Interview 1404 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Chinese Baby Gene-Editing Scientist Goes Missing

NWNW Flashback: CRISPR Gene Editing Can Cause Hundreds Of Unintended Mutations (Jun. 21, 2018)

Japan Allows Gene Editing For Research Only

“Is ‘Kid A’ Really About Cloning Humans?”

Story #2: Scientists Say National DNA Registry Will Lead To Greater Privacy

PDF: “Is It Time For a Universal Genetic Forensic Database?”

5 Privacies You Didn’t Know You Lost

Announcing the DNA Control Grid: Mainstream News Finally Revealing Government Ownership of Public’s DNA

Marriott Mega-Hack: Half a Billion Guests’ Data Exposed Over Four Years

Story #3: Tired Of Cleaning Up Dog Poop, MN Apt. Manager Uses DNA Tests To Fine Pet Owners

DNA Shaming: Welcome to Orwell’s Nightmare

In Fight Against Opioids, North Carolina Town Plans to Test Sewage For Drugs

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  1. Living things are extremely well designed with countless chemical pathways.
    It befuddles me that any sane person would want to take the ‘natural’ out of nature.

    I think that many folks have a wrong impression of genes. Genetics itself, alone, does not determine one’s health fate. For example, one sometimes will hear “I will probably get cancer because of my genes.”
    That’s false. Actually, everyone has cancer (or rather cancer like cells) which the body naturally disposes of, unless its mechanisms are altered and compromised with poisons or lack of nutrients.
    Probably, only 5% of the population’s health destiny is genetically determined, and even that can be attenuated with proper health protocols.

    It is well known that epigenetics is where the focus should be; that what we do has a greater impact on the body’s function.
    The body’s mechanisms outsmart the smartest.

    Stem Cell Therapy is something folks should be aware of. It is a natural body mechanism.
    Stem Cells Explained Video – Scroll to the bottom of this page, just above the Corbett Video…
    (As an aside, that is my dog and desk.)

  2. Sorry, I disagree.
    I am very sensitive to EM-radiation, and my family is all non-sensitive.
    So EM-sensitivity has not much to do with the DNA.

    There can be differences in gene-expression via epi-genetics, which
    can is also be partially inherited.

    The EM-resonance frequencies depends on whole other things.

    I also disagree, with the “targetting of individuals” by government
    with EM-radiation. You are already targeted with WIFI, blue-tooth,
    the mobile network and (military)radar.
    I can feel the last one the best, because of its pulse-strength.

    I have more problems with cell-phones than any other thing.

    The agencies do not need to follow any individual target, as every
    target is already drained with all kinds of radiation.
    Also tesla’s idea of EM-radiation for free electricity is very damaging.

    For me it is a relieve to go out into nature and be far away from
    any electricity.

    There is another problem though, which is far beyond anything that
    is discussed here. That is spirits stalking people.
    It is actually very common, but really ignored by the materialistic
    society. Spirits are just people that died and did not leave this world.
    All old non-materialistic cultures can see them. Like in Japan.
    Many even honor them or call to them.
    I call it the spirit conspiracy.

    These spirits can give very similar reactions to
    what people describe when they are being followed.
    By government or whatever.
    That is because they are being followed.

    It is easy to induce into people, as it instills fear.
    Sometimes it can be done via television or images.
    Just try to go into a forest after you have
    seen a horror-movie. You will likely have thoughts of
    people/monsters standing behind trees.
    They also have an addicting effect, as you can see with people
    that watch horrors, but rather should not.

    The movie “branded” shows what I observe in the best way.
    Blobs of consciousness attach themselves to victims causing
    all kinds of problems.
    And certain people control those blobs…

    My sensitivity for EM-waves started after spiritual experiences.
    It seems that EM-waves affects the aura in some way.

    The fun thing is that the existence of spirits actually makes more
    sense of the brain.
    That is because the brain or any artificial intelligence can
    not function without any controlling mechanism.
    A system can never control itself or learn by itself,
    as it can not see what is correct or not.
    That is proven in computer-science.

    With spirit-consciousness as a controlling/guiding mechanism, we can
    get a stable self-regulating system.
    This also works on micro-biological level, where cells can survive
    and adapt to almost any circumstances.

    On I list a lot of problems
    with current materialistic and dogmatic science and the solutions.

    • Good wishes to the sensitive, I wish I were less sensitive than I already am. What ever will happen to those humans who used to Commune with nature and the many spirits nearby and draw nourishment for their souls from the stillness and depth of grounding with the vast earth, and so on, when the bombardment of micro-signals is, as promised, ramped up to a constant psychic noise? Prayers will get stretched, the angels will weep as often they have done. But then, the unexpected has occurred regularly enough . . . miracles come through. Hope some do.

      • I can block the sensitivity, by blocking my feelings and happiness too. Nature is indeed nourishing.

        The EM-waves might be disrupting the communication between the cells. But there is also reason to believe that it interferes with the positive telepathic communications between each other. Not many people experience love from facebook, but they can hug a tree.

        I think our task as more sensitive persons is to remove the noise,
        or at least the power behind it.

        In my experience, the spirits (and our fears)
        give psychic energy to the noise.
        Those spirits (and blobs) do not want to stay here on earth.
        They are done and want to go. They are not evil, just lost.
        Spirits are often stuck in a nightmare, blobs have lost all
        sense of themselves.
        With some help, they can go willingly and easily.

    • rc_s and zyxzevn, you both may be correct , time will tell. This thing the Z mans talking about has quite as much research behind it as that of psycreservation.Hal Puthoff and more so Rupert Sheldrakes research and proofs have quantified the crazy out of many of the narrow perceptions previously held by main stream science..
      Z-man, “what if” is as valid here as in psychoanalysis. They both may prove bunk. But if the morphogenetic field theory holds than could the EM pollution and fog be responsible for their malfeasance manifestations? Blocking or deforming an otherwise stable natural conservation of energy process. Without going off the reservation.

  3. Owners want to own even what has never been owned, but now comes into view thanks to technology. Thus bringing into question their raison d’ètre, ownership. Ownership better meet moderation and sanity soon–it is one step away from becoming some kind of Frankenstein monster with special powers.

    • s.jameison, well said.just minutes ago I got a friends email.
      “antitheses of capitalism ”
      The Xhosa tribe in Africa has a saying “UBUNTU” I am because we are. I have heard this before but don’t know where. Anthropologist had a group of children set up to race for a basket of fruit. At the start the children all held hands and went to the finish line together. When asked why a child responded “Ubuntu, how can one of us be happy when all the rest of us is sad?”

      Westerners are monstrous about ownership in comparison .

  4. == Off Topic: The Juice Media ==


    A++++ 1000 points! Three thumbs up! FUCK YES!!!

    “Honest Government Ad | Anti Encryption Law” :

    I don’t know if I’m crying because it’s so funny or so true.

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found this gold mine. The above video is from “The Juice Media” channel’s series on YouTube :

    Another brilliant example, here’s their last released 2 weeks ago : YouTube

    I love everything about these (I’ll be binge watching the rest of them soon enough) and aim for my own project to ideally be on par in almost every way.

    I recently joined SaidIt. Reddit is SJWs and Voat is Alt-Right and SaidIt is the third way FOR TRUTHERS! I learned about it from the Sam Tripoli Tin Foil Hat podcast interview with truther extraordinaire, Magnora7 who started SaidIt. This is the post I learned about The Juice Media :

    SaidIt is essentially like Reddit but it’s not censored, like InfoGalactic is an uncensored fork from Wikipedia. And on both of these platforms I’ll be open-developing my 2 major and some minor projects that are different than what these platforms are usually utilized for. Facebook lets you create a vanity user page but Wikipedia does not. On InfoGalactic you can use their wiki as you see fit (no child porn, drugs or arms dealing, obviously). I’ll certainly be posting to TCR when I actually have my projects prepared enough to finally crowd/open-source them.

    Feel free to join SaidIt :

    InfoGalactic examples censored off Wikipedia:

    The James Corbett article grows more and more out of date, but I recently added a few things.

    The see also section of the Conspirophile article is an example of how I tend to over do it then pull back, which I haven’t finished. On the right I started a sidebar template “Part of a series on Conspiracy theory” as well as one for “Trutherism” as well as matching template bars for the bottom of the page. These templates are a huge mess that will eventually contain the “See also” section. For this mess I am sorry and I apologize for this excessive wiki spiel.

    Now I have to actually go and watch this Corbett Report video. 🙂

    You may now resume your soul-crushing debt-slave existence.

    • Jason,
      That video “Honest Government Ad | Anti Encryption Law” is hilarious!…and so true.

      From the Home Video…
      That one line ‘from the Australian government’ “In order to protect you from your own brain…” had me rolling.

      • Twice in as many weeks! AMAZEBALLS TRUTHER ANIMATION ! ! !

        (New to me anyway.)

        “IN-SHADOW – A Modern Odyssey – Animated Short Film” (2017-11-13)

        Pure inspiration (to me). The Last American Vagabond turned me/us on to this.


        Also, FYI, I started a new little project. I don’t expect truthers to be jumping at it for countless reasons. I will work at it here and there over the years and maybe folks will join in and perhaps it can become a useful tool. Like my Pedophocracy article that grows and improves with time.

        I introduce to you… the TRUTHER TOP 20s a cross platform project.

        It’s only just begun and there’s only one example project on 9/11, with and unlimited potential for more to come.

        From the project…

        Truther Top 20s : Quick Reference Talking Points On Serious Matters

        This is not a typical Reddit-style project.

        Too much good information is drowned in disinformation, misinformation, and random information intentionally mixed into a confusing disorganized mess without contextual clarity. Develop, summarize, and simplify core fundamentals here into curated fundamental bullet points to help newbies and pros alike. The simple truth is hard to deny.

        These summary lists of bullet points will be openly editable in this channel’s wiki in a basic form and with deeper context and hyperlinks on the freely editable uncensored InfoGalactic wiki. The InfoGalactic wiki can further list the pros and cons, weaknesses and strengths, contradictions, counter-positions, and deeper levels, with citations and references, to further back up any statement, or to call out why it’s invalid, how it has flaws, or that it needs further support.

  5. == Off Topic: The Return ==

    JAMES CORBETT PLEASE interview Ed Opperman and Magnora7.

    Ed Opperman has some A+ to A+++ fantastic content, similar to Pearse Redmond (Porkins Policy) and other A++ shows at American Freedom Radio. Opperman like many has his human blind spots, dogmas, leanings, etc but I think these folks are fantastic truth seekers. Recently though it sounds like Ed Opperman, like many of us, is really going through some tough times and can use some exposure and financial support or he’ll have to bail on his great show. Sure he’s said this before with less intensity, sure he’s been a whiny curmudgeon on occasion (who hasn’t?), but many he does some great interviews and gets great guests. If his situation is as dire as he says, it’d be a great tragedy to lose his show. I’ve never begged for anyone before.

    The Ed Opperman Report :

    His podcast is also on Spreaker.

    Less urgent, but equally important, please interview “Magnora7” (and maybe “d3rr” too?) about SaidIt, an alternative to Reddit and Voat, as well as decentralized web alternative solutions like PeerTube, WebTorrent, Mastodon, the Fediverse, Holochain, Protocol Labs (IPFS, Filecoin, IPLD, Multiformats, libp2p), OpenBazar, DTube, ZeroNet, Solid, Mycroft A.I., FreeNAS, B.A.T.M.A.N., and other stuff. (I don’t know if he can speak on all those things, I just added all the under-popularized tech stuff I’m already a fan of I want to know more about.)

    If I understand correctly, SaidIt is not a huge financial burden and is stable, but donations are always welcome and it’d be great for them not to carry the entire burden and maybe invest in new tech ideas and safeguards against censorship and/or infiltration. (Or maybe they’d save it for when the shit really hits the fan. I don’t know, it’s not my project.) With that said, what SaidIt really needs is more exposure, more users, and a broader user base that might also include coders, for new forum functionality (Reddit was once opensource, no longer), as well as for merging decentralization tech and server stuff.

    Also, from what I’ve gleaned, they’re also interested in reaching out to help unify truthers, however that may come to pass can be openly or privately discussed on SaidIt. Maybe something formal or informal, a coop of sorts, or a shared merch webstore to fundraise, or other shared resources, by consensus or by other means. The endless possibilities can be hashed out. If only there was an uncensored voting-forum-wiki… That’s right, I SAIDIT!

    Join SaidIt for free and for freedom:

    For your edutainment:

    “Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #60: The Rothschild with Magnora7” (Jan 11, 2018) :

    “Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #119 The Return of Magnora 7” (Aug 27, 2018) :

    What would I get out of it if JC interviews these 2 guys (and/or Pearse and/or AFM guys)? I get to see 3 of my heroes interacting (not necessarily at the same time). Also I would hope Opperman’s show would get the Corbett bump in popularity he needs and the SaidIt site might grow their community and technical capability. Further, I want SaidIt to be stable so I may participate and develop my open-projects there.

    To be clear: I do not represent anyone but myself. Any errors or misrepresentations made in the above is fully my responsibility and from my well meaning ignorance. I hope no one is traumatized, injured, or dies. I had the audacity to do this and I will also link this on the Ed Opperman channel where he’s usually been responsive in the past and on SaidIt where there’s usually some folks truthing.

    This comment’s link is added to Ed Opperman’s YouTube channel and his last video comment section in hopes he reads it ( ) and to The Juice Media conversation mentioned in my previous comment above ( ).

    • Also, please consider interviewing Holly Seeliger of Zoon Politikon. I know you’re deep in WWI but maybe eventually you might want to talk to her about the her alternative history expertise and original research in the Salem Witch Trials (see her collaboration with Logos Media) among other historical revisionism and her truther news and contextual reporting/repeating and Green activism. She’s also been on Jason Goodman’s channel among other interviews.

  6. After seeing this episode,

    1) Has TCR covered the idea that there are secret human-hybrid labs in Antarctica where they are free to experiment, cus muh loopholes? It’s a long way to go, assuming they gave a shit about restrictions. Also, they could have labs similar to the floating prison in that Marvel movie which I suspect is not unlike reality beyond the 200km coast in international lawless waters.

    2) Has TCR covered the myth of AIDS?

    Unless Corbett has or will cover these I may have to go to Snopes to scratch my itch.


    I just heard that PooPrints is relocating, so they greatly appreciate it if you reroute all your requests through the White House. Feel of charge, for freedom, feel free to send samples :

    • 3) Has TCR covered Hillary Clinton’s gangster family? Or updates on the Clinton Foundation corruption? Please bring back Charles Ortell.

      4) Has TCR ever cover The Leap Manifesto? I really liked Naomi Klein a lot. And then I finally saw through the climate change scam. So now I just like her with a grain of salt. This citizens taking control idea seemed bold and new but obvious and I wonder if it was good or had holes, was futile or effective or what. And is there anyway to improve it, expand it, open source and decentralize and popularize it or something like it.

      5) I never bought the 9/11 story from day one and the “they hate us for our freedom” shit. I always liked the idea of clean environment and justice etc but I was never interested in activism – at all – until, 15 years ago, in 2004, I saw a movie that radically flipped my lid and I went from appreciating documentaries to loving them (though it took me another decade to realize many of them have their agenda and have a DEEPER agenda). That documentary was The Corporation.

      Little did I know I’d become friends with one of the co-directors, Mark Achbar, through Burning Man, etc in Vancouver. I shared the following video with him, and he arrange to include it as an extra feature on The Corporation DVD: the Knife Party animation studio’s “What Barry Says” : (This is 4 years before the lesser-known Obama would take leaderhips, so no, Barry is a British bloke.)

      Soon after, I stumbled upon Michael Ruppert’s 9/11 and, as they say, it was all free-fall from there. (This is a new saying I just invented and hope to popularize.)

      6) Does anyone know if any of the returning troops suicides may actually be them suicided into silence for reasons? Or to lower expenses/payouts? Could this be a show? There sure are a lot of them. Would be easy to hide a noisy needle in a haystack.

  7. Finally, some truth has been leaked. Mark the Chinese scientist ‘story’ as the first true public notice of what has been secretly researched and developed for many, many decades—DNA modified humans to suit the power monger elites’ agenda for supporting their war economy and slavery model both here and beyond this planet. Humans are no more than a planetary herd of Muggles to them for furthering their petri dish crystal ball dreams–and our nightmares.

    Besides, a government DNA database is really old news. It exists (as James has talked about previously). What has the government (for lack of any better word) done with all the DNA samples taken from the heels of every baby in every hospital for the last six+ decades? DNA research, folks. What kind? EVERY KIND–bet on it. I’ve no doubt whatsoever that the facilities associated with such research are growing modified humans.

    The ridiculous corporate database to assure ‘privacy’ (ROFL) story is eyewash propaganda meant to confuse and soften the facts of full-blown DNA research/modifications being brought to the fore through reports such as the Chinese scientist story. It is and has been in full swing for a very, very long time.

    BUT, hey! The Normies will believe anything they are told. I’ve no doubt that they’ll line up to “protect their privacy”. (Whatever)

    Goodbye naturally born humans; hello Gattaca!

  8. Via Sarah Westfall
    Landmark 5G Criminal Trial, “It’s a Weapon System”, MI6 Concerned

    There is clear indication of damage, especially with transmitters
    that are way out of standard safety limits.

    The mechanism seems the spark-antenna system of conductive
    parts of the biological system. Like DNA.
    This is not in the video, but is explained in a previous open thread.

    The scientists involved with EM-radiation safety are instead
    looking at the heating effect only, and model the whole complex
    biological body as a barrel with water.
    See the difference in model?
    The barrel is a clear straw-man.

    And people that are sensitive to EM-radiation, like me,
    are usually gaslighted. Officially, as it is registered
    as a psychological problem.

    I think that all “scientist” defending the idea of
    “safe radiation” should be put to trial as criminals, as they
    are stopping safety measures that can prevent damage to people.

    In the video the 5G system is even seen as a terrorist weapon.
    But I think it is mainly about power and money, as the
    excessive EM-radiation makes people addicted and more conforming.

    A bit like the sun. We people are biologically wired to enjoy the sun.
    Now people “enjoy” the EM-radiation, and the body has no good defense for that.

  9. Feb 8, 2019
    University of California to be granted CRISPR patent

    …The decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to grant the patent could further fuel a long-running dispute between the university and the Broad Institute, a biological and genomic research center affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard that also holds patents on CRISPR.

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