Interview 1233 – James Corbett on Controlled vs. Independent Media

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Interviews | 9 comments

James Corbett joins Dan Schultz of New Culture Radio to discuss the new Fake News and Russian propaganda memes by which the establishment is fighting back against the independent media. But as the independent media rises, can it resist the lure of power, or will it just be absorbed by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be? And what role does the public have to play in this?


  1. I love it when Corbett re-emphasizes the fundamentals.

    e.g – The power of the free thinking individual to be an activist towards improving conditions. (as opposed to the pawns of authority)

    e.g. – We, as individuals, help to create the meme. An important media meme we can create is insisting upon references (i.e. “citation needed”)

    e.g. and i.e.

    We, as individuals can create our own nomenclature. Nomenclature helps create the meme thus shaping society. “Pizzagate” is one term which recently came about.
    We can also develop terms which easily convey the idea of “decentralization” and “counter-economics”.

    • Mark,
      “Melbourne Thunderstorm Asthma” incident is one example of citation needed.
      The official story is that pollen caused it. That is false.
      Alternative media stories elude to chemtrail activity. But that is false also.

      The culprit is ergot (mold/fungi).
      References provided…
      When you follow the thread and links, the data comes together. Of course, a person might need to educate themselves more on ergot.

      Like Corbett points out, we can help to create a meme which cites sources.

      I also feel that many times people can strain at hypercriticalness about endeavors that other people are doing (whether news reporting or an entrepreneurial venture or lifestyle or whatever). When I find myself in that fault-finding OCD aberration, often a voice in my head goes off talking to me that says: “Hey bud! Well…if you don’t like, then go do it yourself.” or “You do it better then.” I humble pretty quickly.

      It is up to us as individuals to help shape things as best we can in a more positive way.

      PS For the record, I have run tests on chemtrail activity.

      • Mark,
        I see what you are saying. It makes sense on your perspective. I have a somewhat different take, perhaps because I have followed many of Corbett’s previous posts which often fill the void.

      • I wont be so nicey nice as HomeRemedySupply was. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” ?!! Youre an idiot ! To say James is even remotely similar to msm is assanine and shows you know virtually nothing about James and his work ! And his so called personal agenda is to help the world by exposing the powers that shouldnt be in a clear, intelligent, well researched and as accurate as possible fashion and talking about solutions. If you cant handle the truth or youre still brainwashed by the establishment then go back to cable “news” or the actual fake news and dont waste our time on here.

  2. Absolutely know and understand where you are coming from James, I ,too have picked up on this. Love that you have taken up the slack on the Pizzagate Investigation. This means everything to me. Thank you

    • Great clip! “Hydra New World Order”

  3. When talking about dumbing down and Idiocracy, I think it is a mistake for the alt-media to take the movie literally and deduce that the problem originates from the lower class who watch reality TV.

    I am in the middle of the corporate world in “Tech” and I can tell you the professional class appears to be the biggest problem. This group intakes a lot of mainstream political news without question and are the biggest cheerleaders of their own political team.

    Read the comments in “Ars Technica” about the “pizza gate conspiracy” shooter. Cogs in the machine would not be an accurate analogy. These people are analogous to software modules. They can perform complex operations, but can only take a narrow range of inputs. Veer outside of this limited range and you will gate a “rageful” of error outputs.

    • demetrios,
      Thanks. This is worthwhile insight.
      I, too, have noticed that certain groups of people (profession or ethnic or trade or otherwise) tend to be literal in adhering to what an “authority” says. It is like they can’t think for themselves nor question the things which don’t add up.

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