Interview 1219 – Newsbud Roundtable on the Migrant Crisis

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via James joins the Newsbud roundtable to discuss what is being called the ‘worst humanitarian crisis’ of our time. We take a peek behind the curtain to find the root causes for why and how millions of people are migrating from war torn countries, and who benefits. We also examine the history and context of synthetically-created refugee crises since 1951. Join this highly stimulating discussion, and bring in your thoughts and responses with your comments.


Weapons of Mass Migration by Kelly M. Greenhill

Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement as an Instrument of Coercion

World Bank, Accenture Call for Universal ID

Soros: “Saving Refugees to Save Europe”

Migrant crisis a failure of European policy, UN says


  1. Sibel made her 8 y/o watch a beheading? That is so wrong regardless. 8 y/o need to focus on math, not beheadings.

    • Dear Stev,
      Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding.
      Sibel did not “make her daughter watch a beheading”, she had her watch James’ “MSM Syria Lies Need to Be Exposed” video.

  2. Pretty good discussion. I would say I agree with most of what James and Professor Filip Kovacevic had to say, except I actually like the fact the EU is becoming more united, regardless if it is Soros that is manipulating the refugee crisis to achieve this goal.

    I believe a strong EU would be a good counter balance to US hegemony. In addition to this counter balance, Professor Filip Kovacevic raised an important point between the Atlantis’s faction and the Eurasian’s faction, and Putin and Sarkozy. This is probably the most intriguing part of this discussion.

    Sarkozy also believes Turkey shouldn’t be part of the EU, which I hate to admit, but he might be right about that. I’d love to hear what Professor Filip Kovacevic has to say about Turkey and the EU.

    Needless to say, I’m on the side of the Eurasian’s faction, which seek to incorporate Russia into the Union, which I believe Professor Filip Kovacevic referred to as Charles de Gaulle’s vision of Europe.

    Sarkozy is the French version of the American Neocons.

      • Whatever the (ph)uck that means mik(y)!? Care to elaborate?

    • Ditto here.
      Thanks VoiceOfArabia.

    • I am a paid subscriber, so I’ll continue posting my thoughts here at the corbettreport until the day James decides to ban me. If you have a grievance, why not take it up with James?

      As far as you or others not reading my post then it is entirely up to you, no one is forcing you to read anything I post here. I find it quite amusing that so many of you preach free speech and all that, yet you look to silence anyone that has an alternative point of view, very interesting. In my books, that makes you just as pathetic and Nazi like as the Main Stream Media.

      • Different perspectives are key to learning and growth as a person. Shutting out information is stagnation. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from sharing opinions.

        • Thank you BuddhaForce, much appreciated.

    • I don’t like what is happening in Syria as much as Sibel is saying. I hate it that my tax dollars are funding the US government’s support to the terrorists groups in Syria or elsewhere. In fact, I hate that our government uses our tax dollars to send billions dollars of foreign aids to Israel so that the Israel government/military can continue to go on killing people of Palestine and robbing their lands and committing atrocities against the Palestinian people. But what can I do?

      • “But what can I do?”

        — Well, it’s comments like yours that started the BDS Movement. It’s comments like yours that help inform other people, and as more people become more educated as to how their tax dollars are being spent, the more likely they will hold their elected officials accountable.

        In addition to that, check out the Derrick Broze “freedom cell” video, he offers an alternative solution, may not be for everybody, but it’s another way to curb feeding the beast.

  3. Excellent debate. You made a good point that refuge crisis is basically made for divide & conquer and not for some phony geopolitical whatever.
    Crisis at the same time also serves as Distraction. All over European south unemployment is around 20%, with youth unemployment around 50%. So bring refugees and people will be occupied with them and with stupid politics, but far away from real problems and solutions.

    Migrant crisis (not on this scale) started years before, when mostly economic migrants were coming to Lampedusa(Italy) and to Spanish enclaves in Morocco. It was not widely reported and Italy didn’t get much support from EU then.
    Economic migrants, this is something that I missed a bit in your debate. There is significant amount of refugees that are not coming from war thorn countries. They are coming because their livelihood was destroyed by globalization, land grabs,… where EU also participates. They are not welcome in EU.

    Here is an interesting article published one year before refugee crisis begin. Road map with brainwashing.
    Why Europe needs to make immigration easier

    Refugees or migrants? Will they return or will they stay? IMF knows they will stay (so war will go on forever?). They have a lot of advise (brainwash) what should be done. Never mind that EU is actually in recession.
    Excerpt from conclusions: “High entry wages and “inactivity traps”
    are a barrier to refugee integration.” Solution is obvious: lower wages, consequently for all of course. Yeee, create pandemonium and probably no one will know what is really going on.
    The Refugee Surge in Europe: Economic Challenges

    Asylum Protection Center founded by Soros, Usaid… was distributing legal advice leaflets to refugees.

  4. To expand on economic migration.

    On the chart above you can see Albania and American fiefdom Kosovo among the first five. They are peaceful countries. Kosovo is quite poor country and they have big emigration for decades. It’s the same with Bosnia and Macedonia that are also on the chart. People are trying to escape poverty and lack of economic opportunity.

    The following articles are from 2010 and 2008, therefore before Migration became Weaponized. They sound differently.

  5. Wow!
    What an insightful and powerful interview!

    • “Taking Action” “Solutions”

      I want to trumpet it again…

      Newsbud, CorbettReport, Derrick Broze, and a few others stand out among the real alternative media in that they promote solutions and viable actions.

      These journalists are creating a moral compass which will inspire others.

      After all, the Main Stream Media promotes nonparticipation towards viable solutions. But MSM will promote public actions designed to aid the Corporate and State Masters.

      — SOROS —
      I love seeing headlines like this…
      “Black Texas cop files legal action against George Soros for inciting race war”

  6. This is what we’re experiencing in Alberta, Canada:

    – tens of thousands of unemployed due to low oil prices
    – shutting down operating coal plants that provide cheap, reliable electricity
    – new carbon taxes
    – billions of dollars to the UN to fight Climate Crisis
    – provinces pitted against one another by MSM…result? No new pipelines, economic paralysis. We are a country both divided AND conquered.
    – tens of thousands of visible minorities coming to Canada from Syria
    – increased police pressence (helicopters, new black police vehicles, new and improved motto: “Pride, Vigilance, Courage” replaces “Serve & Protect”)
    – After running the province for 40 years, the new PC leader insulted Albertans which resulted in the election of an Extreme Left leader… in my opinion, Prentice was hired to do a job not unlike the one that Trump is doing at present…. i.e. scuttling the ship.
    – Aforementioned ex-PC Leader went down in a plane crash last week…..

    Recipe for Destabilization of a Prosperous Place:

    1) divide and conquer distraction (province against province, Left vs. Right, etc)
    2) cripple the economy (flood market with oil)
    3) introduce visible minority
    4) increase borrowing from international banks
    5) increase carbon sin taxes
    6) beef up the police
    7) increase funding of UN “peace keeping”….. half a billion Canadian dollars for the UN to distribute how they see fit.

    So completely brainwashed are we today that we’re actually demanding taxation without representation.

    The things you speak of are not uniquely European phenomenon.

    • As a fellow Canadian, I can’t say that I don’t like the cheaper gasoline prices, because I do. In fact, before the oil crash, gasoline prices were getting way out of hand, food prices too have come down a bit since the oil crisis.

      Also, environmentally speaking, the oil crash brought fracking to a screeching halt, which can only be good news for our aquifers.

      So in a way it saddens me that Alberta family’s were never really forewarned and didn’t get a chance to prepare, and were caught off guard, now find themselves struggling financially, but at the same time the rest of Canada finally got some relief at the pumps which was a financial burden on our wallets as well.

      And who do we have to blame/or thank for this? The Saudi’s of course.

      What many people don’t seem to understand is, even though we may no longer be dependent on Saudi oil, they still control the market/prices, and when they choose to lower the cost of oil below $50/barrel, some say just to spite the Russians and weaken their economy, many oil companies in Alberta, where the cost of extraction is near $50 or $60 a barrel just to break even, ended up going bankrupt.

      I’ll probably get flak for this as well, but the way I look at it, if introducing a carbon tax world wide is a way for nations to escape the clutches of big oil, curb pollution and we are no longer needed to fight oil wars, just so they can keep propping up their petrol dollar and go further into debt, than I’m all for it.

      • – In Alberta, the higher the price at the pump the more likely we can afford to fill our cars.

        – The price of food has gone UP in the last two years. A loaf of bread is 5 bucks. A lousy quarter chicken dinner at Swiss Chalet is $19. (so I’m told by a buddy of mine…I don’t eat there).

        – We are about to pay $20/ton sin tax on carbon in 2017, increasing by $10/ton every year for the next five years. We are about to pay a carbon sin tax at the pump.

        – I haven’t gotten drunk on the Green Kool-aid so I’m not afraid of fracking. Things that are made to come to a screeching halt usually get banged up…. as our local economy has done.

        – The Billions of dollars that flow out of Alberta to the rest of Canada MORE than compensate for the three bucks you save every time you fill your car since the price of gas fell. How will you spend your three bucks this week?

        – Oil has been a roller coaster since 1850’s. Alberta families don’t need to be forewarned. We’ve lived through many cycles and most of us are smart enough to save for rainy days. (sorry…sunny ways).

        – You have been well taught. The Saudi’s are being scapegoated for this in the MSM. Do a little research into the history and see who pulls the Saudi strings.

        – Not too long ago when Ralph Klein was premier we balanced the budget and contributed to the Heritage fund…at $30 dollar oil.

        – Carbon dioxide is one of the fundamental building blocks of life. It is NOT a pollutant.


        6CO2 + 6H2O ——> C6H12O6 + 6O2

        Combustion is the above reaction in reverse.

        – introducing a carbon tax is a way for the global mafia to create a slip stream of tens of billions of dollars out of our pockets every year. It is taxation without representation (I didn’t vote for the crowd that Trudeau is handing our money over to and I have no say as to how it will be spent)

        – Climate Crisis is one of the greatest scams ever played on humanity….by the guys who made their fortune in oil….using the same tricks they used to build their hydrocarbon monopoly.

        You’re here…that’s a start. Do a little more digging. Turn off the damned TV for …. well… forever. Stop reading newspapers and magazines until you find out what’s going on. Then go back to them cautiously just to see what they want you to believe.

        • – In Alberta, the higher the price at the pump the more likely we can afford to fill our cars. — maybe in Alberta, but not for RoC.

          – I haven’t gotten drunk on the Green Kool-aid so I’m not afraid of fracking —

          – How will you spend your three bucks this week? — closer to $5/week which is still probably less than what we’ll pay for carbon tax per week.

          – The Saudi’s are being scapegoated for this in the MSM. — Why the secrecy?

          – Not too long ago when Ralph Klein was premier — Ralph Klein the alcoholic that berated Native Americans, balanced the budget thanks to Big Oil.

          – Carbon dioxide is one of the fundamental building blocks of life. It is NOT a pollutant. — I never said it was per say, however if only electric cars were allowed on the roads in Beijing and Mexico City, it would do their air quality a world of good.

          – introducing a carbon tax is …is taxation without representation — gas prices are as fixed as the roulette wheels in Vegas. At $49 a barrel, we should be paying $0.80 a liter, not $1.05.

          (I didn’t vote for the corporations that Bush/Cheney/Harper handed our money over to and I have no say as to how it will be spent)

          — You tell me to turn off the TV and do more digging, yet you keep supporting the same oil men that brought us Iraq and 9/11, namely Bush, Cheney and Condoleezza Rice.

          • – Hate to bring up transfer payments but… if Alberta is doing good the ROC is doing good.
            – Yep, Ive seen plenty of fear mongering footage on Youtube. Guilt, shame and fear are great motivational tools.

            (I hate to promote the CBC but I suspect you may view them as a credible source of “news”. Even the CBC have suggested carbon taxes will cost MORE than $5 /week)

            – The hand holding picture reinforces my point.

            (Linda McQuaig gets a lot of things right in this book. Interesting perspective on the Saudis)

            – Yep, Ralph and his wife were raging alcoholics. Alberta thrived at $30 oil.

            – Let’s pretend everybody in Mexico City switched to electric cars. The air would be nicer in Mexico city….what spins the turbines to generate this gargantuan demand for moving electrons in your utopic vision? Can you begin to imagine the infrastructure required to deliver electricity to Mexico City when they return from work @ 6:00 and plug their cars, lights, computers, refrigerators, air conditioners…’re not thinking this through.


            – We agree on one thing. We are paying too much for gasoline considering the drop in the price of oil. Guess what? We’re going to pay significantly more when the Green taxes begin in 2017.

            – We’ve got to wrap our heads around the sort of tricks that were played by the Rockefellers that resulted in their global energy monopoly. The big bad oil guys have us bamboozled. Our brains have been so thoroughly washed that we are Demanding to pay a “Green” sin tax that will be collected and spent by the very criminals we mistakenly believe the taxes will hurt.

            • 1- The RoC is doing just fine.

              2- That CBC article points out that for families, including couples with no children, the rebate starts at $300 and can go as high as $420 for a couple with four kids or a single parent with five kids.

              3- The synopsis of Linda McQuaig book seems to back up what I’ve been saying about the American Empire and its endless thirst for oil.

              4- Alberta is a oil rich Province, of course Alberta thrived at $30 oil in a time when minimum wage was $5/hr.

              5- “Can you begin to imagine the infrastructure required to deliver electricity to Mexico City…”

              — given the geographic location, solar power immediately comes to mind. India seems to be leading the way in this regard.


              6- “We’ve got to wrap our heads around the sort of tricks that were played by the Rockefellers that resulted in their global energy monopoly.”

              — If the carbon tax turns out to be just another tax grab, meaning there is no environmental benefit, oil consumption stays the same or increases, and the US keeps going to war with oil rich nations…then yeah, I’ll admit I was fooled.

              — However, if this turns out to be good for our environment, meaning cleaner air/water, and it helps curb our appetite for oil, therefore reducing the likelihood of more wars for oil…then yeah, it was worth paying a carbon tax.

              Honestly, what’s the alternative? Continued oil and currency wars.

              • I’m not saying this is “just” another tax grab…. there’s more to it. But, yes, I’m saying there is precious little if any environmental benefit to this Green nonsense. In fact I will argue successfully that the planet is more friendly to life Because of the combustion of hydrocarbons.

                Yes, I’m saying that oil consumption will continue to increase until production peaks.

                Yes, I’m saying that spinning propellers and driving golf carts will NOT end wars. Last time I checked, it required a tremendous amount of hydrocarbon to operate the Army, Navy and Airforce.

                Oil will peak one day. Whoever has control of the access to this energy will be in the position to draw the political map to their liking.

                You can pay your sin tax. Reluctantly, so will I. This so-called problem of having a “planet to save” is all smoke and mirrors. There is only so much oil to go around and the Chosen Ones are motivated to wean us off what’s left of their supply.

                I suspect we are the slaves who will build the Great Green Infrastructure and, afterwards, be made to “go away”and leave the remaining half of the Earth’s hydrocarbon inheritance in proper hands. Slaves and Pyramids….we’ve seen it all before.

                Here is some further reading that will be of interest:



                I sincerely appreciate you pausing to speak with me. Keep an open mind and keep asking questions.

            • Let me add this caveat about Alberta transfer payments and carbon tax.

              I strongly believe that Alberta’s government along with the other Provinces will negotiate with the Federal government a viable solution to the Pipeline East project.

              It just makes sense, Alberta needs to get its oil to market, and we need to start looking for alternatives energy sources. So why not compromise on a pipeline, with all the necessary environmental precautions in place, a percentage of the profits to go towards lifting the Native populations out of poverty, in exchange for a nation wide carbon tax.

              It’s a win win win.

              • Sorry, my friend, but I can’t wrap my head around labeling taxation-without-representation a “win”.

                I don’t see having more of my paycheck (what’s left of it) getting redirected to the United Nations to redistribute as they see fit fixing a non-existent problem as a win.

                In my opinion, what we “need” to do is start being completely honest with ourselves and flag steaming piles when we see them. Climate Crisis is a steaming pile.

                I know I’m stubborn but I can’t meet you half way on this until somebody can prove to me that there is a problem with the climate.

              • m.clare, I don’t think we’ll come to an agreement today, so let me end with this. You said: I can’t wrap my head around labeling taxation-without-representation a “win”.

                Firstly, part of your paycheck isn’t getting redirected to the United Nations, it is an agreement, a framework, that is all.

                The Paris Agreement was negotiated by representatives of 195 countries, sure at the UN, however these same representatives now have to get legislation approved at home.

                Therefore, there is representation. Maybe your Provincial representative voted against Bill 20, however the Bill did pass final reading and became law.


                Additionally, revenues generated from pricing carbon will remain in the province of origin.



                Secondly, I hope our representatives aren’t as stubborn as we are, because Alberta will find it increasingly difficult to export its oil to market.

                Call it hardball or tough negotiating, but Albertans need to realize they are a land locked Province, and they need us just as much as we need them.

                If Albertans support energy east pipeline, the trade off will be the carbon tax.

                A pipeline is a “win” for Alberta and your wallet, because Alberta will have a viable route to export their oil to market.

                Anyways, that’s how I see things playing out in Canada.

              • I don’t know Aron, but I’m sure the topic will come up again and we can chat it up then. For now I’m done on this thread.

  7. Absolutely awesome interview. Can’t wait to see the Syrian refugee updates. If you haven’t read the book, “Weapons of mass migration” by Kelly Greenville, I encourage you to do so.

  8. A general remark:
    If independence of the listener as well as the reporter is what you aim for (and I believe it is), then don’t go into the mode of mutual back-patting. Especially Spiro, there’s no reason for you to say “very good” – to give marks to your colleagues. This is MY role as INDEPENDENT listener. Sure, you can accredit some point because you want to develop it further, but that is not what I’m objecting to.
    ‘Hope my point is clear. Everyone becoming a school teacher and publicly giving marks (grades) to others is, in the end, quite silly – even if this behaviour has become standard protocol in exchanges of opinion, particularly in the USA.
    Thank you – each and all – for your valuable work and dedication,

  9. Thank you all for a very informative discussion. Just a note for Spiro on what you referred to as a “civil war” in Syria at beginning of the discussion. I believe the Syrian war is manufactured by foreign powers with foreign mercenaries.

  10. Around 2009, I went to the University in Denton, TX to hear Lee Hamilton (9/11 guy) talk. I was surprised by how strongly he was pushing immigration. I couldn’t figure out why he was pushing it so hard, but figured it must be a dubious agenda.
    The guy is a real weasel. When he wants to be, he can be sharp as a tack with his rapid fire communication.
    At other times, he pretends to “be slow” like an old man.

  11. Oct 28, 2016 – The Daily Bell
    The Daily Bell
    “Now Hillary Makes Conspiracy Theory Credible: 50% Believe”

    “…The conduct of this past campaign and the Clinton’s evident criminality has reinforced all that is wrong with the US in the views of many and, additionally, has made it clear that even the deepest suspicions of how the US operates are justified.

    We can come away with two realizations from this.

    The first is that despite Hillary’s possible election, the US as a valid and valuable entity is shattered in the eyes of many. This is actually a good development in our view given that the US (and its British controllers) has not been positive for freedom or peace in the world at least since the end of the Civil War.

    The second conclusion, which is not a popular one but which we have voiced before, is that the disaffection of the American public was SUPPOSED to be heightened by the Hillary campaign.

    The idea here is that chaos and paranoia is supposed to be endlessly increased until the US, like other nation-states, virtually shatters and more aggressive globalism can be introduced in the wake of the disintegration.

    Western nation-states currently have strong cultures. These cultures need to be torn down if true globalization is to be introduced….”

  12. Hi guy! (VoiceofArabia),
    Actually, I did not say it. It is a quote from the article. But like you said, it reinforces what us Corbett followers often recognize. “Introduced instability” is a fiendish weapon.

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