Interview 1336 – New World Next Year 2018 with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This year:

Corbett Report’s 2017 Story: The Robots Keep Rising
The Robot That Knows When You’re Lying: Scientists Create An AI That Can Detect Deception In The Courtroom

DARE: Deception Analysis and Reasoning Engine

Deception Detection in Videos (PDF)

GitHub: Deception Detection in Videos

Runner Up Story
Meet The First-Ever Robot Citizen — A Humanoid Named Sophia That Once Said It Would ‘Destroy Humans’

Honourable Mention
Top Ten Conspiracy Theories That Turned FACT in 2017

Media Monarchy’s 2017 Story: Reefer Madness
Election 2017: Legalization Candidates and Measures Win Big

Legal Marijuana Sales Will Hit $10 Billion in 2017

Colorado’s 2017 Marijuana Sales Reach $1 Billion In Just Eight Months

West Virginia Industrial Hemp Takes Root

Corbett Report’s 2018 Trend: Weaponized Social Media
Sean Parker Unloads On Facebook “Exploiting” Human Psychology

Media Monarchy’s 2018 Trend: The Maker Culture Will Become Pop Culture
Trading Desk Jobs For Corn Cobs

Trading Coal Mines For Beehives

America: 2018

World Currency In 2018 As Predictively-Programmed By The Economist

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  1. On Dec16th the NYTimes ran Glowing Auras and Black Money:the Pentagons Mysterious UFO Program,, this along with a said video of a UFO encounter with f/18 pilots ! Should your years biggest story not have been this. The Dept of Defence apparently has just told everyone their here ! Now What?

  2. – Cannabis CBD and Opioids and Homeopathic Remedies –
    So, this morning my wife (ex-wife), (who is approaching 70), takes her CBD oil (to control Vertigo attacks) prior to heading out to the Alternative Doctor for an IV of Ozone or Vitamins. A problem with the CBD oils is the cost. If she used it the way she needs to, it could easily run her $400 a month.
    She, like me, are not into “recreational” mind altering substances. We did that back in the 60’s and 70’s. Rarely will we drink alcohol.

    My wife often is under stress, because her 27 year old grandson is an opioid addict. For 10 bucks he can get a fix. Once a very sharp intelligent guy, his brain is fried. He is mentally challenged; can not focus, rarely completing actions to their follow-thru end. He has wrecked 6 cars so far in life and now no longer drives (Thank God).

    The grandson says he has been clean since July. But addicts lie well full of PR. My wife is paying for a drug test. Not a namby-pamby urine test, but something more thorough which includes a hair test.

    The lady at the Lab Test facility says that 90% of the folks which she tests come up positive!
    She also made mention of the Holidays (the Lab’s busiest season). She pointed out that there are a lot of drivers out there and lots of “celebrations” and “time off”. Just in regular life, I am cautious of other drivers, because I notice that generally people can’t focus well when driving. They often daydream or phone chat or are non-empathetic to their surrounding drivers and environ.

    James Corbett had this alarming news about HOMEPATHIC REMEDIES and the FDA.
    No one has ever died from Homeopathic Remedies. If one knew how they are made, they would laugh at the absurdity.

    • Just a “rough layman rendition example” of how to make a homeopathic remedy
      Get 30 one gallon jugs of distilled water.
      Get some herb or other substance (such as quartz).
      Put the herb in the 1st jug and shake it 100 times.

      Take ¼ teaspoon from the first jug and put it into the 2nd jug. Shake it 100 times.
      Take ¼ teaspoon from the 2nd jug and put it into the 3rd jug. Shake it 100 times.
      Take ¼ teaspoon from the 3rd jug and put it into the 4th jug. Shake it 100 times.
      Do this routine all the way through jug number 30. Now, you have your homeopathic solution. Take one drop of the solution and put it on a sugar cube.
      Take the sugar cube if you have symptoms of a cold or flu or baby cutting teeth or whatever.
      Oscillococcinum by Boiron is excellent for flu symptoms. I once had a customer buy over $250 worth when it was on sale.

      Homeopathic Remedies actually ‘never’ expire. Ignore the expiration date. Throw it away when the package rots.
      Homeopathic Remedies will not adversely affect any other medication which a person is taking. So, it is okay to take it with other medications.
      Homeopathic Remedies are “specific”. If it is the correct remedy for the symptoms, then the symptoms will attenuate. If it doesn’t help, then it is probably not the correct remedy.
      Once when I was trying a business venture, I went to an “Organic Gardening Trade Show”, where wholesalers and manufacturers represented their products to us retailers.
      One booth had Homeopathic Remedies for plants. The guy had been a consultant for California Vineyards. The ladies at the booth enticed me over. They opened a bottle of grape juice and poured me a small glass. I tasted it. Then they sprayed a short mist of a homeopathic remedy over the same closed bottle. They poured me a small glass. It tasted sweeter. Then they took a different homeopathic remedy and sprayed a short mist way above my glass which still had some grape juice in it. Now, I again sampled my half full glass and the grape juice went back to its fruity, less sweet original flavor. I was amazed.

      I bought some of the homeopathic sprays and took it home. I tried the grape juice routine on everyone I knew. Many people noticed the taste change. Some folks did not.
      From the same booth, after the booth ladies told me a few anecdotes, I also bought a homeopathic spray which was supposed to help make the wife horny. It sure didn’t work on my wife. Ice cream and chocolate work better.

    • I find it interesting (not) how their channel still isn’t “verified” even if they have well over a quarter million subscriber. The “verified” status should be awarded at 100k subs, but there are obviously exceptions.

  3. In regard the opioid vs. medical marijuana (MM) discussion—Links below.

    This month the University New Mexico led a research trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico to follow a study going into human clinical trials which has suddenly appeared in the pharmaceutical industry news. Specifically, the study targets chronic pain and comes from Veritas Pharma, Inc. “The study will utilize CTL-X, the Veritas ‘proprietary’ cannabis cultivar bred specifically to target pain.” If all goes well, chronic pain patients who are the vast majority of legal opioid users will be able to purchase a newly engineered drug/pill to target pain rather than using currently prescribed opioids. On its face this is a good thing for pain suffers. I applaud the use of MM, myself. There are benefits beyond simple pain control. However, the mechanism here is the same ol’ thing. Although the distribution avenues have not yet been addressed, I would assume that no State legalization program would be required for this drug to be distributed under an M.D.’s care when it’s ready for market-soon.

    As we know, it takes many years for a drug company to arrive at human clinical trials in researching a new drug. Yet, the opioid “crisis” has only recently come to the fore in the MSM with teeth and claws born for opioid eradication. Right on time; isn’t that interesting? You can’t make this shit up. The pharmaceutical industry plans, researches, engineers and profits from all change in drug use today just as Rockefeller killed homeopathy to infiltrate, control and make big profits from manipulating medical attitudes and medicine distribution through his pharmaceuticals. It appears the big boys are going to use those patents they’ve so tightly held for decades. But what of the control mechanisms to come for MM? Opium poppies used to be grown in the household medicine garden for home use. Opium poppies are illegal in the West today, but pharmaceuticals produced from them are not.

    The outrage seen in the MSM about opioid use leading to higher death percentages, IMO, is just a tool to move people to demand solutions which are already waiting in the wings. Will this also be a profit-centered Rockefeller-type move that continues to assert control over the populace through MM? I don’t know how this will shake out but it’s something to watch. Even so, it seems to me to be a different dance to the same ol’ tune.

    • Very interesting john. I did not know about the seasonal growth of pot. That explains a lot.
      I remember the era and the trends (such as Thai sticks).

      In Texas, I lived in a small town with the World’s Largest Primary Helicopter training base. Vietnam was in full swing, so we had our share of imported heroin.

  4. Here is my New Years resolution for the drug companies,

    1. I resolve to use more and more of your products as the material conditions of life continue to crumble and the psychic depression and hopelessness rage on;
    2. I resolve to remain passive and medicated while the neo-liberal criminals and corrupt corporate courtiers make hamburger out of life;
    3. I resolve to pay 50% of my remaining income on health care and legal drugs;
    4. I promise to sit idly by while CEO’s of major drug companies derive huge profits from angst and despair;
    5. I promise to continue my consumption of fast fried foods, in an effort to increase profit balance sheets and put me on the road to diabetes and eventual heart attack.

    I do this not for myself, but I do it for the captains of the drug industry who fight for the bottom feeders and the bottom line.

    It is for this, I hope to be remembered.

  5. Does anyone else think that the Saudi AI Robot is of a technology that is 30 or so years old? Really, doesn’t she look primitive? We know they can do better than this. My thoughts, although I have no proof, is that transhumans are here and are not so easily detectable.

      • J.C.. That is the strangest writing since David Foster Wallace passed away. Creep me out. Im never turning on another light bulb every. Got a flashlight that won’t creep the bejesus out of me next time I need to light something up. Your well runs deep.

    • Hey Macburns, Dr.Steven Greer says the M.I.C.has developed the trans-human alein hybrid. Used alot in the abduction scenario. I believe he has said they would used smaller sized airman in disguise than developed the Bio-robotic alien later. Claims Perez De Quasar was abducted by some when H.W.Bush wanted to divulge the UFO stuff. Crazy kinda but who knows what the undisclosed black M.I.C. have made.
      Dr.Greer has alot to say about it.

    • A microphone on small kitchen appliances!

      It puts a whole new spin on “Kitchen Table Talk”.

      “Kitchen Table Talk” meaning – A discussion between family (e.g. cousins) or close friends at a table or other private setting, where the two (or more) of you can have completely open, often deep, conversation….

  6. Thank you, James & James (and those who make comments here), for providing evidence that humanity is not yet doomed…. not yet a completely brainwashed, drugged, drooling, zombie herd.

    Talk is cheap. Take action. Build your own shit and take care of the ones you love.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year…Happy-Whatever-Tradition-Tickles-Your-Fancy.

  7. Cryptocurrencies can either free us or enslave us depending on which one. If we choose a decentralized, open source, immutable, censor resistant cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin then it could improve our world and completely disrupt the large, corrupt banking system. On the other hand if we choose a cryptocurrency lacking some or most of those properties then the central banks will take control and use it against us.

  8. Eric Schmidt is stepping down as the executive chairman of Alphabet

    Schmidt says, “The Alphabet structure is working well, and Google and the Other Bets are thriving. In recent years, I’ve been spending a lot of my time on science and technology issues, and philanthropy, and I plan to expand that work.”

    In the past several years, Schmidt has become increasingly involved in philanthropy through his own family foundation, which just launched a $25 million science fellowship, as well as Rise of the Rest, which invests in startups in middle America, and the Alliance for Southern California Innovation. He also serves as a board member of the Broad Institute, which focuses on medicine and disease prevention.
    In his new role, he’ll likely advise the company’s urban development arm, Sidewalk Labs, its deep learning efforts, and its healthcare spin-offs, Verily and Calico.

  9. Excellent report by a fine group of gentlemen. I humbly, and tardily, would like to add one dimension to one aspect of your analysis. This, I believe, lurks at the fringes of the legalization metamorphosis we’re seeing unfold:

    How are we gonna replace all those docile marijuana-convicted felons in the for-profit prisons?

    When I say “we”, obviously, I mean “they”: How are THEY gonna fill those for-profit beds? I don’t think we got to where we are because the prison industry is a docile group of inmates, in contrast to the weed offenders they are so fond of incarcerating. On the contrary, more like the sex-predators, murderers, and other assorted violent criminals, they are driven toward their own goals, and that’s what makes them hard to predict (and in the case of the felons) incarcerate. In fact, violent criminals are much more “useful” to their “system” on the outside, and much easier to “manage”.

    So…are we going to see the prison population drop precipitously as marijuana becomes more acceptable? Or, which as I suspect, are the brains in the prison industry going to find new avenues for arrest, conviction and incarceration (and PROFIT$) to uncover equally docile inmates to replace the huge numbers of soon to be released / pardoned marijuana offenders? I have to believe these paths are already well mapped, of not populated by those in prison power. What do you think?

    By now some might assume that I have the answers…I don’t. This is just food for thought reflection and study. Maybe I can do some of that work, but not right now. I just thought I’d plant the seed and see if anything grows.

    Thanks, you guys, BTW for the incredible work you do. The world would suffer without you, and has reaped much because of you. Thank you both.

    • If I had to take a stab at it, I’d say the petrochemical industry is stronger than the industrial prison complex so the latter can sod it.

      However, the bar for “crimes” punishable by prison sentence can always be set lower. And, fact of the matter is, some of these corporations have nice contracts which stipulate prison proprietors are due for a compensation from the local community, if said community fails to keep prison occupancy to optimal levels. The last time I looked at it, only some cities were paying the fines instead of producing more “criminals.”

      I think it’s going to work out OK for them.

    • John O,
      Fascinating. I find all this extremely interesting (the CBD and Blackmarket /underground, etc.). I want to read your story after the interviews.

      Back in the early 1980’s I roadsided selling designer-type jeans (design on back pocket) for $10 pair on the street corners of Black neighborhoods often very close to the projects or ghetto areas. I would set up 12 to 24 eight foot banquet tables and place stacks of jeans on tables. This was during the Jordache back-pocket designer jean craze. I traveled to different cities seeking out the low income Black neighborhoods…Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Memphis, St Louis, Kansas City, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Nebraska, etc.

      My jeans were imports, but to avoid the 50 cent duty for having a design on a back pocket, the jeans were shipped without pockets and then sewn on domestically. In the 1980’s, the U.S. clothing manufacturing/wholesale industry was prolific and gigantically robust. It is a shame that many thousands of people and independent businesses lost their income as a result of new laws over time.

      White people don’t really stop to buy things on a street corner, especially jeans. So, I stayed away from White neighborhoods. I had long blonde hair and green eyes — so I stood out in a Black neighborhood. In the Black neighborhood it was extremely common, almost cultural, to buy things on a street corner or in parking lots. A very common sight was to see someone pull up with their car, open the trunk and sell “hot goods”. I even caught a thief one time selling my jeans a few miles away in this manner. Culturally, also, “word of mouth” was how news traveled and so this helped my sales.

      I sold tons and tons of jeans during this time. I remember sticking one week’s of cash sales from St Louis in a Fed Express envelope ($10,000) and sending it overnight to my partner/supplier back in Dallas because his cash flow was in a pinch. (By the way, he is now a multi-millionaire.)

      This was a very adventurous period of my life full of many anecdotes (such as bribing the Louisiana Parish Sheriff or the occasional near-death experiences or a real Hobo’s past stories or the Tax Man coming to collect his due in person on a Sunday or “open carry” with a pistol in my pants and a Bulldog-looking guy standing keeping watch with an unloaded shotgun on the back of my truck.)
      Some anecdotes on jeans further down on this roadside thread…

      • There was quite an anarchic approach to your way of conducting business, commendable.
        80es were great, too bad they didn’t last longer.


      Looks like amid all the other BS going on with Russia, Trump and the FBI….et al….maybe yesterday was the perfect “cover” for Sessions’ latest:


      WT Heck??

      So the real questions aren’t “Why did he do this?” or “Who Benefits?”

      BUT: WHY NOW?????

      COULD IT BE?????:

      Sessions REALLY IS preparing to resign, and this is one bit of UNFINISHED BUSINESS FOR HIM and his PALS in the PRISON BUSINESS?

      Let us pray over this one.

      Thanks for everyone else’s thoughts. I appreciate this community more than any of you can appreciate (maybe).

  10. Thanks for another great episode. James, I do agree in general lines with your exposé of daily-fail article. But this time I’m missing precise cuts, I got the feeling that you are a bit depreciating the importance of “AI revolution” and also would like to suggest you, to re-think using the word Algorithm, because it can be misleading.

    Let’s stay by mainstream definition of AI, in my words something like: AI is technology that is using neural networks, machine learning.
    There are some links to sources in my previous commentary.

    Neural networks are not an algorithm, although they can be simulated on a standard computer architecture that on the other hand needs some algorithm to be use useful. But they are just simulated, not run, they are an abstract object in algorithmic environment. Far better environment for neural networks is array of FPGA chips, where neural networks run directly on hardware, while programs/algorithms might just be simulated (in some best case).

    Neural networks are paradigm shift in computing. Solutions to some particular problems, in a sense of algorithm, are no longer needed. There is a tool with some learning capability (neural networks), tools that are used for training (feeding in data, adjusting parameters) and data, primarily labeled data, data with meaning attached. Solution is built by data the rest is support. Programmers just take care for environment where the solution is built.

    So, by definition above, daily-fail’s AI is most probably an example of AI (image & audio recognition). It might be fake or with overstated accuracy. It certainly isn’t the greatest achievement in AI.
    In my opinion High Frequency Trade is. This shit could not operate without AI, because of loads of data full of nonsense, but still some profit is made and probably more important, crash is prevented. Artificial neural networks are learned faster to support Nonsense, human neural networks adjustments need some time. Bending reality.

    Certainly, dissecting crappy article is not very invigorating …what about this one:

    The Greater Good – Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)

    Youtube scientist Michael Vsauce solved the Trolley problem for few instances by the means of Greater good (without defining one). And by the way pimping autonomous vehicles and AI.
    Even real life trolley problem experiment was conducted in a scientific fashion that found out majority of people freeze under the burden of terrible decision.

    I’m interested in how would Michael solve the following trolley problem:
    Young billionaire retard vs. middle-aged drunker, bad health, probable syphilis.

    For those who were tempted to dispose of the latter one…. He could have been Beethoven.

  11. There are various stories related to Eurasian Integration and Eurasian Rail Links that you haven’t mentioned. In addition, the crude oil futures denominated in yuan, Eurasian Rail links, Belt&Road expansion and much more that Pepe has been talking about will be the main stories. The Battle of Eurasia is the Main story and potential for WWIII will be the main story of 2018.

  12. I found writing poetry to be an excruciating process so I find attempts at it from yourself and john nothing short of heroic.

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