Interview 1358 – Financial Survival After the Iran Deal

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James appears for his bi-monthly appearance on Financial Survival to discuss the latest in news, geopolitics and economics. This week he breaks down the US’ withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and its potential ramifications, including what it means for nuclear negotiations with North Korea.

The International Forecaster

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Trump’s withdrawal from Iran deal sets up best relations with Israel in a decade

Satellite shows aftermath of alleged Israeli strike on Iranian base in Syria

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Singapore to host Trump-Kim meeting

South Korea president says Trump deserves Nobel Peace Prize

Japan, China, South Korea put on united front on North Korea and free trade at trilateral summit


  1. “…because, ya know, ya gotta keep, ya gotta keep feeding the beast…”

    James, I thought you have been attempting all these years to starve the beast, not feed it. lol

    Very good point about the absence of any meaningful articulation concerning the argument for ripping up of the Iran deal.

    After all, the only sound bite we have had to date is the Neanderthal, one dimensional sloganistic note from the tangerine man – “bad, bad deal, a terrible deal” – blablabla. And that’s about it.

    Due exactly to this dearth of reasonable, intelligible argument for the dissolution of the treaty, one would think it was an early signal from the Trump campaign trumpeting very loudly in Netanyahu’s ears of a very cooperative and tight relationship to come….Very handy for any potential presidential candidate.

    As events have now bared out, it’s doubtful Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have been playing any less a soothing Zionist tune at this juncture.

  2. I have been wondering what is going on for some time, why Israel is cozening up to China and Russia, often behind the scenes, and why they installed a crooked man like Trump?

    Trump was 100% installed by our Zionist masters. Clinton, also a Zionist, was just playing a role, to make sure once Trump was installed the opposition to the Zionist chosen puppet would not make waves and point out voting irregularities.

    For some time the Zionist forces in America, Wall Street, the media, Hollywood, higher education through endowments, has been working to destroy American society, both overtly and subtlety. I have wondered why a nation, Israel, who I am confident was behind the JFK murder, MLK, and definitely 9/11, would be working against their primary benefactor. The answer is, I think they want to Balkanize America, as they have done to so many other nations before.

    This is what I believe to be about the :greater Israel project”, and making it the center of a global governemnt. I of course am not sure of this, but I do see Israel re-positioning itself, as it always does, to the winning side, always away from the fighting they want to be, and they create.

    Trump, likely the most corrupt man ever to set foot in the White House, was put there to navigate America to it’s demise. We all know America is in debt beyond belief and they can take us down financially at anytime, I believe this time is coming, maybe around August, hope I am wrong.

  3. K could also stand for Kool-Aid. It would surely be very fitting.

  4. James you hit the nail right on the head, this IS about undermining US interests to bring it down.

    You can’t have Israel as the center of the NWO and Washington. They likely want to break America into many pieces as well.

    • Nevertheless

      You say you are confident that Israel was behind the assassinations of both JFK and MLK.

      I haven’t heard that proposed before. Yes, the CIA behind JFK, and the FBI behind MLK, but, not Israel. Out of curiosity, what brings you to your confident conclusion?

      You seem to indicate you’re much more confident in a definitive way, about the possibility of the Israelis being behind 9/11. There’s certainly no stretch in that regard, even forgetting about dancing Israelis, and suspicious Israeli art students – the immediate reaction of Israeli leaders was less than thinly veiled in their omniscient approval of the way in which a world was suddenly recast. Only hours after 9/11, Ehud Barak, having conveniently made his way to a BBC news room, was so anxious to tell the world of its brand new terrorist paradigm, the BBC host had to tell him basically to cool it with regard to pinning it on bin Laden. Have a listen to this starting at 6:50 mins.

      If one were to analyze a crime by motive alone, Israel comes in very near, or at, the top of the heap. Yet, this idea of rampant Mossad agents scheming and plotting does not in the slightest exonerate the likes of a Pentagon, a CIA, a Cheney a Rumsfeld and a bunch of their peers gunning for that new American Century. Creaming for.

      As to the question of why Israel would be intent, as you speculate, to undermine the one country that ostensibly has its back, to Balkanize and shatter it to pieces, so as to gain greater positioning in the realm of the NWO, is far away, a real head scratcher. To where will all of the thousands of Israel’s prominent American supporters emigrate, as America crumbles? Tel Aviv? Jerusalem? The Golan Heights?

      As to why Israel would cozy up to Russia and China? Perhaps, it’s simply the resultant formula of the pure mathematics of economic positioning. If the parties can do business, then why not? Politics is for the masses, generating wealth is for the elites.

      How shocking it was to find, circa 1970, with a cold war still being fully waged (supposedly), a Soviet cargo ship, adorned with its red hammer and sickle, quietly nestled in a port harbor of one of the United States’ very, very closet allies? Namely, Canada.

      Yes. Why get cozy? Why, indeed. 🙂

      Is Trump actually, possibly, the most corrupt man ever to step foot inside the White House?

      Was he placed there to dismantle, demise, destroy the United States?

      By August, no less?

      My goodness, where are you getting your info? It’s enough to scare ya silly.

      Nevertheless, Trump huffed, and he puffed, until he Tweeted it down!

  5. These are events, but they are not necessarily horrific. Let us say countries have implemented alternative currency methods. Which of course they have. While these things do weaken the US from the standpoint of world dominance (a lot of work if you ask me), but they would also increase the rate at which the world’s economy become de-centralized. It’s not just the currencies which are changing, it is the paths they will be taking as well. This de-centralization is a good thing, if you ask me. Just because they have one destination in mind, don’t mean I’ve got to get off at that stop. I’ll get off where I dang well pleased, you silly whipper-snapper!

    • Monolithic. That’s pretty significant really. While I haven’t taken any of his courses yet, Jon Rappaport mentions people under the care of a hypnotherapist who report a giant monolithic barrier. It’s basically the limitations of the reality they are given. I imagine his courses are cheap in terms of their value, but I am, at this moment, not having to worry about drowning in filthy lucre. JimBob who is now going to consider practicing his swimming some to make sure he don’t drown. Naw. Too much effort.

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