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via In today’s episode of Lions of Liberty, recorded in August 2016, host Marc Clair welcomes in independent journalist James Corbett of The Corbett Report to take a look at the recent release of the “28 pages” and how it relates to research he has done on the subject of September 11, 2001.


  1. Can you imagine a safer environment to be involved in a conspiracy than one in which “conspiracy theorist” is the most derogatory and insulting name you can be called?

  2. James, the term “deep state” is being redefined to mean the federal bureaucracy, ie. departments such as HUD, EPA etc. I suspect tptb want to take the sting out of the original meaning that Peter Dale Scott intended by associating it with the ho hum, well-known image of the incompetent federal bureaucrat and nothing more nefarious than that.

    I saw this in a newsletter by Bill Bonner, who is rumored to have some kind of connection with the real deep state. Whatever you can say about Bonner, uninformed ain’t it.

    I smell psyop all over this situation.

    • Oh yeee, Equation between US and Saudis change substantially. Not only regarding to Saudis, also to the rest of the world.

      Introduction of new elements to Equation is inevitable.

      But will it help?
      Who will buy US debt(crap)?

      New QE or interest rates raising, I see no other option.
      Well, fraudsters might still have some (other) cards up in their sleeve.

  3. Sept 9th
    “BREAKING: Bill Passes House Allowing Citizens to Sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11 — But It’s a Cruel Hoax”

    “…it turns out that the bill offers nothing more than an illusion of the prospect of justice and accountability. It is, indeed, a cruel hoax….”

    I am curious which corporations lobbied against the passing of the 28 Pages JASTA bill.
    We know about Chiquita banana.

    …or…perhaps just as important…
    who (what corporations) helped to slide in the rider which nullifies effective lawsuit action.

    This tactic has been used before. I heard about it directly from a friend on the frontlines in the lawsuits.

    Around 2001, families were suing the Big Pharma companies over the mercury and vaccine damage.
    The lawsuits looked to be a sure win against vaccine makers!
    It would have destroyed a myriad of huge companies.

    After 9/11/01, The Patriot Act was put forth before Congress. Both the House and the Senate agreed NOT to sneak any other non-related legislation into this voluminous Patriot Act. However, the top ranking Republican Senator Bill Frist did sneak in legislation which essentially made it impossible to sue the vaccine makers.

    Senator Bob Frist owned HCA (Hospital Corporation of America ) which at the time was the largest hospital chain in America with over 400 hospitals and surgery centers.
    HCA itself was filled with corruption. In 2002, HCA was involved in the largest fraud settlement in US history. (Fraud not related to the vaccine issue.)
    More at

  4. Hi James,
    You mentioned Peter Dale Scott for deep state matters. I remember you mentioned him before, but I never followed the track. So to compensate for this omission, I checked PDS on Startpage and found ‘Peter Dale Scott’s Current Publications Web Page’ on
    From there on things get a bit funny.

    The past couple of weeks I spent mostly on the corruption of science, in particular psychology and climatology. So the first PDS article I clicked was called “Will the Radical War on Science Transform America?” on
    The intro on top of the article says “Deep Politics May 18, 2016 | Peter Dale Scott”, it sure sounds like him.

    But then things get weird. The article talks about the oil companies who created a climate deniers movement, that hampers taking proper actions against man made global warming, in particular against CO2.
    In other words, his “war against science” is not about the general corruption of science or the corrupted science of climatology in particular, but against the political movement against this corruption. Quite in line with such a stand, I could not find a single scientific argument in the article to support the authors political outcry, that the climate is changing, we are all going to die, do something, stop CO2.

    So there is quite a dissonance, is this really him? For I cannot imagine someone analyzing something politically esoteric as “the deep state” falling for something so superficially hidden behind pseudo science as man made global warming! Has this something to do with dementia? This is not meant to be insulting, I often ask myself about my own degenerating braincells and the strange thoughts I am having lately. Well, the latter may also be an effect of too much reading of the Corbett Report..

    note 5 in this article says:
    [5] Peter Dale Scott, The American Deep State, (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2015), 67; quoting Peter Tomsen, The Wars of Afghanistan: Messianic Terrorism, Tribal Conflicts, and the Failures of Great Powers (New York: PublicAffairs, 2011), 406-07. Steve Coll agrees with Ambassador Tomsen that “by early 1991, the Afghan policies pursued by the State Department and the CIA were in open competition with each other” (Steve Coll, Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001 [New York: Penguin Press, 2004], 225).

    So it seems the author of the article tries to power his point with some rhetoric from PDS his apparently most important research work.

    What is going on here?

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