Interview 1328 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Russia Will Build Its Own Internet Directory, Citing US Information Warfare Open Democratic Alternative DNS Root First Step Towards Uncensored Internet Using Bitcoin Tech to Decentralize Website Addresses

The Case for Decentralized DNS

Jeffrey Tucker Bids Farewell to Net Neutrality

#FakeNews CNN Begs Public To Stop Calling Their #FakeNews “#FakeNews”

NY Times Editorial Board Tells Readers to Call Senators to Oppose GOP Theft Bill

Story #2: Vaccine Co. Caught Illegally Injecting People At Hotels With Herpes

Peter Thiel Is Funding An Offshore Herpes Vaccine Trial

NWNW Flashback: Palantir, The War Of Terror’s Secret Weapon (Jan. 14, 2016)

Flashback: U.S. Apologizes For STD Experiments In Guatemala (Oct. 1, 2010)

Governments and Biowarfare: A Brief History

NWNW Flashback: Forced Sterilization Victims Granted $50,000 Over Admitted US ‘Eugenics’ Program (Jan. 12, 2012)

Story #3: DARPA Wants GMO Plants As Battlefield Surveillance

Corbett Report Radio 265 – DARPA Exposed

Mail-Order CRISPR Kits Allow Absolutely Anyone to Hack DNA

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Trading Desk Jobs For Corn Cobs

Remy: “The Arlington Rap”

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  1. – Herpes –
    There are so many natural remedies for Herpes (both types).

    I once had Herpes. Back in the 60’s-70’s, virtually no one used STD protection. In the 70’s, I got Herpes from a girlfriend who knew whom she got it from. However, in the 80’s I did a major detox and sauna sweat regimen to remove toxic chemicals from the fats/tissues of the body. Sometimes, I would sweat for 5 hours in a day. I haven’t had an outbreak since.

    But there are other methods to attenuate the virus or to get rid of it.
    One potential method is UV Light & Ozone Therapy.

    There are herbs and supplements which address viruses, whether it is the flu or herpes.
    The amino acid Lysine most folks know about. Anytime someone with the virus is feeling stressed (mental or physical), they should take some grams of Lysine.
    Elderberry is great for viruses. There are other herbs.
    The homeopathic “Oscillococcinum” by Boiron can really nip in the bud flu symptoms. It may work for other viruses like Herpes. A lot of drug stores even carry it.

  2. – Plants –
    Around 1973 at college, when I was procrastinating doing my course work at the library, I was reading some of the old Readers Digest articles. I ran across an article about someone using a meter on plants and researching the plant reactions. It was fascinating research. Previously, I had read articles about plants and music.

    A few years later, I temporarily got my hands on a very sensitive “resistance measuring” meter. So, I hooked it up to a potted plant next to other potted plants. I was diddling with some of the neighboring potted plants, and tore off a leaf. !! I was surprised! I got this sudden jerk of the meter. I had torn the leaf from a neighboring plant in another pot. No direct contact nor movement interference. I tried to recreate the experiment by tearing neighboring plant leaves, but no longer could get a reaction.

    In 2005, for a small college class project, I set up two identical containers under an indoor plant lamp. I placed alfalfa seeds in each container, because they sprout quickly. I labeled one container “Good” and one container “Bad”. I recruited one of my Grandsons to help me.

    Daily, he would come into my home office, and grab the “Bad” container. Then he would go into the garage and yell and cuss and scream at the top of his lungs “I hate you! You ugly G_____ S____of____M____piece of _____!” etc. etc etc. He would then return the “Bad” container and grab the “Good” container. When he was in the garage he said things like “Oh! You are sooo beautiful! I love you! Oh! You are my dream plant!”.
    I was impressed with my Grandson’s ability to play the roles. I took photos daily and kept a log.
    After a few weeks, the “Bad” container had wilty, sickly looking sprouts, while the “Good” container had healthy looking sprouts.

    Here is my Grandson helping with another experiment…

    • Oh, that’s no way to treat your grandson lol

  3. Peter Thiel is a huge fan of what the corporate media has termed the ált right’ movement. He is not just a Bilderberger.

    “Someone like PayPal founder Peter Thiel, whose views include : “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.”

    Buzz Feed just released a trove of information that it received on the strategy of the alt right, better known as fascism, its tentacles throughout the international community and of course Thiel popped up.

    Thiel is a fascist. Thus it should not be surprising that he would condone the illegitimate use of drugs on patients without their knowledge. This is what Hitler and Mengele did.

    You can see the Buzz Feed treasures by accessing:

  4. Nothing the Clintons ever did was for society and its well being. Controlled by bankers and the military, they were told what to say, when, how, where etc.

    To think and thank Bill and Hillary Clinton for exposing crimes is like asking a criminal to call the police.

    What you allude to was known for decades. It took the ‘feel your pain’ Clintons to break the official news for it was in the elite controlled government’s interest.

  5. I really laughed at the title – phenomenal alliteration!

    Billionaire Bilderberger Busted Building Bioweapons.

  6. So already in this thread we have “Corbetteir” and “Corbiteer.” I feel we can’t go on until we all agree that it is “Corbetteer.” And I should know!

    • Corbetteer seemed to catch on pretty well. It’s usage was organic.

      I sure like that term.
      For me personally, it embodies certain ideas of freedom and individuality.
      For me, “Corbetteer” isn’t “a worship James Corbett” term, but rather a term which includes a certain mode of anarchism and caring.

      I wish James would reconsider.

  7. With regards to DARPA and their project on GMO surveillance plants, here’s a link to a 2013 article relating to the scientific discovery of biological computers. I do remember seeing an article about this in the ‘New Scientist’ magazine around this time, which is what prompted me to search after watching this episode.

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