Interview 1361 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Amazon Urged Not To Sell Facial Recognition Tool To Police

Sky News and AWS Bring ML Mainstream for Live Video with Royal Wedding: Who’s Who

The Details About the CIA’s Deal With Amazon

Washington Post closes sale to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

The Pentagon is close to awarding a $10 billion deal to Amazon despite Trump’s tweets attacking the company

Amazon is launching a ‘Secret’ cloud service for the CIA

Story #2: The Toxic Legacy of Canada’s CIA Brainwashing Experiments

Group Affected By CIA Brainwashing Experiments Wants Public Apology, Compensation From Government

NWNW Flashback: Canada Pays Hush Money To Silence MKULTRA Victim’s Daughter (Nov. 2, 2017)

The Manchurian Candidate – FLNWO #31

‘The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy: An Investigation of Motive, Means, and Opportunity’ By Dan E. Moldea

Story #3: DJ/Producer Stickybuds Prepares To ‘Take A Stand’ Against “Crooked Politicians”

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  1. This technology will never be misused or abused, of course [sarcasm intended]. I’ve been behind the scenes with Security and professional cameraMEN to know how they use their technology when nothing else important is going on — to scope out whomever they find ‘attractive’. But I feel like I’m caught in the Matrix BIG TIME now. I’ve ‘awakened’ to a nightmare! Much gratitude James and James.

  2. “Justice” (as mentioned in this Episode)

    This term “Justice” has been swishing around in my brain for some months now. For example: Such phrases as “seeking 9/11 Justice” or “wanting justice for what government officials have done”.

    At this point, I am rethinking this term “Justice”.
    What is generally perceived as “Justice” is too tied to authoritarianism.

    To hell with the courts or laws or mainstream media.
    It is silly to try to convince some “authority” that some other “authority” is guilty.

    At this juncture, I am of the opinion that “Justice” has a lot to do with exposing the frauds, and exposing them to as many folks as possible.

    Example: Corbett does a video such as 9/11 Suspects: Christine Todd Whitman. While it doesn’t put a noose around Whitman’s neck (which she may very well deserve) nor turn the crooked EPA into worm compost, it does drive their name to mud.
    I take some satisfaction that at least some type of justice occurs, by the fact that their crimes are exposed. Especially, when lots of folks become aware.
    Sure…I would love to “let Whitman know” that her grandchildren will spit on her grave when they find out what she has done. But perhaps, she is so psychopathic, it wouldn’t faze her.

    I am curious as to how others view the term “Justice”.

    • Indeed, you can’t get more exacting than that as a definition of Justice.

      How rare and fine then She is. The absolute quintessence of existence, Itself.


      Or, She’s but a deceptive construct dressed in Antiquity, with blindfold, scales, sword and gown.

      And of Her corollary, Injustice? An Ubiquity unto Itself.

      And Man’s Common Fate.

      • Nietzsche, a v profound thinker, took a different view about quintessence of existence. The context of the following quote is a thorough going examination, from a historical and physiognomic perspective, of what he considered a three stage development of human morality, within which our sense of justice inevitably resides. So when he mentions appropriation and incorporation understand that he is referring to the whole process of nutriment, and the various ways in which the chief physical functions of organic beings are reflected, sublimated and even transfigured in psychological life.

        “To refrain from mutual injury, mutual violence, mutual exploitation, to equate one’s own will with that of another : this may in a certain rough sense become good manners between individuals if the conditions for it are present (namely if their strength and value standards are in fact similar and they both belong to ONE body). As soon as there is a desire to take this principle further, however, and if possible even as the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE OF SOCIETY, it at once reveals itself for what it is : as the will to the DENIAL of life, as the principle of dissolution and decay. One has to think this matter thoroughly through to the bottom and resist all sentimental weakness : life itself is ESSENTIALLY appropriation, injury, overpowering of the strange and weaker, suppression, severity, imposition of one’s own forms, incorporation and, at the least and mildest, exploitation.”

        This from the final chapter of Beyond Good and Evil (using Hollingdale’s translation). That was followed by the astonishing book On the Genealogy of Morals.
        Its difficult to grasp just how conditional and subject to a moral system justice really is ; because a morality is completely tyrannical and incapable of acknowledging any rival

        • Well, an interesting paragraph to contemplate over Memorial Day weekend! I’m going to need all of it! 🙂


        • So…
          In this world in which we now live, what is the remedy?
          How can we best achieve “Justice”.

          I look at “Justice” like something which can deter non-survival type activities such as wars, poisons in our food and water, domination by elite, etc.
          I don’t necessarily view “Justice” as punishment, but it could include that.

          And in fact, I hold each of us somewhat culpable for the ills which plague our common man. After all, by not trying to thwart injustice, we encourage injustice.

          At this point, the closest “Real World” form of Justice which I see that we can influence, is exposing the frauds widely and also widely distributing potential solutions.

        • Hi Gaslight, in N’s conceptual universe there’s both a future to Good and Evil, and a very long past. Unlike James’ interesting essay on the unplugging of the matrix, where man appears as a fixed quantum and the world an imagining, in Nietzsche’s view man is the only animal whose nature is not fixed, and he changes through time.
          Beyond Good and Evil is the title of a splendid philosophical book which proposes that the longest history of man was enmeshed in the emergence of morality itself (mores/ethikoi, in other words, CUSTOM). He attributes this profound development to the likelihood that in early human affairs repetition of behaviour and ritual contributed mightily to community survival because it made an unpredictable and dangerous environment incalculably more calculable, or predictable ; and especially in the psychological sense.

          Stage two saw the emergence of Master or Lord morality (herrenmoral) from the retinue and clan chief context when warlords dominated society and gave birth to aristocracies. These self proclaimed nobles, artists in self-reverence, took the decisive step of asserting that man was responsible for his actions and, with the utmost temerity (given how much is incalculable in life), that he should be bound by his word and sense of honour/duty.
          In this initial complex moral system the characteristic formula was Good and Bad ; the Good being themselves, the truthful and proud, and the Bad mostly their dependents, slaves and subjects (whom they knew to be so much weaker and regarded as liars in general).

          Good and Evil emerged in the consequential morality formulated by the slaves and dependents in response to and above all resentment against their noble masters. This is slavkenmoral. In this structure Bad in the sense contemptible will not do ; its not strong enough to express the depth and degree of resentment felt against the masters. This is the morality of utility and helpfulness towards one’s fellow men and above all fellow sufferers, perhaps best expressed in the tenets of the Christian faith.

          In truth I cant find any word corresponding to evil in the ancient literature, which is the world of good and bad. Maybe the closest is Greek keraunos, literally a thunderbolt in human affairs, uncanny and uncontrollable like that Ptolemy surnamed Keraunos who slew the aged Seleukos Nikator like a bolt from the blue.

          But in any case Nietzsche tried to develop an authentic history of morality and, having done so in fairly rigorous and persuasive manner, he insisted that Good and Evil need to be overcome, just as the earlier formulations were ; a stepping stone to his vision of the Overman/Superman.
          This stuff was written in the second half of the 19th century, so not really new age, but scientific more or less

    • So…
      What about these folks you see in the Stickybuds Video?

      Bush Senior lives long. Cheney is still kicking around. Donald Rumsfeld smiles ear-to-ear and George W. drunkenly swings his arms, grinning while singing at memorials.

      The word “Karma” is probably over rated. At least for psychopaths.
      Maybe those with a strong conscience pay for their crimes mentally…but those with strong consciences usually have depth and concern for humanity.

    • Justice, as needed in cases such as these especially, can only be achieved by full disclosure and public investigation into how such events even came to transpire.

      From the disclosure possibly a violent escalation may erupt against those culpable or appearing culpable which in itself is of questionable value, something that I wouldn’t personally qualify as justice.

      However, from the investigation change should arise, which would lead toward a better future for those who have survived, paved by the sacrifice of those who succumbed.

  3. this link isnt working Thomas

  4. This article shows at least 2 instances where David Hogg committed fraud. In one instance he admitted was at home and had to ride down to the school on his bicycle to get video of the event.

    In the second it’s shown that he recorded the video at 9:32am when the shooting happened at about 2pm. I don’t know how legit this site is, but the article points out some interesting and provable fraud that Hogg has committed.

    In these two you can see that there were more shots fired even after Cruz started blending in with other students to leave the building. This would have been the point at which, had he been the shooter, he would have already ditched the gun, so he couldn’t have fired anymore shots at this point. This basically proves that he was not the shooter since we all know there was only 1 shooter. No one can challenge that there was only 1 shooter since that’s the official narrative.

    “Is Nikolas Cruz innocent?”

    “Senior From Parkland, Florida High School Claims She Was With Nikolas Cruz During Tragic Shooting”

    In this video Cruz is called the nicest person.

    “‘He was probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life’”

  5. I mention the following, for several reasons, one of which includes targeting audiences which normally would not have an interest in “truth”.

    The writing ability of Melissa Gallico surprised me. This is smooth, easy reading. Captivating. An adventure. Graceful Science for the average Jo… Josephine.
    This May 2018, her book was published.
    The Hidden Cause of Acne: How Toxic Water is Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do About It.

    The ‘F’ word repeatedly comes up.

    I highly recommend this book.
    I wish she had more online video interviews.

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