Interview 1376 – James Corbett on the Next Wave of Internet Censorship

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We’ve all seen the latest moves to de-platform independent voices online, but how many people can see beyond their immediate reaction to the way they are being programmed to embrace the coming wave of government censorship? James Corbett joins Garland Nixon and guest host Eric Ladny on Radio Fault Lines to discuss this pressing issue.

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Social Media Alternatives


    • scpat says:
      This Liberty Report episode is incredibly relevant.

    • This is very relevant. I guess this makes my question moot. If we will all get booted for speaking freely, then I guess we don’t even have a choice but to leave because we’ll be made to leave regardless.

    • Just after the 16 minutes market are some very important issues addressed. Even the left is being censored including things like anti war and the world socialist website…

      So this censorship that twitter and facebook are pushing are not a matter of left vs. right, but instead of matter of corporatist/tyrranists/statist/entropists vs people-ist/freedomist/decentralist/extropists

      So, basically the rich parasites and their tom ass house ni**ers (for lack of a better term. And this isn’t about skin color. It’s about being disenfranchised and impoverished.), vs the people who love any brand of freedom and prosperity at all.

      I wish there was a website where everyone that isn’t a tom ass house ni**er could join and feel free to speak… whether they are communists, socialists, anarchists, libertarians or whatever. Just a place where everyone who doesn’t serve corporate overlords could feel and be free to speak.

  1. I think the following video is quite relevant. I am putting this up here for 2 reasons. 1) because this dude is right. Those withing the system are trying to get us to delete our social media accounts as a method to get us to self censor. 2) to test Corbett.

    Why are “Alternative” News Outlets Trying to Get YOU to Delete Your Social Media Accounts? Hmmmmm

    • Personally, I don’t care for the guy. Snubby. Self righteous. Ivory Tower type, bred with straining hyper-criticalness. Someone who I definitely would not hang out with.

    • So, Corbett passed this test as the post is still up.


      1) Corbett at least thinks he is not controlled op. (people don’t always realize how they are being manipulated… kinda how Corbett didn’t seem to get that Sibel had been manipulating him all those years)

      2) He either came to the idea of deleting twitter on his own, or was manipulated into it.

      3) Whatever you think of that churchdog42 guy, he does make a point. How are we supposed to get word out there if we don’t use the same social media that all the sheeple use?


      • wall,
        I suggest that you re-listen to Corbett’s video(s) about Twitter. Twitter can be hard to decipher as to the meaning.
        The format ignites controversy.
        But it can be a tool.
        I often follow this Dental Scientist’s Twitter…

        – Your Q #3 –
        In my opinion, each person can be an independent thinker and do-er.
        We are our own “authority”.
        This social media topic isn’t part of a moral code.
        Corbett encourages folks to move away from big corporate/government influences and manipulation as part of the solution to not be adversely affected by them.
        Corbett is always sharing potential alternatives and is adamant about “Open Source Solutions”… …which is us. We can go to the Corbett Episode relating to a topic and place our concept of an alternative solution.

        If I had a business which could prosper by using social media, I might use some of the mediums. Just because I put gas in my car, doesn’t mean that “I love Rockefeller”. Some parts of this insane “authority” system are tough to distance oneself from. So, we each must make the decisions that work.

        • Yeah, but will the alternatives ever have the reach of the original? What if they become corrupted too?

  2. Don’t forget to get rid of Android, OSX and Windows off your devices now.

    No point in having alternative hosting sites if one Tuesday you wake up and your device “No longer supports them”

    • And that’s another thing Octium. Don’t forget to get rid of Linux (if that pizzagate symbolism crap is real, then keep it in mind when taking a look at the MINT logo) too, and then all the hardware as well (remember the Patraeus comment about having hardware set up to spy on folks).

      The only real solution is to depose the corporate parasite class.

  3. Are we back to pirate analog radio stations?

  4. I found these two guys to be rather rude cutting James off mid comment after they posed the question so that they could fulfill their roles of being Russian bots.

    This aside I found James’ comment that the politicos are all set to ‘save’ the internet from their corporate masters an astute observation that portends heavy regulation which will amount to the same kinds of censorship under new law achieving the same result, just in a more round about fashion. The corps create the problem, the public reacts and the politicos get to get their hands on the internet and do their masters bidding as the solution.

  5. What does the Alex Jones/Infowars BAN mean for Indy media?

    Brose makes good points, as expected, but also mentions an interesting vox article (one I can’t locate,) in which they call for banning Stephen Moulineaux, Lauren Southern, Luke Rudkowski etc in addition to Alex Jones.

    On the other side of the spectrum, Jimmy Dore and his team are holding a penchant for proclaiming Facebook a public utility, with the full brunt of government regulation and everything that goes with it, which ties into what James was talking about here. As if the government ever fixes anything, not that it tries to.

    They also call for making it compulsory for facebook to follow the first amendment, which is funny to me, due to the fact the “first amendment” isn’t a global thing, while facebook certainly is.

  6. As a webmaster, It would be interesting to hear James’ take on what The Powers That Should Not Be could do in regards to seizing a DOTCOM domain in its entirety. Obviously we’ve seen this happen before in regards to drugs and sex trafficking but how would it work if they simply didn’t want CorbettReportDOTcom around any longer? I remember looking into this years ago and reading that TLDs such as DOTCOM are basically owned by the US gov. I can’t imagine Japan being any more lenient except for the fact that most Asian countries are impervious to the SJW Bolshevik nonsense sweeping Western Civilization. However, their nonchalant attitude doesn’t constitute “freedom of speech” in any way, shape or form. I recall reading that TLDs such as .co (Colombia) or the really zany ones such as .media, .xyz, .rebel were such harder for sovereign state actors to take down without international cooperation.

    • Yes, James has covered that in the past.

      The detailed solution would be to use something like this…

      Interview 846 – The Censorship Solution with Michael Dean

      A simpler, more short term solution would be to use the DNS servers provided by volunteers at

      The advantage of the opennic method is that it can be adopted in a matter of minutes without requiring any special software to be installed. As long as you have the password or pin code required to edit the network settings on your own device you you are good to go.

      Downside is that it is just a regular DNS system (albeit not running on government controlled servers), there is no robust distributed block chain that can resist censorship.

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