Interview 1263 – Financial Survival: What is the Deep State?

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James Corbett joins Alfred Adask for his bi-monthly appearance on Financial Survival. This time they discuss the #Vault7 documents, the surveillance state and the deep state. What is the deep state? Who are its members? How does it operate? Find out in this in-depth conversation.

Financial Survival

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  1. James reminded me of something I had been thinking about recently. Hollywood is pretty tightly-knit with government and plays party to many of the psyops we are subjected to. I have taken note recently, while watching movies with my kids, that technological concepts like those confirmed in the Vault 7 leak and are being demoed and normalized to children. Funny you mention Micael Hastings and the car takeover, because it immediately brought to mind the Cars 2 plot where the cars were being exploded/disabled by a laser pointed at them in a false flag by an oil company mogul to discredit alternative fuel. Yes, that is the plot of a children’s movie… Kids absorb concepts more subconsciously than discerning adults, and it just seems so bizarre that this would be the plot to a children’s movie. Disney and Pixar seemed to have some foreknowledge of the means of Michael Hastings’ death 2 years before it happened.

    Also there is the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which introduces the concept of weather modification. The main plot of Zootopia was a false flag where the weak innocent lamb was taking control of predator animals and making them attack others in order to steal the mayor’s office from the Lion. I am sure there are more…

    As for your Eugenics discussion… Given how utterly confused and biased Edwin Black seems to be about history, I don’t know if I would base your eugenics research on even a shred of his works, but hey, that’s up to you. His other works… are… yikes. I would be mildly interested in what actual verifiable facts he uses to link Eugenics to the Hitler besides excerpts from the Holocaust myth and the testimony of Joe Stalin, but I think the gag-reflex induced by another sanctimonious ‘son of Holocaust survivors’ would get the better of me before I got that far.

    I don’t know why Black would be worried about Eugenics, since it is clear by looking at the tops of the pyramids of power in media, finance the war machine as well as the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Israel which race believes they are ‘chosen’ (see what I did there?) as the dominant ‘master race’. And his other book about the evil NGOs that are making Israel look bad… is he serious?? Let’s see his book about AIPAC. Its no surprise he’s been showered with praise by Jewish family paper NYT, and he’s due for a Jewish Pulitzer prize any day now… Gah… Sad to see sources like this in the work of James Corbett.

    • We don’t let Hollywood put one drop of propaganda in our Children. We read books written before 1950.
      If you let them “program” your children soon you will find the enemy has taken control of your children.

      • The literacy level prior to the 60’s was impressive. Conversations and discussions were sane and well articulated with an extensive vocabulary.

        • Just the other day there was a brief news item I overheard on TV about this young man whom won some contest or built some robot (can’t remember, but luckily not the point of the story) even though, as the presenter stated, there was no (adequate) computer science class in his school. You can imagine my shock. Someone obtaining a relative success without assistance of state run schools and its programs.

          What prevented me from smashing the TV set was the brief interview with this lad whom stated there isn’t enough interest in his school for this class and that he can’t understand why do people stay blind to the fact the internet is a wealth of information which people can, deplorable I know, use for … educating … themselves GASP!!!1!

          Not only are state run schools an abject failure, but parents on average are so goddamn stupid they expect these same schools to take even more responsibility in “educating” their children. With each generation things get exponentially worse.

    • They guy probably lived to be 101 by receiving blood transfusions from human-trafficked infants… so don’t feel sorry about anything other than the fact that he didn’t die sooner. Another one bites the dust, but they pass their demonic legacy on down the line. Hopefully George Soros will be next to go…

    • Good riddance. One evil SOB down. We still have to deal with the rest of his genetic spawn, unfortunately.

  2. They have keyword software that then alerts a agent to your call, text or email.
    Depending on if you use any of the key words.

  3. Hi James,

    Any thoughts as to whether website “” plays a role in what you talked about (using genetic lineage to “exclude” people from the gene pool)?

  4. Mr. Adask expressed interest in exactly what the so-called intelligence agencies are doing with “all that data” collected via surveillance efforts in the Western world? How can they analyze so much information and make it actually useful? Quantum computing. Given the push of the Deep State into every aspect of our lives, right down to the dishwasher (ha!), and with more and more devices on the list to which they attach themselves I’ve no question whatsoever that these criminal agencies have been and are now using quantum computers to parse their collection efforts, analyze each detail and assign various identifier flags to each of us. It is the only thing that makes sense. As well, I’d say that they are likely already able to predict behaviors of a single individual, a family or group worldwide. That’s the reason they are collecting every single stroke that passes through any device–and this is just a beginning.

    Eugenics is certainly part of their mandate because the so-called elites believe so vehemently in their agenda of dominance. TPTsB have collected DNA samples and footprints from every person born and deceased in the Western world for many, many decades.

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