Interview 1227 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Donald Trump Elected President in Stunning Repudiation of Establishment

Story #2: What Major Ballot Measures Did Voters Approve?
California Marijuana Legalization Faced Unlikely Foe In Pot Growers
San Francisco Passes Soda Tax
Michael Malice and Tom Woods Discuss: What the Trump Victory Means

Story #3: Pizzagate: Podesta Emails Lead to Allegations of Another Child Abuse Ring
Has Reddit Cracked the Madeleine McCann Case?
Massive Investigation Into Clinton Crime Family Happening Online, Right Now
Thomas Sheridan: Don’t Feed the Sorcery


  1. The USA is a country divided and, therefore, conquered. Half the people are programmed to Hate the other half. Each knows their side is in the right.

    Democracy: We don’t care who you hate as long as you hate someone and vote against them.

    Enjoy your freedom.

  2. Regarding the egg-on-the-face posture of James C & James E.P……

    You don’t have the predictive powers to see accurately into the future. NONE of us has a crystal ball. Anybody claiming they can predict the future are either con-men themselves or they are delusional.

    What does “Selection” mean? It means there are 2 candidates selected by “THEM” to participate in a beauty pageant / popularity contest. Like any proper con, there has to be an element of truth to distract us. The real truth is “THEY” don’t care which of their two candidates we “select”. James E.P. needs to wrap his head around this element of the con. You are so close to comprehension but this is a BIG step if you have been subjected to a lifetime of American Grade-A Propaganda.

    It is no different than Professional Wrestling. Hulk Hogan and the Grave Digger are well rehearsed and coriographed actors and they work for the same promoter. You have to stop discussing these actors as though they really are the personna they portray.

    If Hillary won, can you imagine how smuggly we would be parading it as evidence that the whole thing was fixed? Trump himself suggested that would be the case.


    In point form, here’s how the con works:

    – “They” provide two spokes models
    – Half of us will be programmed to HATE one of the candidates
    – The other Half of us will be programmed to HATE the other
    – “They” constantly remind us voting matters
    – The popularity contest / beauty pageant extravaganza event occurs
    – No matter who “wins”, half the people will be in the street protesting
    – No matter who “wins”, the selected spokes model will spend the next 4 years flapping their face hole reading prepared speeches from Teleprompters delivering propaganda unto the masses as though they were actually leading the country.

    Smoke & mirrors, misdirection, distraction. Wizard of Oz behind the curtain and we are trembling before the floating head and fireworks.

    Try to free yourselves from the con that enslaves you like any other religion. Faith and Hope on one hand and Fear and Hatred on the other…. are the strings that make all of us dance like a bunch of zombies.

    • ^^ THIS ^^

      The closeness of the vote is evidence that the strategy of divide and conquer worked perfectly. They made almost exactly 48% of the country hate another 48% of the country. It’s the essence of democracy. Anyone who thinks the people of the US won anything is delusional. In democracy, we always lose, 100% of the time.

      I do echo James’ & James’ sentiment though, and I think you might be slightly mischaracterizing it. My expectation for the last 2 years was that Clinton would be the next spokes model, and was genuinely surprised that Trump was the conclusion. Perhaps Clinton was the original strategy. At some point in the game, the NWO decided that the public response to a Trump presidency would expedite their aims via the chaos that ensues and the public being conditioned to expect the unexpected from an off-the-cuff madman. All media coverage of Trump during the primary and general was like an experiment in public reaction. And the public were loyal test subjects and dutifully waited for the next Trumpism, and predictably reacted. The experiment was such a smashing success that Hillary perhaps even agreed to step aside.

      We’ll be forced to accept virtually anything done in the next 4-8 years, even if it openly contradicts itself or hops back and forth between the left & right paradigms, as just Trump being Trump. That will numb many people to the fallout of decisions made in US policy. Many will just pass out out of consciousness of world events from the sheer uncertainty and unpredictability. If we have no clear expectations, we can’t be nearly as disappointed or enraged by whatever comes to pass. I predict acute apathy will be the state of things after the post-election energy fades…

      • Real power is anonymous and, therefore, accountable to noone. Trump is the spokesmodel scapegoat who will be blamed for any unpleasant thing that happens in the next 4 years. The media has done their job…. They have presented him as a clown, a racist, an abuser of women, a conspiracy theorist, a dangerous lunatic. Considering the villain they have created, they must have something particularly unpalatable in store for us.

        Obama should receive the Academy Award for his role. Trump will continue to play his part. Regrettably, most of us will believe he’s more than an actor in a telemercial.

        • “they must have something particularly unpalatable in store for us.”

          — If they want to actually implement any of his looney campaign proposals, they will need to come up with something. Maybe not as bad as another 9/11, but something.

          So lets hope, it was just campaign rhetoric to help him get elected and nothing else.

          • I don’t think there is any intention of ever actually implementing any of his proposals. I don’t expect a wall. I don’t expect a yuge tax cut. I expect business as usual under the cloak of ‘total chaos and tyranny of the lunatic madman Trump!’. Police state will grow, NSA spying will expand, wars of aggression will continue and expand, the debt will continue to grow. I do fully expect another large scale false flag that will give Trump the excuse to flip the script on non-interventionism and use it as an excuse to invade one of the next Middle Eastern countries on the list, possibly Iran.

  3. 1) No, I don’t really think they will ‘lock her up’, however the appearance that they are keeping campaign promises might need to be maintained at least for the red states, which means there might be a trial, however she will be exonerated.
    (basically a show trial for the gullible)

    2) No, I don’t think a physical wall will be built.

    3) Yes, I believe Obamacare will be replaced by TrumpCare.

  4. ​On Facebook ​Mark Crispin Miller post​ed remarks​ of Paul Lehto:

    From Paul R. Lehto:
    Everyone has two basic choices:
    A. LARGE SHIFTS BETWEEN EXIT POLLS AND REPORTED RESULTS (sufficient to change the winner of the state) in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida, (and enough to change who is the next President)
    B. ACCEPT THE MSM NARRATIVE, which means you must (1) Believe that essentially all polls were wrong, and (2) believe essentially all professional politicians were wrong, and (3) believe essentially all the pundits were wrong in not predicting a Trump landslide, and (4) recognize that reports regarding Trump’s own internal polling were almost as wrong, and now also (5) believe that exit polls were way off in key battleground states, (6) that big money and advertising advantages don’t matter, (7) having a ground game.versus no.ground game doesn’t matter, and (8) the support of.many.MSM journalists, entire networks, party hacks, and innumerable others doesn’t matter either.
    If B is selected, the circular firing squad may continue unabated.
    I have a spreadsheet on the exit polling data supporting A above, but want to have a typo or two corrected before posting. (On edit : I dropped Michigan from the list above because it was a surprise in the polls but not in the exit polls).

    which indicate that the Republicans may have stolen the election for Trump in four states.

    However, can we trust the exit poll data? Here is a response from Richard Charnin in the daily Election Integrity posting I get and which I highly recommend that you all sign up to get ( ):

    Richard Charnin : Nov 10 05:13AM -0800

    These results appear to have been rigged by the pollsters. to show that the election was stolen by Trump.

    1) FACT: ALL reports of electronic vote switching were from Trump to Clinton,
    2) FACT: the pollsters represent the establishment and Clinton was the establishment candidate,
    3) FACT: Clinton stole the primaries from Bernie Sanders.
    4) FACT: The establishment sued citizens who wanted to do selected exit polls
    5) FACT: The exit pollsters NEVER reveal the precincts polled, much less
    the discrepancy between the recorded precinct vote and the exit poll. Why not?
    6) FACT: Of course the pollsters forced a match to the RECORDED vote – as they ALWAYS do.

    One may legitimately ask: why believe the unadjusted exit polls in the primaries but not in the election?
    Answer: the establishment learned their lesson in 2016- and so they rigged the UNADJUSTED exit polls to favor Clinton.
    Nice trick. Some of the best EI activists are falling for the ruse.

    But Trump did even better than the recorded vote indicates.
    Trump overcame the ESTABLISHMENT fraud-just like Obama did in 2008 and 2012..

    I was a Democrat all my life. No Longer.
    Die-hard Democratic progressives are stuck in the paradigm matrix of a corrupt two-party system.

    Trump is effectively an Independent, he is anti-establishment.
    The corrupt Republicans and Democrats did not support him.

    Clinton is a DINO who has the full support of the establishment.
    She has the support of Kissinger, Bush, Cheney, the Koch brothers and all the other Neocons.
    And the Democratic quislings.And let’s not forget George Soros
    As well as the totally corrupt media: The NY Times, Washington Post, Slate, the Nation. etc.
    Who still watches CBS, NBC, CNN?
    Who believes the AP/Reuters and the rest?

    I never thought I would be a fan of Sean Hannity on Fox News.
    But he’ the only one in the media who dares speak the truth.
    So does Lou Dobbs.





    ​So, I don’t know where this leaves us with this election. Both Paul Lehto and Richard Charnin will be producing docs in the near future that we can study further.

    One thing is for sure. This cries out for us to somehow get running a really good, really independent polling company so that we can trust the raw exit poll data, that it has not been manipulated, etc. We need to get funding from a really trustworthy source to back the payment for or creation of a truly independent exit-polling company.

    Secondly, we need to get back to hand-counted paper ballots. But breaking throughout the media blackout to cause enough of a revolution to shift back to this seems really impossible. Better to get a really independent exit-polling company.

    A number of European countries have elections with paper ballots that are hand-counted and also use exit polls to temporarily declare the winner before the full count of paper ballots is complete. Are these exit polls done by the various governments themselves, or are they done by trusted companies? If they are done by companies, then I suggest we hire one of these European exit-polling companies to do trustworthy exit polling in the U.S.

  5. to follow up on my prior post, I got this email response from Mark Crispin Miller:

    Here are the unadjusted exit polls for the 2016 election, as compiled by Jonathan Simon
    (author of the indispensable Code Red: Election Fraud and the New American Century).

    These figures make quite clear that this election was “rigged” after all, just as Donald
    Trump kept warning—except that it was rigged to make him president, and to maintain
    the GOP’s grip on the Senate.

    Thus Donald Trump, and the Republicans, “won” this election just as Hillary Clinton,
    and the DNC, “won” the Democratic nomination—i.e., by fraudulently “beating”
    Bernie Sanders in the primaries. (For the evidence of all those thefts, see “Democracy
    Lost,” from Election Justice USA:

    And so what’s needed now is not more windy speculation as to why Trump “won”
    and Clinton “lost,” or any further guessing as to what might happen next because
    of those ostensible results, or any more indignant assignation of the blame for them.

    Since those results were obviously rigged, what we need now is (1) a thorough
    investigation of all this year’s stolen races, and (2) a broad-based movement to
    get rid of our absymal voting system, and replace it with one worthy of a real

    That was Mark Crispin Miller’s response to my email which was my prior post. He also added:
    I see no reason to distrust the unadjusted polls—which are damning enough.

    He attached two docs of Presidential and U.S. Senate Exit Poll data that I am not able to attach to this. But the origin for both is from Jonathan Simon’s website: You may be able to find them there.

    • – We were told Hillary’s victory over Bernie was rigged, were we not?
      – Trump suggested the only way he wouldn’t win would be if the election was rigged, did he not?

      Classic bait and switch.

      More false flag reverse psychological warfare tactics to keep us confused. Keep us guessing. Keep us chasing our tails.

      The whole thing was “rigged”, i.e., scripted from the start and Hillary and Trump are actors playing the part they are told to play.

  6. “Trump has the despicable toady Newt Gingrich on his transition team and 9/11 False Flag helper Rudy G, and you expect serious change from this kind of start?”

    — Drudge, Alex Jones & Julian Assange seem to think so.
    (I use to like Alex Jones)

    “America woke up long enough to cast their votes, now its back to nap time while the 1% continue their thieving.”

    — Now that Trump won its back to nap time for the red state morons, but looking at the protests happening in major US cities I believe the blue states will be wide awake for at least the next 4 years.

  7. I’d just like to say that the culmination of this selection has provided us with an excellent “teachable” moment to break people out of the left/right paradigm.

    If YOU are worried about Trump being an Emperor, then YOU have no one to blame but yourself for letting previous President’s from BOTH parties for the last 40 years expand the use of Executive orders. Did you say anything?

    If YOU are worried about Trump having a temper-tantrum and frivolously going to war, then YOU have no one to blame but yourself for letting President’s from BOTH parties abuse the War Powers Act & Resolution. Did you speak out?

    If YOU are worried about Trump droning his political enemies, then YOU have no one to blame but yourself for letting BOTH parties kill men, women, and children, even when they were American citizens. Did you care?

    If YOU are worried about Mexicans and Muslims being rounded up by Trump, then YOU have no one to blame but yourself for letting BOTH parties pass and the President sign the NDAA 2012 which provides for indefinite detention of U.S. citizens. Did you ever think about the future?

    It’s time to let the political parties die on the vine. Become an Independent. Not an independent voter, but an independent thinker. Realize that there is a very real possibility of the creation of a fascist state, and that arguing about abortion, and gay marriage, and all the other wedge issues they love to divide people with are not what is important.

    It’s bitter medicine, but I see so many who are so revolted by a Trump presidency, that their mouths are open.

  8. Melanijka Knavs aka. Melanie Trump would have been 29 years old when NATO under the Bill Clinton administration started it’s bombing campaign in the country in which she was born. I wonder how she really feels about the Clintons and NATO. I’m glad she is the first lady of the USA. It will be interesting to watch what kind of she influence she shall yield in her position . I wish her success .

  9. … yes, agree completely and I would add watch the VP, closely.

  10. It is too bad that the blessings of fascism couldn’t have come to America sooner. Everything will be just “great” when anything that smells of money is privatized by the financial and corporate vultures of Wall Street, like social security and what is left of the commons. Who needs the TPP when the “greatness” of the conditions of a Vietnam or a China can be recreated in America. And if you think you are going to stand in the way of America becoming “great” again Trump and associates have a nice terrorist designation for you and a tanker parked in the middle of the Indian Ocean where you will be able to protest all you want and not a soul will hear your screams. The news headlines should read “Fascist Takes White House – Globalism Advanced by 25 Years.” Come one come all “Greatness” awaits for those who will seize it.


    Something is very fishy about “Hankey.” Pay attention at the Hillary/Obama whitewash on 1:01:18. While “Hankey” obviously did a good job and some nice research, there are some red herrings thrown in there for a good measure.

    Due to low subs and views count on his channel I doubt viewers are being subjected to astroturfing. Base case scenario – “Hankey” has fallen under influence of some hard coded mental shortcuts.

  12. November 23rd – BREAKING NEWS
    Former NIST Employee Speaks Out…in Europhysics News about the World Trade Center collapses
    from…Ae911truth archived bulletins

    Evidently, the former NIST employee will soon be video interviewed.

    His Letter to the Editor

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