Interview 1241 – James Corbett on The Vin Armani Show

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Today James appears on The Vin Armani Show to discuss open source intelligence, the neo-neocon push for Cold War 2.0, and how a false dialectic is pushing us toward regional government.


Foreign Policy Initiative – Mission Statement

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Trump’s Pivot to China

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China and the US: Frenemies with Benefits

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Kissinger, a longtime Putin confidant, sidles up to Trump

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  1. “He posed interesting questions”

    — True dat, and James being as articulate as always.

  2. Here’s my take on Putin,

    The guy is smart, no doubt about it, and he’s basically cleaning up the Neocons/Zionists mess in Syria, but not because he’s some good guy, nope, he’s as mafia made as Trump is. The fact is that he’s simply looking after Russia’s best interest (nothing wrong with that either), but he’s no (ph)ucking hero.

    Putin simply took advantage of America’s war weariness. If you recall, Obama gave Congress a chance regarding Syria, he said, put it to a vote war-hawks and I’ll authorize the use of force in Syria, but the Republican led Congress, afraid of loosing their seats, chickened out and hung Obama out to dry.

    In addition, where was Putin when America attacked Iraq?
    Where was Putin when America/NATO attacked Libya and murdered Qaddafi?

    And what’s with this Trump/Putin Bromance? And now Wikileaks is getting in on the action…WTF!

  3. Corbett,
    Thanks for bringing up the rebranded Neocons (“The Foreign Policy Intitiative”)(Kagan, his relatives, etc.) and linking them to some of this anti-Russia hype.
    I well remember how the Neocons helped to open the gate of 9/11/2001 and all the turmoil which followed during Bush but also intimately includes the Obama administration and Hillary.

    “Think Tanks” in Washington make me puke.
    Bill Kristol who with Kagan founded PNAC.

    Bill Kristol Twitter (in case someone needs help throwing up)
    His podcasts

    • You realize both Bush and Clinton respected Putin?

      • Peace.froggs,
        The Neocons have a primary objective of U.S.A. global domination and constant ‘balanced strife’ with a major country.
        They are ruthless.
        They are on my shit list.
        They have helped to destroy the lives of millions.
        They have intimately influenced the Bush and Obama / Hillary administrations. (e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, etc.)
        The neocons have always wanted a new cold war. They mourned the fall of the Berlin Wall and loss of the Soviet strife.

        Don’t kid ourselves…the neocons are not going away. Washington D.C. is filled with influential “Think Tanks”.

        Like Corbett pointed out: We may see China instead of Russia as the new boogeyman. Either nation fulfills the neocon objective of ‘balanced continuing strife’.

        Some great links on the New Neocons regarding Russia here with Robbie Martin.
        (Less than 15 minutes)

        NEWSBUD has a recent series on the Russia scenario.

        • Thanks for the links, will check them out.

        • That MintPressNews interview of Robbie Martin was pretty good. He believes we might be entering a new cold war, but somehow I don’t think that’s possible.

          We have Putin on one side, who’s buddy buddy with Trump, and we have Trump who’s buddy buddy with the Brexit boys in England, and then we have Merkel and the EU who aren’t exactly thrilled about imposing more Russian sanctions either, in fact, I believe the EU is looking for rapprochement with Russia.

          So, if the neocons want to start cold war v2.0 with Russia they’ll have to find a way to flip Trump, dethrone Merkel in the upcoming German election and somehow string along the Brexit gang across the pond in order to achieve their goal, and accomplish all this in the next 6 to 12 months….seems unrealistic to me.

        • More on Rebranded Neocons with Robbie Martin and Tom Secker
          This interview is stellar. Robbie has a PhD in “Neocon-ology”.
          He also knows the different “Think Tanks” which spew out the propaganda.

  4. Wonderful to see Mr. Corbett’s strengths brought out by a perceptive interviewer doing such a good job covering an issue! NATO commentary aside, Corbett Report landed on the “list” because logic and integrity is always taken as the most serious threat. Corbett needs to devote some headlines to symbology and second suns and lay down some cover.

  5. Do be sure that James wasn’t talking about Russians as people, but Russian ruling globalists. It’s the same people behind the scenes, putting up a puppet show.

    I’d very much like to believe Putin is not a globalist, but belief alone isn’t going to cut it. Let him do something as breathtaking as shutting down the Russian “central bank”, then we can discuss this issue further.

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