Interview 1270 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Trump Names Rabid Cannabis Prohibitionist as Drug Czar
Wikipedia: Drug Czar
New DHS Secretary John Kelly Saying, “Marijuana Is Not a Factor In The Drug War”
Homeland Security Will Continue to Enforce Marijuana Laws
Wikipedia: John F. Kelly
Announcing Legal Cannabis In Canada – What You Need To Know
Roadside Tests For Pot Need Rethink Before Canadian Legalization
Pharmacy Distributors Want In On Canada’s Legalized Marijuana Regime
Canada Will Legalize Pot, After Arresting A Bunch Of People For Pot Offences First
California Marijuana Legalization Faces Unlikely Foe in Pot Growers
Here’s What Happens If You Get Caught With Weed In Japan

Story #2: The BBC Looks At “How Western Civilization Could Collapse”
Sentient World Simulation: Meet Your DoD Clone

Story #3: The Alt-Media Purge In Full Swing
In Defence Of Alex Jones
Bill O’Reilly Was A JFK Truther
How Kiss Created Indie Rock


  1. I don’t think marijuana is supposed to cause paranoia, it was probably some chemical that was added to it later. They spray it with all sorts of stuff.

  2. Marijuana – Long-term Altering of Personality CharacteristicsWhat I observed with over 1,000 surveyed participants’ interviews.
    In the later 1970’s I had an interesting evening/weekend gig. This was the era where product, marketing surveys, and the like were done in person.
    Over the course of time, I had the opportunity to personally interview one-on-one over 1,000 people, sometimes spending 1 to 2 hours or more with an individual. Each person had filled out a questionnaire which when analyzed by objective metrics revealed some basic personality traits. An example of a category is “communication” and the analysis might show that the individual had a tendency “to compulsively communicate” or might be “very shy and withdrawn”. These characteristics would become very evident during our one-on-one discussion because the attributes would be dramatized.

    People often would tell me a lot of things, some very personal things. I am very curious, and if appropriate, would ask further questions. Often people would tell me that they smoked pot. After a while, before an interview and just by studying the analysis profile of characteristics, I was able to determine with 95% accuracy that the individual smoked marijuana.
    You know you are spot on when a 67 year old grandmother comes in and you say: “How much pot do you smoke?” and she replies “A few times per week.”

    Here are some characteristics of an individual which are altered from smoking marijuana:
    A person has less ability to focus or concentrate, is more dispersed with his attention, more unstable because often courses of focused action are also dispersed all over the place and it becomes difficult to follow through and finish projects. Sometimes the person has a hard time controlling situations or himself. Memory is definitely adversely affected. A person becomes generally “more worried”, more fretful, with lots of “in the head introversion” and “over-thinking” and “mental think-think-think over-analyze”. Attention is not necessarily out on the environment, but rather inside the head. The person seems to have more troubles which concern him. His “inside thought process attention” often gets stuck on something troubling. Worry. Feeling happiness and joy can be fleeting, one moment a person is on top of the world, then the next moment depressed. Overall, there is an underlying unhappiness. All these aspects combined make an individual unsure and less confident. Many times the individual will find himself, not really being himself. He often tends to take on another person’s personality or characteristics, such as a “winning hero demeanor” or a TV celebrity or a “mean guy” or whatever. He, himself, is undefined and unstable being so dispersed and worried on how to cope.
    I realize that we all, to some extent, have some of these weak points even if we do not indulge. However, marijuana use magnifies these aspects and further weakens the individual.

    • I want to clarify that I am not stranger to marijuana. Also, I advocate NO government influence what-so-ever on drugs, food, vitamins, health care, etc.
      Anecdotes of a Pothead
      I was a certified pot head from the early 70’s until the summer of 1976. I had a shoe box with my marijuana lid baggies, pipes, rolling papers and the like. In 1972, I gave one of my college Professors (who even taught a Christian Ethics Course) a Christmas gift of bright red and green colored rolling paper joints. That year, I also spoke to a full assembly room Central Texas town’s PTA meeting about the virtues of marijuana. A kilo brick of marijuana in Austin, TX would cost $100 or $110. During this era, a person could be charged with a felony for possessing a joint. If you were caught in Mexico with even a seed in your car seat, say “Goodbye to America” as jail awaited you. I cleaned the car before every trip. Common punishment during the 60’s and 70’s was to be given a haircut, short like James Corbett’s. Buzz haircuts were a Hippie castration.
      In 1973, I was driving home for a visit from college in my Volkswagon Hippie Van playing the “Steppenwolf” 8-track with “Born To Be Wild” ( ) after alternating from “Led Zepplin”. I had a sudden “intuition” just prior to climbing a hill on the highway. I thought “There could be a Highway Patrol over that hill.” I pulled over, put up my joint and cleaned things up donning my sunglasses to hide the bloodshot eyes. Then I went over the hill and sure enough got pulled over by the Texas Highway Patrol.
      In 1974, as the manager of a Donut Shop, I made my own “magic marijuana donuts”. They tasted terrible, especially with the twigs. After eating one I did not notice any kind of buzz. I ate several more. No buzz. Then I went on my delivery route, delivering boxes of donuts to local convenience stores and the like. About half-way through my route, I forgot where I had been and where I needed to go. Kind of paranoid, I had to watch the speedometer to make sure I wasn’t going too slow. I winged it and maybe completed my route.
      By 1976, I started to get serious about my long term goals of finding out more about life and philosophy. I started reading more books. Finally, I just up and made the decision that I needed to cut out my marijuana use. I couldn’t even remember what I was talking about during smoking sessions with friends (we would laugh about it). I figured that if I wanted to raise my awareness, marijuana wasn’t helping. I haven’t imbibed since.

    • Passing Drug Tests
      When working in the Health Food Supplement industry, I have helped many people pass their employer mandated drug test. Ha!…one Mother brought in her 17 year old son twice.

      The following may not work for everyone on every drug, but it is pretty durn effective towards helping many people pass their drug test.
      SUPPLY LIST – Blender, two or three lemons, a big bunch of parsley, a big bunch of cilantro, and magnesium supplements (preferably the “Calm” brand by Natural Vitality). You can add any other leafy green vegetables.

      Blend the whole batch in water. Drink it. The more you do, the better the cleansing.
      Parsley helps the kidneys, cilantro helps grab metals, lemons clean the intestines and system while providing an acidic context which helps on dissolving minerals. (You know how you can scrub clean a kitchen surface with a lemon.) The fiber helps grab crap. Magnesium helps with the process performing over 100 functions. Leafy greens – the cells of greens mimic a blood cell in many ways. When chopped, the cell walls are broken releasing the moisture and allowing the broken cell to “grab” crap.

      • I should say something about Lemons & Acidic Context & Alkaline body system. There is a lot of talk about “alkalize the body” for better health. For the most part, many minerals are alkaline. If a person has plenty of minerals, then their body tends to be more alkaline. However, absorbing minerals is the key. Most minerals are bound to another atom or atoms. They do not stand alone naturally.
        For example: Calcium
        Calcium carbonate is actually limestone, the white chalky rock found in many regions which was formed during earth processes over millions of years from dead crustaceans and such. Some supplement manufacturers actually put this ground up rock into capsules (which I don’t recommend taking). Farmers and ranchers sometimes increase the soil fertility by spreading dumptruck loads of calcium carbonate on the land at around $30 a ton. It makes the soil more alkaline.
        When a person puts an acid (such as strong vinegar or hydrochloric acid) on calcium carbonate, they will observe a fizz. The carbon dioxide (carbonate) is coming off, leaving an “ionic calcium atom” mixed with the acid. In other words, the calcium atom is now available.
        Natural Vitality’s “CALM” magnesium supplement capitalizes on this chemical process by blending citric acid and magnesium carbonate powders. When activated in warm water, the magnesium frees up. Drink the water and the magnesium atom quickly can be absorbed by the body. This will stop a leg cramp in less than a minute. It does wonders for many back aches and can even solve a coming heart attack or panicky feeling or trouble sleeping.

        Lemons have a pH close to that of the stomach acids. This acidity is extremely important on absorbing minerals. The acid tends to break the chemical bonds of alkaline minerals into their ionic atoms. Thus the body can more readily absorb them. People who take an antacid for heartburn & acid reflux are setting themselves up for long term nutrient deficiencies, because the stomach acid is not available to separate nutrients.

        The body likes some minerals to be balanced by its “opposite”, but in ratios. Some examples: “Calcium and magnesium”, “sodium (salt- sodium chloride) and potassium”, “zinc and copper”.
        Tidbit: When salt (sodium chloride) is put in water, the atoms separate. Separate sodium atoms and chloride atoms, often referred to as ionic forms. When sugar is put in water, the atoms do not separate. It is just sugar water.

        Minerals not bound to another atom can be highly reactive. Video (1 minute) – 1947 disposal of sodium –

        • That’s interesting, but I don’t respond well to spicy food.

          • I occasionally take the capsules for circulation, and I sometimes rub cayenne mixed with aloe or cream for pain relief.

            A little advice a person learns “in the end”.
            “What goes in hot, comes out hot”.

            Hot Pepper pain relief for joints or body aches works by attenuating Substance P.
            WARNING – WARNING – VIDEO makes some men light-headed.
            (1 minute) Substance P –

            • I stay away from hot and spicy food, it doesn’t agree with me one bit. One moderately spicy pepper spread over the entire dish is more than enough for me.

  3. I’m glad you guys finally talked about an elephant in the room – Alex Jones. He may have led the way early on for alternative news, but its clear he’s sold out (for whatever reason) and I’m glad you guys have more or less formerly acknowledged it. Keep on carrying the torch for truth guys, great work!

  4. I agree it stinks. But O’Reilly was “in the Big Boy Club” where they make each other happy, playing in the frying pan. Jumping from the frying pan into the fire.
    Jump Into The Fire (killer bass)

    • Democracy, religion for the third millennium.

  5. Ok, as a regular pot smoker from 1971 at age 19 to currently at age 65, now – I can say this – I have about 40 regular pot smokers I still know over that same time frame. Many of us can quit for a month or two, due to drug testing or physical ailments, and then imbibe as we wish. Most of us have good jobs or even run our own businesses and have kids and/or grandkids. Many of us don’t drink any alcohol at all. And virtually none of us do any other sort of drugs, such as opiates or cocaine. This is from an Ohioan in the USA. Furthermore, in my area, the police will often turn their head the other way if you are a polite older person who respects the police and treat others with respect.

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