Interview 1204 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Obama Extends 9/11 “State Of Emergency” For His Eighth (and we can only assume, final) Time
Flashback: Obama Extends Bush 9/11 National Emergency (Sep. 10, 2009)
Force Congress To Observe the Law on National Emergencies
The “Deep State” Behind U.S. Democracy

Story #2: US Set To Relinquish “Internet Stewardship” On Oct. 1st
Snopes: America to Hand Off Internet Domain Name Control
How IT Works Domain Name System
The Censorship Solution with Michael Dean
Video: “This, Jen, Is The Internet.”

Story #3: Homeland Wants To Take Over Elections As “Critical Infrastructure”
A Candidate’s Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election

#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: Popular Herbal Supplement Cures Pain, DEA Makes It Illegal
FriendFace Fires Human Editors, Algorithm Immediately Posts Fake News
TPP Criticism Grows, Obama Plans Lame Duck Sneak Attack

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Belgians Hunt Books, Not Bulbasaurs + Attractive Altruism & Community Relief

Previous Episode: EpiPen Price Gouge Tied to Clinton Foundation


  1. Thanks for posting audio-only versions of vids – so few do – between you and X22 I get enough to stay up to date – also I just found an online mp3 downloader with apparently no strings attached (we’ll see) – it’s called Anything2MP3

  2. I agree that the US federal elections will not change anything. And that it’s better to engage with others in the real world to make a difference.

    But I would like to point out that engaging with others to participate in local elections can matter. I was heavily involved in the last local vote in my community and the outcome made a big difference. And luckily a very positive one.

  3. Well done. Just thought I’d mention that the link for #NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: Popular Herbal Supplement Cures Pain, DEA Makes It Illegal is incorrect.

    • Thanks for the tip, ccuthbert2001. The link has been corrected.

  4. The link for the ” Popular Herbal Supplement Cures Pain ” is a repeat of the link right above, ” A Candidate’s Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election”. Great NWNW.

  5. I love your work James but I think I disagree w/ you on voting in this election. First, I hear what you’re saying: regardless of who wins, the same people behind the scenes are REALLY in power.

    However, I’ve also heard you say (and I agree) that making the tyrants do things that “shock the public” is a good thing because it can wake (at least some) people out of their stupor. For example, the Dems essentially openly stealing the primary from Bernie woke some people up to the idea that system is rigged/corrupt. The same is true of the constant negative media barrage against Trump while Hillary is generally treated w/ “kid gloves”.

    Trump is also a very outspoken person who could (at least potentially) make some waves. For example, he has called out the media as being crooked/biased. He has called out Hillary on some of her crimes. He criticized Dubya (“he lied us into war”). I fully realize Trump won’t (and can’t) bring about any change in the conventional way but, again, potentially he can make enough waves to cause something positive to happen (again in terms of “shocking the public”).

    Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of any of these candidates.

    And a point on top of the disclaimer: to reiterate James’ point, politics is NOT the solution. Individuals taking action at the local level – building systems that make the existing (corrupt) power structure irrelevant is a far better way to go.

  6. For those looking for an and easy solution to the government controlled Internet name registry there is also the openNIC project :-

    There is no need to install any new software on your device and the instructions for getting it set up and running in a few minutes are on the site.

    (BTW, this is not a true blockchain based registry in itself, however it will allow you to access .bit sites and other non “official” sites)

  7. Decentralized Internet systems and networks will be easily censured/controlled in the near future, using “Deep Packet Inspection” and advanced Artificial Intelligence:

    The Internet will always be controlled by the big corporations and multinationals, who constitute the real powers-that-be. And, unless there is some sort of semi-socialist revolution, at least, who hands over control of the Internet to the people, the big corporations will only let pass the sort of traffic that they approve of.

    Internet cables and servers are not the same as public roads. They’re the property of the corporations that let you use them. And, in my country, even the cable router I use, and to which I have no alternative, is the property of my ISP.

  8. jamiediggins,
    Damn! Thanks for sharing the story.

    • The name (HomeRemedySupply) was an old business venture which I never finalized, and the email address I was using for it. I’ve done a lot of business ventures on a pauper’s budget in the past (hundreds)…some very successful, many not. Adventure… part of life if one is living.

  9. Potential #GNNW?!

    It seems like more “mainstream” and “mainstream alternative” news sources are starting to carry 9/11 stories that are not only questioning the mainstream narrative but also pointing toward it being a potential false flag event…
    Two examples:


    The Antimedia

    Here’s to hoping that “lamestream” and “alternate lamestream” sources like BBC and VICE are forced to have to report similar stories in the next ten years!

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