Interview 1215 – Japan’s Economy and the Global Crisis with Marc Abela

by | Oct 1, 2016 | Interviews | 2 comments

As the Bank of Japan continues its de facto nationalisation of the Japanese economy, things do not look good for the Land of the Setting Sun. But as Japan-based economic analyst Marc Abela explains, the coming crisis may be our only opportunity for a real reset.

Bank Of Japan Maintains Bond-Buying Pace With “Yield Curve Control”

The Average Life Expectancy For A Fiat Currency Is 27 Years

The Bank of Japan will be the largest shareholder of 55 companies by the end of the year


  1. I like what I’ve seen from Metanoia. At the very least, they offer an historical perspective that either differs from or is completely absent in the mainstream. As such, their work will inspire others to ask questions.

  2. I really enjoyed in your conversation. Particularly good vibe you conveyed.

    Well, there are two things I disagree.
    Mises institute recommended by Marc is maybe ok for some matters, but they utterly fail when it comes to relation employer-employee, which is described as voluntary interaction on free market. Complete failure on a very important topic of utmost importance to vast majority of people. Interaction cannot be voluntary nor free because there is huge disproportion in negotiating power between to parties. Also, for many employees it is a question of life and death, almost literally.

    Wages and Subsistence

    Lifting the Veil (1:29:00 and next 10min)

    The next thing is monetary system as a source of our troublesome present. I think that even solving monetary system, with a complete and perfect solution, would still leave us a system that needs perpetual growth, reduced although.
    Still in place would be mechanisms for wealth accumulation (profits) and wealth concentration (inheritance) that leads to Power concentration and with it – troubles.

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