Interview 1261 – Judith Curry Explains Climate Modeling to the Layman

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Interviews | 22 comments

Dr. Judith Curry, climate scientist and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech, joins us once again today to discuss her comprehensive new report, “Climate Models for the layman.” We discuss the history and purpose of climate modeling, their uncertainties, equilibrium climate sensitivity, and what we can or cannot learn from their study.

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Dr. Curry’s blog

Dr. Curry’s resignation post

Climate Models for the layman

Climate scientists open up their black boxes to scrutiny


  1. Thanks for pointing that out, BillP. The link has been corrected.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the problem. The link has been corrected.

  2. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.
    5 seconds –

    I agree that deceptions exist with chemtrails and with “the climate change official narrative”.
    I strongly oppose any major collectivist authoritarian effort to “fool Mother Nature”. In fact, I strongly oppose any major collectivist authoritarian dictates or manipulations.

    ha!…Being an old man from Texas, I have seen some wild weather along the way (e.g. Snow in May, then heat up to the 80’s the same day).
    “Weather” and “climate” are two different species.

  3. Big Oil created Big Environment.

    Have you read “Cloak of Green” – Elaine Dewar?

    Another good one is “It’s the crude, dude” – Linda McQuaig

    Linda gets mixed up a bit with the Climate Crisis fairy tale but her book offers, nonetheless, an excellent historical perspective on the geopolitical history of petroleum.

    The Rockefeller Brothers Fund announced their divestment from fossil fuels in 2014 while oil was $100/bbl…. after which it dropped to $23. How’s that for timing?

    Big Environment was CREATED by Big Oil….. wrapping your head around the implications is both painful and necessary.

  4. The ongoing deforestation of the American continent during the past 500 years and of the world for over 3000 years leads to desertification. Deserts change the climate. While I agree that reducing fossil fuel usage is a good idea, reforestation would have a better outcome than carbon trading (Wall street BS) or a carbon tax.

    • Carbon trading and carbon tax will have zero positive effect on the environment. That’s perfectly understandable as they are not designed to have any.

  5. LAUGHTER – Laughter is an extremely healthy mechanism. It often can also be very therapeutic and can accompany relief of emotional baggage. The ability to easily laugh is a measure of empathetic sanity and effortless joy.
    Laughter is a close relative of the ability “to play” with its accompanying amusing delight.
    Part of the anatomy of laughter is the fact it often results from “a rejection of something not quite true”. Rejection, castoff, discard, withhold acceptance, scrap, throwaway.
    Examples: When one hears a joke, often there is something which doesn’t add-up that is being discarded. During a self-realization moment, one often laughs with relief at recognizing something silly about one’s self or past.

    Of course, there are inappropriate times for laughter (e.g. when a grief-stricken friend first learns of the death of a loved one). However, many times at a funeral service, light-hearted loving anecdotes about the deceased provide relief for the grief stricken.

    Just my personal code: “Never ever hire nor closely befriend someone who is always stuck in solid seriousness, who cannot easily see the humorous side of things.”
    Someone with the inability to easily laugh or sense joy or relief, who is always serious has lost part of his humanity and cannot properly empathetically evaluate a true understanding of situations. Trouble, stress and tension often are the byproducts of someone fixated in a “seriousness mode”.

    James Corbett QUOTE: “…makes a layman like myself laugh…”
    Laughter is the result of recognizing how absurd a concept is. It is a healthy response to rejecting something silly.

    But don’t worry about climate change…
    Sing along for 2 minutes under the Chemtrail umbrella with JOYCAMP.

  6. Wind and solar plants with these technologies won’t provide for growing power consumption needs. Further, with extra pollution, I find it to be very questionable if solar is at all feasible.

    On the other hand, LFTR looks like a great contender to the throne and the most obvious path toward free energy. The largest obstacle on this path isn’t the technology, but the ruling politisickos.

  7. 1) India rotates two crops every year whereas Canadians struggle to produce one.
    Q. Why is that?

    2) Canadians are paying a new carbon sin tax to make Canada colder.
    Q. How much Greener will Canada be after it cools off?

    3) At the gas pump alone, the Alberta government has raised a quarter billion in new carbon sin taxes in the first 3 months of 2017.
    Q. By how many degrees has the planet cooled off as a direct result of the money raised?

    4) Minds trained in the scientific method often giggle at “evidence” provided by the IPCC.
    Q. Why, I wonder?

    5) Whales were hunted to the brink of extinction 150 years ago.
    Q. The expansion of what industry saved the whales?

    6) Life is more abundant where temperatures are above the freezing point of water.
    Q. Why is that…?

    7) The objectives of the “Green” movement are:

    – Cool the planet thereby increasing the quantity of water that is in the solid state rather than liquid (white)
    – Extend the snow and ice covered poles towards the equator (white)
    – Reduce the concentration of plant food in the atmosphere (not green)
    – Build hydroelectric dams that cover “Green” farmland with muddy brown water (brown) …what became of the Yangtze Dolphin?

    Q. Should a movement that strives to make the Earth less Green consider waving a banner that is consistent with the colour changes inflicted by their planet saving strategies? (A murky brown turd on a white background springs to mind).

    8) Is the Green banner waved by Al Gore and his IPCC buddies at the UN symbolic, rather, of the trillions of dollars of sin tithes collected from the religion of the new millennium?

    • To be completely honest, global warming malarkey has been rebranded to climate change. So we have to assume that newly set goals for the “green movement” is actually stopping the changing of climate. I vote for spring, make it 100% spring all over the planet at all times.

  8. xplode, I agree with you that the Petro fuel industry royally pollutes our environment in so many ways.
    How Big Oil Conquered the World by James Corbett is well worth seeing if you have not.
    YouTube –

    SHOWNOTES with transcript, sources and (comments with more sources).

    I should point out that the Rockefeller Family & Rothchilds, in their own Press Releases state that they are major promoters of the Climate Change agenda backing other elite people like Al Gore and government carbon tax regulations.

    In the comments you will see solutions on what an average person can do to replace the petro in his car with a cheaper, clean, renewable fuel which not only makes the exhaust cleaner than the intake air…but also facilitates organic food production.

  9. You know, its this sort of shocking information that I’ve come to value, and what I expect and enjoy about James Corbett and the Corbett Report. I always thought science was about challenging preconceived or traditional notions. But it appears that scientists of today are prevented from that by those who hold the purse strings, or tv contracts.

    I’ve suspected for some time that they were operating from inflated, or even illusionary numbers. Al Gore and his carbon creditors (lol), just came across as wrong. Or that they had ulterior motives. The hype that surrounds global warming just screams exaggeration to me. As does the rabid attacks on anyone who doesn’t toe the line. In my daughters grade school they are now teaching that major flooding is coming due to ice melt. As near as I can figure, they are using the old military maps that predict much of the southern and gulf regions will be underwater within 50 years. I don’t think that’s wise, to push speculation onto young children. But the media and entertainment industry is on board with this and are pumping it whenever possible.

    Keep up the great work James!

    • Children need to be indoctrinated into self hate and as sooner as they accept the government as ma and pa replacement the better.

      What makes this attrition of a movement obvious to me is the rebrand. Why would anyone change a movement name? Possibly, to get as far as possible from the mountain of lies and deceit.

      Some notable rebrands

      “Diebold” to “Premier Election Systems”
      “United Fruit Company” to “Chiquita Brands International”
      “Blackwater” to “Xe”

      This is of course not to say that all rebrands are done to hide evil doing.

    • In my experience, whenever the media and the entertainment (entertrainment) industry gets on board and promotes something it is usually a lie and deception.

  10. “so what if, against all the odds, the vast majority of climate scientists are wrong about the relationship between fossil fuels, CO emissions.”

    Well, do you realize how choke full of liars and crooks this “climate scientists” community really is? These guys have been caught lying, misinterpreting, hiding data … not exactly something a SCIENTIST should be doing, is it?

    “moved away from squandering a hugely valuable resource [fossil fuel]”
    Can you elaborate on its huge value? What makes you think it’s hugely valuable? You are of course aware there are chains in nature which provide millions times greater energy density than the hydrocarbon chain, are you? Further, is there any solid proof of this “fossil fuel” having its roots in actual fossils? Scarcity is great for business, but with what we know about it, “fossil fuels” could be a renewable source of energy.

    “Whats the outcome do you hope for apart from strengthening the hand of global fossil fuel elites?”
    This is the bit that makes your lack of comprehension obvious.

    Advocating for truth about global warming or climate change or whatever they’ll be calling this “movement” tomorrow does not equate “strengthening the hand of global fossil fuel elites”. In fact, fossil fuel elites are FUNDING this GA/CC hog wash.

    Nobody here is claiming humans don’t have influence over this ecosystem. What’s being brought into question (in regards to GW/CC) is the exact magnitude we have on these changes. Another very important question is: what is this carbon tax going to do about issues we’re facing, some of which you mentioned in your post? If we look at recent history of taxing, the answer appears to be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    GA/CC is a swindle pulled by people who are able to make people believe EN MASSE they are their own worse enemy. It’s the epicenter of self hate so many people sport today. If you ask me, that was a brilliant move on their part, I say kudos to them.

    • “The difficult reality for the general population to comprehend and accept is the fact we are all being lied to”

      I think it’s more of an issue of vanity: people are too vane to admit they have been believing this rubbish for so long (because things have to get suspicious after a while for many, some people really surprise me with short bursts of sobriety which of course never lead to anything) that they would rather continue “believing” and conforming to the norm. Blind beliefs is what dreams are made of.

      Any objections of conscience will be thoroughly doused in cognitive dissonance. Of all the reasons to feel despicable about being a flawed human, people feel guilty over the fact they have been born and now this CO2 malarkey. Ironic, actually.

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