Interview 1254 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Michael Flynn Quits Over Russia Links
Flynn’s 24-day run on the National Security Committee was the shortest stint as national security advisor ever
NWNW Flashback: TrapWire
Mike Flynn May Face Felony Charges For Lying To The FBI
Could the Logan Act Take Down Michael Flynn? It Got a Farmer Once
After Michael Flynn’s Resignation, Surveillance Defenders Suddenly Care About Wiretap Abuse

Story #2: “A Never-Happened-Before Event”: As Oroville Dam Drains, A Problem Remains
Oroville Dam: Feds and state officials ignored warnings 12 years ago

Story #3: Montana House Passes Bill to Block National License Plate Tracking Program
Court Finds Speed Cameras ‘Unconstitutional’ — Forces City to Repay ALL Tickets
Mike Maharrey on Nullifying the NSA


  1. Here in Australia we’ve had for quite some time red light camera’s (about 30yrs) and in recent years they also double as speed cameras, we also have fixed and mobile speed camera’s around the place.

    we have licence plate recognition setup over every major roadway and it tracks all truckies and the distance they travel and how long it takes to catch them breaking mandatory minimum time/distance (i think its like 8hrs, then a mandatory half hour break) so if you try haul a long distance run without stopping they’ll ping you for it at the other end of your journey even if its interstate.
    the lic. plate cam’s also fine motorists for unregistered cars.

    in recent years they’ve been installing point to point speed cameras literally everywhere in country area’s on the highway. so you pass the first one, then a few kilometers later it gets you again, then works out the averate speed it took to cover that distance.

    big brother loves his technocracy here in Oz, thats for sure. :/

  2. NEWS – Deep State
    “I mean the Deep State, it’s not just intelligence, it’s banking, it’s law enforcement, it’s the administrative agencies…It’s the below the radar service of the government that never changes no matter which party runs the White House,”
    “…The laws have been written to keep them in power.”

    And on 2/14/2017
    “Dennis Kucinich Discusses The Deep State’s War On Trump”
    30 second summary – Worth watching
    Full interview –

  3. Oroville Dam comparison to great flood of June 1972 Rapid City, South Dakota

    In the late summer of 1972, I hitchhiked for 2 weeks on $40 up from Texas into Rapid City, SD and later Minnesota. A friend living in Rapid City picked me up in his ‘hippie’ VW Van and we toured the area. I was there about 6 weeks following the great flood.

    Tidbits on the Flood.
    — Cloud seeding experiments being conducted by the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences on clouds west of Rapid City.
    — Rapid City’s Canyon Lake Dam became clogged with debris and failed, resulting in 238 deaths and 3,057 injuries.
    — Over 1,335 homes and 5,000 automobiles were destroyed.

    • Agenda 21? Practicing/normalizing Agenda 21??
      There are many organic farms in the valley below Oroville Dam. This area is the edge of “Core Reserves & Corridors -Limit to the human use” according to the Government’s “Biodiversity Map” created by Dr M. S. Coffman. I live in Humboldt near a organic farm which suffered with large floods. [The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, Article 8a-e; United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment, Section
      “The Wildlands Project,” WildEarth, 1992
      Science, “The High Cost of Biodiversity,” 25 June, 1993, pp 1968-1871]

  4. NEWS – February 15, 2017
    The National Press Club with Robert Kennedy Jr., Robert De Niro and others.
    $100,000 Reward to anyone who can show an existing scientific study which shows that it is safe to inject babies with mercury.

    • You were right. Very little coverage by the Press.

  5. I love you honest loving true human beings…keep the faith

  6. Through you spoketh thy lord.

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