Interview 1386 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Russia Claims Filming of Staged Chemical Attack In Syria Has Begun

Haley Warns Russia, Iran Of “Dire Consequences” Over Syria Military Assault

Mattis Says Assad Has Been Warned Against Chemical Weapons Use In Idlib

UN Report Claims Syrian Gov Have Used Chemical Weapons Three Times In 2018

17 Years After 9/11, US Counts Al Qaeda Among Allies in Syria, Yemen

Trump Renews National Emergency Declared in Response to 9/11 Attacks

Notice Regarding the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks

Story #2: Motorola Patents Robocop Autonomous Car That Breathalyzes, Mirandizes You, Calls Your Lawyer And Collects Your Bail

Amazon Patented System That Would Put Workers In Cages, On Top Of Robots

“Anatomy Of An AI System: The Amazon Echo As Anatomical Map Of Human Labor, Data And Planetary Resources”

OxyContin Maker Gets Patent for Drug to Treat Opioid Addiction

Story #3: Top Cancer Researcher Fails to Disclose Corporate Financial Ties in Major Research Journals

How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Stand Up To Cancer Causes

9/11: War Games

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

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  1. ANOTHER NOTE: This video was immediately age-restricted by ThemTube, meaning you would have to sign in to Google (and be over the age of 18) to watch the video. The DTube version is embedded here and on the front page while the BitChute version processes, and the mp4 will be available from my own server shortly.

    • Mr Corbett,
      From the Home page, the link “CLICK HERE FOR SHOW NOTES AND MP3 AUDIO FOR THIS VIDEO” doesn’t take people to this page.

      • Right you are, HRS. Thanks for the tip. The link has been corrected.

  2. “As a friend”
    I got a wide grin towards the end of this episode when I briefly saw my best friend on the video in reference to Pilato’s mention of “Stand Up To Cancer Causes”.

  3. For those having problems accessing the YouTube version of this video, the BitChute and DTube videos have been linked above, as well as the link to the mp4 version of the video file. You can also access the video from the Videos tab of the website as always. Here is the direct link to the video post:

  4. It appears the motivation behind the hard push for early detection procedures such as mammograms and colonoscopies (besides the immediate profits from performing those procedures) is to increase false detections and detections of tumors that the body would have dealt with on its own.
    This means millions more chemo/RT patients, and billions of dollars in increased profits. It also means $billions more a few years down the road when those patients have “recurrence” (aka: actual cancer caused by the chemo/RT they received a few years prior).
    James did an excellent video that ties into this, in which he pointed about the glamorization of chemo/RT, and cancer survival as a sort of right of passage for women.

    • I agree AAF.
      There is a big push to do lots of tests “to find something wrong”, rather than a push to improve the overall general health of an individual.

      – Trend here in the U.S. –
      I have noticed over the past 3-4 years or so, many of these “7-11 type” medical clinics open up. It is the new business trend. Small urgent care or medical care facilities have opened up and probably out-number the dry cleaners.

      Also, in recent years, I have seen a lot of new hospitals open up.

      I attribute the trend to the Obamacare laws. A lot of mandated money now flows towards medical care.

      Typically, if one walks into a hospital, they will do their best to upsell the victim on some surgical procedure. That’s where the money is. Cancer too.

      By the way, I don’t have medical insurance.

  5. I’ll bet anyone anything that the Robocar v2.0 will perform a mandatory colonoscopy along with the breathalyzer test (probably via means of the same tube) so that you may start paying off the cancer treatment debt as soon as you land in the slammer, along with being a more productive/happy/dependent consumer/con/voter.

  6. Good News Next Week – September 15, 2018

    While I know that Pilato no longer lives in Oregon, he may like this story…
    How a Ragtag Group of Oregon Locals Took On the Biggest Chemical Companies in World — and Won

    While the campaign for the aerial pesticide ban in Lincoln County was being run on the cheap, opposition to the measure, which was ultimately voted on by fewer than 14,000 Lincoln County residents, came from some of the world’s biggest companies…

    …The industry group’s work to fight the local campaigns in Oregon included holding two “meetings to organize Protect Family [sic] Frames and Forests” — a group that was central to opposition to the ban in Lincoln County; creating and testing messages; conducting a “brainstorm session for potential activates”; setting up meetings with key players in the county; conducting “Sentiment Research,” holding trainings in media, social media, and public speaking; creating direct mailers, a logo, and a website; doing “social media research” on voters; creating a “Facebook strategy,” which included a Facebook page and a “secret Facebook Page”; writing a script for door knocking; creating talking points; writing and editing 15 letters to the editor; and “auditing strategies” of three groups involved with the local laws…

    …While the national industry group paid for all this, its name never appeared on the materials or was referenced in the local fight, which was instead framed as being led by local farmers….

    • I want to mention something extraordinary about the drafted ordinance by the Ragtag Group of citizens.

      They put in a clause which basically “spelled out citizens’ rights to use “direct action” to enforce the ordinance if necessary.”

      Maria Sause, the part-time translator who helped write the aerial spray ban, felt the language clarifying people’s rights to enforce the law corrected an existing power imbalance. “We’re being accused of being eco-terrorists,” Sause said. “But the way the laws are right now, the corporations have priority over the citizens’ right to defend their own health and safety. That’s terrorism.”

      • Homey this is great, but some resent dots have come into view and this “eco terrorists ” ordinance will be hard to enforce but very satisfying if a plane should be stopped,locally, the hard way.
        The dot connector came from Bill Cooper’s CNN interview.
        At around 22:00 Bill says the most enlighting thing. He speaks of the Cabal and …one world government…utopia rationalization…they won’t get it cause they are not dealing with the problem that makes them want to create it…that is the inherent flow that makes us do the things we do…UNTILL THAT IS OVERCOME THERE’S NEVER GOING TO BE A WORLD WITHOUT KILLING, RAPE, ROBBERY…
        So the work of Overcoming begins in earnest. Transhuminism, geoteraforming of biological systems, loading the human computer with transgenetic bio-material bio-nano metal programmable smart dust to interface with the Wifi radio frequently 5g ; A.I. All verifiable facts we can see and prove, but to what end? Bill Cooper spelled it out.
        Bill explained and agrees with the goals of the Cabal and like Caroll Quigley he vehemently condemns the methods.
        With the end of our republic nearing, direct local action will be all thats left to the common man. However as Cicero said ” the law is inoperable in war”
        This is where I must thank Jas. Corbett for introducing us to Katalaxy. The home economy is where the most strength of resistance can be found to the OWG Cabal . AS Cicero is famously quoted” the sinews of war are UNLIMITED MONEY”. The largest tax device comes from the home economy. Corporations don’t pay cash taxes like the home economy’s. Cut off that supply stream from the local Katalaxy and they will panic. What could go wrong? If it is a terrorist act to spray people with Bio-chemicals and an act of war and there is no laws where is our remedy to be found? Help me out with this Tex. My head hurts.

        • P.S. Homey, my head hurts thinking of the possibilities Elana Freeland and Clifford Carnicom have unveiled about ” …they must overcome this…” that Mr. Cooper spoke of.

    DIY Gun Activist Cody Wilson Accused of Child Sexual Assault

    My spidey senses are tingling on this one. Seems awfully convenient that Cody Wilson gets brought up on child sex assault charges and possibly imprisoned for several decades just after he won a huge court case for 3D printed guns that the politicians were hysterical about. Maybe this is just one big coincidence but I have my doubts.

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