Interview 1214 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: UN, China Agree on Silk Road Initiative Cooperation
China’s Trillion Dollar Gamble: The New Silk Road
“Investment Guide to the Silk Road”
China and the New World Order

Story #2: Police Abusing Confidential Databases All Over America
Seattle Cops Use CIA-Funded Geofeedia for Tracking Social Media
Pre-Crime In WA As Gun Confiscation Proposed
CA Law Says Cops Don’t Have To Care About Where Their Guns Are

Story #3: L.A.’s So-Called Superrich Anxiously Building Underground Panic Mansions
Rich people are bragging about their luxe panic rooms
Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up
Trump Steaks @ Sharper Image

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Funeral Dogs, Love Hormone, Mindful Moments

Previous Episode: Yellen to Trump: The Fed is Above The President


  1. My good news ,is that I am reinstated as a Corbett report subscriber

  2. Build a bunker…. oh boy, somebody exploiting “fear” and “panic” to cash in!
    I completely agree with James here.

  3. Oh,yes. Golden bunkers are psy-op for the summer(year,…) of rage and government harmony sucks.

    The following thoughts will probably be dis-harmonic here….but anyway.
    I’m not from US and I really don’t get this Gun Thing, especially when people start to enumerate reasons for Guns.
    Probably the most acceptable argument for me is: “We have the Right to be armed and we don’t give up this Right.Period.” Fine, you have one (or arsenal), I don’t need it.
    But the worst argument for me is “because of government”. With guns against army, I mean Army? No way, Government today cannot be outgunned, it will be outsmarted, so arms are not vital at all. If shtf there will be no ammo and guns will starve to death.

    • I’m a Canadian, eh, and as such I was raised to feel the same way you do. For many years I did. I have since changed my mind. The guns are intended to address tyranny from both external and internal sources. Sometimes freedom genuinely has to be fought for and either won or lost on the battlefield. Like it or not, there are ruthless people who could care less about the lives of you and I….and these are precisely the types of people who end up running the show. Sure, we can stand around holding hands, singing Kumbaya, hosting candle light vigils; however, there comes a time when a show of force is necessary. Regrettable.

      There’s a saying about bringing a knife to a gun fight. I get your point about it not being anywhere close to a fair fight. Without the right to bear arms there can BE no fight. I’m not saying these things are easy. Don’t under estimate the power of a determined people to fight for their freedom.

      “Any society willing to give up liberty to gain security will deserve neither and give up both” – Ben Franklin

      • I live in the UK where (although we have armed response units, which can be quickly deployed), we do not have armed Police. This may sound quaint from an American viewpoint, but the bottom line is that there are fewer guns on the street.
        There is a consensus, I believe, that if the Police were to be armed, there would be a ‘creep’ toward more gun violence generally. This is the reason that an armed Police force has been resisted. The Police themselves share this view, on the whole. Possession of a firearm is a big deal here, and they don’t sell them in Walmart, as it were.
        When I see my esteemed American friends discussing gun ownership, and look at the frightening gun crime statistics in the US, I shudder. There is another way, you know. It’s a bit like the nuclear weapon debate, except they don’t hand out nuclear weapons to drunk crack dealers here. Mind you, we have a shit load of nukes.

      • Yes, fight could be inevitable. But then you better be sure that it is on terms favorable to you. Otherwise it is maybe wiser to hide or run.

        “Without the right to bear arms there can BE no fight.”
        Many things can be used as a weapon, for example stick, wire, crossbow, hacking device…. Every weapon has to be used with proper combat-mix, I mean strategy, tactics and logistics among others.
        I can’t see many successful combat-mix combinations for using guns against government.

        Maybe it’s more important to see gun debate as just another Divide&Conquer.

  4. I am 65 yrs old & left the U.S 40 yrs ago. Best decision I’ve ever made. I’m happy to see James in Japan. I appreciate so much your take, James, take on what’s happening both in the U.S. & around the world. Tx for all your hard work and research to make such professional presentations. Keep it up!

  5. This story seems to have just hit the press. James, anyone want to give a perspective on it? My initial take with the term “false flag” in the title is that this story itself is a form of psychological operation. Misdirection, misinformation, causing the bulk of those that read the story to think that that’s probably as far down as the rabbit hole goes? But then again, these smaller stories/leaks can potentially help readers to accept the larger story/corruption/conspiracy at work within our world.

    Fake News and False Flags – How the Pentagon paid a British PR firm
    $500 million for top secret Iraq propaganda

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