Interview 1406 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Tokyo Convenience Store Chain Lawson Tests Fried Chicken-Dispensing Robot

Video:「からあげクン」ロボ ローソン、できたてを販売へ (“‘Karaage Kun’ Robo Lawson, Selling Fresh Finished Items”)

Ohio State’s Ag School Gets New Bacon Vending Machine Funded By Big Pork

Story #2: Consumer Advocates Say UK “Unprepared” To Regulate Pesticides After Brexit

PDF: Brexit And Pesticides – UK Food And Agriculture At A Crossroads

Scotland Issues GM Crop Ban (#Winning!) (Aug. 12, 2015)

Japan May Boost Gene-Edited Foods Development

Story #3: Anti-Vaccine Italian Government Sacks Entire Health Expert Board

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Small Bookstores Booming, Despite the FAANG

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  1. Italy, Vaccines, and the fight against mega-corporations and their corrupt influence

    Back around August 18th, 2018 on the comment thread for “Good News This Week”, I mentioned this…

    Vaccine Freedom
    Italy… Look at 10,000-15,000 people protesting and the government’s reaction(s), then more good news on a variety of fronts.
    (Del Bigtree shows video of the protests.)

    • Denied state education for unvaccinated children? Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

    • The more you watch, more sickening the topic gets. How does that channel have only 13k subs?

  2. Book Stores

    I liked that story at the end of “New World Next Week” about small bookstores.
    In this current era, there are simple methods where an entrepreneur can get tons of used books free. (and DVD movies, music Vinyl and CDs, etc.)

    If, at my age, I had more stamina and endurance for long extended hours, I would probably take hold of a venture like a bookstore or resell shop.

    I used to own bookstores. Hit me up if anyone has questions.

  3. How do you reconcile anarchism with decrying the lack of state regulation

    where is it put in stone that anarchism can not contain those written codes coming out of Civil Law Understanding?
    Anarchism as a purist ideal is as realistic as hoping to catch Santa Claus coming down the chimney.
    Anarchism to me is the minimum of hard laws interfering with Kant’s Imperativ,narrowing individual Freedoms and Privacy,replaced by recommendations acceptable to sane Individuals, fortified by voluntarism again with certain exceptions to make life workable.
    No man is an island,cooperation can be pleasant, ask my girlfriend

    Happy Post Marrakesh season (is that already insensitive talk???)

  4. 5G Gag Order Lawsuit – Judge: “People Have the Right to Know” (TURN ON CC)

    As the title says, turn on the subs, the audio is quite bad, in combination with the accent things are even worse.

    In short, this fellow, Mark Steele, a Gateshead (near Newcastle) resident, has won an important case against telecommunication companies (and/or the council, this link between the two hasn’t been made very clear) who have installed some 31000 5G antennas in his neighborhood which lead to nose bleeds, strokes, heart attacks, increased cancer risk, insomnia and even miscarriages in the final stage of pregnancy.

    The claim also includes mass genocide of the eco system, through killing of off insects which supposedly lead to a sharp decline in population of birds.

    His claim is that 5G is not about communications but an actual weapon. Sarah Westall tried to iron that kink out, but Steel remained adamant about this being first and foremost a kill grid. As he explains, these devices have a targeting ability coupled with capacity to “shoot” EM beams. And cause tissue damage in the process.

    • Mkey, here in the Big Oil Capitol of the new world order, Tulsa, we will not be so lucky. In October our city Mayor announced he will be abolishing the City planning department by the end of the year. Eleven of the 12 employees will be hired by the NGO overlord Indian Nation Council of Governments. They also run development of metro suburb towns . The Tulsa Planning Office would be where 5G would be publicly considered and any public concern heard. Not anymore. How does an NGO afford to operate you ask? Of course by grants, last week the city council awarded INCOG approximately $875,000 for the new Tulsa Planning Office. Costs are for the offices start-up and operations thur June 2019. Quiet weapons for quiet wars. There won’t be any debate now, just recommendations set in stone two years ago.
      Reported today in our Birkshire-hathaway Half way news paper . 12-14-2018.

      • People will have the option to smash these emitters. That’s the last line of defense.

  5. As a procrastinator who’s been flirting with the idea of Bitcoin Cash for online subscriptions, I’m wondering what James P. meant when he asked, “Does anyone use cryptocurrency anymore?” Is it on its way out?

    • It passed the hype stage and is probably now in the slump stage still, recovery should be the next phase. Maybe, who knows. Pilato probably made that reference considering his bitcoin donations respective to other strains of revenue.

  6. 5 Inequality Myths

    Point 4, about disappearing middle class, is causing me some cognitive disorder. I’m not overly enthused whenever people adjust stuff for inflation. Definitively worth mulling it over.

    • One category missing is Homeless without the ability to maintain or participate in rent indebtedness. This has an aroma. I feel so much better.

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