Interview 1291 – James Corbett on Korea, Climate, Pathocracy and Anarchy

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James Corbett joins The Vin Armani show once again to discuss war on the Korean peninsula, the great carbon swindle, and how an understanding of kakistocracy leads inevitably to anarchy.

Korea’s “Sunshine Policy”:The Reunification of North and South Korea

What Is The Average Global Temperature?

Lies, Damned Lies, and Global Warming Statistics

Take the $100,000 Global Warming Believer Challenge!

Our Leaders Are Psychopaths

How power affects the brain

Power Causes Brain Damage

Children Full of Life

First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy


  1. My take on the interview…
    Again, I am so impressed with Corbett’s ability to express concepts. His communication skills are outstanding.

    I appreciate Armani leading questions into these fundamental and important topics while letting Corbett give the meat and potatoes about each topic.

    This show is a “keeper”. A show to share with others, especially those who are already aware of things like 9/11, the Fed, etc.

    Corbett nails it when he points out that each of us have our spheres of influence. Within our spheres of daily activity we can apply “First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy”.

  2. Go figure. ?
    9/11 Movie Trailer – in Theaters Sept. 8th – Starring Charlie Sheen & Whoopi Goldberg


    Washington Post – 2014
    This is Charlie Sheen like we’ve never seen him before. …he called Bush an “absolute gentleman.”

    I guess this is a Japanese Trailer with a commentary by someone with a low two digit IQ… (Be sure to dislike this video)

    • A cast of actor pariahs, then. Can’t wait.

  3. Categories of People
    I am a firm believer that around 4% of the population are psychopaths.
    And that perhaps about 18% of the population are infected as sociopaths.

    Normally, I don’t like to “label’ people. However, with psychopaths and sociopaths, having an understanding and recognition that people like that do in fact exist is necessary. One must have a grasp of parasitic predators if one is to survive.

    I feel that there is another category of the population which is worth noting.
    I don’t know what the ‘label’ would be…
    Zombies. Fluff-muffins. Degraded Humans. Human Robots. Tranced Bodies. Hopeless Boing Bubs. Shallow Heads. Brain Dead Fad Followers.

    These would be the people “who never will get it”. In fact, they have no interest in matters of substance. These are the people whose whole life revolves around watching the YouTube trending videos so they can text their friends about them on their I-phone for two hours.

    These are the people who give you that blank look when you mention something of substance, such as 9/11 or the money system or nutrition / alternative health.
    These are the Walmart shoppers who waddle down the aisle trying to find the newest fad to buy.

    Their communication often is on mundane things. They could spend 30 minutes describing how they made a routine sandwich, giving unimportant details for miles and miles.

    A common denominator is their realm of interest. It is not on matters of substance, although some pretend to be “deep” as in talking politics at the cooler. But they are shallow beings.

    We all sat next to people like this in school. They walk and talk. But there’s not much depth. They exist to eat, sleep, maybe have sex, watch TV and die…that is their purpose in life by their own mindset.

    I am guessing this category of “Shallow Heads” fills about 20% of the population, but that they also infect others with their mindset. So, a broad swath of the population becomes influenced by this “Shallow Head” mentality.
    The thing about these degraded humans is that they are quick to follow a fad. I feel like sociopaths and psychopaths know this. They are easy to herd. Then others follow.

    • Anytime you label an entire group as one thing, you are wrong. This I believe. All Muslims are terrorists! All Muslims want to kill baby jeezus! All republicans are nazis! etc. Psychopaths are incomplete people, but whenever people say that an entire group is of this group (or any other group), their thoughts are not their own.

      • In my view, a “label” or “category” is only as valuable as it can help an individual graph a concept.

        Jim, You just now used labels… Muslims “terrorists” “Republicans” “Nazis” “Psychopaths”

        But, like you pointed out, trying to lump ‘everything’ as a ‘truism generality’ into a label is folly.

        • I just re-listened to this broadcast and felt like re-iterating a few things. 1- I still don’t buy into this whole psychopath theory of rule. It’s not that I don’t believe they are not murderers,rapists,thieves, etc.; it’s that true psychopaths are incapable of creating the structures they are being given credit for creating. Psychopaths simply aren’t capable of it. 2- Any time I hear the word psychiatry, I have this picture of a pile behind a big old bull and it’s steamy. To me, this isn’t even a legitimate field anymore. It’s the “scientific” field that has a bible which changes every year. It’s the “scientific” field that has a drug for every emotion (defined as a disease no less) so that you can be a fully non-functioning non-human being. In short, a shrink is just a drug dealer with bad drugs. And to him, we are all diseased. He’ll have you on heavy meds within five minutes of meeting you. 3- If it has a shifting foundation, it is another stinking pile behind that bull. As true psychopaths are simply missing their ability to empathize, they are unable to work with people well enough to build a structure like this. They generally don’t rise very high in any endeavor, as they don’t have the people skills needed to do so. So what do we have then? HIGH-FUNCTIONING psychopaths. Look, Lucy took that ball from me once, not again! Oh yes, these psychopaths are able to do all the things the normal psychopath cannot do. They are able to understand emotions, they are able to work intimately with others for long periods of time to create structures to cause more sociopaths to be created. Please. This is a shifting foundation.
          My theory is that we are simply faced with people addicted to power. They can empathize with others. They have no remorse because junkies have no remorse. They get off on the pain they ordered you to submit to because they got off on you submitting to them. These people empathize, and this empathy gives them a near, or maybe a bulls eye, orgasm when they get people to submit to them. Many of these other criminal behaviors are just spin-offs from their addiction to power. Why wouldn’t a power junkie get off on molesting kids? A psychopath might be curious about it, but a power junky would get off on it. These people are far more dangerous than any psychopath.
          I also don’t believe all are power junkies. Some are greedy. Some are well-intentioned (these are local level only and still very rare). While I believe that 90% are out-right criminals, I think that very few are psychopaths. They fold under pressure too easily. Well, that’s enough about that for now. 🙂

    • Pablo asks HRS: Can you describe in your own words this TV behavior of yours?

      Actually, I don’t watch much TV. It doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t pay for cable TV services. Most of what I watch is from the internet, maybe some YouTube clips, sometimes a DVD movie or going to my ex-wife’s for dinner, to pet the dogs, and a series like HBO’s “Game of Thrones”.

      One of my favorite TV series is “Rawhide”. We would have a better world if kids watched that growing up. The Anarchist moral compass is pervasive in different episodes. In many episodes, the drovers stand up against “authority” as best they can while maintaining integrity, compassion and self-reliant independence. Man’s freedom and humanity are embedded elements.

      My hat is off to the writers (real writers, not propagandists nor faddists) who tell a wondrous story or deliver important messages.

      In my opinion…
      There is nothing wrong with entertainment.
      There is nothing wrong in viewing what society is currently viewing in order to gain perspectives and insights.

      While I don’t like to “feed the machine”, I will LOOK. “Observation with Recognition” or “Experience with Reflection”.
      I want to view what the culture is viewing. I want to be aware of that facet. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty.
      I can act independently and don’t give a rat’s ass how others view what I do.

      On percentages
      The concept of grouping “percentages of people categories” is only to better grasp a situation. It is not an axiom or concrete tablet message from God.
      ~On TV behavior percentage… I dunno. (“do not know”)
      ~On folks who are aware of the “9/11 Cover-up”, I estimate that about 20% or more of the population are aware. I am very certain of this after personally talking one-to-one to tens of thousands of people for more than a decade.
      ~On “Degraded Humanoids”, I estimate that at least 20% of the population are in this sub-human condition. In one sense, their awareness is unsalvageable…but in another sense they will robotically follow which ever way the wind blows. So, if the wind blows towards more sanity, they go in that direction.
      — I base this estimate on the many people who I have been in contact during in my lifetime (which is in the hundreds of thousands).
      But it is a personal estimate and it is only a “percentage” and it is only a “label” for a “category” in order for me to better graph what I observe.

    • I track Pablo. What you say, all has much truth in my eyes.

      Different regions or areas are different. Like you point out, one can not make a generalities.

      Percentages don’t explain how the mind works. Percentages are only a crude tool to try to graph a concept.

      – RAT’s ASS –
      Las mamacitas…claro que sí… good manners, proper respect, courting affinity, “giving another value” are part of the actions which I try to do. It is because I like people, emphasize with them, …and I really enjoy senoritas even as an old codger.

      When I find myself trying to do an action in order to satisfy an acceptance from another, then I start to lose my own individuality. I become the effect of another.
      We all have that urge “to be accepted”. And being accepted by others is very nice. However, when we strive in that direction of TRYING to be accepted, we lose ourselves and become an identity determined by other individuals.

      • Dang…I need to proof read my spelling and grammar. (e.g. “Empathize” not emphasize).

  4. Richard, You have landed on a unique potential concept. Thanks.

    The Sustainable Energy Dollar (SED).

    I could see this taking hold. And it could be stored on our “chips”.

  5. The Globalist One World Currency Will Look A Lot Like Bitcoin.

    You don’t say. People like to fap to official stuff, as long as it has government seal of approval it’s good as gold. Only gold is sooooo 100 years ago.

  6. I do not oppose bitcoin in any way, Pablo. I’m jest veary of it. Of course, anyone who invested handsomly into it years ago is a millionaire of a near millionaire right now, but the same can be said about a zillion other trading commodities.

    Generally, these currencies have a lot potential, but are far from being out of reach of our common nemesis. Compared to classic fiat currency, bitcoin is a hell of a lot better.

  7. Richard Ran,
    You are correct about Mr. Berwick.
    I have a friend here in Texas who has investments in South America and who was in the personal company of Mr. B. for a few days. My friend told me about his experiences and I was aghast. Mr. B. is trouble. His hardcore partying probably doesn’t help.

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