Interview 1364 – Financial Survival in Globalist Conference Season

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This time on Financial Survival, James and Melody discuss the many globalist confabs filling up the meeting planners of the super-gophers this weekend, from Bilderberg in Italy to G7 in Canada to SCO in China and the North Korean summit.

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Turkish-Iranian gold trader’s ‘Beautiful Mind’ testimony drove U.S. sanctions case


  1. While yes, I am sure there are many at the top, who control things, sometimes working together, and maybe sometimes not, it is unquestionable that Israel, Zionism, and Jewry is always playing a major role. 9/11, the assassination of JFK, MLK, the push for open borders in America and the West, the drug wars and unrest that drive mass Latino immigration, to the real wars that drive Muslim immigration, the control of the media that stifles any discussion about the need to limit migration, or branding those who wish to preserve their culture as racists…the control of Congress, and the narratives that give a POS Zionist traitor like Trump, a narrative that paints him a patriot and nationalist, HE IS NEITHER! So, there may be random, unknown figures lurking in the dark, but the devil we see, all around us, always working to undermine humanity is Jewish Zionism.

    • Nevertheless
      Focusing on “jews’ is a red herring since plenty of non jews are playing the same games. zionism is just one of many players with their own interests… and its not even like all zionists are on the same team. Its not like Soros is going to win popularity prizes in Israel and I doubt that the UK jewish lobby is happy about loosing influence to the large bloc of Muslim voters who oppose Israel. The bankers that helped fund Hitler into power were AFAIK not behind the US jew’s boycott of German goods after he took power
      The Rothschilds may have helped to steer Europe in WW1 but according to Hidden History (by Docherty and Macgregor) it was the ruling elite who wanted the war and the bankers were just helpful tools. The same could be said of the ‘jewish money power’ thru history, the national elites used them and allowed themselves to be used in return. The bank of England benefited the non-jewish rulers of the UK as mch or more asit did its owners. Plenty of non jews wanted the central banks in the US for their own reasons too. True they punch above their weight in the US right now but even so its not all their way all the time (syria and Iran still there……)

      • I was relieved to read in Anthony Sutton’s book Wallstreet and the Bolshevik Revolution his answer to the Jewish conspiracy. The following is his wrapping up his findings pertaining to the revolution (to echo Duck and VoA, I bold for emphasis):

        …[N]one of the above statements can be supported with hard empirical evidence. The most significant information is contained in the paragraph to the effect that the British authorities possessed “letters intercepted from various groups of international Jews setting out a scheme for world dominion.” If indeed such letters exist, then they would provide support (or nonsupport) for a presently unsubstantiated hypothesis: to wit, that the Bolshevik Revolution and other revolutions are the work of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

        Moreover, when statements and assertions are not supported by hard evidence and where attempts to unearth hard evidence lead in a circle back to the starting point — particularly when everyone is quoting everyone else — then we must reject the story as spurious. There is no concrete evidence that Jews were involved in the Bolshevik Revolution because they were Jewish.

        There may indeed have been a higher proportion of Jews involved, but given tsarist treatment of Jews, what else would we expect? There were probably many Englishmen or persons of English origin in the American Revolution fighting the redcoats. So what? Does that make the American Revolution an English conspiracy? Winston Churchill’s statement that Jews had a “very great role” in the Bolshevik Revolution is supported only by distorted evidence. The list of Jews involved in the Bolshevik Revolution must be weighed against lists of non-Jews involved in the revolution. When this scientific procedure is adopted, the proportion of foreign Jewish Bolsheviks involved falls to less than twenty percent of the total number of revolutionaries — and these Jews were mostly deported, murdered, or sent to Siberia in the following years. Modern Russia has in fact maintained tsarist anti-Semitism.

        It is significant that documents in the State Department files confirm that the investment banker Jacob Schiff, often cited as a source of funds for the Bolshevik Revolution, was in fact against support of the Bolshevik regime.

        This position, as we shall see, was in direct contrast to the Morgan-Rockefeller promotion of the Bolsheviks. The persistence with which the Jewish-conspiracy myth has been pushed suggests that it may well be a deliberate device to divert attention from the real issues and the real causes. The evidence provided in this book suggests that the New York bankers who were also Jewish had relatively minor roles in supporting the Bolsheviks, while the New York bankers who were also Gentiles (Morgan, Rockefeller, Thompson) had major roles.

        What better way to divert attention from the real operators than by the medieval bogeyman of anti-Semitism?

      • US Jews who boycotted German goods is a fairly euphemistic cover for the fact that they publically declared war on Germany in 1933 under the self-appointed title of Judaea. And the better contrast to them than bankers would be the several hundred thousand European Jews who risked their lives fighting in the Wehrmacht (Bryan Mark Rigg, Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers ; you probably wont see a Spielberg movie on that topic).

        Probably the main point that needs to be made about Jewish sectarianism is that Juadaism as a whole is biblical, whereas the malevolent and virulently racialist version is Talmudic and driven/organized by the rabbis. These represent one sect (the Pharisees in biblical times). Their extremist and often kooky Talmud informs a LOT of the Satanic beliefs and practices among the current financier kakocracy and their many minions and dupes (which include all the Freemasonry outlets).

        However its a mistake to separate the fractional reserve banking system from the ruling elite since it was and remains the chief organizational tool of the latter’s supremacy.

        It arose among two groups of mercantile protestant fanatics trying to contend with the daunting power of Capetian absolutism under Louis XIV — the English and Dutch trading aristocracies. In the William of Orange epoch (i.e. William III in England) these previously contending elites merged in large part. But just read something about Jan Coen and the early VOC to understand how grievously they had been at loggerheads hitherto.
        Their mercantile, financial and imperialist know-how were also heavily influenced by Jewish bankers of the day and some big money immigrants from the declining Venetian trading republic (the “Giovanni” who liquidated their enormous assets in the south to resettle, and remarry, them in London, Amsterdam, Hamburg).

        The particularly English component in this emerging international financier-trading kakocracy is fairly well identified in Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope, + AAE, and its curious to note that many of these families had a previous unity around the house of Neville, one of whom authored the plays and poems usually attributed to Shakespeare. These are ; Cecil (Earls & marquesses of Salisbury, viscounts Cranborne), Lyttelton (viscounts Cobham ; note also the Brooke family Cobhams, mentioned in the James/Rubinstein book on Henry Neville, p. 115) ; Wyndham (barons Leconfield) ; Grosvenor (Dukes of Westminster) ; Balfour ; Wemyss ; Palmer (Earls of Selborne, viscounts Wolmer) ; Cavendish (Dukes of Devonshire, marquesses Hartington) ; Gathorne-Hardy (Earls of Cranbrook)

        A classic example of a merged Anglo-Dutch house which had accompanied William III to England is that of Bentinck, which produced the Portland dukes Cavendish-Bentinck. Eustace Mullins once remarked on the misfortune of an eminent American woman who chanced to become heiress to the Cavendish level of mega bucks ;

        (but looks like I’ve run out of available characters)

  2. I liked that part where you mentioned how the movers view events. How can we use this for our advantage? Every problem is the solution. You just gotta hold your eyeball just right. If people just spent a few minutes a day to understand how much of their rule was dependent upon them believing they were ruled, the world would be free in a week. JimBob who is pretty dang free hisself, despite being such a good looking feller.

  3. What I like about your show, your research, your critical thinking on issues, is that you surface the bubbles, the real life of what is going on.

    However, as much as the JFK or RFK assassinations, you spoke about die in a real world, memory hole, what is missed throughout the detail, and the historical detail is important: is global corporate capitalism.

    I never even heard the word capitalism on your talk on financial forwards, recently. A mistake, or perhaps, and you tell me,the lack of class consciousness. We need more than critical thing, we need critical class consciousness.

    You are correct to focus on the G7, the Iran deals with China, etc. But the reports are un-textualized; they fail to seat what is going on presently within the historical setting of what is now, global financial capitalism; a stage in history

    The elites, the bourgeoise, have no interest in people; they plan to replace them as machines. AI. Why? Lower cost of labor. ‘Efficiency’, ‘labor saving devices’. The creation of street dogs — surplus labor. You know that.

    I would never call what we are experiencing the fatal days of global capitalism; for the system is too resilient, the consciousness to low, it defies logic.

    No, James the issue is adopting historical materialism as the hermenuatic for truly understanding both past, present and future reality.

    Day to day events reflect the historical economic and material conditions we live in. They are important, but unless mined with a deeper understanding of social class,we fail to see that they reflect the deeper historical and economic and material conditions that we live under.

    Capitalism has existed for 500 years. It replaced feudalism, with all its day to day plots, its agents, troubadors, as you mentioned about the history of assassinations.

    Capitalism is an economic system that can be understood historically. Failure to debate or mention global, financial capitalism leaves just tid-bits of knowledge — the orts.


    By the way, agents in the crowd at the Ambassador Hotel: David Morales one of them, a known anti-Castro, CIA agent in Florida. There were two more.

    Morales, was on hand for both the JFK assassination and the JFK murder.

    But on an historical materialist understanding, American liberalism died with JFK. The supply side economics of Mussolini would now go forward. Hayek, Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of both economics and philosophy (see Leon Strauss) would rule the day.

    Why? Global capitalism does business plans and this was part of the plan. Economic and political tyranny all over the globe for profit.

    And then, after RFK, ‘liberals’, a term that is noxious in itself, moved away from the New Deal into the arms of the global capitalist class,emerging at the time. Away from civil rights to commercialized individualism.

    Capitalism went, and is going through, many historical changes that can only be understood by looking at the economic base, how production is organized, and the cultural base, which are mere fumes from an historical economic reality.

    As to nation states. Put yourself in the boots of the elites or global capitalist class: they are messy, red tape; what is needed now by the elites is regional entities governed from above. the end of the Nation State.

    Japan is a great example: having to run to corporate news and Singapore.

    We live in the dead zone of untruths, zombie living. But we cannot change consciousness, events as miserable as they are, without confronting the real enemy: global capitalism as historical reality and the need to usher in an organized, global movement to both resist and to create a new way of production and reproduction of the human race.

    There are no individual solutions to social problems, James.

    • Generally speaking, whenever I hear someone say that an individual can’t create lasting change on a global scale; I’ll also find that person in a line to vote. JimBob who thinks that a whole bunch of individuals is better, but even one can be mighty entertaining.

    • Thanks for your comment. There is some meat in it, not just bones.

      Elephant in the room is rarely named, even more rarely properly addressed.

      But in this “post-truth World” things are so messed up it is really hard to start somewhere. I think we should start with the biggest problem. Probably you would say capitalism and some time ago I would agree.
      But now I’m saying: State. Dissolution of State should be our goal, the rest is less important. Well, everything is important, there is total lack of holistic approach nowadays, but how to convey this to people…I don’t know, probably you must simplify.
      Solution is Anarchism and that means: Free Individual whose freedom is only limited with the freedom of other Individuals. My definition differs from James’, certainly from Larken Rose’s.

      James is excellent communicator. He knows his target audience, he knows what they are capable to digest. He knows it is necessary to be focused, not to try to convey to many things, because you will lose intelligibility.

      I think what I said above is the reason why you don’t hear much of dissecting of capitalism. Americans, James’ main audience I guess, would get shivers. It’s cultural you know, decades of red menace fear-porn and the rest, resulted in perverted understanding of, let’s say, left ideas. But Americans very well understand individualism, while many Europeans would sell their ass and soul for state.

      Discussing capitalism will lead to introduction of other -isms and thorough debate will sooner or later end up in a mine field: Property. Unfortunately, at this point almost all debates become totally and completely unproductive.

      The issue is so complex and overwhelming that it is usually very hard to even come to conclusion that property is a social construct and be really aware what that means. For example Larken Rose, whom I deeply respect, fails completely and defines anarchism as: self-ownership, non-aggression.

      Compare my definition, Larken’s, James’, add your last sentence, and you will get nice stuff for contemplation. 🙂

      Corporatism (actually monopoly capitalism) is not properly understood, explained. Let me try to bring more understanding with adage:

      Q: Why a dog licks his balls?


  4. Around the 6 minute mark, Corbett hit upon some profound truth. Simple, fundamental, and almost like an axiom.

    He talks about “directing change”.
    “…How can we direct it this way or how can we direct it that way?….”
    The “Powers That Should Not Be” ask this.
    And, by the same token, we should ask this.

    It also underscores the intent and highlights the dichotomy.

    We do not want to control the lives of others. We oppose manipulation. Many of us are anarchist in our view of freedom. Thus we try to direct change in this direction.

    However, the intent of the “Powers That Should Not Be” is to control the lives of others. Thus, they try to direct change in the “controlling others” direction.

  5. Who is at the top of the Pyramid?

    That people think in absolutes is a problem in a world of constant change. Imposing static terms like “THE Deep State” upon a dynamic group causes confusion. “THE” is a magic word that erroneously bestows permanence.

    All life forms are in competition for finite resources of space, energy, time… the greatest resource, as James reminded us earlier this week, is HUMANS. All other resources are defined, obtained and distributed through manipulation of the primary resource (i.e. us…collectively)

    Individuals with systems that best control the Human Resource will rise in the metaphorical pyramid.


    Who is at the top of THE Pyramid? Depends on when you ask; It’s in a constant state of flux. Therefore, it may be more useful to rephrase the question….

    Why is the pyramid? What is the pyramid? What is life? Is life an entropic opposing force in the universe comprised of individuals and groups of individuals who impose structure upon otherwise random resources to better position themselves in The Competition?

    • Yes, those in power will fight to keep it and, yes, social structures are in flux. There are constant struggles at all levels of the food chain.

      Thank you for volunteering that the meaning of your life is to expose what is hidden. Curiosity is what separates humans from lower life forms and I’m all for it. The motivation I allude to, however, is more fundamental. I’m talking about a force of nature that distinguishes life from inanimate objects….. life as self reproducing chemicals that have evolved structures, strategies, behaviours, systems etc. the better to compete for resources (including time and, significantly, including the minds of human beings).

      I neither deny nor ignore the inbreeding, secret elite. Yes, as you say, it is “kept in the family”. They want the genes of their tribe to inherit the earth. Is there collusion amongst powerful people? You bet. I suspect the One World Government is a cooperation amongst the powerful elite from countries all over the world… a tribe of power hungry psychos sharing techniques for controlling their Human Resources.

      If they push their luck they’ll trigger a Bastille Day reset. Events are carefully timed. I suspect there have always been a percentage of bright and inquisitive individuals that see what’s happening.

      Yes, Donald Trump is a well compensated actor… a spokesmodel scapegoat… a teleprompted puppet who takes orders from those who are actually running the show. Trudeau, Obama…. they’re all the same. Real power chooses to remain anonymous and, therefore, accountable to no one.

      Nation vs. nation is a con
      Good vs. evil is a con
      Religion is a con
      Mainstream media is a con
      Climate Change is a con

      My assertion is that the pyramid is a force of nature and, whether we like it or not, the most ruthless amongst us will occupy the top floor. That said… If you are able, please identify the individual(s) who occupy the summit of the pyramid so we can expedite the next Bastille Day. (Corbett suggested this was outside of his pay scale)
      Seems to me that, even if we pull it off, the force of nature I allude to would ensure the inevitable resurrection of the intact Pyramid. In fact, the pyramid would not collapse….the heads we remove would very soon be replaced by other bouyant figures within the existing structure.

      • Long time no see m.claire! What if we just took down the system and didn’t put anything else back up? Prosperity and freedom work best in a state of peaceful chaos without a hierarchy to order things up and make them less creative. A world without rulers would have no one at the top. JimBob who thinks that systems past a community get as crazy as building codes from California applied to Louisiana. But they either did it, or wanted to do it. I didn’t pay attention as I don’t live in Louisiana.

        • m.clare

          I for one think you expressed some very interesting observations regarding civilizations and life in general, in the context of time, existing in a state of flux, with the so-called pyramid being more or less a construct based upon what we humans do – as you intimated, the more ruthless the individual/s the further will be their rise to the top. These individuals may possess any number attributes fostering such rise to the top, but, I think you probably hit the nail on the head when you called out the one attribute they must all have in common – ruthfulness.

          I don’t believe your asking for a few names of those residing at the very apexes of these pyramids (assuming there’s more than just one) constitutes an uninformed prodding, if you will.

          For someone who professes they can explain the meaning of life in a single post and expresses with great incredulity that a person such as James Corbett, would state such a question as you’ve posed is, self-admittedly, above his pay grade, shouldn’t it have been rather easy for them to spit out those names, perhaps, like so much cake?

          But, instead, you received a fanciful dodge coupled with a rather snide retort.

          C’est la vie.

          Anyway, there is something you stated that I simply can’t agree with. You stated as follows:

          “Curiosity is what separates humans from lower life forms and I’m all for it.”

          Ahem. You must have forgotten about that relatively small furry creature we call a cat…. No wonder then, why ancient Egyptians worshiped them as superior beings! 🙂

          • Thanks, candlelight, I agree that I goofed up my comment on curiosity. Animals are much, much more intelligent than too often they are given credit for. Well done.

            • You’re most welcome.

              Well, I do find the smarter the cat, the more they express their curiosity simply observing the things we humans do in our day to day lives.

              Also, I think of the intelligence of the tree. Say, a grand old tree. Not only is it majestic, but it once occurred to me that such a tree is in possession of an intelligence of which we know nothing….

              A bit hard to explain, this one, but the next time you have some extra moments, and you’re standing before one, think in terms of the tree having it’s own form of intelligence. Think of its age, how it has stood in one spot year after year, through all kinds of weather, that it lives from the light of the sun, as well as drawing its needed nutrients from the earth – all this, and it didn’t have to move so much as an inch!…. Perhaps, this tree has a far grander intelligence than our own!


            • Candlelight, along side a fence in our complex, there is a water oak tree and a magnolia tree. They are in mortal combat at the moment. The water oak tree is much taller, and the entire tree has grown into a looming shape over the magnolia tree. Another branch pierces the magnolia tree through it’s center. The leaves are dark and wilted, very few leaves that are the bright green of summer. The flowers don’t even have a scent. But it fights on.

              As for cats, this video explains why (after a short skit going over bees; which also demonstrate the power of people acting as individuals as well as clearing up the endangered status of bees.) we should fear the extinction of cats. Our saviors.


              JimBob who’s own cat was too lazy to be bothered with chasing any mice, but she didn’t have to anyway.

            • santa,

              Fun video. As for my own cats, siblings, who were born feral (once feral always feral), captured as kittens, ears clipped, neutered, thrown back into their dumpster habitat, privately captured once again, separately caged and essentially stored in a garage, at a time they would ordinarily have learned some cat skills (hmmm, sounds like upstate NY), then after several months adopted by us – it is as middle-aged cats that they’re finally learning to hunt, but only for the smallest of creatures.

              I assume the guy in the video has an Australian accent? At approx 11 mins, I could have sworn he said cats have saved us from masturbation. Huh?….oops – mass starvation.

              What I don’t get is this guy’s playing down of what I had thought was a real phenomenon – wide spread bee colony collapse which was traced to certain pesticides which were interfering with the bees’ ability to function in the complex way in which they do, as accurately detailed by the narrator in the video. What’s up with that?

              The ongoing battle between the water oak tree and the magnolia seems to indicate, case in point, there’s a whole lot going on with trees, or for that matter, vegetation in general, than meets our very limited cognition.

              m. clare

              About non-biological, non carbon based existence, I’m glad you asked that question.

              Because in discussing the idea of differing intelligence of organic life, it brings to mind that I’ve always been drawn to Native American lore, or religious belief, or simply how it has at times been expressed, wherein everything has a spirit – including rocks, by the way – for those of us out there who are so eager beaver to dismiss anything that they don’t understand as hog wash. For some, even a rock has a spirit. And, as I understand it, historically, for those who believed such things, also had an overriding respect for our earth. Which needs not to be sneezed at like someone who might, as they ride upon their high horse.

              Just so there’s no confusion, I’m not referring to you, m. clare, just to those individuals who seem to think they know it all. And I’m sure you know to whom I may be referring.

              Sincerely yours,

          • candlelight, what he was saying was the populations have been increasing since 2006. And that it was due to the fact that there are so many millions of independent bee keepers who go out of their way to make sure their bees survive. This isn’t to say that this means the populations have recovered, just that they are on the rise since 2006. If a farmer uses certain pesticides, I’m sure a lot of beekeepers will either say no way, or charge a truly exorbitant fee. It is the power of decentralization. JimBob who also notes the Stoics believed there is a spark of the divine in all beings/objects. So yeah, a rock is aware; just not the way we are aware.

            • I did not know that bee populations were bouncing back.

              There were conclusions a while back that the neonicotinoid class of pesticides were reeking havoc with the bee’s ability to forage ,thus bringing on colony collapse. Europe banned such pesticides in 2013. Apparently it may have been just one of a host of stressors affecting bee populations.

              In any event, it’s certainly nice to hear they have been rebounding.

              I’ve never studies Stoicism, but after a brief cursery peek, it looks pretty interesting, an opaque window into a higher level of consciousness.

              I’m for any system of thought that lets me know the rocks in my head may actually be awake, albeit, in their own way.


            • Oh, there was some damage to the colonies! I know a good sized apiary near here. But, a lot of the bees are used to pollinate more than just regular crops. You’ll find them in the woods (especially the tree farms, which constitute the majority of the woods in the US anymore), and people’s yards. But once again, the de-centralized, individual, nature of beekeeping saves the day. Just as the individualistic nature of internet news is beating the fire out of the big boys. JimBob who normally gets along well with bees; but every now and then you’ll run into a jerk what’ll sting ya.

  6. candlelight,

    If we can agree that humans, cats…. and even trees exhibit intelligence in varying degrees… what is it that makes many so reluctant to attribute intelligence to non-biological entities? Is intelligence the exclusive domain of carbon based life forms?

    Artificially yours,

  7. Does artificial intelligence exist? Can it? Does curiosity factor into the desire to expose that which is hidden? Are cats curious? Is curiosity indicative of intelligence? How shall we define intelligence?

    “The intellectual shortcut of quoting / mimicking / repeating the thoughts of others is encouraged by benevolent New Age school teachers and reinforced by mainstream media.”

    – m.clare

  8. Unrelated, but it is about Russia being (falsely?) accused of MH17.

    I just found this german video on MH17: (german language)

    Speaker: Bernd Biedermann. Officer of NVA rocket airdefense.

    Around the same time Putin was flying a plane in a similar course. He has likely been the target. This gives a direct reason for the Ukraine to shoot down an airplane. The Russians did not have any known motive.

    The specialist is explaining that a Buk system would create a long trail in the air. This was never witnessed. Nor were the explosive sounds heard that this system produces.
    (You can see the Buk in action in vidoes that show syria downing Tomahawks)
    The evidence supporting a buk is very vague, and the Russian side of the story has not even been allowed as defense/counter argument.
    The damage as reported by westernmedia via video, are wide spread holes around the cockpit.
    Holes can indeed be caused by a missile, but this would cause much bigger explosion according to the speaker and different damage. An auto-cannon can also cause such kind of damage if the spreading is large.
    The speaker also sees problems with the black boxes.

    The speaker also explains that all sides know more about what happened, but it is unclear why the Russian do not explain the situation.
    He suspects that the MH17 was downed partially by accident, as the real
    target was near.

  9. This article shows at least 2 instances where David Hogg committed fraud. In one instance he admitted was at home and had to ride down to the school on his bicycle to get video of the event.

    In the second it’s shown that he recorded the video at 9:32am when the shooting happened at about 2pm. I don’t know how legit this site is, but the article points out some interesting and provable fraud that Hogg has committed.

    In these two you can see that there were more shots fired even after Cruz started blending in with other students to leave the building. This would have been the point at which, had he been the shooter, he would have already ditched the gun, so he couldn’t have fired anymore shots at this point. This basically proves that he was not the shooter since we all know there was only 1 shooter. No one can challenge that there was only 1 shooter since that’s the official narrative.

    “Is Nikolas Cruz innocent?”

    “Senior From Parkland, Florida High School Claims She Was With Nikolas Cruz During Tragic Shooting”

    In this video Cruz is called the nicest person.

    “‘He was probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life’”

  10. Gaslight, why do you get your “truth” from a dude (Mark Passio) that thinks Trump is a good guy?

  11. 1) Both the animal and plant kingdoms are rife with examples of the use of secrecy and deception to secure resources of space, energy and time:

    – the stealthy tiger invisibly stalking its next meal
    – the lighted luring attachment on the head of the angler fish
    – flowers that mimic female wasps to attract horny inadvertent male polinators
    – small male cuttlefish who pretend to be underaged females and sneak a quicky with the big male’s wife…right in the big male’s protective shadow…. etc….ad nauseum

    The motivation? Self reproducing chemistry. Deception is rewarded; otherwise it wouldn’t happen. This fundamental and defining truth about ALL life forms is too often lost in the myriad complicated behaviours superimposed (and dependant) upon it.

    2) Globalization is a recently developed phenomenon. It is developing upon preexisting, socially ancient, hierarchically Pyramidal systems in which ruthlessness was rewarded. Stealthy, deceptive, psychopathic liars continue to collude today, the most buoyant rising to the top of the existing metaphorical pyramid. The most powerful among us make use of these well entrenched systems and strengthen them to ensure the genes of their tribe are successful.

    3) Cooperation amongst families, packs, pods, herds, colonies and tribes has a proven track record. The present global scale human experiment is in its infancy. I have my doubts we can pull it off. I have similar doubts at the other end of the extreme regarding anarchy.

    • Well, m. claire; all I have to say about those anarchy doubts is that myself and the untold millions of others who are living outside the bounds of that pyramid system (or at least scheming our way all throughout it which is a heap of fun if you ask me) in a state of anarchy already, will still be enjoying ourselves. JimBob who knows that if 99% of your life is a result of your decisions, you’re probably being lied to about someone else controlling you.

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