Interview 1308 – James Corbett on The Last American Vagabond

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James Corbett appears on The Last American Vagabond to discuss How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World.


Many have the false belief that much of the problems we face today as Americans, as a species, are somewhat new problems, or due in large part to modern industrialization.

But what if I told you that most of the root problems, from which stem our current epidemics and outright catastrophes, were not only created by one group, one family even, but were planned and orchestrated, to deliver a few elite organizations monumental wealth, while systematically subjugating and manipulating the average population with design to ultimately provide what has now became their final destination, dominion over the world itself.

From eugenics to technocracy; from GMOs to geoengineering, all of the issues and dangerously rising movements and counter movements we face today, can be traced back to the actions and ambitions of a few elite families, specifically, the Rockefellers. Here to discus this and his new documentary “Why Big Oil Conquered the World” is James Corbett of The Corbett Report.


  1. I had organic popcorn while watching Interview 1308 – James Corbett on The Last American Vagabond.

    This interview really helped solidify different aspects to the “How and Why Big Oil” documentaries. There is so much information in those two documentaries and especially the last one, that the information needs to be reviewed in a variety of contexts in order to digest the implications.

    Each time, I walk away with greater insight.

    One part of this interview which I liked was at the tail end, when Corbett emphasizes that we do have spheres of control which we can apply right now.

    While we can’t control the carbons tax, we can plant some food even if our gardening skills suck…we can connect with the real world and give it a go easy-peasy…just grab some seeds from the produce in the frig and stick it in the ground. Raw peanuts or bell pepper seeds or the chopped base of celery…just stick in the ground. So what if it doesn’t grow on the first go. Not all plants make it.

    We all can do something, because we all do have spheres of influence or individual skills which we can apply. Just spreading the word about the Corbett Report helps to better conditions. Anyway, Corbett is right. The solution begins with what we can do.

  2. ANECDOTE – The Ideal Family

    The Texas State Fair in Dallas used to be a very big deal going back to the 30’s. A large amount of acreage is devoted to the Fair grounds with many iconic, artful buildings for exhibits. I mean the Dallas Cowboys used to play at the Cotton Bowl which sits on the Fair grounds. Pat Boone was in a movie revolving around the Texas State Fair. The Texas State Fair is currently open this month.

    In the early 1960’s before integration, I was visiting the thousands of small exhibits at the Texas State Fair with my parents and brothers. In each massive building were housed many exhibits. The crowds would walk up and down the aisles viewing each exhibit.

    One exhibit left an imprint in my mind.
    Behind the rope at one exhibit was a family of four, a Caucasian family. The Husband was sitting reading a book, and the sign said something to the effect of “The Ideal Caucasian Family”. It may have had the word Aryan or American instead of Caucasian. I am not sure, because at the time I didn’t even know what the word aryan meant. But the memory stuck. I can still see the little blonde/brown haired girl off to right the side with her Mother who was in a long dress in a chair while the husband on the left was stoically reading a book in a rocking chair. A little blonde boy was moving about.

    I remember being kind of puzzled, like “What gives with this?”
    Out of all the many exhibits, this was the one that left a mark on my memory.

  3. I remember the days prior to the Interstate Highways back in the 1950’s.
    A lot of roads were dirt or gravel or Caliche (boy!…sticks to your shoes when wet) or oil dumped on the sandy soil of East Texas timber area or black-top city roads which ‘bubbled’ sticky goo on hot summer days.

    That blacktop ‘bubbling goo’ would pop when your bicycle rode over it as you traveled through the segregated Black part of town in East Texas to go to the white City swimming pool. Dogs would be loose and chase your heels as old black men sat calmly on the front porch watching those white boys raise their feet up the bike in panic and try to get out of there. I was one of those white boys. Looking back, I am sure it was entertaining from the porch point of view.

    The main highway from Texas to Oklahoma City was just two lanes on the same cut, one north, one south, with no ‘shoulder’. Cars would go 70 or 80 mph next to each other in opposite directions. Those Burma Shave signs on the fence posts went by quickly.

    Historically, folks in rural areas would get together, forming their own road path to get to town. It was a cooperative effort of the community with people donating parts of their land to use as access.
    Even today, when driving around in the sticks and following a map, a person can be surprised that one ends up on an the old, bumpy dirt road going through low streams or creeks and past frontier graveyards or ghost towns. Fascinating and beautiful history as one travels alone through the rural areas.

    The cattle drives post Civil War. It was a free range drive.
    People did what works.

    Texas History ROADS –

  4. This matter reminds me of one “Voyager” TV show episode, some of you may relate. Being a fan of science fiction, some of that fandom spills over to space operas, I like that show, even if at least a third of episodes are absolutely ghastly.

    Anyway, the little ship goes through space, years and years away from Earth; people aboard just want to get back home, while doing a lot of backtracking along the way, exploring, dying etc. On one faithful space day they come about a nebula which seems to contain a wormhole, opening a shortcut to Earth. Everyone is ecstatic about it, of course. Everyone, bar one.

    The one having reserve against this plot is the ex borg (the technocratic space collective) woman, the one that has rescinded her borg entanglements in favor of restoring her humanity, of which she knew very little since being taken into the borg at a young age. From all the others on board the ship she distinguished herself also by the fact she didn’t have any wish to get back “home” as she was born in space to her scientist parents.

    She’s looking at the data objectively and sees it for what it is: the readings others were interpreting as “a wormhole” was a mere Seirene-esque space mega creature hiding in the nebula, attracting space wanderers with false promises, gorging on space ships and dark matter. Only later she falls under the influence of the creature, when its machinations become better aligned with her wishes.

    I often wonder about what kind of solutions will we encounter along the way to recovery, which won’t be solutions at all, but will look like juicy solutions none the less. With cryptocurrency, I fear many have fallen for some of the promises because of which they ignore the pitfalls. The fact much of it is wrapped in techno babble doesn’t alleviate the problem.

    Lets say you’re a very powerful person, one who has much influence and practically unlimited funds. A new technology comes around, one which is not exactly in the reach of your conniving hands, however you are not completely without means. You know what worked well in the past, like booms and busts as catalytic events for fundamental power grabs. If you can make it rise, you can make it crash and burn. How difficult is it to manipulate the price of cryptos?

    Problem, reaction, solution. We’ve been down this path several times now.

    • mkey,
      I enjoyed the analogy / allegory.

      I think that you are right about the fact that commodities of value (from currencies to cotton) will always contain the liability of being manipulated.
      I guess one would be naïve not to expect it.

      • Yes, that’s exactly right. Holding on to blind belief only exacerbates the situaton. Money and currencies are not sent from god, they are utilites value of which is based on a promise. If it can’t be trusted, you’re going to get robbed.

  5. Great interview James! Inspired by you and many other bloggers/vloggers out there I started by own blog. Primarily just to keep track of my findings about the world but also maybe in the future to enlighten other people.

    In Swedish.

    Keep it going

  6. James

    I always got the impression from my research over the years that the top of the pyramid is solely the Rothschild’s, but you suggest above the Rockefeller’s may be that or up there also.
    So with that I have 1 big question split into 4 related little questions for your next “Questions for Corbett”

    1st – Who do you believe has the majority control and why?

    2nd – Why does everyone seem to go out of their way to avoid ever mentioning the Rothschild name in any article, video, documentary etc. Even David Icke will only elude to them but rarely actually say their name. The lone exception was Bill Still in the “Money Masters”. And even he now will try to claim their irrelevant and get very up tight if you even mention their name any where around him.(as a little side note to Bill Still, I used to follow him a lot over the years and saw the sequence of events that led him to his present attitude towards them. (its pretty clear someone told him to shut up and take his channel in a new direction or else…))

    3rd – If the Rockefeller’s do wield as much power or close to it as the Rothchild’s have, what would be the fallout when they get the idea they should be running the show and not the Rothschild’s. Again this is me and my believe they are considerably ahead of ALL others and hard for them to be displaced.

    4th -(and lastly) Am I too SIMPLISTIC in all of this?

  7. When eugenics and social stratafication is mentioned, it always makes me think of Jeremy Benthem. Through his work on Utilitarianism and while teaching John Stuart Mill he created the Panopticon and did extensive research on classifications of society through the subtle variations of their physiognomies. He went as far as to do autopsies and dissection with drawing and preserved cut cross-sections of specimens. I know him to be a devout follower of Emanuel Swedenborg’s religious teachings, which align in time, place and philosophies of Masonic origins. I also think of Norbert Weiner and his book, ‘The Human Use of Human Beings’ as a more closely in time influence on the technocratic movement and maybe a eugenics influence as well. Do you have any insight on these characters, James? Maybe I’ll QFC you about one of these. This is my first interaction on the site, and with due adulation I would like to import to you the appreciation I have for what you do. Thanks, Clint

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