Interview 1340 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Massive GPS Blackouts In Western US During Largest Ever Air War Drill

Kurt Nimmo: “Might not want to fly or depend on GPS for travel over the next few weeks if you live in western US. We are expected to sacrifice during war.”

Crashes of Convenience: KAL 007

Tokyo Holds “First Ever” Missile Attack Drills

US Reveals Hawaii Employee Who Sent False Missile Alert “Thought Actual Attack Was Imminent”

Hawaii Officials Resign Over False Missile Alert, Employee Who “Pushed the Wrong Button” Fired

Las Vegas Update: Irregularities Cause Story Behind Massacre To Stink To High Heaven

ICE to Start Tracking License Plates Across America – Illegal Immigrant Or Not

Story #2: Artificial Intelligence In The Court – When Algorithms Rule On Jail Time

A 1×1 Tracking Pixel Used As Evidence of Treason Against 30,000 Turks, Tens of Thousands Sent to Jail

NWNW Flashback: How Courts Are Putting Brains—Not People—on Trial (Dec. 7, 2017)

Story #3: Harvard Study Shows Community-Owned ISPs Offer Lower, More Transparent Prices

PDF: “Community-Owned Fiber Networks: Value Leaders in America”

More Than 750 Communities Have Created Internet Networks

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Building Community By Building Local Internet

Apologies to Steve Carlisle of for the mistake on The Corbett Report (Is Not on Facebook) video.

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  1. I loved hearing about…
    Story #3: Harvard Study Shows Community-Owned ISPs Offer Lower, More Transparent Prices

  2. Here’s another sneak preview into life with AI in charge… time to pull the plug!

    ‘No human could do anything’: The man who was sacked by a machine ‘out for blood’

    But, look on the bright side… Robo-Boss wants a promotion, human chief executives soon to join the the unwashed masses…

    Even chief executives will be replaced by robots, Jack Ma predicts

      • Candlelight – thanks for this interesting article. It seems to show that the coder is quite literally creating AI in ‘his’ own image…(so how is AI better than the humans that created it?)

        Also, would this help to explain the god complex personality types running Silicon Valley?

        • You mean like a Ray Kurzweil, for instance; an individual whose massive ego challenges the gravitational pull of the sun; whose own fear of mortality drives each and every one of his thoughts? You mean that god complex personality type? I suppose you can say the answer is yes – the act of creation, of creating artificial intelligence in ones own image.

          Bloodless…. Heartless….. Soulless….. Yep.

          Immortal, too!

          I say, good luck, Kurzweil. Good luck.

          I believe Father Time will have the last word with Kurzweil.

          • A most excellent example and entertaining analysis!

            Actually… you could be describing ‘Lord Voldemort’ – literally carving up his own soul in his misguided attempt to become ‘immortal’… ah the folly.

            There’s something positively Jungian (i.e. archetypal) about all of this…

      • Who? Me?

        For a second there, I had a flash of Robert De Nero in the mirror scene – “Are you talkin’ to me, manbearpig?” lol

        I don’t get it. I mean, is there something I said that you would ask such a question of me? Actually, thank goodness you used the modifying phrase “I mean” to soften such an accusatory query – to the point where you may have aimed your question as simply a joke.

        But, nonetheless, of course I’m not racist or sexist, silly goose!

        I am not at all such a person. I’m actually the very opposite, to be honest.

        You know, I didn’t write the article, I just linked it. I’m not sure if you perhaps misinterpreted my line about more male and more white, please…. Please tell me you didn’t think that was my sentiment, did you? That was my take in one sentence on what the article was all about with regard to its author explaining the reality of algorithmic gender and race bias.

        But, presently, it must be said that I have way overreacted to what was most likely a very innocent sort of quip on your part. Also, I have to say that if I were wise I’d do well now to edit out my calling you a silly goose! I mean, for simply asking me something innocently quippy. That would be the smart thing to do for sure, and yet, the more I think about it, the more it seems to me it may be the perfect balance to your question. It’s got a little bit of quippyness to it, too. I think. And, ironically, it most likely represents in its way, the extent and degree to which I am probably a little sexist. Um, the very same sexism I just got through telling you I didn’t possess 🙂

        Anyway, if I’m not an algorithm, I must be human. Right? But, then, again, aren’t we all, as a matter of fact?

        Well, then again, perhaps not Kurzweil. That is, if he gets his way, and ultimately melds into Musky’s neural laces…. Yeah, let’s all get in line and take our places, after their algorithms of AI sort out our faces.


        • 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!

          Thank you for that!

          Though feeling a bit Neanderthal-ish at the moment; that for the layered nuance of your question, thereupon, I, being too dim-witted, couldn’t catch on!

          – – – – – – –

          By the way….

          Were you having Napoleon waiting on 9-Lives, or Friskies?

          I am being silly, but Napoleon is a great name for a cat; especially for a cat with cattitude! “Napoleon” jump-started my imagination. lol


    • You’re welcome! What an eerily prescient TZ nugget. Although, I almost expected the robot to exclaim, “Danger Will Robinson!”

      When I think of Humans vs AI this scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer comes to mind:

      [Warning Will Robinson! Scene contains kick-ass human v hybrid/robot violence, and a slightly gory but satisfying ending]

      I could get all metaphysical with my interpretation of Buffy/et al’s, “You can never hope to grasp the source of our power”. But I will spare the forum my musings 🙂

      • The humor in Buffy stops it from getting too serious-scary. Though one or two Eps were right up there; ‘Hush’ comes to mind.

        “prana?…” – for me it comes down to the differences between intelligence and consciousness.

    • Not sure where in our discussion to add this link, my apologies if this post disrupts the flow.

      Here’s a recent video by Truthstream Media – they focus on the rollout of an all-encompassing e-ID card in Estonia, and much more (44 mins) – (The Estonian prime minister was a BB attendee this year.)

      • heartruth,

        The Truthstream Media video definitely highlights the IA discussion, in a big way. e-Estonia – who would have thought? That was a very informative video put together by Aaron and Melissa Dykes. They do great stuff. But, I must say it’s disheartening, the apparent inevitability of this new reality that we’re slipping into little by little, yet faster and faster. It has already become quite palpable, and inescapable, where the information of ones common dealings are brought into the cloud by increasing numbers of companies and institutions, wherein virtually all transactions and personal data is transferred and stored online.

        Truthstream’s video offers a very good peek into a much nearer future than normally contemplated, at least by me. And, yet, the story of e-Estonia is but the outward manifestation of the type of data collection that our security services have been doing for years. Only now, in the relatively near future, there won’t be a single thing one can do in their lives that won’t be known, recorded and stored by the power structure. And getting back to AI, one has to wonder to what degree a unified power structure will, in itself, be structured in the future by the decisions of computer generated “thought”, whether from a bank of linked super computers, or the bizarre brains of the neural laced – linked together, no doubt.

        It’s quite clearly very disturbing and scary food for thought in my opinion.

        • Indeed, it seems like this is a textbook ‘boiling the frog’ situation at present.

          Regarding “apparent inevitability”, I think it serves the proponents of this system well to give people that impression. Enabling the concept to sink – unquestioned – into the mass psyche. But this is also the weak point which could be challenged by a coherent and vocal counter-argument (with ample supporting evidence, sorry to say, but I’m sure China will oblige with many such examples).

          Your final point had me thinking back to ‘Robo-Boss’ (from the first article link I posted). Security guards (i.e. humans) unquestioningly following a computer’s orders (repeatedly!). And other humans, who were supposedly in positions of authority, not being able to intervene on behalf of the employee.

          Tied to this: my ‘take-away’ from the article you posted – the fallibility of AI vs. the blind faith people have in it. In the case of facial recognition, the potential for mistaken identity (and yes MBP, we can and must emphasize the fact that FR “shouldn’t be” 🙂 )

      • mbp

        True that the Bab-Al-Mandab Strait is strategic, like any choke point, but this railway is proposed to run from Eilat to Ashdod. So, I don’t see where or why this proposed railway necessarily depends on who controls the strait nearly 1000 miles to the south.

        Also, I don’t know if you or heartruth noticed a spoof that one of the youtube commentators put together. It’s pretty sleek – “One card to rule them all”:

        It sums it all up. 🙁

        • Oh. Duh…. The spoof was produced by the Dykes (makes sense since it’s pretty good). I thought someone else had produced it. Sorry, my mistake.

          • Brilliant parody, thanks for sharing the link.

            Did you notice the people’s names printed on the ‘e-ID’ cards?
            “Wan Worlder”
            “Chip Indtrackt”
            “Bjorn Insurvitood”
            “Law Stmifreedom”

            …says it all really.

        • Oh my, I hadn’t joined the Yemen dot…

          I guess as Candle noted, specific to ‘neom’ there’s the matter of distance. However, looking at the big picture: what is the baseline MO for SA’s sack of Yemen? As you point out, freeing up maritime routes (i.e. logistics) is a likely factor.

          On the topic of transport/logistics and ‘neom’. From this fair city they will build a bridge, a big, beautiful bridge. It’ll be the best bridge ever that anyone ever built ever… and guess whose permission SA may need to build their big beautiful bridge?

          • MBP – LOL 🙂 I believe you… put it down to the collective unconscious!

        • Well, mbp,to make a repugnant, nausea inducing story short, you’re probably right. These filthy Saudi billionaires are most likely royally bored with their prurient dalliances, so they’ve latched on to a great communal effort to conceive a Mt. Olympus of the 21st century right in their own backyard. Neom. Neo-con’m.

          So, the young Saudi Crown Prince, massacrer in chief of the rebellious Houthis of Yemen, has become the darling of Western elites – CEOs and celebrities, alike – who laud the new Crown Prince for throwing the women of his kingdom a set of car keys, all the while knowing damn well he’s slaughtering his poor neighbors wholesale, inducing mass starvation and abject misery to hundreds of thousands more. And yet this is acceptable. Why?….I guess some humanitarian crises are condoned for their convenience in allowing progress to move forward for the anointed.

          So, Western elites would do well to invest their hard earned money in such a down to earth “Elysium” styled mega-project at the tri-corner of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt. The Saudis are plunking down half a trillion in seed money ,so, why not?

          Are they out of their fucking minds, or do they know something non-club members don’t?

          I cannot imagine a city 33 times bigger than NYC. 8.6 million people times 33 equals roughly 300 million people, give or take. And an area of 305 square miles times 33 equals 10,000 sq miles. So, they have been dreaming up investing in a city that will have 300 million inhabitants living in an area 100 miles wide, 100 miles long, and 100º in the searing desert sun. Or, maybe they’ll have a “netting” overhead of chemtrails to keep them cool.

          Nevertheless, shades are gonna be a big seller, for sure. And, for the 24/7 convoy of cargo ships needing to supply goods to 300 million people concentrated 1000 miles north-northwest of that Yemeni strait? Yeah, it’s going to need clear passage – with no questions asked. Yup, no question about it. You, as well as heartuth are most certainly correct.

          Now, besides not spending a penny on real people who can use some help, who will, by the way, never step foot, or be allowed to step foot in Neom, and being very busy massacring tens of thousands whose crime it is to be aligned with an arch enemy, whom they passionately despise, Iran, which is predominantly Shia, and notwithstanding Iranian leadership, form a far more secular society, with a middle class that is essentially Western in nature…I still can’t really figure out this game the Saudis and Western elites are planning to massively invest in. What are they playing? Besides us? Why the necessity of a grand experimental futuristic prototype now?

          The idea of it, with the strategic, murderous gamesmanship behind it, makes me sick and disgusted.

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