Interview 1408 – New World Next Year 2019 with James Evan Pilato

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Interviews | 87 comments

Welcome to New World Next Year – the annual video where Corbett Report and Media Monarchy look at the story of the year and look forward to next year’s big trends. This year:

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Media Monarchy’s 2018 Story: The Taos Compound

What’s the FBI’s Role in the #TaosCompound Scandal?

New Mexico’s Top 10 Major News Stories of 2018

Video: Jason Bermas on the New Mexico Compound Exposed

Media Monarchy: “Taos Compound”

Corbett Report’s 2018 Story: The Controlled Demolition of Social Media

From the de-platforming of alt-media figures to the censorship of political wrongthink to privacy scandals galore and hearings in Congress, the collapse of the big social media platforms has been in the news spotlight all year. And while all of the criticism that big tech is receiving right now is completely justified, it is leading us into a Problem-Reaction-Solution that will only cement their monopolies (hello, “Magna Carta for the internet“). As always, the only way out of this mess is to decentralize with social media alternatives (or just disconnect).

Corbett’s Runners-up:

How To Fake Your Own Death

The Pentagon’s failed audit (which we predicted one year ago)

The non-event that was the end of net neutrality (which actually increased internet speeds in the US)

Media Monarchy’s 2019 Trend: If It Pleases The Bot

Robot Abuse Is Real, But Maybe This Little Tortoise Can Help

Sex Robot Molested, Destroyed At Electronics Show

The Murky World of Robot Sex and Consent

People Kicking Food Delivery Robots An Early Insight Into How Cruel Humans Could Be To Robots

Media Monarchy: “Consent”

Corbett Report’s 2019 Trend: The Weaponization of Narrative

It’s nothing new, and it’s nothing special to 2019, but with Britain’s 77th Brigade and JTRIG and other militarized info ops coming to light, the weaponization of narrative in the age of information warfare is now open and in your face. If this wasn’t such a big deal, why would the establishment spend its time and money making sure that they control every aspect of media (from news to entertainment) and admonishing you not to laugh at their pathetic political puppets.

But now that there is a whole section of the US public that is “sitting back and enjoying the show” waiting for the “good guys” in military intelligence to round up the “bad guys” in the Democrat Party (10,000 sealed indictments, everyone!), we see how these media psyops are being focused on the web. Meme warfare is real and will only gain pace in 2019, and we best confront that head on before we find our viewpoint being shaped by the latest viral video or the dankest meme to cross our social media feed.


  1. Excellent year end report on both your parts, as usual! Loved the more obscure headlines about robot abuse. The Chinese mall episode looked like a scene from Lord of the Flies. Little monsters.

    James Evan–I hope you can shave soon. You have such a beautiful face. I don’t know about others but I enjoy looking at its symmetry.

  2. In spite of the encroaching and disturbing geopolitical trends, I always come away with a grin watching you two. Thanks for a great year.

  3. The active internalizing of thoughts completely derail all thoughts externalizing any active doing. Might as well be shooting dope. Soon all action will be for support of servicing the internal activities. I hope that is the danger Corbett is talking about. You can’t help but realize the irony of this. The more you watch the more less you do. The death of all external interactions that could correct the root problems. An ingenious pressure release of all societies built up steam. Deflation on a grand scale. You think you are gonna do somethomething here? As actor Gary Bussy said ” getting sober is like everythings getting to real, its freaking me out!”
    Merry ! its too real Christmas and
    Wishing you Excape sleepwalking into the New Year…fa lalala.

  4. For anyone who thinks James + James are themselves controlled opposition, i’d point to the gap between James Corbett’s front teeth and ask whether TPTB would ever allow such troll deformity to (dis)grace its ranks of gatekeepers.

    Thanks for your interesting alt year, James + James

    • Mark
      you won the social media (troll?) comment award this year 😉
      I Spat coffee on the screen.
      That said the idea of controlled op is really kinda a trap… disinfo is real but it only works when people accept any one person or group as a)KNOWING all the truth without being wrong and B)having pure enough ideals to always tell it unspun even by their own psychology.
      The real gate keepers (IMO) are us when we settle down on one or other idea and stop there.

    • Yay I have happiness teeth! Thanks Mpb my year is off to a great start 🙂

  5. The robot “Lynx” says “Hi James” (in the video)
    taken from the GooTube Video…
    “Best 5 Personal Robots You’ll Intend To Buy Soon”
    …no, actually it should say…
    Best 5 Personal Robots You’ll Intend To Abuse and ‘Beat The Crap Out Of’ Soon

    Honestly, while watching, I personally felt like stomping any one of these robots into the ground.

    I detest even the ‘desire’ mentality that a person has in order to want to own one of these robots.
    I call it “White Woman” syndrome.

    “White Woman” is not an ethnic nor gender slur, but more of a “Disney-made Princess Prince Geek, Harry Potter Style, privileged namby-airhead media/socially designed personality” which can apply to anyone so affected.
    By owning one of these robots, their own culturally-made personality sees it as elevating one’s own self; as if “one’s being” becomes greater.
    These people have lost their identity.
    The real robots are the ones who succumb to desiring a machine like these.
    Just sign in to Google for one step set-up.

  6. James C thinks he still hasn’t been overgrown. They are so cute at that age.

    Tip of the hat to the both of you, gentlemen.

    (Cowboys sure had it great, with all the hat tipping and booze chugging and arrow pulling and tomahawk dodging and all the other fine things of life, without having access to the social media)

    • I kind of liked seeing them in a tie.
      Corbett reminded me of a wise bearded Professor.

      Pilato reminded me of a bearded Sante Fe rich guy who don’t care what kind of jacket he wears to a formal dinner. “Better call Saul” there in New Mexico if Pilato gets in trouble with the authorities.

      • I think I watched that show on TeeVee a while back, while I still was one of them watchers. Interesting how information availability changes your mindset from a consumer of “what’s on” to a consumer of “whatever the hell you want.” And that’s not an easy shift to make, I still remember the confusion of having a somewhat broadbabd access without a “program” or a “TeeVee guide.”

        Anyway, as far as James P getup goes, I think he should lose the cap. The rest was very presentable.

  7. I think that both James have good predictions for a 2019 Trend.

    HomeRemedySupply’s Trend for 2019
    We will start to see a downturn in the economic / financial arena.
    And in fact, this December we are getting a preliminary look at what is coming on the horizon.

    Where is that 23 trillion when you need it?
    Oh!…did I say 23?
    Maybe it should be 21.
    On well.
    We’ll just write that extra 2 trillion off with a new rule of accounting.
    How many thousands of millions is that? No one will notice.

    • I think they packed those 20something trillions woth of funny money with the latest issue of the monopolyTM tabletop game.

  8. I always recall Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles uncanny weirdness, especially the story about all the astronauts relatives and friends coming to greet them from the Martian landscapes. Oh the rejoicing, the parties . . . then the screams when each astronaut was successfully separated from his fellow astronauts and night had arrived. Fools invest HOW much of themselves into robotic equivalents of human companions??

    • human beings always used to need other, even the richest monarch needed a chess partner or a lover or whatever.
      Seeing two people eating at a table while their each on their own screen makes me worry less about robots and more about connectivity detaching us from reality. seeing little pre-speach kids with screens makes me wanna vomit.

  9. In the comment section of the referenced 911blogger article, Dr. Beeth says:
    … I believe it was during the press conference for the seminar ” (self) censorship; new challenges for freedom of expression in Europe ” that Belfast Telegraph reporter Matthew Bell had the chance to ask him that question. I had slipped in to this press conference almost by accident, as I was early for the hearing that was about to take place. I remember the question, and it is funny that at the time, the answer to the question “What about 9/11” didn’t shock me more than it did, when he answered it cautiously. The quote from the Belfast Telegraph reporter could be a journalist’s short-hand of Assange’s answer. As I recall it, he tip-toed around the question, indeed saying that there were many established facts about government lying that WikiLeaks could contribute, showing black-on white how we are manipulated into war and mass financial fraud. I do not recall Assange using the words: “false conspiracies such as 9/11” because that would have profoundly revolted me.

    This being said, I do not have the audio of the press conference: it should be available somewhere. It is possible that I could have repressed hearing such an absurdity from Assange’s mouth. Now that I think back about it, it could be he said “un-proven theories”, and already that IS bad enough!….
    But there are more comments and information mentioned further down.

  10. For 2019…
    Please support the FLUORIDE ACTION NETWORK
    , home of the world’s largest database on fluoride, and center hub for international grassroots activism against water fluoridation.

    Donate here…

    Professionals sign the new statement here…

    …or help play a role by just emailing City Council Members and voice your opposition to mandatory fluoridation…

    Coming up in August 2019…the lawsuit trial dates against the EPA If we win, it will shut down water fluoridation.

    For decades this has been an ongoing fight against the EPA, even by thousands of its own employees and scientists.
    There is a history of insanity, corruption and industry influence by the EPA administration.
    For example: 1975 EPA Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of fluoride in public drinking water was set at 1.4 – 2.4 ppm fluoride. Then, about a decade later, they double it.

    Many times, Corbett and Pilato have reported on fluoride.

    No Fluoridation in Japan and Why

      • On December 4th, an article appeared in “TopHealthJournal” which revisited some of the tamarind studies.
        I like tamarind tea with ginger. Made some the other day by adding a tablespoon from a jar of tamarind (very cheap), sliced ginger and hot water.
        Tamarind is very popular in India. India has a big problem with naturally fluoridated water. Often, I see studies published about methods to address this fluoride problem in India from FluorideAlert.Org/NEWS/

        Rutin (a bioflavonoid which facilitates Vit. C) might help against fluoride based on a study I once saw.
        Of course, Iodine might help in replacing the toxic halogens (bromine, fluoride). More links/info on Iodine on the above linked webpage.
        Even eating foods rich in calcium when drinking fluoridated water might attenuate fluoride absorption into the body.

        A big dilemma. Fluoride accumulates in the bones (about 50% of ingested fluoride). Thus, it could take many years to detox from fluoride (or lead which accumulates there also), as the bones break down and then rebuild.

        When a pregnant Mother is deficient on certain bone forming nutrients, often her bones are used to develop the fetus. If lead or fluoride are in her bones, they too can go to the fetus. Menopausal women, many times, will suffer a ‘release of toxins hidden in bones’ as they lose bones.

        Fluoride and Aluminum can hijack “G Proteins” which are in every cell of the body.
        This has a broad spectrum of health implications.
        What’s more…
        …There are more “G Protein Endocannabinoid System Receptors” than any other kind of receptor in the human body.
        CBD (Cannabidiol) works by facilitating the body’s endocannabinoid system.

  11. For a lot of people, 911truth or secret pedophile networks are just a step too far, because they believe that governments can be good. Or that police/FBI can be trusted.

    They just can’t believe that the democracy has been corrupted to the core.

    I like to turn that around with a question on 911:
    How far would some people go to get 1 trillion dollars?

      • Thanks zyxzevn.
        I’m catching up on Shipp right now as we speak.
        I have no reason to doubt anything he has said so far.

        He’s laying out the problem beautifully.
        I’m just wondering when someone will lay out the solution! 🙁

      • My computer and the CIA
        On the morning of Christmas Eve, I was watching that CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp video. I also had some other windows open about financial news.

        I left the room for about 10 minutes, listening as I was doing other things.
        Then I noticed that the sound would stop occasionally.

        When I came back to my computer, it was frozen.
        I shut it down.

        When I restarted, the computer gave this message:
        Operating System can not be found

        I tried all kinds of things. Couldn’t get my computer to boot up.

        Honestly, I don’t think the CIA video had anything to do with stuff. My computer was pretty worn.

        Eventually, I pulled out two old computers which someone had given me, and worked to get those up and running.
        It’s a pain in the butt, because of saved passwords and favorites and all the little things a person does to make a computer their own utility.

        Anyway, I have an unexpected series of “projects” ahead of me these holidays in order to get back into my general routine.

        It took me awhile just to dig up my password for Corbett Report.
        I had to email the NSA asking for a copy of all my passwords (joking).

        • It sounds like your HDD died. Is it making any weird mechanical sounds? Loud clicks are the usual dead give away, pardon the pun.

          If you pull the hard drive from this machine and plug it into a working machine, you can draw some more conclusions on the state of the drive and possibly access some of your data. Sometimes the drive can be busted for booting but data could be still access from another system.

  12. “Russia-gate”

    Saw this great talk by Ray McGovern
    Russia-gate. Can you handle the truth?

    As someone from IT and a huge interest in security,
    this is exactly how I see it too:
    Russia-gate is a complete lie.

    Forbidden to criticize Israel
    It becomes state-law to agree with Israel propaganda and apartheid.
    It started with Texas, now more states have accepted this fascist law.
    A school-teacher got fired, because she did not sign this agreement.
    US is becoming an official colony of Israel.

    “Withdrawal” from Syria
    They pretend to do it again.
    Last year we got the staged “chemical” attack, where
    no people got ill. (It never happened)

    Do they replace the army with mercenaries or proxies?
    US tells Israel “We are not done with Syria”

    Prediction: More cold

    In the next year we will see the cold war with Russia
    and China being pumped up even more.
    Especially with accusations of “hacking” and many other things that we never see proof of.
    Probably with some violence in Ukraine/ Crimea and “accidents” in the China Sea.
    Proxy war with Venezuela to get their oil.

    Prediction: More censorship

    Paypal/Amazon, google, MS will start to censor more sites, maybe even block them. Social media will try to block non government viewpoints with AI, as is pushed by Germany. News will become even more complete lies.

    Prediction: More cold and hot

    The weather will be colder, but the “scientists” will tell us that it is a lot hotter.

    The weather is determined by the sun’s activity. But scientists do not understand the sun, and use totally wrong formulas and impossible physics. As I say it: Sciece stops at the first star.

    • Its only mainstream/official science which has no clue about the sun, mainly because official science is no longer science at all but weird arse forms of maths, conducted by weird arsed mathomagicians, aka numerologists.

      Still the essential nature of the sun as a plasma focus within galatic scale electrical circuitry is well understood these days. See the many lectures, papers and books by the folks at ; and not least their interesting solar experiment in a lab, which has been so successful that Raytheon appears to have taken over and begun to weaponize. This goes under the acronym SAFIRE, for Stellar Atmospheric Function In Regulation Experiment.

      • Thanks for support.

        Astronomy is completely wrong about plasma

        SAFIRE is a laboratory that does scientific experiments with plasma. It finds many things that break with established science, with just simple tests. For me as a scientist, it is outrageous that the mainstream science has not done these experiments before and are still using the false models.

        Based on established physics, we can debunk many theories that astronomers have brought forward. On reddit I made a wiki to explain all problems with the sun and more.
        Any questions can be asked in the subreddit, but I found no opposition (except for some trolls).

        Based on the new improved models, we do have an electromagnetic connection between the sun and earth. A connection that causes weather patterns, and climate changes. This is also visible in the statistics: the sun does indeed have a strong effect on our climate. And also of other planets. Who would have thought?

        But due to the astronomy false theories, which are based on science fiction and not on solid physics, the astronomers think that the planets are separate from the sun. Due to this we get a totally wrong model of how the climate and weather works.

        Climate scientists are completely wrong about the climate

        Combine false theories with false prophets, we get our climate scare. And to solve the politicians pretend that paying more taxes will help stop it.

        Environmentalists forget totally about the real dangers of pollution and radioactivity, and suddenly think that climate is the only problem. What a total failure of environmentalism. Some even support nuclear power, for which we have no waste-solution and are still having real problems with the disasters that happened. For example: the sea life around japan is affected much more than is officially published on.

        And scientists pretend that they know the weather so well, that they can create technological solutions to change the weather. See weather modification.

        This all will cause a disaster in the future, combined with an even further degrading of science due to the blocking of founded criticism.

        Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists & the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism:
        Just like Hitler, early technocrats and radical environmentalists, see humans as a disease.

        25 NASA scientists question the sanity of the global warmists:
        1. Measurements show: Water levels do not rise!

        Interesting science channels:
        These feature a lot of scientists that explain what is wrong with the “established science” of climatology.

        • > What can be done?

          With plasmacosmology I am doing my part in explaining to people that astronomy is a fake science. And anything related to it.

          Not only are they wrong with the closest star, the sun, but also with basic proven physics.
          With that in mind, people will see famous scientists as the charlatans that they really are.

          The fun thing is that most layman people can understand how wrong they are:
          1) The exterior of any object can not be hotter than the heat source. But in the sun the outside is extremely “hot”.
          2) Radiowaves and magnetic fields can not bump into each other, but in astronomy they do. They even think that they cause explosions.
          3) Chemistry is totally ignored.
          4) The sun’s visible surface is ignored.
          5) Many laws of thermodynamics are broken.

          Robitaille explains a lot of this in his videos.

          In my opinion, he gives the best science lectures about the universe which can be understood by both laymen and scientists.

          Pick any NASA explanation of the sun and they will break the laws of physics in an instant.

          Science is political

          I think that science is very political and biased, and always has been!

          You can see it clearly in the technocracy movement.
          But also in psychology/psychiatry, in safety studies, in history, in evolution, in medicine..
          The fact that scientists just ignore the free-falling of steel skyscrapers is beyond comprehension.

          Modern science is about shaping the opinion of the majority. Not about exploring different valid ideas.

        • Regarding your comments on nuclear energy, I’d just like to point out that with both of these major nuclear plant failures, human error was detrimental. From what I read, when the Fukushima plant site was chosen, there were strong objections to that decision, thanks to disastrous weather potential.

          The part about the waste problem is very much true, but it’s mostly due to implementation of this technology which went into full swing on less than 1% fuel usage efficiency thanks to deranged business interests and market monopolies.

          I am not the most qualified person to enter into discussion about fission, but from what I observed it looks like LFTR is very much doable and in fact it has been done already in the past. If that implementation should fail for some reason, fast breeder reactors should be able to handle all of that dangerous waste.

          • The organization around nuclear waste is just too much for humans to handle. It is cheaper to just dump it into the environment or to leave it for the next generation. So that is what is currently done and will be done in the future. France just dumps radioactive water into the seas and ocean. The US just stores it somewhere in leaking barrels. The barrels that are dumped into the ocean are made to last 50 years or so? Same for those that are stored.
            The half-time of plutonium that is produced is about 7000 years? That means after 70,000 years, you still have 1% of it left. Replace barrels every 50 years.

            All this trash is a long lasting curse for the future generations. Unless we mix their DNA with that of scorpions.

            A friend of mine worked with scientists to calculate the risk of building a nuclear reactor. The outcome was set. He just had to fill in the made-up variables so the outcome would be reached.

            The nuclear fallout of Fukushima is much worse than reported, and for a great part top secret. The same is for many US disasters. The recent forest fires in California may have brought some of the isotopes back into the air and food chain.

            Durnford: “Fukushima – The Biggest Betrayal of Academics in the History…”
            Right after the disaster most of ocean life disappeared. Likely due to isotopes/fallout.

            Corbett on Fukushima:

            Related: US military is the world largest polluter:

            Boeing Helped Government Cover Up Worst Nuclear Disaster in US History:
            The military are not just destroying foreign countries.

            Nuclear Waste Leak Continues at ‘America’s Fukushima’; 33 Left Ill by Radioactive Fumes

            Due to secrecy and short-term thinking there is no place for safe nuclear power. The secrecy will not stop to avoid claims. The short-term thinking will not stop, unless we care more about future generations instead of profit. And technically there are no solutions for waste and disasters.

            • I wasn’t aware I was trying to downplay the problem of nucler power or waste or daiation something which your comment may seem to suggest. It’s a very real problem which needs proper treatment.

              Were it not for government monopolies and state mafia that problem would have surely received a proper treatment on the open treatment. Do you know why I’m so certain of that? Because you can’t beat 200 fold increase in fuel usage an LFTR may provide.

              It also should be noted we don’t understand radiation as we thought we did, with its effects on living tissue. There is much more research which needs to be done to breach into this topic (push through the dogma if you will) and gain proper understanding.

              Other than that, I disagree with most of your points. Laying out nuclear waste is easy, sure, easpecially when you have a lot of it because you have chosen a vastly unfit, immature way to handle nuclear power.

              • “daiation” = radiation

            • I don’t see the connection.

              – People need cheap, reliable power. Check. Whether it’s clean pretty much, I’ll estimate, 99% of end users don’t care*
              – Nuclear power holds potential six (6) orders of magnitude larger than the chemical bond. Gates sure is influential, but that influence must subside when it comes to physics.
              – MSR holds a lot potential and all sorts of business interests are involved. Whoever makes it first is bound to profit a lot from it. A LOT. We have an old saying here. Money makes money, shit makes shit.
              – MSRs have been up and running decades ago. Nothing to do with Bill, at least this latest installment of his.

              I’ll give you that Gates has a lot of capacity to infulence public opinion and has ability to sway what’s acceptable and what is not. But we are talking about a million times larger energy density. 1.000.000 times.

              OK, the difference between LWR and LFTR is not as pronounced, it would probably be in the thousands, maybe ten thousand tops, considering in excess of 100x better fuel usage, 100x less waste, 10.000x less really ugly waste, no weapons grade plutonium and capacity to use much of the waste in medicine and astronomy. We’re talking about really rare stuff which would become, for all intents and purposes, free.

              Who knows how many companies are out there trying to bring us over the edge of an energy revolution.

            • There’s a point about brainwashing children into believing whatever, but I’m having a hard time gauging how widespread this issue is. From my personal experience, 99% simply don’t care one way or the other. The only way to get someone to notice is to slap him on the wallet. I’m not involved in any way with the local schools system so I really can’t comment on that part, but since everything that comes here, good or bad, is very delayed, this propaganda will probably be in full swing as it starts to die off globally, hopefully.

              There is no physics behind “climate change”.

              Are you disagreeing about Bill Gates not being able to influence atoms and subatomic particles? Yes, (stupid, uneducated, ignorant) people can be made to believe anything, but that does not change core physics principles nor does it chance the fact of the matter when it comes to underlying physics for any technological process and how well does it stack against other technologies. That was my point.

              Saying “Bill Gates and China”, in my view, sets an extremely narrow scope for approaching this subject. There are many companies involved in LFTR research, which makes sense because there’s a ton of money and influence to be made from it. The potential is so great it would surely mean a huge shift in global balance of power. Oil, for one, could become meaningless.

              In my limited view, comparing tidal power and geothermal sources to nuclear is like comparing a cart to a space shuttle. There is a lot to be said about the issue of “green” technologies (something into, I’d wager, the public mind definitively does not include nuclear since there is quite a lot of, probably mostly political, opposition to it) and how come it came to be that these energy companies started pushing wind and solar as if they could replace even the worse executed nuclear plants.

              “They” must have known it won’t work and therefore it ties in with the globalist depopulation agenda beautifully. However, if “they” want to depopulate, introduction of plentiful energy via LFTR won’t help one iota.

              On the other hand, if their end goal was to take the energy system to the brink of implosion and then introduce a solution in form of advanced nuclear reactors, that would make a bit more sense.

            • These “green” sources are, in my view, great for small level application. Wind or solar are quite easy and approachable for installation on an off grid site. It’s worth considering that solar panels are manufactured in a very dirty industry, something most don’t consider.

              Tidal power would probably require massive intervention into the environment to make it worthwhile, similar to hydro plants. Geothermal is probably way too geographically limited for any sizable practical application.

              One of the reasons LWR wasn’t dropped was due to plutonium, again there’s no monolithic conspiracy. There were business interests not to drop it (expensive plants and extremely lucrative enriched fuel contracts which went hand in hand), plutonium production, dogma etc.

              Of course this type of reactors will be usable in military purposes, enabling small scale nuclear power operated vehicles, no longer being limited to massive ships and submarines. That was exactly the reason how initial strides into MSR were made, the carrot was supposedly a nuclear bomber.

            • Thorium is apparently plentiful worldwide and there should be sufficient reserves for thousands of years to come. The reason China is following through on this is probably because it wants to get off oil, which it doesn’t have and consumption of which is causing massive pollution, and the probable fact that anyone who gets their foot in the door is going to make a lot of profits and probably corner the world market.

              That SR2000 plant looks nice, however: if 2MW yields 3GWh per year, that means the plant is producing usable power for about 17% of the time, while being partially submerged conceivably 100% of the time. Salt water is rough on maintenance so I’m wondering about cost effectiveness of such plants in the long run. The production cost would surely go down considerably with volume.

              Also, if we consider an average 1GW plant, you’d need about 500 of these floating around just for the same potential capacity. Considering this example above, if we assume a standard plant provides power at 80% capacity (which I’d say it’s safe to say it works above that rate) with 17% usage on SR2000 you’d need about 2500 total of these floating around to match a single 1GW plant.

              Further, these guys have two 16m diameter propellers so that would mean having 5000 of these spinning around the coast line. The effect on the marine life would certainly be considerable.

              I’m not saying these don’t have a place on the market, but I don’t see something like this going mainstream.

            • I thought it was obvious by now that I’m “advocating” for 10.000x less nuclear waste approach.

              Considering the volume, I’m more worried about the impact of worlds severs and all sorts of toxic factory dumps being drained right into the oceans.

            • I’m trying to seize every moment to promote technologies which I find can revolutionize our way of life. That is not to say any technology can solve societal problems, it can certainly not.

              Some people promote the idea that cheap and reliable energy (in form of heat which can usually very efficiently be converted in electricity, form of energy which is very efficient for transport) could completely scrub slavery from the face of this planet, with that I do not agree, but they can always hope.

              Societal issues are human issues and technology can not replace lack of understanding.

              One facet of LFTR which is extremely critical is that people tend to file everything under “nuclear” which is reflexively bound to “really ugly waste.”

              LWR i.e. Light water reactor
              – very basic technology which apparently wasn’t meant for widespread usage, but was promoted to just get a foot in the door
              – needs a rare uranium isotope, needs enriched fuel
              – uses less than 1% fuel
              – creates a lot of really ugly waste and weapons grade plutonium
              – CRITICAL design flaw is that it requires active cooling to prevent a melt down

              LFTR – i.e. Liquid fluoride thorium reactor
              – an advanced approach to nuclear reactors which didn’t come to be due to business and other interests
              – can use plentifully available thorium, does not need enriched fuel
              – uses more than 99% fuel
              – creates 10.000x less ugly waste and even yields some really useful stuff as “waste”
              – CRITICALLY better design since you need a heat source to keep the reaction going (that is melt thorium crystals in fluoride), in case of a critical failure the process shuts down itself and everything that is left to do is to drain active material from the reactor itself into a sealed container

              Since LFTR does not required layers upon layers of redundant safety measures, such plants ought be much cheaper to construct and maintain. Kirk Sorensen put the cost in the ballpark of a standard gas or coal plant, once several trillions of funny money have been invested into R&D.

              This technology could certainly shift the balance of power and change the geostrategical map as we know it. Immediately focus points (or better said the excuse for their existence) in the middle east would cease to exist. There is certainly a lot riding on oil and I’m betting many don’t want to see nuclear energy done right.

    • You have to give him credit, invading Saudi Arabia would at least prove to be very in line with current state of affairs in the Middle east. And who knows, maybe they perfected the fine art of regime change aided by depleted uranium shells dispersion. It would be very fitting if it turned out proper in Saudi Arabia of all places. It’s crazy enough to work.

    • hear here ;
      just bought my first wifi drone and as soon as i can figure out how it works i’m programming it to follow Chomsky around and drop pigeon turds on his appalling bad hair.
      If anyone else gets “dropped on” by mistake (e.g. banksters, Tavistok or ADL employees, even the Trumpster) I consider that acceptable collateral damage

      • I thought pigeon turds were outlawed as weapons of climate change.

  13. Too bad the old “would you think of the children” adage doesn’t work both ways.

    • I hear ya.
      It is so disgusting that I hate to “propagate it”.
      However, it is worth noting how degraded parts of the culture have become.

    • That’s incredibly disturbing and nauseating. I recognized that kid from a video the body language lady did on him not too long ago as he was being paraded by his parents on Good Morning America. Just now went there to retrieve it when someone in the comments linked to a more recent Breitbart article on him. Apparently the gay bar learned its lesson: that leaked video now has them confiscating customers’ phones upon entrance.

    Christmas 2009 – The first act of “terrorism” in America since 9/11/01
    (2 minute video) Fox News interviews the Haskells who say the government staged the Underwear Bombing Event

    Following the event, former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff promoted the concept of the body scanners at airports. Michael Chertoff owned a company which dealt with body scanners.
    (A few minutes or more video)

  15. It is so disgusting to see generations being played, brainwashed en [ab]used for insane and psychopathic agenda’s. I see whole societies walking to the slaughter house like sheep’s trusting their ignorant Shepperds.
    The most frustrating thing for me is that you can only communicate this to those who already see it.
    It feels very lonely and surreal when everyone around you playing out their role and script without even knowing it. Most people don’t even want to see and hear anything inconvenient as long as they have their false sense of security. The sad thing is that the majority always wake up when it is to late. It looks like we are already past the threshold though. I can only hope I am very wrong about that. “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society” – Aristotle

  16. What is the best way of giving support ? I have not seen subscribers only video for 2 years almost . I DO realise the support is the important thing but it would be nice to see the video ,Happy Christmas and good New Year X

  17. Ten Days Left For The Planet

    Only ten days left, get your affairs in order, people. Oh, it just so happens that I have a limited quantity of inflatable lifeboats available for sale. Right price assured, beat the new years post traffic surge and orders your lifeboat today!

    • How about some special brownies? It’s the end of the abovewater world after all.

      • They keep better underwater insofar they get consumed quicker than cupcakes.

        • As a man who has kicked his chocolate habit and to a great extent kicked his sugar habit I have to say that sure sounds delicious.

          However, the “special” in special brownies makes you hungry like a hippopotamus on a grass only diet.

        • If hooch is the game, I’d certainly be interested in playing it.

          Isn’t that nice of you, feliz navidad to you as well.

    • Exactly my thoughts watching the crowd… but still a good song and wake up call.

        • And for the record… I was in that crowd in my home country. 1 year before my son was born. A country that forced us, this month, a law to slave us to reduce co2 no matter what cost. A country that signed up for the insane ‘Marrakesh Agreement”. It is going to fast for my mind. I am going crazy but no one seems to care…..or be aware.

        • It is not that I am really going crazy. I just want to express how mindblown I am lately to see the speed in how the world is shifting. My english is somewhat limited and flawed, so it is possible I sound a bit more deprarete then I am.
          [It is a scrary time though ]
          But thanks for your encouraging words manbearpig. I share your attitude.

  18. Baqeri-Darmani, corrupt tycoon, executed

    TEHRAN – As part of efforts to root out corruption, Hamidreza Baqeri-Darmani was executed early on Saturday on charges of “corruption on the earth”, ISNA reported.

    According to his verdict, Baqeri-Darmani had committed criminal acts for many years by forming a band and was charged with forgery, collusion, and bribery.

    In October, the Judiciary announced that Baqeri-Darmani and Vahid Mazloumin, a mogul known as the “lord of gold coins”, had been sentenced to death. Mazloumin was executed in November.

    Since late August, Iran’s Judiciary has been holding public trials for individuals involved in major economic corruption cases.

    Bad regime. Bad, bad, bad regime.

    I firmly believe violence is not an answer to societal ills, but this type of solutions seem fitting, at least in an effort to prolong the agony.

  19. Some movies for xmas

    The censored movie about the Israel Lobby
    It is interesting how successful it is in influencing the US.
    They are also controlling the media companies and
    the financial institutes.
    I think that they are behind the recent censorship.

    Another interesting doc from TheRealNews, which now only has 1 part.
    Cold War Radar System a Trillion Dollar Fraud – Lester Ernest on RAI (1/4)
    The radar system never worked properly.
    This shows that a lot of military projects are a total fraud,
    as we can see with the pentagon wars and such.

    The documentary Drone 2014
    About the illegal, destructive and counterproductive drone wars.

    I remember an older one, where a journalist had his computer hacked. He published about how even pregnant women were targeted, to kill whole families. CIA also seemed to protect heroine production with drones.
    Who the hell gives psychopaths such weapons?
    Sadly can’t find that documentary anymore.

    • Mkey that is an interesting news paper. Like I gave 10$ to the gal that delivers my Sunday Berkshire Half way news paper that many times isn’t worth the paper the soybean ink is printed on. Much like today’s Kim Commando article on how wonderful the 5 city roll out of 5G will be. I feel obligated to send you 5$ for delivering a fine read. Im a subsciber.Lincoln’s in the mail. Thanks for that. We are so cloistered here in the mid-west. Mind the perspective?

      • I’d like for you have a beer on me with that fiver.

        This news source is possibly/probably not the most truthful bit of information you’ll find on the web, it’s probably not even meant to be honestly truthful. However, it shines some light on this sad tale, involving rouge states, failed republics, state gangsters, planes which are possibly outside of their servicable lifetime, shoddy maintenance contracts etc.

        You see, we need these planes to defend our skies because some neighboring failed state (which is quite substantially worse off than we are) could attack us, because they are evil. No matter that people will continue to die in underequipped hospitals due to non lifethreatening causes. It doesn’t matter we have a giant, drastically inefficient state apparatus and completely murky ties with the EU. Being a vassal state is something we should look up to; leave all that aside and get us some planes.

        A good thing about undermaintained ships is that they usually don’t sink, just float idly by. Do unmaintained war planes float idly in the sky?

        • Mkey, core shaking shame in the USA . I read it as the weapons platform fits just as nice on a 35Yr. old plane as a new one. The profit is in the bullets, for a new rifle or old. Shame the Israelis hang the US tax payer out to dry as they did. These are probably the fleet that was new on day one then claimed as excess inventory on day two and sold for 10 cents on the dollar. We as a whole, if that is even posible, should be outraged. There it is in a nutshell. Such a rich country, out of its physical mind, Smchucks being smeckilled through life.

    • Heartwarming. I love seeing this.
      That’s in my neck of the woods.

      Mkey, I can’t find the thread…
      You were right. It was the Hard Drive. “clicking noise”
      My old computer is done.
      I may have lost my data. The brothers at the computer shop (who I have known for years), don’t mess with trying to recover HDD.

      Ever since Christmas Eve when my computer went down, I have been scampering to get back into a normal routine. I coped temporarily with a couple old computers. I bought a used one pretty cheap ($150) from the brothers who own the shop. (They got a good gig going…stacks of boxes of used computers they were mailing out when I was in there the other day.)

      This ordeal has raised my computer literacy somewhat. And I gotta admit, YouTube came in handy when searching for different remedies on computers and Windows 10 Version ‘Hijacker Supreme’.
      I am still piecing things together.

      Across the boards, I got a lot of catch up to do (on the computer and in life) to make up for the time I spent on all this.

      Dang! That Microsoft is such a hijacker. They squirm every which way, like a snake, trying to hijack a person.

      • You’d probably benefit from moving to Linux. Especially since you have an older box to play around with, I can provide some information to get you started if you are interested.

        There is a method for revitilizing hard drives long enough to get the data off. Seal it safely in a plastic bag and freeze it for an hour so. Then quickly hook it up to a PC (as a secondary drive, don’t boot from it), that may give you about 15-20 minutes out of it.

        • I appreciate the offer about Linux, mkey. I’ll pass. I am just too illiterate on the computer arena to try to tackle new ground. And time is a strong factor.

          Thanks for the tips, such as the hard drive. Eventually, I will experiment with that.

          I returned the $150 computer and got a faster one. I am now setting everything up again. Hassles like this computer scenario can suck out a lot of time which had been allocated for other endeavors.

          I always like reading your posts when it comes to the computer/internet stuff. I think a lot of folks benefit from them, even though they may not comment.

          • It has come to be people rely on their PCs since they can get so much out of it. It can certainly be a big hassle when things go awry. For future reference, I strongly suggest you protect yourself with some sort of a backup solution.

            A reliable USB drive will do the trick, you can get one of those metallic case Kingston or Samsung drives, there’s an interesting video for a Samsung flash BAR drive stress test lol – not for the feint of heart.


            Poor bastard. These can be had quite cheaply and they should serve you well. I got mine from Germany over ebay with standard EU prices, but I’m betting in US they can be found for next to nothing in shopping malls, right next to skittles and stockings.

            I try to pass on as much objective information as I can and hopefully people get something out of it.

  20. As I peer through the fog of the past year I wonder and contemplate where my mind and time have been in the past year and if anything that I have learned will really make a difference in the grand scheme of things ?
    The one common denominator in all of the exceptional good works from The Corbett Report over the last year is that virtually all of your stories have been recorded in history with a completely different narrative that being said they will never be anything but a conspiratorial footnote in the new electronic media that is used to program, and condition the youth of today .
    I think That being rather than vote for the best of the past I would like to vote for the story that can be expanded upon , and the freshest in my mind , History is written by the Winners ! after listening I am wondering if the Foundations created the IRS to exempt their wealth so they could use to control USA and episode 350 raised more questions than it answered !
    I will vote for the worst of 2018 and that would be the mid life screech attack and kerfuffle with Sybille Edmonds ( misspelled with meaning ) I think she has sold out , or was always just a fraud !

  21. Fraud In The National Climate Assessment (Part 3)

    Trilogy comes to its conclusion.

    So everything that now gets blamed on global warming was being blamed on global cooling 40 years ago. Droughts, sever cold waves, heavy rains and unusual warm spells. If you believe climate scientists, then the symptoms of global cooling and global warming are exactly the same.

    So these climate scientists were blaming all this bad weather on too much arctic ice and wanted to melt the Arctic to stop bad weather. Well, now climate scientists claim that bad weather is caused by melting arctic ice. And now climate scientists talk about weather modification schemes to increase arctic ice and that’s to end bad weather. So when there is a lot of arctic ice climate scientists blame the bad weather on it. And where there is little arctic ice climate scientists also blame the bad weather on it. It’s almost like they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Who does Tony Heller think he is? 97% climate scientists agree Tony Heller should zip it.

    • I was reading up on some of the negative reviews JB Handley’s new book “How to end autism epidemic” garnered. Some of them are quite incredible. Read at your own peril, a few of these brought me quite down. Does this pass as propaganda these days?

      VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE OR CONTRIBUTE TO AUTISM . Shame on you for allowing techno-libertarians to suck the dry husk of democracy all the way to the bank.
      Vaccines have given us the luxury of unequaled in history life expectancy. This book fear mongers while its author panders to the basest of conspiracy theorists. And he does it for money. Anti-vaccine propaganda is Russian disinformation and it’s terrifying to see so many people falling for it.

      Actually autism is caused before the baby is ever born, yes in the womb, long before the first vaccine has been taken.

      This book is anti-science and anti-reason. Buy it by all means and make a charlatan rich. But do not believe it.

      Total propaganda. Get your shots and have your children get their shots. Even if vaccines caused autism, which they don’t, living with autism is better than millions dying of preventable diseases.

      … My own mother has admitted that I had some of the same quirks as a child that led towards an ASD diagnosis. The vaccine Autism debate is just a way for parents to blame something outside themselves. And even if vaccines were proven to cause Autism I’d take that any day of the week over a very sick child.

      This book looks at autistic people like me from a completely exclusive viewpoint. This author never sat down with any of us to get to know us as human beings, to understand our thoughts and needs. I am not broken like this book suggests. I do not want or need a cure. Autism is nothing like the scourge of communicable diseases of the pasty or present that can kill millions. The only thing that kills autistic people is how we are treated by society in misguided attempts to “fix” us with the ABA protocol and other, even harsher “treatments” I prefer not to elaborate on for the sake of brevity. We are your fellow human beings, and we deserve to be treated with the same level of dignity. We have a lot to contribute to society, and have contributed a lot in the past. I would bet my last nickel on most every famous eccentric scientist of the past having autistic tendencies, if not being full-blown. Some of what this book proposes amounts to misguided eugenics, and we may end up breeding out the best of our creativity. Before you take the words of this book as gospel, sit down with one of us, and get to know the people that are impacted by this.

    • I wanted to pull some excerpts from this talk, but I can’t single out anything. Put it on 2x speed and just watch, better than any thriller going on TeeVee right now.

    • I watched the whole thing yesterday. Loved it!

      By inference, it really highlights how corporations influence government policies.
      The blatant corruption of the Administrators of U.S. Federal agencies (CDC, EPA, DOJ, and other arms, like the vaccine court) is beyond belief.
      Beyond Belief.
      Beyond Belief
      Most Americans can not believe it.
      They trust their agencies “to protect them”.
      And that is a major problem, if not a primary obstacle for remedying many of the ills which plague the U.S.

      Now, with the alternative media and so very many victims in society, these agencies are fighting hard for keeping credibility.

      I could rant for hours on the EPA and its antiquated “water policies” and history of being influenced and corrupted.

      I would love to see Corbett do a bullet point listing video of an agency’s history of “holding the public trust”. Corbett stands out because he has transcripts with references.
      A video like that would garner mileage by other groups.

    • A ray of hope.

      From one perspective, these atrocious manipulations by The Powers That Should Not Be (from WW1 to 9/11 to vaccines to fluoride to Big Oil to….) might have some benefit in the holistic scheme of things.

      As more people become aware, people tend to yellow jacket these manipulations.

      Cindy Sheehan, when interviewed about the Women’s Pentagon March, made a remark to the extent that she was looking forward “to the collapse of the U.S.”.
      I tend to lean with her. The whole system is a train wreck.

      • Yellow Jacket
        By the way, my buddy Joe here is Dallas bought a bunch of yellow vests and gave them out to friends.
        He was also telling me about a local gun rights group protesting over a Freeway Bridge wearing the yellow vests.

        I gotta give a hat tip to the French.

        • Homey, you have heard of the three cornered hat or the three legged stool. They tip all the time. How ironic you can never tip a French waiter. Maybe things will change?

    • Recent news on VACCINES
      Sick propaganda marketing…
      FLU SHOTS – Jan 6, 2019 Golden Globes (awards for TV & film)
      (1 minute)

      From my understanding, it is doubtful that those were real flu shots.

      Some other aspects of the Golden Globes hit the news’ cycles.
      Something about Christian Bale joking about Satan and Dick Cheney.
      Another one was the Fuji girl, holding a tray of Fuji water, getting into photos behind celebrities. Fuji water got a lot of impressions. It was the talk in the marketplace.

      Well, since Fuji water has a very high silica content (silicic acid), that probably will help remove the aluminum which was in the Flu shot.
      (reference aluminum detox studies by Dr. Chris Exley)
      Scroll down to “aluminum and silica” on this webpage for more info…

      • My typo… “Fuji” should be “Fiji”.

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