Interview 1232 – Virgil Vaduva on the Cell 411 Solution

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Interviews | 10 comments

The state has trained us to believe that we are weak, powerless and vulnerable without their monopoly on violence, but this is a lie. Today we are joined by Virgil Vaduva of to talk about Cell 411, an app that helps to expose that lie. Combining a real-time, decentralized response management system with live streaming, dispatching functions, truly decentralized ride sharing and many other features, Cell 411 is a valuable tool for families and friends, activists, CopBlockers, volunteer fire departments, community organizations, those looking to get or give rides, and just about everyone else.


Episode 272 – Solutions: Sousveillance


  1. Quote
    “…the first step for replacing the government…showing people that it is possible to have another way of organizing society….”

  2. [A minuted ago I posted this “Wiki Drama” where it all started ( ) but I’m reposting it here only because this is the most recent video at this time. I hope that’s okay.]

    I became a member a week ago with a excited flurry. I’ve been silent a few days because I was working on Corbett Report advertising/awareness/propaganda:

    I submitted it for acceptance but was nominated for deletion today by an asshole who was partly correct. It links to “fringe” fake news sites and even if the article passed Wikipedia’s rules they would eventually go through and remove the non-mainstream links. Not only was he rude but he did recognize RT, and, like others, accuses me of being Corbett incognito without imagining to change initials. He’s one voice but others will be similar. Obviously the article requires rewriting (I researched to a point, found last year’s deleted “The Corbett Report” article and archived log, crudely merged them, spent ages finally fixing all the links but I didn’t get to rewrite and finesse the content properly), and the fanboy tone is not “neutral” enough, but most importantly it needs controversial content minimized and/or the “fringe” purged while remaining robust enough to be accepted by the totalitarian fascist supporters.

    Also, the Wikipedia editor who is nominating the JC article for deletion is also trying to get me “sanctioned” and “topic banned from any page relating to conspiracy theories” or worse:

    I revised the RationalWiki article but some RW folks, all things considered, developed a pretty good RationalWiki article on JC by adding “goat” which is their “style” of humour and formatting style distinct from Wikipedia:

    I pointed out the Sibel Edmonds/BFP/NewsBud omission and that they might consider writing an article for her, and some other faves: Lionel, Richard D. Wolff, and Yanis Varoufakis.

    Because Wikipedia does not seem like a safe place if they delete my draft rather than allow further revisions I have archived copies to: But they may not be there long if they don’t want them there. I don’t really “get” the Rational Wiki community nor feel welcome as a “crackpot moonbat wanker”.

    Wikispooks seems okay but very slow and has cosmetic work to go. I don’t know how good Wikispooks content is. (I don’t know if the Julian Assage death rumours are premature or not but Wikispooks should be careful.) I don’t know anything about MetaWiki yet. They both score low on the WOT Web Of Trust browser addon, but then, anything controversial or bad usually does.

    In addition to The Corbett Report comments, is there a forum people prefer? Not only would I like to post the wiki article there to develop and branch when my morale recovers, but ideally I’d like to develop creative projects, open lists, etc. I feel guilty about long or frequent posts here.

    I’d like to pitch to James Corbett and/or NewsBud (of which I’m not a member): We create content that you can exclusively post first – only if you like it. Why? Eyes. Occasionally it might be nice to have immediate broader access to the massive masses for greater impact – all via CR & NB as gatekeepers for their own trusted brands. It’s about the message, not me.

  3. I’m very interested in this project but what can I do an oldish man sitting om a hill in Verona? and I’m entirely ignorant about technology. But I will follow this group and make it known to others, especially a cousin who lives in South Africa.

    For years I have had an idea but I’m afraid of even trying to put it into practice. I thought that if people in my area contributed a very small sum to put into a carefully controlled fund this would bring up a large sum of money so we could help each other in various ways extracting ourseves from the central powers. I’m now fairly isolated but I can begin to talk to some people. Talking does no harm.

    Thanks for the podcast,

  4. Great interview as usual. I do have mixed thoughts on this idea and can see the BIG pro’s and the cons. I have not used it and not looked at it closer as of yet so my opinion is just from the interview only.I will be looking in time to gain answers to the questions raised from myself.

    This idea has been used for time immemorial, we do this already and my personal experience is that its used without thought by like minded people, the phone is for that very point and more than capable without over condensing the complexities for the wider public (non-tech people are some of the most vulnerable today me thinks, still easy to teach no?).. So, the “Pro” here is it can involves the wider public, people who (wheter they admit it or not) are suffering just as much as the next person. Inclusiveness !

    I am seeing that this app can be used however the user/s want to use it. It also gently pushes another easy solution for people to start facing the dire future and feel that exhilarating feeling of the power you thought you had lost back into the psyche… Only the ‘many’ can achieve against something so advanced and incorporated,we call TYRANNY !

    In a time when we can be taken by authority and no loved ones have to be informed this can be a literal life saver just as a witness turning up can be the same.

    Love the fake delete button but is it wise to advertise that? Would it only be so long before these authorities click (or rather not click it) to this? Maybe a more safer solution for this in the longer turn would be better. Lots of solutions for this feature would be effective so nobodies fake button feature looks the same perhaps, A customization option and potentially auto upload at a premium that could work when the device recognizes intrusive behavior (this is common today)What a deterrent that would be :)…Yes lots of amazing work needed there, I am appreciative of whats done to date. 5 versions in one year… that’s a good sign indeed.

    Concerns would be the security side, for example we all know we are logged with most to all of what we do (the more that don’t care the better for us all of course), the users of this app will be logged onto lists, no doubt about it but that’s the price we pay for freedom of lawfully fighting back. Operating as a corporation can be good and bad when standing up against the unlawful authority’s so to the most critical of us, what is the assurances.Making the source code free would defeat this but gets rid of the sustainability aspect of the service…. Servers, who how where etc. IMHO It is centralized, this is explained in the interview but in defense of that ‘how else would it be organized in today’s ICT infrastructure’ ???

    There are lots of pros and cons to mention, the main thing is its early days and is looking to be constantly in development, they take on-board ideas from potential users. Definitely one to keep my eye on. Would I use it.. No, reason being I wouldn’t is because over the years I have found like minded people (through being active with others/feet on the ground and expressing) and have many ways to be in contact etc. Many years is to expensive today, I agree more people need to be facing whats going on and this will speed that up. At some point people would of met others (this app brings in the common aspect so avoids the ‘STRANGER FEAR’), built trust (and spotted the infiltrators lol) I would not be surprised if they unsubscribed and got back to all looking after each other and there community without the app … It will work either way and a s business they would have seen this, an element of unselfishness by a company (market that please 🙂 ),

    This approach can go in many ways as it evolves, mainly sociably but its gotta be tried, I would rather know than not know, the user will be the only dictat here so that’s fine. Personally I hate all the technology forced on us yet have worked in the industry and am using a keyboard,(in my arm chair of course, talking like this what do you expect) , horses for courses = Choice,, folks

    big well done and I will be having a closer look

    • nosoapradio,

      I share your concerns about this app and I really appreciate your perspective. I would urge Mr. Corbett as well as subscribers here to take a closer look before accepting it’s value based on it simply being presented here. I shared my perspective on another comment, so I’ll leave it at that.

      Please be diligent about this one folks.

  5. I admire this endeavor of “getcell411”.

    I want to point out something:

    ~ There is absolutely nothing wrong with prosperity, with having an abundance of wherewithal, with making a healthy income, with making a profit from one’s efforts.

    ~ We are all free individuals. If a person feels like a concept or business model or P2P network can be improved upon… then go do it.

    As an aside, I feel like “The Powers That Should Not Be” do not want us to have abundant prosperity. They infect us with false-idea memes. They conjure up authoritarian rules along with authoritarian code of ethics in order to suppress the free interaction of individuals.

  6. By default, this app, cell411, tracks your location 100% of the time. I was seriously concerned about this. Instead of looking into it, i just removed the app. It seems the app would be most useful having others join the network. There are some good concepts with the app, but i don’t think it exemplifies even James Corbett’s values when it comes to open source etc. no This app is NOT OPEN SOURCE! This app focuses on decentralization, but that’s not even true because much of the data is actually centralized. I’m seriously concerned about this particular app being given promo time on Corbett report.

    • Scott,
      I see your point. It is valid.

      My take on things.
      While the ideal is to remove oneself from “the controlled system”, we have the dilemma that the system engulfs our lives.
      I mean…heck! I still use Federal Reserve Notes. Getting out of the controlled system is tough.

      Each person will have to make personal choices (e.g. which parts of the system they will still associate with). I won’t disparage any alert person who makes a choice on how they wish to address life.

      But this I do know…
      Anti-establishment Endeavors which are profitable, which offer prosperity and security, will flourish.
      Some of these might ride on the coattails of the establishment, but so what?…eventually things evolve.
      I am gung-ho the entrepreneur who puts forth ethical products.

      In actuality, Google or Facebook or YouTube in themselves are not bad initial concepts (the concept of better connectivity and communication). The problem is the goons who want to control and manipulate things…they are the hijackers of something which could had been wonderful.

      • HomeRemedySupply,

        I understand your perspective and am still on the fence about the establishment and progress. At times, I consider “the gung-ho entreupeneur” spirit, but it’s just not in my blood at the moment. I don’t discredit you for that by any means.

        However, I would like bring the focus of my comment specifically to this app and it’s misleading factors. nosoapradio covers this pretty well in his comment simply by quoting the presenter of cell411.

        I sense that we can be easily misled by accepting technology that appears one way on the surface (decentralized) when truly it is not decentralized and lacks a valuable structure… OPEN SOURCE.

        I bring up the issue of open source because, in my opinion, open source is critical to the future of humanity when it comes to commonly accepted technologies. Without open source software, we must place our trust in the entity that provides the software. Complicated privacy policies and terms/conditions, in my opinion, do not suffice in this day and age.

        Also, James Corbett seems to be a proponent of Open Source tech. I sense that either James is being misled or I am missing something because I can’t connect the dots on this one.

        In my book, this app by no means, represents progress in this community especially on the grounds of being decentralized as it declares because this is glaringly false.

        • Yea, you are right about your points.

          – CONTROL –
          I feel like the objective of OPEN SOURCE is for an individual to have the opportunity of better control over his life.
          “Open Source” seems to have “being able to better control one’s own life” as part of its mission or purpose.

          I think all free-thinkers want more control over their own lives. (i.e. – not to be manipulated by “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be”.)

          Of course, “Control” in itself has its own anatomy.
          For example, there is good control or bad control…or even who is doing the controlling. As an infant or child, I personally benefitted from being controlled by my parents. After all, they fed me, bought me clothes, etc. Sometimes it is nice to be controlled. e.g. riding on a bus or the wife telling you how to dress.

          While I like “Open Source”, I also enjoy things which others produce which are not open source. I like plumbing, toilet paper, computer chips, calculators, some movies, etc.
          I am sure there is “open source” information on how to make your own toilet paper. But dog-doo if I want to mess with making it.

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