Interview 1198 – X22: The Clash of Civilizations

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via X22Report Spotlight: Today James joins Dave of the X22 Report to discuss the latest on the geopolitical front, from the ongoing turmoil in Syria to the failed coup in Turkey. Is this all part of the CFR’s Clash of Civilizations? And if so, what’s coming next?

Rothkopf’s Superclass and post-nation state politics

Samuel P. Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations

CFR’s Foreign Affairs Nov/Dec 1998 (War on terror + OBL boogeyman)

EU meeting turns into South Stream funeral

Turkish Stream project to resume after Erdogan apology

Meet Fethullah Gulen, Deep State Plotter

How they blew the coup

About Those Turkish Nukes…

Erdogan Accuses U.S. General of Siding With Coup Plotters

Brandon Turbeville Explains the Plan to Break Up Syria

The Last Word on Terrorism

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East


  1. I must admit I haven’t read Samuel P. Huntington’s book, however when they say “Clash of Civilizations”, I don’t think they mean nation state vs nation state like China clashing with Japan, or Brazil clashing with Argentina, or India clashing with Pakistan and so on and so on…in other words WW3. Nor do I think they mean Shia vs Sunni, Catholic vs Protestant, or Buddhist vs Taoism etc… I can’t help but think what they really mean is open door immigration/migration and the end of borders…however, I may be wrong.

    When it comes to Erdoğan and the failed Turkey coup, no doubt in my mind this was an inside job created by Erdoğan in order for him to scapegoat Gulen, the US and his political enemies at home, and use it to try to escape the clutches of NATO as he tries to keep the Kurds from breaking away from Turkey.

    As far as Israel “Greater Israel” is concerned, Israel just doesn’t have the Jewish population it needs to expand its borders. The Zionists are limited to incrementally taking a few acres of land once every so often in and around Jerusalem, and that’s about it. “Greater Israel” I believe, might be the Zionists long term plan to create a sort of European Union for the Middle East, with Jerusalem as their Brussels. That, to me is a much more plausible, than say Israel occupying Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

  2. Pretty good analysis tgmolitor,

    If we look at history, we know the C.I.A along with the Saudi’s created Al Qeada in the mid 1980’s in order to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan. Soon after the Soviet defeat their empire collapsed in 1989. Then came the first Gulf war in 1991, followed by 9/11, and then Iraq invasion in 2003.

    In some way, the Jihadists have been a friend of the globalists, however I believe a schism happened sometime after the creation of ISIS in 2005/06.

    During Bush’s last term in office, I believe it became evident to the globalists, with Bush’s approval ratings at an historic low, America’s war-weariness, and their goals far from being achieved, they knew that if the Democrats were going to win the White House in 2008, they might put a stop to their New American Century project dream. So I believe that they decided to created ISIS sometime in 2006 in order for them to be able to continue the war in Iraq and eventually expand into Syria.

    It would appear after Obama decided not to bomb Syria, one “globalists” faction decided to use the Syrian refugee crisis as a Trojan Horse in order to infiltrate, attack and punish the other “globalists” faction in Europe.

    So now we have one faction of the globalists that want a secularized World, being attacked by the other globalist faction which is seeking to demonize all of Islam simply by using these same jihadists that fought for them in Iraq and Syria to now attack the other “globalists” in Europe.

    This schism is also playing out currently in American politics. You have “the Donald” and to some extent the Brexit boys in the UK, on one side, meanwhile you have the other Republicans split along the lines of Bush, Cruz, Kasich, Ryan, and Romney being more aligned with the secular “globalists” in Europe.

    Who will win this power struggle come November? The Globalists that seek a secular political World that includes all the religions of the world, including Islam. Or will it be the Globalists that seek to demonize all Muslims, create fear and panic everywhere with every terrorist attack?

    In the lead up to the elections in November, if there is a terrorist attack(s), who will that benefit? Hillary, or the Donald?

    Be wary of an October surprise if Trumps poll numbers are low come late September/October.

    • Pretty good analogy, however much like any electronic device they have their flaws and they do eventually break down and are replaced, sometimes with something better, sometimes not.

      As far as the operating system (OS) they are only as useful as their user, which is us, the people. In other words, at the end of the day, we are in control of the military, intel, international capital, banking, supranational corporations.

      For example, Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of the Military-Industrial Complex, it wasn’t enough to stop JFK’s head from being blown off, but people did a few years later took to the streets in protest and stopped the Vietnam war.

  3. no mention here of Erdogan’s recent accord with Israel–Erdogan continues to support jihadists doing Israel’s work (destroying Hezbollah supply lines) in Syria.

    Israel continues to act as a sovereign state; realignment of Turkey is consistent with an ultimate global realignment in Israel’s interest, minus US hegemony, as suggested by Kramer in the latest _Foreign Affairs_.

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