Interview 1280 – James Corbett on Taking the 9/11 Red Pill

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via Host Andy Steele is joined by independent journalist James Corbett and by AE911Truth CEO Richard Gage, AIA, to discuss 9/11’s impact on American society and the road forward for the truth movement. They also talk about their upcoming presentations at the Red Pill Expo in Bozeman, MT, on June 23rd and 24th.


  1. Great episode! I want to bring up one point for public discussion though (and, ideally, hear a response from Richard Gage):

    If “regular office fires” can cause a 47 story steel-framed high rise build to collapse into dust in 7 seconds, wouldn’t that cause a complete “rethink” of the idea of building a high-rise building in the first place? And wouldn’t the fire codes have changed to not allow people to live/work above a certain floor (or more specifically “height”)? Certainly the building of the Freedom Tower wouldn’t make any sense!

    It seems to me like it could potentially be a really effective approach to get a group of protesters together to demand these changes. The beauty of this is that you can include people who completely believe the official story. It would just be a group of concerned citizens demanding a “sane rethink”.

    • doublek321,
      I am thrilled that you brought this up about “regular office fires”.

      Don’t Miss This!

      Warning issued summer of 2008 when the news came out.

      The Corbett Report issued an EMERGENCY WARNING FOR OFFICE WORKERS
      (about 3 minutes)

    • Yes doublek, I like your thinking. It’s a way to get more people thinking. And maybe a few will come to see the ridiculousness of building 7’s collapse in the first (without the obviuos use of demolition explosives).

  2. Also, Richard, I have a question about the front page of “”. I’m wondering why the “Explosive Evidence” video isn’t on the front page (ideally front and center).

    People always accuse “9/11 truthers” of being “tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists”. If I post your website URL online, it seems to me like it would be most effective for people who click it to immediately see a video of people qualified to discuss the subject (architects and engineers) questioning the official story. After that, ideally they’ll click on other links at the site (and hopefully donate and pass along the link).

    Note that I realize I can just post a YouTube link to your videos but that would mean putting the video (and comments) in YouTube’s hands. Plus it seems like it would be better for people to already be on your site (where they can click other links). Maybe that would cost more money to have more users and display a long video? If so, maybe a compromise would be to post a YouTube embedded video to allow users to watch the video at your site while not costing you guys extra money?


  3. I don’t think Monckton is a good invitation, but whatever.

  4. I always find it interesting to hear when a person woke up to the idea that the official story about 9-11 is not true and what happened to cause their awakening.

    Since the early 1980’s, before anyone had home computers, I spent a lot of my time reading conspiracy books that were considered “underground publications”. These were books like “Behold A Pale Horse” by William Cooper (published in 1991), and others along those lines. I had already learned that all my high school history courses taught inaccurate information and I thanked my lucky stars that I had found those classes too boring to pay much attention, thus I did not “benefit” from the programming. After graduation I began my own studies in history which I found much more interesting as well as outrageously filled with corruption and fraud.

    So, on the day of 9-11-2001, as we all watched our computer screens in horror, I asked a structural engineer colleague friend to take a break with me. As we waited for the elevator to arrive, I whispered to him, “I have an awful feeling that we had something to do with this.” He replied, “So do I but let’s not talk about this in front of others, at least for now.” When I saw other co-workers mulling speechlessly around the courtyard as though they were in a trance, waiting for the dust to settle seemed like a good idea to me too.

    The DVD “In Plane Sight” was the first video I watched on the 9-11 conspiracy and I passed it along to some of my colleagues at work when it came out in 2008. It was this movie that started me on a direct path of searching for more on 9-11 and passing it along to everyone I knew. Back then most of my friends, family and colleagues thought I was crazy for even entertaining the notion that our government would lie to us or have anything to do with something as awful as this event. Thankfully, most all of them now have opened their minds.

    The Red Pill Expo sounds like it will be excellent, and I’m glad James Corbett is one of the speakers.

    • I like hearing these anecdotes. Thanks!

  5. I think it is a bit unfair to accuse Richard Gage of being “disinfo” .

    As far as I understand Richard’s headed organization questions the NIST report and the omission of Building #7 in respect to design and engineering aspects; it is a no-brainer to see the obvious hiding and ignoring of facts and realistic circumstances.

    Forces as Judy Wood describes may very well be part of the in advance prepared instant demolition and I understand Richard not extending him self any further as he already done.

    As a “Truther” it is not recommended to cover the whole plethora of what is wrong by over extending into related topics. This overwhelms and cuts short any awaking interest.

    Less is better. It is more important to help raise awareness of one selfs basic character makeup and the willingness to open ones mind.

    It must also be understood that most professionals are members of not only professional associations and other organization, “Service clubs”, masonic and related lodges and are bound to adhere as I personally observed among those being associated to them.

    The network of evil can go deep into many areas in our society and prevent openness, honesty and truth. Deceit is rampant in a closed system and if some topics untouched the compromise we all have to live under.

    • I agree with you, 4T. Gage is staying within his area of expertise. There is more than enough evidence to support the controlled demolition theory of wtc7.

      Even though Gage is not willing to accept Wood’s theory, it doesn’t mean that elements of Wood’s proposal didn’t happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if several “mass experiments” were being done simultaneously. In fact, that would be expected, since the whole site was going to be demolished, with all evidence removed.

      What happened to WTC6? Was that done by explosives? Fire? HAARP? Falling debris?

      Is it possible that BOTH Gage and Wood are correct, and that neither has the role of providing “disinfo”, (dispite neither accepting the other’s claims)?

      Gage has too much perspiration to be disinfo.

      • I like the phrasing… Gage has too much perspiration to be disinfo.

  6. jennerclay,
    I have been involved with 9/11 Truth strongly since 2005 following it daily. I well remember when Judy Wood came on the scene. The history and backstory gives a person keen insight on what is really going on. And yes, I also have looked strongly into what she has to say, her “evidence”, etc.

    Hijackers of the 9/11 Movement.
    If you want to get an overview tidbit of the hijacking history of Judy Wood (and Fetzer and the CIA agent Morgan Reynolds), give this a read.

    There is much more ugly stuff. Much, much more. It will be up to you to really look into it.

    Read about the fabrications that Judy Wood presents. (Richard Gage’s Ae911truth website)

    And there is much more data on Judy Wood’s charade available on the internet if you are interested in getting the real scoop.

    You can search “Judy Wood” at 911blogger and also at

    Jeremy Rys debunks Judy Woods big time. Judy Woods has been one of the more destructive forces for the 9/11 Movement in credible presentations to new public.

    Dr Steven Jones was directly affected by the Judy Wood/Fetzer/Morgan Reynolds hijacking. He has some excellent scientific papers which debunk her work.

    Richard Gage is not “disinfo”.
    I remember when he came on the scene and helped him recruit when he had less than 400 architects & engineers signed up.
    The Judy Wood thing has been thoroughly and scientifically addressed, repeatedly.

    There is nothing to be suspicious about…
    …except for the fact that there continues to be promotion of Judy Wood on the internet.
    This is what the Government Troll boiler room probably looks like… (90 seconds)

    • HRS there is a rhyme and reason that I have dug up this old post from 2017. 🙂
      I am working on a 9/11 series hoping to be ready for Sep 11 this year.

      I hear ya loud and clear about Judy Wood and agree with your sentiments.

      At the end of the day though, as much as Fetzer got wrong about 9/11 (lots) and the hijacking he did to the truth movement, he did figure out the explosives that were used.

      And though Steven Jones did some good work, he also made some key mistakes,
      coincidentally concerning the explosives that were used.

      BTW re: Jeremy Rys.
      Can you possibly help me out here?        
      I’d like to watch Jeremy’s video on Wood but can’t get to it via the links you posted. Is there any other way?

  7. What stuck with me was this tragic notion that those who’ve not yet taken a moment to look the monster in the eyes by now, 16 years later,

    never will…

    as if they’ve received an ambient homeopathic dose of doubt laced with stigmatization from the media and social circles

    I confess I came very late to the 9/11 party as well.
    We all have our own personal reasons for this.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t ever convince my dad about the 9/11 truth before he passed away last summer.

    My older brother is extremely intelligent. He reads voraciously.
    Devouring hundreds of books a year.

    Somehow 9/11 came up in a brief conversation a few months ago after he scoffed at me for not believing the lone JFK assassin story. Soon after he scoffed at me for not believing the Osama-19-hijacker story.

    I asked him if he had read books or done research into 9/11.
    He said he had. A few minutes later I decided to test whether he was telling the truth or not, for I suspected he hadn’t.

    I asked him how many towers came down on 9/11?
    When he said “Two”, that was all I needed to hear.

    Needless to say I have my work cut out for me. 🙁

  8. …adding to those “Truthers” who have passed away…
    Barry Jennings – On August 19, 2008, 53 year old Barry Jennings died, two days before the release of the NIST Final Report Briefing on the collapse of WTC7.
    The NIST Briefing on WTC 7 came out on August 21, 2008 with a live Public Webcast. Prior to this time, NIST pretty much ignored Building 7.

    At the time, the “9/11 Truther” community had full attention on this landmark NIST Briefing about WTC 7. I remember watching it.
    – About the upcoming webcast –

    Also, during this summer of 2008, the 9/11 Truther Community was in high gear. Alex Jones had a more “credible” reputation in 2008 and was considered a leader in the 9/11 Movement.
    Barry Jennings was dramatically getting renewed attention!

    Following the NIST Briefing of August 21, James Corbett releases the video: EMERGENCY WARNING FOR OFFICE WORKERS (NIST WTC7). It was a big hit and had important significance at the time.
    YouTube –
    911blogger Article –

    An article about the August 21 NIST Briefing

  9. June 13, 2017 (circulated in different publications)
    AP FACT CHECK: Fire, Not Demolition, Brought Down WTC Towers
    …Those who have shared conspiracy theories for years of controlled demolition insist that fires from the crashed planes couldn’t have caused the damage that led to the collapse of the towers and the third building, 7 World Trade Center, where debris landed and burned.

    But The National Institute of Standards and Technology, a government agency, found the fires were intense and widespread enough to cause the buildings’ collapse. It stands behind those findings.

    This story is part of an ongoing Associated Press effort to fact-check claims in suspected false news stories.

  10. June 17, 2017
    On another note, it seems Jim Marrs (who lives in North Texas) is having some recent, grave body-health issues.
    Prayers or positive vibes are appreciated.

  11. Once again I’d like to reiterate that there exists a video showing a giant tear in WTC7 caused by the collapsing WTC1. I’d like to link you to it, but attempts to find it on youtube haven’t been fruitful, if it’s even there any longer.

    To make a long story short, while WTC1 was going down, the upper part of the building fell at an angle and really tore up WTC7. From most shots you just see a lot of dust and smoke, from this one shot one could really get a great view of the event. I’m not an expert in architecture, but to my uneducated eye that gash seemed like something that was well beyond repair.

    The following video hints at this, but doesn’t feature the money shot I’m looking for.

    On 9/11, WTC1 Hit WTC7, Seriously Damaging the South Side

    The points I’m making are:

    1. out of all WTC buildings that fell that day, WTC7 probably had the best excuse to do so

    2. I don’t know how much time does one need to setup a “pull” of a building, but if we consider WTC7 was brought down intentionally be the fire department as to bring it down in a controlled fashion, then all of the WTC7 controversy is nothing but direct result of astroturfing and misdirection.

    Many people claim WTC7 is the stellar example, something completely breaking the narrative, however it may be nothing but a red herring, put there to cause confusion and spread misinformation.

    • Exactly why I find important to understand how long does it take to setup a “pull” and what does that move exactly consist of, especially if considering preexisting massive structural damage.

      I find that anything said by Silverstein is completely poisoned and can’t be used to follow through to a logical conclusion. If anything lands that guy in prison (here’s hoping) I don’t think it’s going to be over anything he said. That guy is a viper in guise of a snake.

      • Larry Silverstein – The “lost” video where he specifically states “WTC 7 was a controlled demolition”

        Listen to Tony Szamboti and read the comments.
        There is a lot of information regarding this…other 911blogger threads…email back-n-forths… and people who worked on trying to get a copy of the Episode (which History’s Business – History Channel will not release).

        Geoffrey Wawro once worked with “History’s Business”. He now lives in North Texas. I contacted him in December 2014 to see if he or anyone he knew had a collection of videos. He responded: I’m afraid that I do not know…..too bad, as I agreee they were very interesting shows!
        (Many times home audiences would make a VHS copy of certain shows.)

        • Well, I see that as further furthering of my point. More roundabouts, more loopholes, more wild goose chases. Again, in my eyes that man is a snake and clinging to anything he said is a step in the wrong direction if you ask me. I highly doubt a guy in that position would splurge anything on this elaborate scheme.

          Also, I have no trouble accepting that WTC7 was brought down in a controlled fashion, just in case my previous posts left such an erroneous impression. To that effect, if Silverstein did say that, he was saying the truth. Which naturally should be shocking. But, why obfuscate a truth? Simply put, to add more layers to the onion.

    • Would this count?
      Graham McQueen’s research showing more than 100 Fire Fighters and Emergency personnel in documented statements reporting explosives.

      Those Canadians are pretty dang good at research. (grin)

    • Well, I’ll have to keep my disbelief hat on on that subject. I’m not saying I don’t find the mininuke scenario possible, but it’s pretty far fetched and if we ever get a confirmation on that it would be very surprising, to me at least. IMO mininukes in this context are on the same sphere of existence with directed energy weapons and even possibly with “aliens dunnit” point of view.

      I tend to follow the old maxima “the most simple solution is the one that is most probable.”

      Pretty much the same goes for the possibility of having a building preemptively fitted with a demolition apparatus. Even if logically it does makes some sense, in effect every building will get torn down, sooner or later.

      I’m picturing a scenario in which them evil terrorists rush for THE red button to initiate detonation, that would probably be a lot easier to execute than the whole airplane adventure. Another picture in my imaging processor: fit the building with a giant screen with a timer on it telling you exactly when will the building be going down. With a complimentary “T-minus” countdown for the final hour in a sexy foxy lady voiceover.

      Of course, what logically does not follow is the fact one would have to maintain such demolition devices and keep them in check at all times.

      Following my previous line of thought: had a mininuke been used to bring WTC7 down, how long would setting up such device take? I simply have to assume liabilities stemming from the time needed to prepare such a maneuver would be nothing when compared to liabilities of having a mininuke built from day 1. You said it yourself, it’s all about liabilities. Where’s an insurance seller when you need one?

      • I have to concede that these nuclear weapon can be (obviously) constructed very safely, but I’d still like to see a related risk assessment for such a scenario.

      • As far as underground nuclear explosions go, I have two considerations.

        1. even if I risk comparing apples and oranges, I’d expect more destruction from an underground nuclear explosion. Something violent like this

        I realize there are many variables to consider: strength of the device, type of soil, depth etc.

        2. wasn’t the height of the rubble pile along the lines of what one could expect when bringing such a building down? My understanding of this is a bit dated, but if one would open up a hole below the building, part of the remaining rubble would surely fill it.

        • I really don’t have the time to review a 5 hour long video for the time being, to be honest. I did watch a short video about what Khazelov is talking about so I do get the gist of it, but his explanation sounds too convenient for my receptors.

          While there is a large difference between the video I posted above on underground nuclear explosion, a significant part of it is the depth of the “ground zero.” Also, a 50 meter hole is a 50 meter hole. It ought to significantly impact the crash site.

        • On your previous link

          it is concluded that the rubble pile for WTC7 was 4 stories high while rule of the thumb (as far as I know) is one third of the building, so it should be about 15 floors. That’s a notable difference.

          If this was done with a nuke, was it not one of the most heinous crimes against humanity, I’d find it pretty damn spectacular. And since I don’t believe things until I see them with my own eyes I hope we’ll get a rerun. Could there be more poetical justice but to verify this on the freedom tower with all the globalist scum safely locked in? This subscriber thinks not.

    • I vaguely remember watching a video once about this whistle blower from the CIA. She stated that she had been imprisoned right after 9/11 for some time and that she worked as a liaison in the UN with Iraq. The Iraqis were willing to buy anything we wanted to sell them to keep from going to war with us. I give you all this info in case it triggers someone’s memory.
      She stated that the CIA worked nights for about four months to rig the buildings up completely. It was a very long video, but it has been a long time since I’ve seen it, and I have heard nothing about it since then. My guess is that it was removed, but that is just a guess. Just adding my two cents worth. Though, thanks to the Fed it’s not worth very much at all anymore!

      • I think you’re referring to Susan Lindauer. I don’t remember her talking about the rigging part, but the rest is a match.

  12. Yes. I remember realizing part of the truth many years ago. While I tried to “convert” others, I am a poor evangelical. Today, I think more of Plato’s analogy of a cave. Now that I am outside the cave, I am far less concerned about those inside of it. After all, they refuse to hear anything I say anyway. Instead, I am enjoying the scenery and am preparing the foundations of my own existence in the “light”.
    While it may be important to try and show others the way, I don’t feel it is my responsibility at all. I do appreciate those (like Mr. Corbett) who are able to do so, but it is not my skill set or desire. That’s the wonderful thing about anarchy; there is nothing that I must absolutely do which I do not want to do. Within reason, of course. I really enjoy reading these comments. Especially after having read those infamous comments one constantly finds in the YouBoob comment sections! Those will turn anyone into a eugenicist!

    • Ha…that last line.

  13. James, I have not read these comments but I am certain everyone would love to see your presentation at the red pill expo, are you planning to post that?
    Thanks !

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