Interview 1268 – Derrick Broze on The Theory and Practice of Agorism

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Derrick Broze of joins us once again to discuss his latest book, co-authored with John Vibes, Manifesto of the Free Humans. From the theory and practice of agorism and the importance of language in shaping our thought and action to the immigration debate and the creation of a new intentional community centered on conscious agorism, Broze outlines the world of free humanity in 2017.

Manifesto of the Free Humans (free download)

Manifesto of the Free Humans (purchase)

Interview 1103 – Derrick Broze on Agorism and Counter-economics


  1. Please excuse Derrick’s audio in the first couple of minutes. We had some technical issues and had to use a backup. It gets better after that.

  2. Great interview- we were lucky enough to hang out with Derrick last Friday at the unschooling nature co-op he mentioned at minute 34. We are already putting Agoristic practices to good use and were highly motivated by his visit.

  3. An “Agorist Church” might be able to claim tax exemption.

    Naturally you’d have to lay down the rules, like don’t make money off your patrons, etc.

    A “Truther Church” would also be a good idea for people who believe their governments and media are evil liars who manipulate, exploit, dominate, and enslave the planet.

    • I have thought of a food church before, even had a small group meeting every other Sunday for a year. Our rituals were eating and drinking together, and not eating crappy processed foods. The peak of it was 13 people eating a 6 course Italian dinner. You can literally make a church out of anything…. We called it “The Church of the Divine Swine”, because we all loved pork so much.

  4. I really appreciate a perspective on practical solutions for moving forward. I have never found it productive standing in public and shouting at people or waving signs. Even when I was a youth I figured if it were effective at all it would certainly be made illegal. Violence is what the state and authoritarian structures feed on, and I say that as I sit with my .45 strapped to my waist as I type in the comfort of my living room. I am no pacifist but violence will most likely be counter-productive. However great success or wealth creation is often met with violence so self defense is pertinent.
    I have been lucky enough to find myself with some savings, an ability to attract investors, and a partner with similar values to start some kind of new endeavor. I have some ideas on what I would like to do but I am still indecisive. I greatly value Derricks perspective as well as Mohawk man’s, mine is somewhere in the middle. I have the option of starting a mainstream business or going totally unconventional.

    I often think about community organizations such as the Elks Lodges and The Grange. They filled a role in their time as community gathering places for exchanges of ideas, doing business, and keeping up with your neighbors. In many localities private clubs are exempt from alcohol and food regulations to one extant or totally. Serving “illegal” farm killed animals, raw dairy, wild harvested foods and “unlicensed” or “untaxed” home brew and homegrown produce is all fair game if each person involved is a private member and acknowledges the “risk” involved when consuming sustenance provided by people not paying government bribes(known as fees, taxes, and licenses). Agricultural workers, processors, and cooks are all at the bottom of the current socioeconomic order and finding talented ones to look at new ways of organizing their enterprises is realistic.
    I would like to establish this type of organization and would love any input from members whom see good functioning examples and have ideas or whom want to blast me as being fool hardy and idealistic.

    • Well, I assume you know all about that urban farmer guy on youtube? I’m not sure what are you exactly aiming for.

      He’s a Canadian, I think, and makes solid money by manufacturing produce in people’s gardens. Of course, depending on geography, mileage may vary. For instance, doing what he does in my country would probably have you bankrupted shortly, if you planned to go fully “legal.”

  5. Having watched the N. Korean 105 celebration extravaganza…. and…. as the helicopter circles my neighborhood for the 5th time today … several thoughts come to mind:

    – I don’t have a helicopter
    – I don’t have a MOAB
    – I don’t have an aircraft carrier
    – If anybody really wanted to stop Kim Jong-un, could they have dropped a MOAB on the parade?
    – Does the Jong-un display justify / motivate investment in NATO?
    – How did he obtain the firecrackers and the German Mercedes vehicles to display them in?
    – Would Jesus have been crucified if he failed to become popular?

    Although I’m genuinely very impressed with the courage and intellect of Derrick and James, I can’t shake the image of them paddling a rubber dingy into Pearl Harbor to face the American Pacific Fleet armed with peashooters. At the moment we are a tiny fringe group. Even were we to rapidly / spontaneously become the overwhelming majority, TPTSB would respond by switching their game plan from the Huxley drug and entertainment model to the Orwellian MOAB / helicopter / armored vehicle / aircraft carrier / etc. / ad nauseum

    – Somebody built the pyramids
    – Curiosity killed the cat?
    – Ignorance is bliss?
    – Don’t poke the sleeping bear?
    – Be careful what you wish for?
    – Waco happened

    Talk is cheap and I’m ashamed of my fear. Your courageous work is inspiring…. Keep it up.

  6. I always enjoy Derrick Broze.
    Decentralize Your Life is a viable solution towards not being a victim of the system and its memes.

    I really have to admire the guy. Extremely productive, an activist, and an excellent journalist. His heart is right.

  7. Interesting that many of the posts here stay inside the same ol’ language using it to promote the continuation of conditioned responses and divisions while denying the same in the name of intellectual thought and critical thinking. Both intellectual thinking and the dissection skills of critical thought are necessary in all things. However, when they create adverse sides, sides, sides they are misused. THERE ARE NO SIDES. We all have one question to ask ourselves. Only one.

    Is what I’m believing, stating and by extension promoting–Does it advance the good of humanity or does it divide humanity? If we cannot answer with a resounding ‘yes’ that it advances us all, then a language change is necessary.

    • That’s an interesting video even though I didn’t get all that about the “other” civilization. I see these money siphoning tactics as a means to its own end, I don’t see they actually need these funds. These guys are printing “money” what the hell would they need taxes for?

      • Scary stuff, incredible. Shows what statism does to people.

    • Brother Pablo, we’ll always have borders, even if they are just cultural or natural borders. I’m personally not against borders but against falsely claimed authority and sovereignty.

      As far as founding fathers go, these stories can be taken differently. We’re all illegal aliens, when you think about it. Even if you “legally” emigrated somewhere, you’re still an illegal alien since the “authority” which claims everything is legal and by the books is illegal.

      • I can’t but agree that the surrounding determines (to a large extent) one’s behavior, that’s certain. I’m sure the same is true everywhere in the world.

        I currently don’t see the “7 billion earthlings” thing working due to major usually artificially imposed disparity. “Violations” of other people’s space is very dangerous in our current social paradigm, exactly the reason “multiculturalism” is being imposed on western countries by zionists, which may be skewing the importance of what you’re saying there, by assimilating it’s meaning. Borders in this regard are just a tool.

      • I see your life experience is very layered and colorful, however for most people it isn’t like that. I don’t think most people on this planet could ever get a chance to experience something like that. Even these multiple cultures in US and elsewhere are usually very segregated.

      • It’s difficult to imagine that not so long ago people didn’t need any papers to travel, you could just go anywhere without reporting to anyone.

        I deem the lack of generational transmission of information as a very large issue. People get normalized to new concepts way too quickly.

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