Interview 1290 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: China Shuts Down 3,918 Illegal Websites in Second Quarter

China’s Online Media Purification Drive Is Changing Millennials’ Lifestyle

China Force-Installing Spyware Onto Muslim Citizens’ Phones, To Monitor Them

Morning Monarchy: China Shuts Down 3,918 Illegal Websites in Second Quarter // China’s Online Media Purification Drive Is Changing Millennials’ Lifestyle

Good News, Chinese Citizens! Law-Abiding Companies, Individuals Can Still Use VPNs

NWNW Flashback: China’s Leading Search Engine to Require Real-Name Registration for Its Services (May 25, 2017)

Story #2: 32M Becomes the First U.S. Company to Implant RFID Chips in Employees’ Hands

Flashback: Clubbers Choose Chip Implants To Jump Queues (May 21, 2004)

Flashback: California Bans Forced RFID Tagging of Humans (Oct. 17, 2007)

Flashback: Microchips Will Be Implanted Into Healthy People Sooner Than You Think (Aug. 8, 2014)

Flashback: Happier, More Productive…Would Tagging Your Workforce Transform Your Business? (Dec. 4, 2014)

Flashback: Swedish Office Puts Chips Under Staff’s Skin (Jan. 29, 2015)

Flashback: Companies Start Implanting Microchips Into Workers’ Bodies (Apr. 3, 2017)

NBC Prediction That We Will All Have an RFID Chip Under Our Skin by 2017

Tennessee Jails Offer Inmates Shorter Sentences In Exchange For Sterilization

Story #3: Toronto Man Builds Park Stairs for $550 After City Gives $65,000 Estimate

City of Toronto Tears Down Handyman’s Park Stairs

“It’s Amazing!”: Toronto Replaces Stairs at Etobicoke Park

Anarchists Fixing Potholes On Portland Streets

DARPA Announces $65 Million in Funding to Make CRISPR Gene Editing ‘Safer and More Effective’

NWNW Flashback: CRISPR Gene Editing Can Cause Hundreds Of Unintended Mutations (Jun. 22, 2017)

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  1. Skip to the front of the airport’s security lines.
    All those who want the privilege of being first in line have to turn over is $179 for a yearly membership, all 10 of their fingerprints, two iris scans and a face scan.
    …”once you enroll in Clear, you can use our dedicated lane,” says David Cohen, the chief administrative officer for Clear. “Rather than having to show your travel document, your boarding pass on your phone or a piece of paper to the TSA officer, you’re going to use our technology, our biometric technology to verify your travel document and verify your identity in less than half a second.”

    I found out about the above story from another CorbettReport Member, who also is the current Organizer for the “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” group. He reluctantly took the ‘Organizer’ position because no one else would. He has been a long time activist, often spending money which he doesn’t have much of.

    He has had a bit of bad luck this summer. Within a few seconds, his self-employment workshop and parts of his house had 3 feet of water.
    VIDEO showing the water!

  2. Watching this NWNW inspired a thought regarding ideas that are floated into the “public consciousness.” I don’t believe that individual, unrelated companies throughout the world bring certain ideas/technologies (microchip human-implants) into the public consciousness in a well orchestrated conspiracy against mankind, so what explains this phenomena? Is this a natural phenomena, simply explained by economic forces (companies capitalizing on the times and making a profit from new technologies), or is this something different?

    Several possible scenarios come to mind:
    – natural economic process/technological advancement that the government takes advantage of
    – In-Q-Tel, or related CIA investment firm invests into these type of companies and technology
    – Government sympathizers sitting on the boards of these companies
    – Company representatives possibly attending Bilderberg and the like

    In my view, James insinuates a conspiracy conducted by these chip-producing companies. How did others interpret this? What are everyone’s thoughts on these ideas?

    • The chips got a lot of attention during the Aaron Russo days.
      Reflections And Warnings – An Interview With Aaron Russo

      At the very beginning, isn’t that Aaron Dykes of TruthStreamMedia from the days he was at InfoWars?

      • HRS,

        Interesting interview. I’m curious about Nicholas Rockefeller who Aaron Russo claimed told him inside information about the RFID chips, 9/11, etc. There seems to be some controversy about his relationship to the Rockefeller oil dynasty. According to multiple sources he has a very Rockefeller-like past being a member of the CFR, RAND, and various other think tanks. He was the Managing Principal of the Rockvest Development Group and its affiliate, the Rockefeller International Fund. He also had been actively trying to build up China, and According to “Nicholas’ China practice includes transactions with China’s largest banks, energy companies, communications entities and real estate enterprises as well as with China’s principal cities and leading provinces. He was chosen as a board member of the Central China Construction and Development Commission and as a director of the Xiwai International School of Shanghai International University. He has appeared numerous times on CCTV and other China media.” He also attended Yale.

        This article also goes into a bit of detail on Nicholas

        Then you have clowns like this guy, worldphilosopher101 who I found spreading disinfo on a Corbett Report Youtube comment section. Here is a video of his trying to discredit Aaron Russo and Nicholas Rockefeller connection:

        All this makes me wonder what makes Nicholas Rockefeller such a point of controversy. What’s the big deal here? Perhaps this is something James has knowledge of.

    • Richard,

      That makes a lot of sense. Seems to be where most similiar technologies derive.

  3. The $65,000 plan was ridiculous, but the wooden staircase was extremely poorly designed. The uprights should have been lodged in the ground, at least.

    • dreadeutsch,
      I agree. It was wobbly.
      But probably better than the bare slope.

      I go back to individual responsibility. I like it. I like people taking action.
      Sure, the wooden staircase had no sign which said “Use at your own risk”, but neither did the slope. Nor government roads, nor the food you buy, nor the wife you marry.

    • That’s really bad construction. While I do of course appreciate the effort and the general heading this man was taking. Like that fine gentleman (I think it was one of NWNW stories some months back) who sees to trash being picked up on his stretch of land. Of course, that was another oldtimer, from back when people weren’t trained from day 1 to be idiots for the entirety of their lives.

      Back to the staircase, instead of doing it the way he did it, he could have used two posts (after all, it’s a rather short stretch) at the beginning and at the end and have a pole fitted in between for walking support. Had he also used some concrete, the thing would be a bitch to tear down.

      Even 10000$ for something like that is a ridiculous price tag, but after all, there are no juicier funds than public funds. No matter which state nor continent.

  4. In Britain, that bastion of globalism, it was at first suggested that people voluntarily RFID chip their pets. Now this is mandatory but the authorities are now suggesting that the people now voluntarily chip their children. Incrementalism is the term for this I believe.

    Question for Corbett: Can you expound on your research that the major nations, China, Russia, the US led west, and their economies are heavily controlled behind the scenes by at least the same over arching structures if not the same personnel. What is then driving the antagonisms between these nations? Is it a battle between elites to be first among equals within a world structure that already exists? Why then are they taking opposing sides in the on going tragedies in Ukraine, Syria and other hot spots of contention and human sufferings? Why then the ‘fear’ that the violence in these areas could lead to a direct confrontation between nuclear armed combatants? The Russian military has publicly said they expect the US led NATO to instigate a hot war with Russia. Are we all being played? What gives?

  5. PF,
    You said it. Construction guys or contractors get caught in any number of directions from all parties. It is a tough business. And hard work. And travel. And taxes (unless you get cash).

  6. Wow Richard! While we normally see eye to eye, its good to know we can disagree on something. Otherwise we wouldn’t be human. I do see your point, but I think it helps to point out not only the failure of the state to do what most statists automatically come up with as to why we need the state (muh roads), but also shows that we don’t need the state to fix our roads. It’s a small point, but victory against a centralized power will have to be defeated by non-centralized means. In other words, the more people who do little things to rebel, in a peaceful manner, the sooner people will finally get it through their thick heads that anarchy is the only government which really is a government of the people. And that we can do anything the state can do both faster and better. It’s a comment section, so I don’t put that much work into it, but I hope I made my point. But we can’t confront the state directly and win. Not without violence, and even then, not with victory. Free people are outnumbered in numbers, and every other manner imaginable.

    • I agree with the dilemma you bring up, but that is where marketing comes into play. While we all hate to admit it, the state exists because we allow it to exist. It may be a forced consent, but it is consent. Once people begin to realize the state has no justification for its extortion, solutions will present themselves. While I hate using war terms, we are in one. A battlefield is not a chessboard, but a sloppy greased pig event. All we can really do is begin it with a definite goal (the elimination of the outdated means of control) and a definite strategy (decentralized and unrelated actions by individuals which demonstrate the state’s irrelevance) and then we must rely on tactics. These are the exploitations of opportunities which present themselves on the fly. That is mostly our marketing (propaganda). This is a convoluted explanation, but I don’t see how being specific in a non-specific strategy makes any sense. At least to me. No one can foresee what that situation will be, so no one can really answer that specific question. I really do need another cup of coffee this morning! I found my cell phone in the middle of the night when the low battery beep woke me up! Oh well, at least I don’t get up every night anymore thanks to my nettle root! Cheers! Jim who hopes the zombies in Flouride-a don’t see him today as he is really slow and tired.

      • I did answer that question. I just re-listened to it and it concerned direct action to let the government know it was our community and not their extortion racket. I didn’t hear him say to not pay taxes, but to perform actions that would demonstrate the absolute immorality of their actions. Which is pretty much what I advocated. Or did I miss something? Entirely possible today, my brain is having to go between writing legal gobble-de-gook and doing the dishes. 🙂

  7. Good point. However, that was bad marketing by the people. It’s all about perception. Unlike my hero, Bill Hicks, I don’t hate marketing. Too many people confuse the methods our overlords use and throw the baby out with the bath water. When things like this are done, it needs to be marketed in a manner so that people understand the state isn’t needed at all. That the state is nothing but a drain on people’s wallets and freedoms at best. Spin, spin, spin. Use their weapons against them. They worked for them.

    • …I don’t hate marketing. Too many people confuse the methods our overlords use and throw the baby out with the bath water. — Jim wingsuitfreak (in the land of face-eating zombies)

      I agree.
      There is nothing wrong with marketing in itself.
      Every individual uses it daily.
      It is interwoven with communication.

    • I find the soundtrack to that video obfuscates the general message. Which is quite difficult to digest in its own right lol

      • Buenos dias, mi amigo Pablo! Como estas? (I’m too lazy to switch my keyboard to Spanish:) ) It is good to hear the latino spirit still lives. It is always amazing to me to hear that so many collectives come to this site and never wind up being educated at all. They merely reinforce their own pre-existing delusions. Sometimes it seems we have sheep from different herds looking at sheep from another herd and both just bleeting “sheeple” at each other because they are not in their particular herd. Myself? I am a wolf. I don’t really like eating sheep though, for once you’ve slaughtered one of the borg, there is no challenge in stalking another. They all think alike whether they follow a socialist/republic/whatever political party. Anyone who needs to identify with some authority outside of themselves is nothing but a willing slave in my opinion. They do so out of fear. Over here, they always fear not having laws because then criminals would be running the streets. I’m not sure how putting them in charge is a valid solution, but they never question it. Even when confronted with it, as you know I would be unable to resist! Oh well, take care, and enjoy watching the mujeres muy bonita! Tus amigo de fluoride-a.

      • Dear Pablo, I’m not Canadian, but Croatian. While comparisons between this little failed state and Canada are improper to any extent, due to vestiges of socialism, which are very deeply rooted in this society, I doubt an average Canadian can compete on the scale of fanatical socialism.

        There is something in what you said about language that’s difficult to understand, some forms of expression give me almost an allergic reaction. Like the typical economist or legalist doublespeak, but also much of the stuff coming from pens of great philosophers and thinkers. It’s almost as if a protection mechanism has been implanted to prevent influx of dangerous information. I grew up in front of the TV, who knows what else they rewired in my head.

        I also assure you that the percentage of people taking part in elections (even if 80% is staggering, that’s practically the realistic maximum) does not reflect on their rebelliousness or readiness to take matters into their own hands. Here typical national elections see about 35% turnout and since the majority of votes nowadays are split 3 ways, it means that about 10-12% of cockroaches get to decide how the rest is to live their lives. Nobody looks at it like that, of course.

        While I completely understand your alarm over unrestrained smartphone usage, I have to say that I couldn’t move like those two mamacitas, not now, not in a thousand years.

        • Not many things I’m absolutely certain about, but not being able to dance is on that short list. You could probably teach an amphibian math before I’d get hang of even the simplest moves.

          Monarchy survives because survival is the most probable event when people choose to do nothing. Generally stuff doesn’t change when people idly standby.

        • I broke up this post in three parts, as to not upset senor James’ queue.

          Dear Pablo, I have never been to Canada, I’m not sure what lead you to think otherwise. I’ve been living here for the entirety of my life.

          This state is not overly fascist, but people simply don’t know any better so they mostly don’t even explore their rights. If they demanded their rights, we’d probably get to see a lot more fascism. Complacent people usually go fascism free.
          The worst thing about socialism here are the very people, expecting the state to fix everything. Which can’t happen, partly because elected officials are a sad joke, for the most part. They are not very literate, they fake credentials, they have no life experience outside politics and mostly get very comfortable during a turn or two of being in charge. They lie, they are stupid and I doubt they even bathe on regular basis.

          Looking at typical western politicians one gets a feeling of dread and sadness, but these guys are absolutely disgusting.

          The media has obviously been thoroughly coopted and so have many of the people, who live off government handouts. Productive members of this society pay 50%+ tax to fund the insanity. We have experienced it all: privatization of natural resources; local gas resources are not exploited giving advantage to imported gas and oil; the entire manufacture and agriculture has been destroyed to favor import of absolutely everything. Some locally made products are actually cheaper when bought imported from a country into which it was exported. True story.

          Tax on oil and gas is 200%+. Yes, more than two hundred percent.

          I was just a kid during the war and my area didn’t see much of it. In those times propaganda was running strong and things haven’t changed much since. We have a zillion memorial days; the independence day, the first victims day (I think that’s today actually), operation storm day, operation flash day, liberation of whatever day… dozens parades and what not. In remembrance, they say, but it just serves the purpose of keeping people on the edge. So called defenders are the ones who needed to be thanked for this beautiful state of ours, securing it independence, and they are of course right wing. One has to wonder, where were these guys when so sought after sovereignty has been handed over on a silver platter to EU? What gives? How can a right winger be pro EU? Ridiculous.

          The war was obviously completely avoidable. But of course, various local “leaders” stood to benefit from it greatly (as well as bigger global players, of course) so we’re still stuck in post war times, all these years later. I’m pretty certain a new war is right at the door, people haven’t learned one goddamn thing. Of course the entire Hague thing is a travesty, anyone with half a brain cell can see that.

        • You should have seen the manifestation in honor of general Gotovina, when they released him from Hague. Now, I don’t know if this man is guilty of what he was accused, in my book if during war you order people to kill people you’re a mass murderer, no way around that. Either way, Hague “judges” ruled him not guilty of killing a bunch of civilians. I mean, these guys were “liberating” Krajina, for instance. This belt was an area between Croatia and Bosnia where mixed nationalities lived: mixed religions, mixed marriages, mixed families. Not a simple situation which can be “solved” by having western generals draw some borders. But they did, they said we want Serbs on this side of the border and Croats on that side. How can you do that without ethnic cleansing? You can’t.

          To return to my previous point, Gotovina was set free, probably only to stir up some new (old) tensions between the two nations. There was a parade, 100k or 200k people attended, Gotovina steps up to the mic and say something to effect of “people, the war is over, lets move on.” The crowd was so goddamn quiet, you could have never guessed there were a couple of hundred thousand in attendance. Had he said something to sable rattling effect, I bet there would have been some noise.

          This is a good documentary on the war.

          Yugoslavia: the avoidable war

        • Frankly, I don’t know much about the ustasha movement. There was a strong fascist strain in the Croatian society during WWII, but there was also a strong antifascist movement. These two camps are so rabidly opposed to each other, truth and reconciliation won’t be on their radar for the next hundred years. Or two. Politicians exploit this argument to divide and conquer the populace. They have been doing it ever since and the theater goes on.
          Much has been attributed to ustasha, like some 800.000 up to 2.000.000 killed in concentration camps; Jews, Serbs and Gypsies mostly. I personally don’t trust these figures as far as I can throw them, they are too eerily similar to other WWII concentration camp jacked up tallies. Even to these day these numbers are being tossed all over the place; it was the fascists, it was the nationalists, it was the right wing partizans blah blah blah Everyone and their grandpa is to be blamed. Especially gramps as he was the only one of appropriate age to take part in these events at the time.

          As far as Srebrenica goes, probably a number of interests converged to form that epic memorial. There are strong indications that provocateur attackers hid on the grounds, among civilians. Also it’s quite probable body counts were spiked up with bodies of previously deceased and relocated. That was such a perfect event, many of the involved parties struck gold on it.

          That whole war was a disgrace for humanity and here in Holland the Dutch MSM and government was only telling lies as usual. This kind of behavior was introduced in the Continent of America when the Europeans robbed the land of the natives and with devastating consequences until the present day…..

          Yes, yes, yes. Similar tactics have been used later on Kosovo, Yugoslavia part 2, Ukraine etc. Even some people and paraphernalia has been reused, like the “Otpor” logo and those guys who organized protests, leading up to various conflicts. History repeating itself.

        • Damn! mkey, Thanks for the info.

        • Pablo, I think you’d steal all the dance floors here, easily. Most “dancing” going on here is just clubbing and whatnot.

          Of course, take this information I provide as possibly incorrect and partly subjective.

          I don’t think you can appreciate what kinds of idiots get elected here. Ex. ex prime minister meets Merkel.

          There was a better video, but they must have moved it, didn’t make the idiot look good. She approached him in English, he didn’t understand a word of it, so then she said in German “I see your English is rusty, lets try with German” while he remained standing idly by, like an idiot that he is, still not understanding a single word. Then his less illiterate aide stepped in and directed them toward the desk, requesting that they conversate in German.

          Primefuckingminister. Tony Blair was evil scum, a bottomfeeder, a leech. This guy is just plain scum. Btw. he’s nicknamed “the owl,” with due appologies to owls. By now, he’s been scrubbed from the political scene. He’s been left alone with his millions.

          I’ll give The trap a look, sounds interesting.

        • Pardon some ninja edits here.

          Dear Pablo, you’re as much of a friend as I could ever consider a person I have never met in “real” life. Thanks you for your invitation, to tell you the truth, I’d much rather visit Colombia than any European country. Or a nation state, as they call them these days.

          Information I provide may not be 100% correct, and it surely isn’t, but it is provided in good faith and untainted. I don’t have a horse in this race, even if 99% of my descendants were hard core fascists (or anti fascists, same stuff different day) that has nothing to do with me, my beliefs nor the values I cherish. I also don’t care about what other people grandparents or whomever of theirs did, I just want for everyone to understand the past, to accept it and move on. If there’s something that needs to be forgiven, forgive and start living today for a better tomorrow.

          Most people here wouldn’t agree with any of this. Saying some of the things I said here in open public would probably get me assaulted physically, also probably by someone who wasn’t even born at the time, but a person that has bit the propaganda; hook, line and sinker, regurgitating it ad nauseam.

          It’s interesting (or not at all?) that not much analysis has been made on the topic of this war. In the local media only one journalist made decent investigative strides. He had a show on the national television of all the places where he’d tackle some hard issues. In one of those shows it was discussed about who from the leadership was making decisions. A tape recording of a conversation was provided, a conversation between the army colonel responsible for defense of Vukovar (the single city which sustained the brunt of the war, hasn’t recovered since and it probably won’t until we’re all ready to move on) and then president of the country. The colonel was inquiring on when will he be getting the reinforcements he requested months before; the president, based on the tone of his voice, obviously knew nothing about his request. Which could mean he was of worse health at the time than it was assumed or that simply someone else was calling the shots.

        • A further point had been made that it was probable fall of Vukovar had been precipitated and provided for by “our” side as to gain international support for the war. If that was so, it worked perfectly. But also at the end of the war, it’s rather probable Yugoslav army retreated majority of its forces, enabling easier “liberation” of various contested areas. It was done in accordance to partitioning of Bosnia. Of course, western generals knew that by doing these moves the fuse will be left lit and that resentment will sooner or later blow up, like a timed bomb.

          Wesley Clark is an interesting persona, albeit he does look like a man with a dull mind. Do you know that story about him, as the person who almost started WWIII in Kosovo? A British general refused to follow his order of moving against Russian troops which were holding an airport in a stalemate move. To that effect, the Brit is on a quite extensive list of people who prevented WWIII on various occasions.

          The revolving door policy between private banking positions and government selected positions has a long, long history. To name one from the top of my head, Tony Blair, I think a vice chairman at Goldman, was it? Or exorbitant speaking fees for the likes of Clintons, there’s always a crowd ready for one of their speeches.

        • Collon has many great points covered in his speech. The same script has been used for a while now and I don’t see the tide of change, honestly. Only a true fool will allow himself to be fooled for this long and the place is packed with such people. As long as they choose to “serve” their country, which doesn’t even exist anymore, we’re fucked.

          Also wanted to add, don’t forget about mujahedin fighters whom were repurposed in Bosnia. If the helped bring down the Soviet union, little old Yugoslavia had no chance keeping its act together.

          Most of these “attacks” and “atrocities” have one quality about them: to really believe they have occurred as reported one has to believe that Serbs were just plain evil, akin to Nazis. Why would someone do that one thing which will render them very, very unpopular unless they were evil (we’re talking biblical evil here, old testament or even talmud stuff) and possibly completely out of their minds.

          OR one can simply take into account that in a sphere of converging interests (players far, far more influential whom stand to gain a lot by said event) such events can be easily precipitated or completely fabricated. Of course, accepting this would mean breaking the cozy glass bell, which shields one from the reality.

          But we move in circles.

        • You’re much, much too kind to Albright. She’s a queen bitch from hell, Hillary Clinton v1.0. I don’t think Obama’s posse is anywhere near on the lunacy scale. In normal circumstances, these people would be scheduled for expedited death row. You of course know what Albright said of starved Iraqi children, without even raising an eyebrow.

          UN has never been anything but the globalists’ tool. US always vetos decisions so it looks like US selected officials are in charge, but much too many officials have passed through those hallowed halls for them all to be in charge.

          To that extent I think Albright, Clintons and Bush crime family had much more free will in making decisions. Degenerate Bush offspring excluded, or course, I doubt GWB could stumble his way into a cooked egg.

          Obama to me left an impression of being a peon, an actor, the same way Truman or Reagan were. Not that any of that makes him less worthy of a tight rope, of course.

        • The cancer documentary you linked to provided some new information for me, I wasn’t aware there was such a spike in cancer related deaths in that area. The supposed 30 to 40 tons of used depleted uranium must be a speckle compared to what must have been dropped over and shot into middle east. Irony is not lost on fate, it seems, to have such a reckless use for such a bad biproduct of an extremely inefficient fission process. Everything about these massivley used reactors is just plain terrible. Apart its destructive potential, which is magnificent.

          I wanted to bring another point to your attention, dear Pablo, something you may have missed. The trans-balkan pipeline. People will often consider Kosovo’ mineral deposits and whatnot, but will overlook the snake in the room.

          To these dangerous people, so dearly defended by some, we’re nothing but peons.

  8. The experience people gain from doing things themselves is more valuable than money.

    Government is not only stealing our money through taxation, it is also dumbing people down and making them dependents – a kind of learned helplessness.

    • Well, that makes too much sense! 🙂 Thanks. I think you make a very good point for pointing out that doing things for yourself (rather than against something/one else) is far more powerful. Enabling yourself, rather than disabling another, is a powerful strategy that has equally powerful effects. If only people knew just how powerful they really were, we wouldn’t have all these troubles. And since our own inner power is so great, that we tolerate and allow others to make us dependent on them (not to mention dumb us down) means we are our own worst enemy. And that these troubles are of our own making as we have the power to over-come them. Only on my first cup of coffee, but your comment got my brain to working better than the caffeine! Thanks, Jim, who still hasn’t been eaten by the zombies of Flouride-a!

    • By bringing awareness to the general public about the true nature, and limitations, of the state; they are empowering themselves and freedom. There are 24 letters between A and Z. One cannot just say all or nothing in anything. Too many people believe that one must act completely this way or that in order to do this or that. Incrementalism is a far more effective strategy. People will, if it is “spun” correctly, realize the state is not capable of doing what it says it is there to do and that taxes are nothing more than extortion. But, to say we must go straight from A to Z is a recipe for failure. Even those in your country made some progress. Which is more than an all or nothing approach would make. When confronting such a monumental force, such as the people’s belief systems, it would be foolish to use a frontal assault. Remember, the Vietnamese beat my country in Paris, and not on the open battlefield. Jim

    • The experience people gain from doing things themselves is more valuable than money.

      Government is not only stealing our money through taxation, it is also dumbing people down and making them dependents – a kind of learned helplessness. –Octium

    • Okay, just re-read your statement and now it makes more sense. I’m really slow today. I think he wasn’t advocating a tax revolt, but rather stating the obvious that taxes aren’t the way to get things done; rather direct action is the way. I’m in such a fog today. I finally just gave up on the writing I was doing as it wasn’t happening. It’s not even tough legal language; just patent description. But it might as well have been an insurance contract the way my brain is working today. Oh well, at least the bible thumpers knocking on my door didn’t try to convert me after I told them I wasn’t a christian and didn’t believe in their heaven. I think they were in shock at such heresy! I DO live so deep in the bible belt that folks ain’t got time to be christian! 🙂

  9. All I know about bitcoin is that the Russians don’t trust it because they believe it is connected to the CIA. I don’t like virtual things because they can virtually disappear. But yes, when things are decentralized, they can still be effective (unless you’re talking microchips) as a strategy. That’s the thing about decentralization; it doesn’t put all it’s eggs in one basket. Good morning, by the way! Jim

    • Sorry, but I could only watch about 10 seconds of that whiny little nothing. In person, I always just laugh at them. People say I’m insensitive. I say, So what? 🙂

      • Shhh! It’s a secret…..

  10. Richard says: Hey, wouldn’t it be great if this microchip implant had a blockchain wallet to store all of your Bitcoins…

    What a great phrase!

    Wouldn’t it be great if this microchip implant…

    … emits a pulsing glow anytime someone comes in contact with Fake News.

    …reminds you to file your taxes with an electric shock.

    …vibrates when you say insensitive words or use a wrong gender pronoun like this guy…
    (3 minutes) –
    (1 minute) –

  11. “Feeding the swine”

    Haha! I love it! I applaud you speaking the truth here. Too few are willing to do this today, I guess it’s more convenient, safer to believe the fiction that we have freedom and free will and that the government exists to serve our needs.

    • Well, we do have the potential for free will; but most people are too lazy to develop it. And once we do develop it, we have true freedom. But the last one on government…. well, that’s only possible if you’re in charge. 🙂

    • Clima(c)tic normalization, coming soon to cinema nearest to you.

      Why do globalists like Buttler?

  12. == BitChute vs YouTube ==

    In my mind there is no question BitChute is the future.

    My question is: When is the best time to adopt BitChute?

    If I start downloading from BitChute today it shows support but is also a drain on it’s system which has evolved and improved on YouTube.

    If I continue downloading from YouTube it could be confused with falsely showing support or dependence etc, but it also would continue to tax and drain it’s monolithic growing resources. I have ad-blockers against YouTube ads and download everything before I watch it anyway.

    Also, YouTube is still more conveniently centralized with other channels that haven’t migrated yet. I rarely go on Vimeo and others but could learn to.

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