Interview 1295 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Journalist Interrogated, Fired For Story Linking CIA And Syria Weapons Flights

Journalist Interrogated & Sacked for Exposing CIA-NATO Arming of Terrorists (Newsbud)

Story #2: CIA’s Secret Spy Tool Steals Biometric Data From Other Intelligence Agencies

#MorningMonarchy: CIA Built Fake Software Update System To Spy On Intel Partners

YouTube economically censors former presidential candidate @RonPaul for criticizing U.S. foreign policy on Afghanistan and WikiLeaks.

Alternatives To YouTube

Story #3: Woman’s Pension Cut After Refusal To Get Public Services Card


A Year Into New System, Japan’s My Number ID Cards Not Catching On

Update: Analysis of Bite Marks, Shoe Prints Once Seen As Solid Evidence, Now Not So Reliable

Update: Former Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke To Speak At Blockchain Conference

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    • “stormy normie”



    • I caught that too…

      interestingly enough that word is used in another subculture namely 12 step groups. Referring to “normies” as to people without the addiction implying that the recovering person is seeing things in a different light and is not a normie and sometimes has a hard time relating to normies or people who can use alcohol or drugs socially with out destructive consequences.

  1. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed this series until it popped back up again. The two of you make a great duo as your intellects are both impressive, yet different in so many ways. Yet, it is a good match.
    I am curious about something though. While it’s true the powers that are in place have been preparing for quite a long time, what is the likelihood of their being able to win the final dash? I know that many commentators complain (me too) that people are doing nothing, but really what can we do against nameless people hiding behind alphabet names? Protest? Yeah, all that does is get your name on a list. However, are people actually doing things indirectly in a positive manner. Back yard gardens, seed sharing programs, the whole organic, herbal cure movements, are all part of the solutions we keep espousing. And this is just a sprinkling of all that is going on in the world.
    So, while the news keeps telling us we are at the mercy of the powers that are, who really is at the other’s mercy? Are we really giving up, or are we really moving on? Just a thought with a hope of hope. Jim

  2. I missed that one. Was it taken down? Obviously I have no room to talk, I’ve definitely had my share of bad days!

  3. Is Wikileaks and Julian Assange a spook honeypot and agent? Here is an interesting article from Global Research that I came across recently. The theory is that Wikileaks could bring about additional Internet censorship. But it’s interesting that it was originally posted Dec. 2010 but with TIME Magazine and Washington Post articles back to late 2006, early 2007! which predates any exposure at the time. Was this prepping the masses or “greasing” the skids?

    Could this theory also parallel Edward Snowden?

    In some cases, it’s getting harder to tell truth from disinformation/misinformation etc.


  4. My cat always had an agenda. She practiced mind control on me so that I would leave the electric blanket on for her all winter.

    • I was in Texas then. She died of a stroke at 18 years. In my arms. She lived a good life and knew it.

      • You’ll always know where to find her if you get one! Especially if they’re up there in years. I’d leave mine on 24/7 in the winter and she hardly ever left it. Of course, north texas gets a bit chilly in the winter.

  5. Interesting…
    …looks like another history rewrite on the CIA and Barry Seal.

    American Made starring Tom Cruise will be in theatres during late September.
    Trailer –

    I’ll lay odds that Mena, Arkansas and those who laundered the drug money isn’t mentioned in the movie.

  6. On YouTube censorship: I have been keeping eyes out for a while now for good 911 Truth videos. What I’m looking for is something persuasive designed for the uninitiated, like friends and family whose cognition is liable to dissonance when confronted with the idea.

    So, something that doesn’t assume the audience is persuaded, speaks to them in that manner, focuses on the stuff that is impossible to rationalise, in particular WTC7.

    I found a particularly apt compilation named “Incontrovertible”, by a British gentleman named Tony Rooke. It focused on WTC7, and was from a guy who obviously came to the inside job conclusion with much reluctance. I think he was a fireman, and had contacts with NY fireman, who he utilised. An excellent video very fit for showing to doubters.

    But, lo and behold, I recently saw that the video has not just been demonetised, but pulled entirely, because of “multiple copyright claims”. (Actually since writing this I’ve noticed its available on other channels; but then all it takes is Google pressing other buttons.)

    A clear case of political censorship by Youtube, in my view. There are hundreds of videos that utilise news footage, not just on 911 truth. This one used a comparatively small amount, and in any case, such use is a clear example of fair use, being for reporting the news.

    The effectiveness of “Incontrovertible” was obviously noticed by people other than me. The lesson is you can’t trust Google to provide a platform for … anything really, but controversial views in particular.

    (P.s., I note Tony Rooke has the video available on a separate site, smart man: )

    • jonathan.d,
      Thanks for the report.
      I also have noticed some very odd things with YouTube or with “Google Search” (when I don’t use StartPage). They certainly try to shape what we look at.

      You are correct about “Incontrovertible” being a good video. I have the DVD.
      However, I don’t know about people’s attention span now-a-days. Now, I often give people something short to view.

      9/11 VIDEOS
      This Ed Asner video is 15 minutes and covers fundamentals.
      Architects and Engineers: Solving the Mystery of Building 7 – w/ Ed Asner
      (The original 15 minute Ed Asner YouTube video had a million views and was pulled down by YouTube for no reason a few years ago.)

      5 minutes – Corbett does a great job!
      9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

      The following video came out this summer.
      SUPERB MARKETING because it first appears to be a patriotic FireFighter video. A James Corbett video is also embedded within the film.
      Calling OUT Bravo-7: Firefighters’ Perspectives of High-Rise Fires and 9/11 (HD version)

  7. I wish Newsbud would use patreon for subscribing. I have boycotted paypal for years and won’t use them for any reason. I emailed them twice about it, but never got a response. I miss the Russian Newspapers Monitor. Hard to believe he is evil, as he seems so nice, but he IS a Russki! My guess is he is the one who hacked Podesta’s emails. 🙂

  8. You are right Pablitio.

    In our North Texas 9/11 Group, I had never seen so many comments about a topic as the NEWSBUD “$145 for 3 hours” event. A lot of grumbling. A few folks even questioned the choosing of the title with the word “Titans”. There were a couple folks talking about watching as a group at someone’s house and chipping in. I don’t know if anything will come of it.

    Honestly, my perspective from a grassroots level, is that the funds are better served buying and burning DVDs or buying a local ad.

    “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” has also become just a big fund raiser. Several times a month, for years, I receive an email asking for money. Targets like 10k or 50k occur all the time.

    A TREND which I noticed:
    As groups like Ae911truth focused on raising funds, the grassroots esprit towards activism on a local level faded. There no longer is a focus on local 9/11 grassroots activism.
    (There are also other factors not mentioned involved with the fading away of local grassroots 9/11 activism.)

  9. The 13th Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival
    Monday, September 11, 2017
    Grand Lake Theatre
    3200 Grand Avenue and Lake Park Avenue, Oakland, California

    Tickets $15 at the door, no one turned away
    Films, Speakers, and Informational Tabling in the Lobby

    Keynote speaker: Dr. William F. Pepper

    Among the Films to be shown…
    James Corbett’s 9/11 Suspects

  10. As others have stated, to have an ID number (several numbers, actually) is standard fair in Europe. There has also been a consolidation effort to cut down on some of the clutter by having one ID fit for multiple purposes. For instance, the healthcare card used to need to be replaced every few years as it kept “expiring” but recently they figured it need not to expire that often, after all. Now it has the unique personal identification number on it which I guess it makes it less expiry prone.

    Worth of note, companies are issued this “personal” number in the same format and practically with the same functionality as they are issued to people.

    I personally try to have as few of these as possible, but it isn’t compatible with the current way of life. Don’t need the passport, so don’t have that one. Good luck trying not to have your personal ID at all times with you. The stipulated fine for not presenting your ID card when out and about and confronted by the “authorities” is roughly equal to minimum wage, about 350€.

    I remember one occasion in which a beat cop wanted to stop me, because I was walking the street. I wore in ear headphones and listened to music so I didn’t hear the poor semi literate bastard. Don’t how long did the try to stop me lol but when he eventually caught up with me he was a bit upset. After I explained that I simply didn’t hear him he proceeded to warn me that one the next occasion I failed to stop for an unsolicited random checkstop on the street he may have to “take measures.” Is shooting someone randomly in the back a measure? What if I were running and the armed unwashed badly trained lousily schooled cretin tried to stop me?

    These “checks” don’t occur that often, I went through about 3 or 4 of them during my life. They usually “call in” your personal information to the mothership and do a background check on your sorry ass I guess. What do they hope to discover, as if they could ever catch anyone randomly walking the streets having an arrest warrant. Of course all of that nonsense is just a power play.

    One needs to register for anything and everything. Lately, I have noticed some statists float the idea kids should start getting bicycling licenses. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.

    The idea was justified by saying “it should be made so that everything is nice and legal.” At that point, as I tried to subdue the ensuing aneurysm, I asked myself: when the hell has riding a goddamn bicycle become illegal? Where and when did someone fathom the idea that pedaling should be illegal? If anything, people should be incentivized to ride bikes.

    The worst thing about this is that it’s difficult to find anyone willing to discuss such an issue in a 50km radius. Or apparently it is so, because general issues I see discussed on my daily fares have nothing do with civil liberties being stripped away. As if the gubment is entitled to take any of them away. Thou shalt not giveth, thou shalt not taketh away, dumbass.

    • Wow! Insightful anecdotes, mkey.

      It is not that bad here in some respects, but things are getting worse.

      These “administrators”, these folks who make up rules for others to live by. Go figure? It is an odd mindset. I have a hard time wrapping my head around someone’s penchant of trying to control the lives of others.

      • Don’t get me wrong, these beat cops are not very hard at all. As long as you can demonstrate you’re not too impressed they’ll back down quickly. It’s an unwritten rule that if your IQ is over 90 you can’t become a cop, they won’t admit you at the academy. Police ranks are filled with unthinking dolts.

        Luckilly, militarization of police hasn’t begun here.

        It’s always a refreshing site to see an inspector (generally a man of above average intelligence) discuss something with a cop – like watching a grown man play football with a 4 year old. I have the oportunity to evidence this often during the matches I help organize, it’s both very funny and sad.

        People try to project power any way they can. If you are an unthinking, unwashed, semi literate person who’s unused to honest day’s work, don’t have any perceivable talents and don’t have the willpower to grind on them even if you had any (99% “administrators” in this failed state fit the profile), how the hell are you supposed to get by? Leech, blood sucking parasite, leech.

        • We have that too, it’s called e-citizen. Lately I have tried to explain to people why it’s not good/safe/prudent to have a government agency have a stranglehold on your data, but most of these explanations fly over people’s heads. While this digital ID is not a bad idea, trusting the government to do the right things is asinine.

      • Worth repeating…
        It’s an unwritten rule that if your IQ is over 90 you can’t become a cop, they won’t admit you at the academy. Police ranks are filled with unthinking dolts.

  11. Thank you Pablo for shining the light onto Wayne Jett and Sarah Westall for me. I’ve listened to Part 1 and look forward to the other 3 parts. I’ve also got their books earmarked for future reads. So many books by so many authors and so little time to read them all. I’m still catching up from taking the RED PILL over a year ago but knew something wasn’t right after researching 9/11 for the past 7-8 years – deep down I felt the rabbit hole was there but never took the time to look. I’m learning history all over again, BUT this time, it’s the TRUTH and not any of the government peddled indoctrination BS.



    • To clarify my statement about parts 1 – 4, I got side tracked with Wayne Jett’s other interviews on the Great Depression.

      “Great Depression, What You Didn’t Learn in School – Part 1”

      “Great Depression, What You Didn’t Learn in School – Part 2”

      Parts 3 and 4 can be found by searching Youtube.

      Amazing interviews and reminds me of Eustace Mullins.
      “Eustace Mullins ~ The Rothschilds & The Two World Wars”

      “Eustace Mullins Money and the Conspiracy of Evil”

      I did begin watching the interview regarding the Elite Manifesto book by H.G. Wells with Wayne Jett. Looking forward to finishing this interview shortly. This book is on my reading list as well.

      Cheers again!


      • Gracias Pablo! And yes, I’ve already got Anthony Sutton’s books on my to read list below. I’ve seen a few clips of his interviews, but will also look into your link.

        Wall Street and the Russian Revolution
        Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
        America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones



      • Awesome, muchas gracias Pablo for the reference to Tim and Joe.

        As I said to HRS earlier, I look forward to many future discussions with you and other CR members.



      • Pablo, thank you for also sharing your awakening process. For me, it was a bit slower awakening with a co-worker telling me that the fires were NOT the cause of the WTC buildings to collapse about 8+ years ago. He pestered with me (I’m thankful for him waking me up from my sleep – but irony has it’s twist, which I’ll get to in a moment) for a few weeks and I finally told him to “show me” what he was talking about. Soon enough, he and I were looking at a few Youtube videos and I was hooked. But that was only focussing on 911. I didn’t see the bigger picture yet. Realizing the government BS, I started looking for better and better material to share with friends and family. Nothing was that great until vids like “loose change”, “follow the money”, etc… As well as listening to:
        Barbara Honeggar “2013 9 11 Whistleblower Barbara Honegger Behind the Smoke Curtain Pentagon Attack”

        Sibel Edmonds (yes, I do subscribe to Newsbud). I found her book, “Classified Woman” to be a great FBI and DOJ, CIA, corruption exposure.

        James Corbett (No need to explain further, other than his work has been fantastic for educating me)
        Daniele Ganser “Dr. Daniele Ganser on Operation Gladio”

        A chat with Dr. Daniele Ganser: Nato’s Secret Armies, 9/11 and War and Peace

        The list goes on an on…

        However, what finally got my attention was the 2016 US election. At the time, I was continuing my 911 research and found James, Sibel, and a few others. But some discussions highlighted Killary’s poor health and the Podesta freaky emails. MSM was completely silent or dumbing down these events. So, all it took was a little digging below the MSM spin machine and BINGO – I found a whole new world that completely shocked my system. Everywhere I turned, everything we’ve all been taught (In the US anyway) has been a complete LIE. At about this time, my wife was becoming aware of the falsehoods of vaccinations. So, she ended up telling me the bad news about that while I had to tell her about the bad news of everything else. But, she told me something important then that I took full advantage of. She said that she learned better from books. So, with that, I’ve been building my own personal library. I have about 30 so far and my complete list is up to 150+ that I track in a spreadsheet. As I know now (after watching CR for some time) the power that be can simply delete and change anything electronic. Poof gone in an instant. So, that was a good thing.

        Fast forward to today, I go back to my old co-worker and I’m the one “showing him now” that the world is upside down. We live in the Matrix. His response was, “I was afraid of that. The rabbit hole is pretty deep, isn’t it?” Of course, when I tell him I’m near the bottom, I then quickly find something new and I keep going deeper into the hole. I think, at some point there must be a bottom. I like to think I’m near the bottom, but I know there may never be a bottom. But I’m going to continue to investigate further about the suppressed truths. I’m curious now. And a bit peeved since those in power seem to want us to be exterminated. So I take it a bit personally and will try to make that difficult for them 🙂

        I only wish others would be open minded too. They claim to be but they are not. They practice too much cognitive dissonance. People are not curious, too much asleep, too much in a stupor. I’ll stop here as I will quickly digress.

        Oh, and by the way, I’m not for Trump or any other politician (thank you very much to James and the subscribers) as I’ve learned too much now. There is no turning back.



    • MultiVitamin,
      Are you in the vitamin/supplement industry?

      • HRS,
        No I am not. However, it’s based on my research as well as my wife’s research. She focuses more on the health/medical side of our false-reality and I focus on the geopolitical/military/false flags side that we are all inundated with constantly. I wanted a catchy name that reflects a healthier lifestyle (no GMO’s, organic real food, less/no western toxic medicine and vaccinations) etc…

        I’ve been a member of CR for 6-8 months now, mostly reading and observing at this point. I know others have been aware of the Matrix for quite some time, but for me, it’s still new (12-13 months now). I research constantly now, there is never enough time to catch up from all the LIES.

        Looking forward to many future discussions!


        • Cool man!
          I used to be in the supplement industry. Did a lot of research and experiments.

  12. Forenciscs, Pseudoscience and Criminal Injustice (with Radley Balko and Tucker Carrington)

    The “science” behind bite marks is discussed.

    “Radley Balko and Tucker Carrington join us to discuss forensic science and the criminal justice system. We also discuss structural racism, Mississippi’s inadequate death investigation system and the relationships between police, prosecutors and forensic scientists.Further Readings/References:The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist: A True Story of Injustice in the American SouthThe Changing Role of Criminal Law”

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