Interview 1370 – James Corbett on the New World Order

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Interviews | 43 comments

James Corbett joins Lior Gantz of to discuss the New World Order, the deep state and the battle for global control, and how we can slay the beast by simply removing our participation from the beast’s system.


  1. Alas, though I agree one hundred percent with your analysis, James, your solutions bear critical examination.

    So, the thing to do is to create a new world and not fight the old world?

    Do not fight the ‘order’ for it is useless and your human agency lies within your choices as to what to do and do things within your backyard?

    History has shown that the dialectic involved in fighting, let’s say labor inequality as an example, brings to light the ways we can organize labor and production in a more sane and egalitarian way.

    You seem to harken back to individualism as the way to create a new, better world and forget that dialectics shows that when you fight you create.

    Fighting and creating, exposing and replanting new ideas are intertwined. They are not mutually exclusive.

    No imagination of a better world can exist outside the fight against this world. The two are dialectically related.

    To think that one can abandon or defeat the pyshcopathic new world order by opening lemonade stands or deciding what we should eat begets what Marx so well said:

    “We all make choices but we do not all choose the circumstances within which we make them.”

    Those circumstances must change and if you think that people can free themselves from this fascist milieu by simply changing their consumption habits or what they choose to do with their time, I think you leave much out of the picture.

    We live in history and yes, we make it but within the history we live in.

    The fight against the new world order, using the terms, will be more involved than just deciding what Youtubes to watch, what to eat, what medicines to take, etc.

    • The current system is capitalistic… so while State power can be used to steer people we still have a lot of freedom to ‘water’ good growth or the ‘bad’ growth… facebook and google and Monsanto and a ton of other ‘monsters’ are fed and grow by the money people give them… kinda like the government EXCEPT we can very easily cut off private enterprise from the money flow.
      The majority of evil people prob dont sit around cackling, they just think their taking care of ‘Bizzness’ and growing rich… they’d prob even sell us good stuff IF WE ASKED FOR IT.

    • By building your own system, you are excluding these supposed over-lords. Find a way to do it. Just by doing so, you are actually causing those bureaucrats to actually do something. You can literally drown them in the work they cause themselves whenever they find someone thinking outside their box. I don’t really see what’s so hard to figure out about this. After all, if you want to live your revolution; living your life as a free person should be your plan. If you can’t do that, then you don’t really want freedom bad enough anyway. JimBob who also notes those city managers are part of the deep state by this definition he just heard.

    • When you are focusing on their narrative, you give them power. When you change the narrative to your own; you give yourself power. For example; there is nothing much I can do about anything that happens outside my realm of reasonable travel. Instead of worrying about those things; I think of things I can do for me and mine. Most of the power these entities have is imaginary and the more time you give them; the stronger you make them. Most people worship the system, and make it sound even more powerful; just so they can have an excuse to never do anything at all. Which is all I ever really hear whenever somebody tells me these horrible powers are the reason they can’t plant a seed. JimBob who has planted many a seed (authorized and unauthorized) and never had nobody do nuttin’ about it so he don’t understand the big deal about it.

    • I think that JimBob (I Shot Santa) has the right attitude on what we as individuals can do.

      Do what we can in our sphere of influence.

      And JimBob is right…
      … Most of the power these entities have is imaginary and the more time you give them; the stronger you make them. Most people worship the system, and make it sound even more powerful….

      • Yes, the power of the 33 Karma is strong with this one. JimBob who just hit 94 so he is obviously about to get raptured (or is that raptored?).

    • John O., I would like to point out that individual rednecks with guns stop a lot of cops from shooting people in the back just by virtue of their existence. We have the same stupid cops where I’m at, but we have even more rednecks with guns. Individuals who are not afraid of those little bullies can do a lot. And as far as history is concerned; mine is one of a free man. I care not for what the history of a group is written as; mine is all that matters to me. JimBob who also notes that history is written by poor liars. The truth is that it’s full of freedom. And that individuals are ALL that matters. The collectives are always a group-think with one childish mind.

    • There is a age-old saying that goes: Slaves request to be free, But the Free create (make by force) their freedom.

      Force is a many-layered word. History proves that all those big, organized revolutions are traps. The force required to just create your own system is far harder to fight. Just look at the MSM. Individuals, like those whom so many of you claim are useless, are kicking the crap out of them. Individuals, who have no coherent plan, no organization, no set agenda; they kicked the crap out of the MSM. The MSM that is key to the mind control of the powers that cower. Yet, you, John O. and weilunion all cut it down. Please, will all of you please inform us all how ya have something better that what has been proven to work.

      Group think people think as groups; they cannot defeat those who think otherwise. Slaves think in group-think. Slaves follow other people’s agendas. Free people don’t. We don’t think in terms of revolutions which will be infiltrated, controlled, and castrated from it’s inception. Just like history has shown has happened every single time. Agorism works. We know this because it is kicking the shit out of the system as we speak. For those of you who choose to remain blind; you will never see. But that’s your problem. JimBob who don’t care about no karma, nor about joining any gang (revolution, voting wusses, all those borg things; but just makes sure he has enough testosterone to stand up like a real man. Which is a free man. Who is an individual, and not a collective slave.

      • Dear VOA, I am an individual. My definition of anarchy is not in line with any dictionary. Other than it’s original definition: Without Rulers. Or rather, Self-Rule. This is a far better label than slave, and I have no problem standing firm with this label. Freedom is life. To submit your life to others, just because everyone else says it’s a great idea, is a living death.

        Religions grew from the same seed as philosophy. It was an attempt to discover who we are, why we are here, etc. And, of course, the lazy, and fearful, beast slaves never understood them properly. For example: While we may think the ancient Greeks had great mythologies in which human nature was eloquently explained; the ancient Greeks thought that crap was real. Just like modern religious people. They are the slaves; which is true. It is their choice. But that does not make them superior. Nor does the majority of a group doing something, make them more in tune with our human nature than anyone else. In fact, as all successful investors know; the group is a sucker who doesn’t deserve the money they will soon lose.
        Please provide me with any revolution (for you have claimed history has proven this) that has garnered freedom for a group of people. You keep claiming this, but I would like to see some bacon with my sizzle. How are the weak so much more evolutionary advanced than the strong? For the person who cannot think for themselves will always join a group. A group composed of people who cannot think for themselves. In a more anarchial culture; a culture comprised of people who are free because they brook no silly tyrant, you find a more cooperative approach(as a rule, I am a bad example for this)that tends to better all sides of a situation. As an example, all you need to do is look at all of your voluntary associations throughout any given day. For your life is already anarchy. What ruler demanded you eat what you ate for breakfast? What ruler demanded you do every little thing you are doing to stay within the confines of the group you detest and defend? You are that ruler demanding you submit to others. I live in a state that is not nearly as free as the news makes it sound, but I am free. I am within the system, but I love being in systems; for I learned how to master systems a long time ago. I play by my own rules and accept no masters. And yet, I am not nearly as belligerent as I sound. For most people are not as group think as they believe. Your tyranny is a choice. I think it’s a bad one. And I think that force is the tool of the inferior general. Or rather, I defer to Sun Tzu’s classic treatise The Art of War. In it, he states the supreme general looks weak, but emerges victoriously and without war. The war is won without violence by the supreme general. Not with violence. And you are wrong on the definition of the news authority. This site is but one of tens of thousands of sites. That is not a new group think challenge. That is the revolting of the individual.

    • By the way, John. (and yes, I am off on a rant as I woke up to find individualism under attack and so go off in full flame mode before cocoa in the morning. Quit coffee.) Karma is a result. When you are conscious (just aware of your thoughts and how they create your realities), you can “see” how your thoughts create your realities, and this then frees you from the chains your thoughts created. Freeing you to create new patterns, rather than locking you down into that one. This is a bad explanation as I’ve only just now poured my hot (organic) cacao powder (with Black Maca powder) and have only had one sip. Group actions rarely involve people (except for the ones at the top, and usually they’re not on the side people think they are on) who are conscious enough to understand the patterns which guide their actions. These groups (think Antifa, who are the repugnicans best friend as they have actually made them seem reasonable at the moment to the group think people)rarely achieve their goals, but they almost always achieve the opposite instead. The French Revolution is a great example; as well as every other one in history. And to drive the point home; everything worthwhile in life stems from the individual taking it. I believe (unlike VOA whom I’ve dragged into this by virtue of his having been referenced) that only slaves demand their freedom. Individuals don’t need to. To BE an individual is to be free. All group think people are enslaved by their thoughts. Even without some giant alien lizard jew over-lords to rule over them; even without banksters; even if they were all alone on the planet; they would still remain slaves. People are always their own rulers; it’s just that usually they do a pretty shitty job of it. Anarchy is the real, permanent state of reality. All of those made up political states have far less control over you than you realize. Even the worst states cannot control your mind. But they don’t need to; slaves will do it for them. JimBob who hopes this makes some sense as it’s not even 4 am but he woke up anyway just like any other old geezer.

      • Hola VOA! Warning; I’m on my SECOND cup of cocoa now. History tells us that slaves pick a different master when they do it in groups. Name a single revolution that wasn’t re-directed (or even out-right directed) by powers outside the interests of the group revolting. I know Americans will claim the Revolutionary War, but they’ll be wrong as well. Not one.

        As for DNA, and all that genetic BS; we have all kinds of genetic expressions (though I have never heard of the slave DNA before), but those genes can be turned on or off. Also, this genetic disposition is just that: disposition. A slave is just a beast. And they are beasts because they refuse to think for themselves. A human being realizes that it takes work to develop themselves; to reveal the masterpiece which lies within all of us. In essence; the slave is simply a person who is too lazy, or afraid, to develop themselves; while a free, or individualistic, person is not afraid or lazy. The individual does not need the group. The group however, is always a synthetic individual of the weakest sort. A group is unable to think as an individual. This means that a group is composed of individuals incapable (through choice, whether conscious or unconscious) of thinking for themselves. I think we have more than enough of those kinds of people. JimBob who enjoys a good flaming in the morning with other warriors.

        • Hola VOA! My cup of cocoa was brought to me by a voluntary association of individuals engaging in as free of a market as possible to ensure they can earn themselves a living while providing a desired product to a willing customer. This is not the group think mode in which you defend. This is the essence of anarchy. Individualism. Indiviuals create change, not groups.

          And this “slave” DNA is not something that is genetic. It is a Pavlov conditioning that requires many years of public indoctrination, poor nutrition, corrupt sick care institutions, etc., to barely work in suppressing our true nature: In that we are, by nature, individuals who have the ability to choose to think for ourselves or to allow ourselves to have others think for us. Those that think for themselves are more advanced evolutionary (maybe not in biological terms; but in philosophical terms at the least) than the group-think people who let others tell them what to think. That is group think. Not business associations. We desire community, because we need each other. We don’t have some natural desire to be dominated; that has been forced upon us; and not really that long ago in terms of our evolutionary history (which is a very debatable topic in light of many novel discoveries in anthropology; such as discovering human footprints long before we were supposed to exist). I personally subscribe to the theory that government was born out of raiders who found that it was easier to just tax rather than raid the weak. To be of a group think, and to enslave yourself, is not superior. It is an evolutionary dead end. The individual is the ultimate human being. And the individual has been here since we’ve had our little pre-frontal cortex. Just because our society encourages habits which calcify that pre-frontal cortex; doesn’t mean that our society is superior. It means that it’s people are not strong enough to be real humans. And by the way, your english is much better than my arabic. Or even my spanish that I’ve been studying forever and still sound like a complete idiot when speaking it. JimBob who does speak fluent yankee though when he really wants to, but that’s only when he wants to mess up someone’s mind by the contrast between his looks and his words. This let’s him perform his actions in plain sight and the group-thinking Borg never even notice it.

        • Hola VOA! You are not making your point unclear at all. However, I find my disagreement with your basic assumptions. A voluntary group of like minded individuals are not the group think, but your insistence that we are all disposed to be dominated (that whole slave DNA theme)does not necessarily correspond with it. Groups do form, and they are necessary as no person is an island. However, there is no need for a person, or system, to dominate a group. Cooperatives, businesses, etc., all rely on individuals banding together for a common cause. However, there has never been a grouping of individuals engaging in violent revolution which has ever resulted in what the people wanted. Which was relief from oppression. Violent revolution is actually what the powers that cower desire. It gives them a target to crush and to serve as a reminder to others what will happen to them if they dare to think for themselves. For me, I found the solution to be crystal clear some 8 years ago when I outlawed myself. While outlawing someone is normally viewed as a punishment, when you outlaw yourself you are placing yourself outside the societal controls. My actions sometimes appear to be cooperative with a system I abhor, but they never are in reality. This is the essence of agorism. And it is winning. The MSM is being forced-fed to us now through a new YouBoob feature which sponsors the wealthy MSM in order to try to defeat the poverty-stricken independent/alternative media pundits. While I don’t think James is poverty-stricken, this does apply to many of them. But the independent media is a medusa of hundreds of thousands of heads, and with every one the prevailing system crushes; a hundred more rise up to take it’s place. It is a formless, yet massive, beast which cannot be defeated. And yet, while it is a group, by the thinnest of definitions, the internet media is extremely individualistic in it’s structures, viewpoints, and conclusions. They all share a common purpose; which is to offer their version of reality, but that is it. And their lack of cohesion; their lack of unification; their lack of centralization; their lack of organization; their complete lack of form; all play a factor in their success. This same scenario is being played out in our food production. GMO’s are even now seen as bad in a commercial I saw recently while at a friend’s house. All of this was done by individuals fighting groups. I think our argument is the definition of the foundations of our arguments. JimBob who is enjoying this lively debate and has switched to a cup of Spirulina to juice him up for this rousing battle. 🙂

        • Dear VOA, I lead myself, follow myself, and usually am the only one in my way. And when you extol the virtues of the group mindset, you always point towards a supposedly historically proven revolution which you have yet to reveal. The reason is because these revolutions have never happened. They may have begun, but were instantly hi-jacked and twisted against the supposedly individualistic hive minds intent. To give you yet another example of a totally successful, historically documented even, revolution WITHOUT a common purpose; I give you the internet.
          While it was given to us as a trojan horse, the www has long since left that reservation. There is no agenda with the internet. It is just lots of data, and a good bit of knowledge with islands of wisdom in it. Yet, it has changed every aspect of our lives. It is nothing but a random, chaotic mass of individual thoughts placed into binary constructs and yet has already achieved more liberation than all of the imaginary revolutions involving toy soldiers who don’t really agree with being pawns of their masters. JimBob who knows that real people don’t just move where they’re told, so how is chess like war?

        • Dear VOA, so you’re saying India is free, that South Africa is free, that Hezbollah will be free? India simply switched tyrants. Look at it; can you honestly say they are free? And South Africa really is doing so well right now. There really were the tire burnings, and other atrocities. And Hezbollah is out of my realm of knowledge, but if it is being grouped with the last revolutions you cited, which are merely the changing of window dressings, I sort of doubt they will achieve freedom. All of these required death to get their sizzle; but how much meat did they actually get with their blood? Meanwhile, the internet has changed everything and at a far less deadly rate. Just giving people the awareness that they have more than the two choices given to them (this is the standard model in sales and government) has changed society, in every manner, than all of the armed revolutions you can come up with. And none of those armed revolutions have resulted in freedom. Just different masters. JimBob who is now going to dig in on this internet theme cuz he thinks he’s on to something here. For which he now thanks VOA. The power of individuals voluntarily debating each other while never agreeing is far greater than a bunch of idiots following some charlatan after a banner of freedom when they’re really just swapping cages. 🙂 Warning: Am about to finally eat breakfast and I’ll be having a super=herb drink with it; so double up that espresso!

          P.S. while it’s true that we did hijack the comment section, I think it’s in line with what James is saying and wants. Which is far different than my usual hijackings. 🙂

        • Hola VOA! So, you are saying more fighting is needed for freedom? That is the case for fighting (of the killing variety) since it’s inception. And it will always need more blood, because violent revolution never achieves freedom.
          With the internet however, the story changes dramatically. Without any cause, form, or purpose whatsoever; simply by being; it has changed the entire world, completely, and permanently, forever. This is the power of no form.
          I agree, and mentioned in my first comment, that the internet was designed to entrap the people. I am pretty sure this was not the result they intended though. The power of the internet is it’s lack of form. There is nothing to attack.
          The internet is causing an escalation of our own societal evolution; simply by existing. Many believe, and I’m a lukewarm believer in it, that the internet is creating a vast awakening in the population. Just by existing. The ability to learn anything, anywhere, anytime, and for anyone has awakened in many people the urge to actually learn something. Anything. It doesn’t matter what we learn; we are learning more about everything. This is causing the veil which conceals reality to get more and more transparent. All with no agenda, no purpose, and no form whatsoever.
          The internet has already accomplished far more than all your violent revolutions (which never worked out the way the people thought they were going to work out) put together. It is the very definition of all that James has been extolling when he talks of just out-growing the government through de-centralization. Though I am committing a huge generalization of his message, filtered through my own perspective. Everytime some devious plan is launched, there appears a video/blog/whatever on the internet which rips it into a trillion directions. Power is afraid of the light. It burns it’s flesh, once they’ve tasted the precious… There is no need to organize, to kill, to die. The old system is melting away on it’s own. JimBob who DID have a great breakfast with lot’s of those eggs the docs used to claim would kill you and now some are saying is a perfect food. And of which I ate through the entire time they said it was bad.

        • Dear VOA, I think you’re really reaching when you come up with the flat earth crowd. There have always been more idiots than smart people in any crowd. I like the flat-earth crowd myself. They don’t hang out in the dark little corners I frequent, so they’re no problem for me. But, as a further example of how the internet has already done far more than your silly, bloody, murderous revolutions; I suggest you check out the NWNW episode that just came out and pay attention to the title: 3D guns. While Cody had an agenda; he worked pretty much alone (totally as far as I know which isn’t that much), but he has already created more change than all of your revolutions combined. And that’s just one person. So, I’ll take a bunch of retard flat earthers as long as I can have a couple of Cody Wilsons. JimBob who thanks James for his timely release of that video just in time for his snappy comeback. 🙂

        • VoA said, “p.s. we just hijacked Corbett Report.. opps..

          Sorry people”

          Not even! This is an excellent debate. I can’t thank you guys enough for engaging and being so damn articulate. Never apologize for exchanging ideas…even the bad ones because a thorough discussion should be able to prove them.

          John.O! You’re alive! What a delight to see you! I was honestly worried that something had happened to you. I hope you stick around.

          JimBob, I’m positively buzzing from your contributions and finally had to let off cataloguing the numerous quotes which strike me to the core. It was hard choosing, but it boils down to these two:

          “…the slave is simply a person who is too lazy, or afraid, to develop themselves; while a free, or individualistic, person is not afraid or lazy.”

          “To give you yet another example of a totally successful, historically documented even, revolution WITHOUT a common purpose; I give you the internet.”

          Yep and yep.

        • Hey Pearl! I see you are almost old enough to come on over to the karma bar! Thanks. I actually do worry that I hog up the comment sections. It’s just there’s so many interesting comments on here that I fail to restrain myself. Glad to hear that anything I say means something to someone. I’ve really enjoyed this debate with VOA. He’s not a snowflake and is a worthy adversary for me to develop my own thoughts. I just hope I do the same for him. JimBob who got up way too early, but thanks to this thread is already way behind schedule. A bargain if you ask me.

        • Pfft! As if “legal age” ever stopped me. Don’t tell, but I’m going to try out my fake ID as I saddle up here. Hey! Who ate all the peanuts?!

          “[VoA]’s not a snowflake and is a worthy adversary for me to develop my own thoughts. I just hope I do the same for him.”

          I agree. A gentleman through and through.

  2. The strange inconsistencies of the Parkland 2-14-18 Shooting.
    I am dissatisfied with every article I have seen about this shooting. It seems that the mainstream and the alternative both either lie or ignore the important stuff. So, I wrote my own article. Here goes.
    1) Student David Hogg on Florida school shooting

    In the above video, at the begging, David Hogg claims to have been in his environmental science class when the shooting started.

    2) Sneak peek: 39 Days – a CBS News Special

    Starting at the 4:25 mark of this video David Hogg claims to have been at home when the shooting started and that he had to ride his bike as fast as he could to get to the school to get video of the shooting.

    So, um… like which is it?

    3) Brave student interviews classmates about gun control whilst hiding from shooter

    Starting at the 1:00 mark of this video is recording of David Hogg saying that the Alex View interview, done in the closet and supposedly during the shooting, was made at 9:32 on 2-14-18.

    4) Student Reporter Interviews Classmates Hiding From Gunman in Florida High School

    Here you can see that same video without the overlaid imagery… except there is something missing, and that something is the part of the video where David Hogg clearly stated that the recording happened at 9:32 on 2-14-18. I think this was the version of the video that appeared on twitter.

    So, you can tell how the part where David Hogg stated the time of 9:32 on 2-14-18 was certainly edited out. You can tell that these are the same recordings by comparing the 1:09 mark of video 3 and the 40 second mark of video 4.

    This wasn’t recorded at 9:32pm like some try to claim. There is no way anyone would have still been in the closet at 9:32pm. The school had been cleared out long before that. And you can tell from the video #4 recording at the 8 second mark that it is clearly daylight when the video is being recorded. See the light coming through the window in the upper left side?

    5) New details: How the Parkland school shooting unfolded

    Here we can see that shooting started at 2:22pm.

    You can see Cruz was arrested at 3:40pm. So, why would they still be in the closet at 9:32pm? They wouldn’t. It’s clear that the Alex View interview was recorded at 9:32am.

    That same article claims “Cruz remains in the lounge for two minutes before he discards his rifle and races down the stairs. He flees out the west doors of the building with other students.”
    This brings me to the next section of this mess.

    6) Alexa miednik official interview

    This video is interesting because as we can see during the Alexa Miednik interview there were shots fired even after Cruz had ditched the gun and blended in with other students to leave. She claims there was another shooter with shots coming from a different part of the building.

    7) Student witnesses confirm multiple shooters in Florida school shooting

    At the 45 second mark of this video another student claims there were 3 shooters.

    Keep in mind that I used to have a vid of another student make similar claims. I haven’t been able to locate it again so I didn’t include it.

    If Nikolas Cruz did the shooting then why are multiple people claiming more than one shooter?

    8) The meth head claim?
    At first I thought this was a red herring, but I have to wonder after seeing the complete inconsistency of David Hogg’s claims in videos 1 and 2.

    I will let you decide what to believe on this one. (this 3 pages of his arrest only appear in the pdf version of this article.)

    9) Friend Says Cruz He Knew Was ‘Nice Person’

    After all the demonization of Cruz I thought it would be interesting to include this video of someone calling him the nicest person they ever met. Just thought it was interesting.

    I’ll let you decide whether you think this was a false flag or not. Seems fishy to me though.

    • That shooting fell off the radar the instant those inconsistencies became known. The same thing happened with the Boston Bombing fakery. When one guy posted the only photo of anyone wearing the backpack as described was on a guy who looked like a Special Forces recruiting poster model; the entire business was dropped. Public has a short attention span. But the net is forever. JimBob who has also had things not last forever on the net as well. Just think Finland and vaccines and Baxley Pharmaceuticals. That one’s harder to find nowadays.

    • Hi Wall
      are you posting this all over the net?
      Your kinda preaching to the converted here. You’d do better to make it a bit smaller for all the ‘normies’ to digest. MAybe you should make a video… Corbetts 9/11 one was funny and real easy to digest and at about 5 min matched the average attention span (which is sad to say..)
      I’d suggest cutting the news clips together so it jarrs peoples complacency

  3. James,

    Just a note on Novus Ordo Sœculorum: sœcula (or sæcula) is the plural for “age” or “century” and is an idiom in Latin for “the world”. The possessive is a genitive of reference, so the literal word-for-word translation is “New Order of the Ages”, which means, in the sense it was employed: New Order for the World.

    • The title of this video

      BBC Presenter Loses EU Immigration Debate With Hungarian Politician

    • mkey, why did you force me to subscribe to Jimmy? I’m sure you knew what you were doing when you kept posting his videos. He was so spot on. I’m always surprised when someone who knows just how corrupt and incompetent government is, and then they tell me it can be different. So obviously not possible as it would not be what it is if it were possible for it to be otherwise. Don’t ask me to explain the preceding sentence as I’ll just ramble on and on and on. JimBob who just rambles on and on anyway.

      • No need to explain, it makes perfect sense.

        What I find interesting about Jimmy is how he keeps towing the line (I’m pretty certain completely unwittingly) for some major tropes: climate change, BLM, politics as a tool for achieving change etc. but he’s very aware of the huge amount of bullshittery elsewhere.

        I very much appreciate his reader’s digest of the MSM bullshit.

        • Yes, I haven’t seen his towing the line episodes yet; but I noticed that mind-set when climate change first became a thing in the public’s eye. To tell you the truth, the first time someone told me about CO2 emissions, I told them to just plant a freaking tree. That wasn’t received very well. Those are things that are deeply held without any critical thinking allowed on the subject. I can understand it on stupid people, but he’s not stupid. Or maybe he hasn’t yet learned that government isn’t corrupt; it is corruption. Seems so simple to me; but that’s my karma rating I guess. JimBob who will ride this karma train right into the ground. Or maybe up into the heavens.

          • He didn’t do any episodes on these topics, it’s just that he throws in bits and peaces, now and again.

            He does support varous politicians, though, so that’s right in your face kind of thing.

            • Yes, the truth of a person’s belief systems rarely shows up right in your face. People like to bring it up to you in bits and pieces. I hadn’t noticed him on those, but it just shocks me when someone so adept at dissecting what people are really saying believes in the system that was designed for white collar thugs. JimBob who’s collar definitely would have a ring around it if he wore something besides a t-shirt.

  4. Not really all that off-topic. Am watching the trumpy press conference on NATO. Let’s see; everyone in nato is happy, and really excited. Giving tons of billions to military. While all of the EU is sucking financially, socially, and morally. And they want to really rack up the military. Where have I seen this before? JimBob who also wants to remind people that the border wall also keeps most in, and that realid will soon be needed for domestic flights. And thinks these things just might be connected.

    Hey, might be a good idea to post a link to the video. That whole transparency thing and all:

    • Just finished watching the entire press conference. It does seem odd that NATO is going to be buying so much stuff from Boeing and NATO and all. While he claims that military strength brings peace; and this is true on a short term basis, but not the long term. It also makes it easier to control more people. He does seem sincere in this belief system, so I’m not saying he’s overtly being deceptive. I just note these things and chew on them for a while sometimes.
      I’m also always chewing on how much all this symbolism means to these nutjobs. Even the Q thing has a quote in which they state “Your symbolism will be your undoing” or something like that. Yet, Jared’s building is 666. And Trump is now being viewed as the bringer of peace. Well, at least in the interview which wasn’t cut that I could tell. I don’t believe in those literal interpretations myself; but I do worry about those people who do sometimes. I’m not saying this is really something; I just like to gnaw on things like this every now and then. JimBob who’s just about worn his teeth out gnawing on stuff like this. But what the hell, it all tastes so great!

  5. Just read this post by Jon Rappaport. While I don’t agree with his conclusion of everybody needs to realize this, I do agree that more (though less than you might think as the quality of those who realize is far more important than the quantity)people need to realize this first. However, this doesn’t mean I need to give a rat’s patootie about those who haven’t realized it. I’m too busy planting my crops way out of sight of those silly cave dwellers:

    • Ahh, VOA, that is an interesting dilhema; but one which I have no problem with. One: the scenario you provide means that you are allowing your opponent to choose everything: the battle, the strategy, everything. What SunTzu recommends is that you choose the battle, the terrain, the timing, the focus, everything. Why would I use force against an enemy that has superior capabilities in that area? I will listen to the N. Vietnamese who defeated my country even though they were weaker militarily. Again, the internet has taken back more liberties than all of those forceful revolutions ever had. Force is the tool of the oppressor, not the liberator. JimBob who does enjoy a fierce debate in the morning! 🙂

      • Hola VOA, I’m afraid you are wrong on how the Vietnamese defeated us. They were unable to beat us on the open battlefield. Extreme violence was the US’s forte, not the Vietnamese. They beat us by attacking us politically. They divided our country. That is how they beat the US. I am afraid that you are still stuck on trying to use the weapons that are not in your favor. You cannot defeat an army that has tanks, jets, freaking lasers, satellites, etc., by engaging in military action against them. And protests don’t work either. Again, the internet has done far more than those senseless revolutions (which have yet to free anyone, just swapped their cages) ever have. JimBob who says be like moonshine. It’s got a punch much harder than water.

        • Dear MBP, I agree completely on that aspect. Let’s not forget the success of the opium harvests as well. Not only were they able to undermine the discontented parts of the population, but they made a hefty buck off it as well. Plus, they got to keep the country divided, which made them more powerful. And all those covert programs…… Some say they live on. I’d be one of those. JimBob who thinks Monsanto came out pretty good as well.

        • Dear VOA, that whole guerrilla warfare thing was the only thing the Vietnamese had. But it was NOT what won the war for them. It is reminiscent of the same old gripes one hears from the American vets. It only focuses on the simple aspects of war, not the deeper reasons.

          1- The rules of engagement were designed to keep the war going, not to defeat the Vietnamese. This had to do with profit.

          2- The US indirectly funded the North Vietnamese, through Russia (think of all of the production help the US gave Russia during this time period and before). This supplied the Vietnamese with the technology they DID possess.

          3- The US did not practice any of the concepts of a successful campaign to end the war. Why? Money was to be made.

          I’m sorry, but those little punji stakes did NOT defeat the US. A combination of the Vietnamese politics dividing the entire US political spectrum (which ENDED the war) and the desire of the US to continue the war for monetary concerns prevented the US from winning.

          The US lost because they never desired to win. The Vietnamese WON because they not only desired to win; they fought their battles in Paris. Not Vietnam. They could never defeat the US militarily.

          None of what I just wrote is new information. Nor is this complete. Of course, you will always talk to vets of any conflict, and they will always tell you of how their courage won the war, or how the other side “cheated” or something. But that is not an in-depth analysis of the war; it is just one soldier’s viewpoint.

          Had the US had the resolve to win the war militarily, it would have. Instead, the US chose to let the supply lines stay open. They chose to let the Vietnamese infrastructure (despite the bombing runs, which were not conducted to win, but to put money in people’s pockets) survive.

          You are, in this case, looking at a very small segment of the war, and extrapolating it to have it seem as if your precious violence works. All violence does is, as you said, cause peoples “eyes to glaze over”. Violence only begets more violence.

          Yet, the internet merely exists. And it has done more for freedom by just doing that than all of your precious bloody wars. Why do you cheer on blood? Especially when a peaceful method has already done far more? This is a question I have. I do not wish to kill anyone. You are claiming that, but cheering it on with these revolutions. Please explain to me why exactly we should abandon a strategy that is destroying the opposition in a peaceful manner and switch it instead to a strategy that will fail completely an only beget more hate and violence. Who are the entities you believe will arm people? What banner are you endorsing? It will be a state banner in order to fight your bloody war. What state? Not that it matters; whomever you name is going to be just another tyrant smiling as they supply you with your toys of war. JimBob who ain’t following no more homicidal maniacs anymore.

        • Hola VOA, if you are not for violence, then why do you only use violence for your examples? And the reasons for the US leaving Iraq were not because of guerrilla forces, it had a lot of other real reasons behind it. Do you really think the US has no idea how to combat guerrilla forces? I’ve been trained in it. Both to combat it and to be it. It’s not rocket science.
          Also, since the internet is doing exactly the opposite of what you are extolling, then how come it has already done far more than your silly revolutions all put together. Just by existing.
          And, since you are always claiming it is so important to develop a common form, goal, etc.; then how do you fit that in with Sun Tzu who claims the opposite is superior? And I might also note that the superior general does not use the forms of his opponent, nor does he use force. He defeats his enemy before they even go to war. Which is exactly what the internet is doing. So, you are claiming we should substitute a strategy that is winning, to the same old strategy that has never worked before. Clearly, you need to step up to some espresso! 🙂 JimBob who knows better than to drink espresso again. It just ruins afternoon naps!

        • Dear VOA, actually I forgot about Ghandi’s swapping the cages revolution. As for what I’ll do when I see bodies flying, please. I’ve seen more blood than you have. I know this because I am the one against the violence you endorse. I’m just fine with other people’s blood and limbs all over the place. There is action that you are doing and you do it. It’s a bad scene, but I, and many other Americans, are perfectly capable of dealing with it. Brutality is all over the world. And the internet is much more than a telegraph. It is every means of communication ever invented, and a few more, all put together. And it doesn’t need any more time to see the direction it is taking us. It is lifting the veil. You still haven’t said whose cage we should enter once we leave this one. Your armed revolution will never work. How can I say this? Because it never has. The armed revolution is what the state wants you to do. I choose to NOT obey. As far as where I stand, I don’t care what you think on that. If you can’t figure it out from my words, then that’s your problem. I have the same handicap as everyone else here in that none of us know the other. So, maybe you’re the dis-info if you want to go down that tunnel. After all, you are the one accusing me of that for the second time. But I don’t care even if you were; which I don’t think. I don’t live in fear of some all-knowing over-lord. I’m pretty free BECAUSE I don’t live in that fear. JimBob who really doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him as what could he really do about it if he did? And whose opinion would he care about? And what if it went against his grain? So, he just don’t care sort of like a honey badger don’t care how many lions he’s gotta take on. 🙂 Thought I’d add the smiley since it looked more aggressive than I am. At this moment anyway. I never know what’s up next with me. It would ruin the surprise if I told myself.

        • Uh, you didn’t rattle my cage. I realized it might look that way, which is why I went back and added the smiley and the rest. I’ve yet to get ticked at you, though I am enjoying using southern slang on you now, just so that you can learn REAL english, instead of that fancy British or (heaven forbid!) YANKEE english! What they do to the language would make a pole cat blush! JimBob who is now thinking of some of the older sayings his grandpappies/mammies had just to spice it up some more.

      • Dear VOA, And Ghandi, MLK, and all those other pacifists always had armed guards around them. It was their followers who weren’t supposed to fight back. Pacifism doesn’t work. At least not by itself. I’ll also tell you that if someone hits me, I’ll hit them back until I feel satisfied. Those civil rights marches, from my understanding, had many black preachers standing by with guns. But, they were still almost defeated and they weren’t trying to change an entire system. Which is the goal here. Tell me again how you are going to fight a modern army? Only if you get another state actor to back your play. And then that state owns you. Not that there is a state that I could find to take on the US. In fact, any person who could find one would be more for the state arming the revolution, than the revolution itself. Again, your silly Ghandi did nothing compared to what the internet has done to date. And it is just getting started. This squeeze coming to the internet is not just a wake up call to the people; it is the forge by which we are strengthened. But violence still just begets more violence. The system is irrelevant. That’s all that people need to know. Not just intellectually, but down to their bones. JimBob who really wants to know how he’s supposed to take on a stealth bomber. He can’t even hear them on take-off! Much less when they’re dropping some “smart” bomb from 10 gazillion miles away.

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