Interview 1218 – The Freedom Cell Solution with Derrick Broze

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Interviews | 18 comments

Derrick Broze of joins us once again to continue our conversation on agorism and counter-economic activity. Today we discuss Freedom Cells, an idea for self-organized peer to peer groups that assert sovereignty, create alternative institutions, and innovate counter-economic activity.

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Interview 1103 – Derrick Broze on Agorism and Counter-economics
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  1. Interesting concept, kinda like the Amish meet modern technology.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  3. offers an avenue for connecting with people in the same geographical area with similar interests. There are so many ways to connect.

  4. I admire the heck out of Derrick Broze. Members in our North Texas 9/11 Group often share his articles, YouTube, etc.

    I hope they build a still and make alcohol from old donuts, old baked goods, and waste produce.(Grocery stores throw out thousands of dollars weekly) They can use the mash to fertilize and kill weeds, and to feed crawfish or fish. Crawfish love Houston. The CO2 to kill bugs in a greenhouse and to help plants grow. And the alcohol will run their vehicles.

  5. Great ideas! I’ve watched a wave of new (untrained) immigrants become millionaires in a few short years through an underground, tax free economy — in construction and home renos. Good on them! The more uncle Sam is cut out of the loop, the better. Rediscovering some old community traditions like sewing bees and barn raising may be invaluable. Keep sharing.

  6. Just got round to watching this. Great idea (even if it already exists and is well practiced in movements such as permaculture), but I have the same problem as James: I’m in Japan (but in Tokyo, unlike James who’s way out in the West of the country) and I don’t have anyone (that I know of) to connect with. Anyone else here in Japan and feel like getting in touch? If it helps, I have Permaculture Designer Certificate, I studied organic farming in France and I’m looking to become a farmer here in Japan, too…

    • Nick, I had a brief conversation on a Corbett comment thread with someone in Japan who is raising goats and chickens. I looked and looked, but couldn’t find the thread. He had a website showing his place. I mentioned David Blume, permaculture, and alcohol can be a gas, mash for feed, etc. He said he was very interested.

      This would be an example of what I mentioned to him.

      • Hello HomeRemedySupply!

        Thanks for the reply! There seem to be quite a few gaijin toying with different forms of homesteading in Japan, and some very actively involved in permaculture, but I have yet to meet any who have heard of the Corbett Report. Should you ever remember the name of the person you mentioned, I would be very interested!

        Many thanks,


      • I remember that, but I can’t find the damn thing. He immediately came to mind, but I can’t remember his username nor the website, which I visited, but can’t find in my history.

        I think you posted that video showing the older guy with a hat having a presentation. Someone else linked some agriculture related sites… this is soooo annoying 😀

        • Hi mkey!

          Wonderful! Thanks so much for that. For some reason the site doesn’t seem to want to load right now – might be my VPN messing around with me – but I’ve found their page on Facebook and a few other articles on him – Marvin Motsenbocker – elsewhere on the internet, so I should be able to get in touch and go visit some time…

          Thanks for all the help!

          As for me, should anyone find themselves in Japan and want to get in touch, this page is probably – currently – the best way to see what I’m up to:

          See you!


          • I’m glad I could help. His site is working from here, there’s probably something stuffing up on your end.

            I have a wish to take my chances with something similar, but I don’t have much to start with and prices are what they are so it’s a daunting task. I probably need to become more dissatisfied with my current way of life before making the break.

            • Hi again mkey!

              If you’re struggling to find land (or the money to buy/rent it), and you’re into Permaculture, then she should take a look at Curtis Stone’s work. He’s a Canadian permaculturist based in BC – and a self-declared anarchist (the kind we like!) – who runs a successful business market farming professionally in peoples’ gardens in the suburbs. His book “The Urban Farmer” is easy to get hold of, and he did a series of very good podcasts with Diego on Permaculture Voices: they cost nothing and are very informative. Maybe they contain all the information – and encouragement – to get started…

              All the best,


              • Thanks for the reference. I’m more interested in hydroponics but I’ll check this guy out. I wonder how come the government didn’t crack down on his business.

  7. On the subject of Permaculture – I think this may be of use so bear with me – the last part of any good PDC course is based on the last chapter in the seminal 1988 book by Bill Mollison “Permaculture A Designer’s Manual” entitled “The Strategies of an Alternative Global Nation.” The notion revolves around a non-hierarchical structure called “bioregional organisation” which exists to get rid of the “need” for government, sharing amongst the members all information and skills relevant to daily life. If anyone’s interested, it’s worth looking into…

  8. Hi Nick, hi mkey, hi HomeRemedySupply

    I just found this thread and am prompted to offer a few observations:

    1. farm land here is next to nothing if you are serious about working it (I have experience and can explain more)

    2. the freedom cell concept in my opinion is very close to what I see as the
    next step in evolution: self sufficient communities that can form larger communities via voluntary cooperation…… dont have time in this short chit chat to explain more here……

    3. a tremendous problem, particularly with N. Americans, is the inability for focused study on technology. Maybe you the reader are the exception, but it is hard to find someone who really understands basic chemistry, basic electricity, how to do things etc. I think that there is a need for disciplined study of basic technology and science to make a true freedom cell community a reality. I tried to wade through the nonsense about free energy etc. at the website provided. I have learned to ignore everyone who is NOT speaking or writing from experience. Likewise I dont like to spend time internet chit chat crapping. Thinking about and wishing is no substitute for (but is often confused as equivalent to) doing something. This in my opinion is the biggest problem today, particularly with N. Americans and is one reason why I like being in Japan (which generally has a different ethos).

    4. after water and then food, the next area of self sufficiency for any community or homestead is energy. fortunately, technology has really come through in this area. Unfortunately, very, very few people really understand
    electricity and even most those in the field cant see the vast opportunities
    for self sufficient energy that have opened up. Because of this, I have decided to refocus my efforts at developing hardware for independent electric direct current grids that use 10 times less equipment and are twice as efficient as AC (present technology) and can allow use of existing appliances.
    This is a lot of work and I have been very busy building circuits, because I cannot buy what is needed. Anyone interested in your own low cost high efficiency grid that can allow independent energy with a luxurious electric energy based life style, please contact me. I am at and my electric grid website is

    I wonder if anyone will read this………………
    best regards

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