities, but will do all I can think of that lies within my power to that end, and no, I don’t plan at all to forget ‘the whole sovereignty thing’.

        • Well then, if you plan of actually being “sovereign”, you best figure out how to kick them banksters out as quickly as possible, cuz, Brexit would have been all for not then, you dig?

          You can’t be “sovereign” if you continue to be ruled by london banksters!

  7. and you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time 😉

    • Good luck with that angie, unfortunately you’ll be eating that elephant all by your lonesome, since Brexit wasn’t really about “sovereignty” as it was about xenophobia and jingoism!

      May I suggest a song…Google “Me and Bobby McGee”

      • “….Brexit wasn’t really about “sovereignty” as it was about xenophobia and jingoism”.

        What was Brexit really about is hard to say. Brexit also has characteristics of (manufactured) chaos which envelopes the world. Particularly, you can’t know why individuals voted the way they did.
        These days we are dealing with manufactured reality. Let me put philosophically, is this reality at all? If you accept this reality as “the-whole-reality-and-nothing-but-reality” you are in fact buying the story made by TPTB. Just like the want. For majority of people voting is nothing but buying a new story.

        How do you know that Brexit was about xenophobia? Because surveys say so? Here is link to IpsosMory survey—->>>>

        Question: “Which, if any, issues will be very important to you in helping to decide which way to vote?”
        First issue offered: “The number of immigrants coming into Britain”. Look at the insidious wording!!!

        We can assume that this issue with loaded wording was first offered to interviewee. MSM bombarded audience with all kinds of immigrant stories for at least one year.

        Could we expect different outcome of survey??
        Of course, we can definitely see surveys as a tool for social engineering.

        Banksters and corporations are harder nut to crack especially for most from developed world. To properly analyze this phenomena you have to take into consideration the whole World. Then you will see that this is the problem of capitalism. The outcome of capitalism is wealth concentration like Marx said and that is exactly what is going on today.

        It’s true that banksters have beautiful legislation for them but without capital they would be capable of nothing.

        Best for us is devote less time for analyzing their story because we have to build our World.

        • “What was Brexit really about is hard to say… you can’t know why individuals voted the way they did.”

          In the aftermath of the Brexit Referendum, if these headlines are any indication of the reason why some of the 52% voted to leave the EU, xenophobia seems to be one of the primary reasons.

          David Cameron has condemned “despicable” xenophobic abuse after the EU referendum as figures suggested a 57% increase in reported incidents.
          –The Guardian (June 27)

          Wave of hate crime and racial abuse reported following EU referendum
          –Independent (June 26)

          Racist abuse in UK reported since vote to leave EU
          –CNN (June 28)

          “…we can definitely see surveys as a tool for social engineering”

          Regardless of the surveys and recent headlines, it would appear that immigration was indeed the tipping point, not so much “sovereignty” from Brussels.

          David Cameron purportedly said at his final summit in Brussels that fears of mass immigration were “a driving factor” behind the vote.

          and I tend to agree with him.

          • Are you talking to me ????????

            I’m asking because from the content of your writing it is not obvious.

            If you decided to debate with me then you should address at least some of my claims. Instead, you just cited some of my sentences (with cherry picking) and then continue to write about your point of view that is already known.

            Looks like you are not capable of debate. Somehow you decided to be puppet-Cameroons mouthpiece and to play this role here on Corbett report. Are you lost?

            • It would appear that you are the one that is lost “mik”.

              You do know you can post comments on a thread without having to reply, right? Or have you no clue what the “reply” button is for?

              Reply: as in, say something in response to something someone has said.

              Of course I am replying to your post(s), since it is YOU that began your post by quoting something I said! In turn, I replied to your reply by quoting something you said!

              See how this works, this isn’t rocket science mik, in my books, this is what a debate looks like.

              Furthermore, I did address some of your claims, like “…you can’t know why individuals voted the way they did.”

              Now just because I quote mainstream news articles and what politicians say, that doesn’t make me their mouthpiece.

              I ain’t nobody’s mouthpiece but my own. I suppose if I would have regurgitated whatever James said in his videos I would have been accepted here at the corbettreport with open arms?

              …and to be honest, I’m not sure what your idea of reality is, when you say stuff like “devote less time for analyzing” and “we have to build our World”.

              Who’s “we” when you isolate anybody that disagrees with you? What kind of world is that? Why even bother having a discussion board, if all you do is agree to devote less time analyzing the world around you?

              • You are troll.
                Anyone who would go and read other commentaries from you will most probably find out the same. Even just looking on this thread is enough.

                I hope that James has some remedy when nuisances like you become too boring.

                Until then, don’t feed trolls.

      • This is drivel, Angie is clearly right here ; so too James that Brexit can be whatever Britons want to try to make of it. At very least it’s a nationalist vote, and whether or not the Vatican, District of Columbia and City of London Corp are really sovereign states (LisaW above, a not uncommon view) they are certainly independent jurisdictions for financial and business purposes, so that City of London is probably a treasonous enclave inimical to the interests of the British nations, or at least the English. So this is the perfect time to be challenging the right of existence of such mediaeval clap trap, and to be punishing the gangsters responsible for such treason. Also the perfect application of retrospective legislation to make City of London financier families pay back the income taxes and interest charges stolen from the British peoples since 1694. All this degraded economic filth began in London and only the British have the ability and the right to roll it back all the way to its origins, and weed out the perpetrators, profiteers and their heirs.

        No this sort of reform isn’t likely to happen overnight any more than gulping down the whole proverbial elephant at one sitting. But it certainly becomes possible after Brexit, but not before it and not without it. Brits should be prodding their neigbours about the appropriateness of separate jurisdictions, and arresting and expelling the profiteers — perhaps to the Dogger Bank with irons around their ankles and injunctions to swim to the Hague, or Athens if they can. No restrictions should be placed upon such free swimming enterprises. Nor upon the humour that could be included in the punishment of these vermin.

        Simply insisting that none of this will or can happen is just a prayer that it won’t.

  8. Seems to me that the most important thing James said—and has been saying for some time now—is that we would now be very well to be gathering together in small communities, growing our own food, getting off the grid, creating our own money / exchange, and as quickly as possible reaching the point where we can thumb our noses at Big Corporate, the Banksters, the criminals on Wall St., and the rest of the globalist elite. Such a plan is currently being developed. The physical community design is already in place.

  9. Giant Meteor 2016. This is as optimistic as I can get.

  10. It’ll be interesting to see in the next 2 years or so if Brexit is indeed an Anglo-Chinese plot.

    I wonder however since London banks are already moving some of their operations from London and relocating in Paris, Frankfort and Dublin in anticipation of EU passporting rights, how that fits in to their scheme, or if they miscalculated this scenario playing out so soon, even before article 50 was implemented.

    I also remember reading that the renminbi is to be introduced as an SDR’s, I think later this year…I think.

    Thanks for the links.

  11. This particular interview reminds me HOW GOOD our James Corbett is . . . so impressive, and much respect!

  12. Really great interview and summary of the various permutations involved in Brexit etc. Thank you James.

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