Interview 1275 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | May 11, 2017 | Interviews | 36 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Xi Jinping’s New Silk Road Summit Will Step Up China’s Endorsement Of Globalization

NWNW Flashback: UN, China Agree on Silk Road Initiative Cooperation (Sep. 29, 2016)

Globalization 2.0: China Ushering in Newer, Shinier New World Order!

Story #2: Florida, The First State To Arrest Anyone For Selling Bitcoin, Is Passing Laws To Imprison Them

Florida House Bill 1379: Defining Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Value Rises Over $1B As Japan, Russia Move To Legitimize Cryptocurrency

Study Highlights Growing Significance Of Cryptocurrencies

Story #3: NYC’s New Tech To Track Every Homeless Person In The City

Update: Second German Soldier Arrested In False Flag Refugee Plot

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  1. FYI “Media Monarchy”, many white people are homeless and on the streets too. That canard that all white people are rich is a zionist jewish canard, and as racist an idea as any. Millions and millions people of European ancestry are poor, homeless and subjugated. Sad that that is news to you.

    The goal of the zionist cancer in America is to create a narrative that promotes hate among different racial groups, not harmony. Making people of color and white people, believe all whites are “privileged”, is a great way to divide us.

    • I am in agreement with your comments. “Media Monarchy” could slow down a little to allow more thought between words. What I tell to my grandchild is: do not talk so fast, it is OK to come up for air. Dividing societies is a speciality of Marxist-communism. Class warfare? These following words should be written in a circle because they are connected. — zionism, bolshevism, communism, internationalism, globalism —. Pick any, they all mean the same.

    • You’re jumping to conclusions, I’d urge you to listen again what he’s saying. He was probably just expanding on something that was being said in his podcast.

      What I got from it is this: some of these technologies used to track people don’t work well on (or better said under) dark skin. There’s no implication that ALL people on whom this is being used have dark skin, but that those who do are, as far as this issue goes, blessed. From the wording it’s obvious he’s referring to a part of the group.

      • Thank you for a more measured response, mkey. I don’t believe for a moment (as an avid listener of Media Monarchy) that James was implying only dark skinned people make up the homeless population. In previous episodes of his show James had noted the limitations on certain tracking devices employed by the government, often ironically failing to track the very people the government seems poised to control and/or destroy (minorities AND the poor).

        • I don’t think people weilding so much information could ever be so ignorant regarding homeless (or better said houseless as per mr. Carlin) demographics.

          • James Evan Pilato is also from West Virginia, so he knows plenty about poor white people first hand. The people of that state have had it rough for a long time and are still suffering to this day.

  2. Corbett brings up an aspect which helps in understanding the Elite: — Restrictions and laws – “Why can’t I do this? Why?”
    …of course, “authority” makes the rules, the laws, the restrictions.

    I feel for the guy being prosecuted for bitcoin transactions in Florida. I am sure there can be many types of legal defense points (i.e. bitcoins can be like trading Swiss francs or gold coins, or this prosecution violates the Federal interstate commerce act.)

    Regardless, “they” can do whatever they want despite the legalese.
    The legal system is a ruse.

    (90 seconds)
    Jack Nicholson About Freedom in “Easy Rider” (1969)
    (Sidenote: All the actors really had been smoking pot during the shooting of this scene.)

    • Asking “why” leads to great wisdom, I believe. If you cannot answer “why”, it can lead you to realize their is insufficient information. When you find the truth it can unveil many lies and false assumptions. The truth will set you free. But you have to ask why and have to keep searching for why. Some people just stop at “I don’t know” and never move forward from there. I am glad to see so many people here that continue to try and find “why”.

      • I agree completely, especially when it comes to policies and rules. Why? is an extremely important question.

        …except when someone antagonistic uses it to introvert another, to attack by covert verbal means, to denigrate.
        Example “Why did you do that?” or “Why didn’t you do that?”
        Often this phrase might be said by a spouse or coworker or boss. The intent of the communication is NOT to help the other party nor warmly seek a better understanding. It is a communication designed to introvert or make less of another.
        Many times an individual will do things, but may not know exactly “why”. A long list of possible reasons may come into the head as one introverts into finding the “why”. …and many times it can be hard to find the right “why”.

        One could respond to the covert verbal attacker by asking: Why did you ask that question?”
        If they get pissed off, most likely they do not have the other person’s welfare at heart. If they warmly respond with compassion that they are trying to understand, then it was a non-covert communication.

    • Thanks.
      I will probably just blend and drink the pulp.
      (I am in Texas also. “North Texans for 9/11 Truth”.)

  3. To believe in subsidies means to believe in state interventionism.

    Example: in this city in which I’m employed a few years back they started offering subsidies (state sponsored fixed rate credit) to young local married couples. My questions here would be:

    Who are these people building these appartments?
    Do they know for which purpose are these buildinga are being built and has the quality been adjusted to reflect that?
    What kind of deals have banks made with investors to offer “fixed” rate credit?
    How much credit will the have to be covered by the state and who will monitor this deal?

    Lastly, and more importantly, why should “the people’s” taxes be used to cover such frivolous expenses?

    Firstly they jack up real estate prices, then they get a lot of people into credit slavery, now they use state funds to loan shark more people into expenasive housing.

    I don’t believe into absurd state interventionism.

    • It appears we’re not living on the same planet.

      • That’s damn right. Only caveat: there’s just the one reality.

        • Wrong about what, mate? This thing we’re inbued in doesn’t have any perspectives, it’s just what it is. There are no sides, no ups nor downs, no opinions. It’s a pool of mud we’re thrown into and some people insist on arguing whether it’s ’68 or ’79 chardonay. It’s not wine, it’s mud.

          People’s experiences will vary greatly, but the reality is one and the same. That’s why I wondered whether or not we exist on the same planet because on this planet I’m living socialism does not work but it’s being invoked for its truth obfuscating potential.

        • I’m not certain how you leaped to that conclusion from what I was saying.
          No, I do not believe in predestination, and yes, people’s experiences vary greatly.

        • I think you’re nitpicking and posing strawman arguments over your previous support for failed social constructs. I kind of decided not to go into that because I know it’s completely and utterly pointless and somehow wondered into this, lets call it conversation.

          What I called mud is not the living itself on this planet, but the current situation, the reality; the swarm, the torrent of thoughts and events, the zeitgeist, whatever. I used it mostly to construct the point about how people will go on a tangent over anything and everything instead of looking at the problem head on. Won’t waste further time on this point.

          I don’t know whether or not alternate universes exist and I pretty much don’t care. I also don’t care particularly about other planets nor possible life on them. Nor do I care about their time measurement etalon. I also do not think the spinning of a planet creates time as is, it’s just a cycle. Length of a day on Earth could have been 24 hours plus change or closely 11 kibbles or exactly 1234321 myrons.

          Completely besides the point. You stated some things in favor of state interventionism, I wanted to indirectly tell you that I disagree 100% on everything that you said there. Now, in hopes of ending this exchange, I’m telling you directly. I disagree 100% with your post here and I really don’t see any point in debating about it. Granted, depending on where you live in the world these constructs may make some sense, but here and in many other places as far as I’m aware of, they do not work. As per the instructions on the tin.

        • You got me, I secretly try to coax people to come and live on my parallels and meridians so that we may dance and sing into the night while we trade in bitcoin. A total non non sequitur on your part.

          P.S. My beliefs have nothing to do with it, what I understand about socialism as is implemented in many countries of the world today is based on facts which do not support its efficiency in solving societal issues. If anything, it creates more problems and disparity than it solves. I have little doubt it could work a lot better.

          No, I’m not looking for a perfect socialist state. Kind of expected that would go without saying, but there. I’m not looking for perfection in anything, something that works most of the time for most of the people while putting the choice in their hands would do.

        • Yes, tell that to 1-3 million dead Iraqis (and counting), 3 million dead Koreans, about a million dead Vietnamese, who knows how many dead Afghanis and Libyans.

          Since its inception “America” has NOT been engaged in wars for something like 20 years. System works great, indeed. Had other countries followed its model more closely, we’d be all dead for a century or two by now.

        • Yes, blame the citizens. There’s a lot of proof the citizens are being propagandised, brainwashed, mass controlled, kept uneducated and in a slumber. Or do you wish to separate government from the social construct as well?

          Name one country in history (other than “America”) which has fought wars 90+% of the time for over 200 years of its existence.

          You stated previously that “American construct from 1776” was used as a model. You appear to be in a conflict with yourself. Nominally, it’s been one and the same country for 240 years and being taken over talks volumes about systems of governance and the employed so called socialism.

          If anyone is mixing monetary systems with governance, that would be you. In the same sentence you appear to have nominally separated them, which you can’t, then mashed them up again. Important correction: American wars are not fought over oil.

          Spoken like a true statist: let someone else do the work and then decide wether or not to join them.

        • I said to myself that I don’t want to reply to you anymore, but your comments there come off so aggravating while I’m fairly certain that wasn’t your intention (unless you’re just trolling); here goes the obvious:

          Most people, willingly or otherwise, are part of the community. They work and live in a 7 to 15 society. They pay taxes as to avoid being jailed. They use roads because they need to go on and about and are certainly paying, very very expensively, to drive on potholes. We pay all the way.

          Being an anarchist does not mean (it could, but it isn’t the standard) “go into the woods and live with the wolf people”, no offence meant to the wolf people. Having to choose between statists and woods guys, the latter would probably prove better company.

          I really hope that you’re just trolling. This site needs a block user feature.

        • Oh boy lol

          The “block user feature” is an option allowing users to be protected from other people’s opinions, it doesn’t prevent anyone from voicing theirs. On the internet, it’s pretty much a must.

          I wont engage you anymore, logic and common sense be damned.

        • No, it is not censorship. It simply removes comments from a specific user in a specific users’ feed. It’s optional and dependent on user preferences. It’s like walking around a person you want to avoid for whichever reason, as simple as that.

      • To be fair Pablo, which land isn’t stolen land? Those guys that did most of the killing were Europeans anyhow, albeit the wildest sort of the bunch, the adventurous type. The only thing separating the Indian genocide from the rest is the fact it was quite recent when compared to other movement of peoples.

  4. There are probably hundreds of such events.

    • There is no question about that, dear Pablo. The minority will always be the minority. The movement of the crowd is much like an avalanche.

      • I did watch it and it’s a sad tale about the religion of economics.

        For download purposes, I sued the flashgot Firefox plugin, it works great on many sites. Does not convert, but transcoding only reduces quality anyhow.

  5. Could this “cyber attack” be the beginning of the end for Bitcoin?

  6. May 12, 2017 – ABC cancels “Last Man Standing” despite its very high ratings. Anarchist Tim Allen is the star.

    Two months ago on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, Tim Allen spoke about Hollywood. “You gotta be real careful around here,” Allen noted. “You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. This is like ’30s Germany.”
    More Tim Allen…

  7. The Texas Panhandle will love this!

  8. Brilliant give and take. Loved watching the links and will juice it. erich. And the good news James? Get well soon. By the by they sprayed again May 10th and we got another 2 inch rain. The corp.lakes are some 10 to 25ft. above floodstage on the Grand River system. Why? Anyone?

  9. Dubioza Kolektiv – Triple Head Monster feat. Defence

    “Triple head monster” is a song about unsuitability of the Bosnian “three-state solution.” Like a time capsule it floats around and still holds true a decade later. I find it quite powerful.

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