Interview 1413 – James Corbett on 3D Chess, Plato’s Cave and Conscious Revolution

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James Corbett joins Nathan Riva of IN-Depth Perceptions for a philosophical conversation on the deeper level of the conspiraverse. From 3D chess and Plato’s cave to conscious revolution and the nature of reality, no stone is left unturned in this “IN-depth” conversation.

Video courtesy: IN-Depth Perceptions


  1. Geez….I’m not used to such deep water, shades of Edie Brickell’s song What I Am,

    “Choke me in the shallow water before I get too deep
    What I am is what I am are you what you are or what?”

    And yes James, I too have had the thought that the human mind is an antennae that let’s us receive the frequencies of life. The only thing is, some of us are Morris code, some AM, some FM, some microwave and so on.

    The more this old man is enlightened the more powerless he feels against the powers that we face. I’m tied to the rail road track, but now I’m facing the on coming train.

    Great talk!

  2. This is a different topic. Riva seems to come from an eastern religious perspective. This type of thinking reminds me of a scene from the film ‘A Passage to India’ in which the guru type character played by Alec Guinness speaks the lines, “You can do what you want or do nothing. The result will be the same.” Needless to say I find such thinking very much like a drug. Certainly there is a shared consciousness but I wonder if this is the sharing of unwritten collective desires such as the necessity to adhere to the principal of ‘do no harm’ and its corollary the universal ‘right to self defense’ when attacked.If one drills down far enough into all the organized state like religions one will eventually come to these two tenants. The rest as they say is propaganda, misdirection and obfuscation meant as mind control to hide these two tenants…if you want to be with God/ universal truth OWHY then you must approach him/it/ her through these set procedures which the clergy control. I see this collective consciousness as the more likely phenomena than our brains being receiver sets of some signal that our individual brains can either interpret correctly, partially or not at all.

    The likely reason for the world being in the state it is is because human beings do not in aggregate act with wisdom from a knowledge that if we break these two tenants there are consequences. Rather like the butterfly beating its wings with the domino effect of a hurricane. It boils down to a simply mandate to commit no theft or damage of another’s possessions, being their life, body, possessions, security or free will. Summarized, do no harm by committing no theft along with the moral imperative to defend the first two with as much force as it takes to stop the action. This is the foundation of natural law which applies to all sentient beings anywhere within the universe that can determine right from wrong actions and by doing so create their own truth of that which is the world they see around them. So first the thought that is then by actions brought into the world as our collective reality. Only hard internal work brings, observing ourselves, us to being better persons in alignment with this universal law. Sovereignty within, anarchy expressed outwardly.

  3. Thank you very much for the kind words! I really do appreciate it. I’m glad you brought up the point about the ego being part of this navigational vessel. It is obviously apart of the human makeup. But I should make something clear about the ego from my perspective. We cannot deny it’s destructive forces, like the many wars that have been waged in the pursuit of “more’. More territory, more money, etc.(I am the greatest emperor that has ever lived so “I” must leave “my” legacy upon the word because “I” am so great) So I’m glad you said “he seems to think”. Because pitting ourselves against our ego is the very antithesis of what it seems we probably should do. Pitting ourselves against ourselves doesn’t seem correct. What I was getting at was can we observe our ego and how it can create havoc in our life? Do we have to live solely for the “I” the “Me” ? So it is not a fight against the ego, but a mere acceptance of that it is apart of our human make up, and an awareness of when we are being led around by it. Fights create chaos, so fighting our ego is something I definitely don’t promote. It is there and as the awareness we can choose when to use it and when not to.

    On another note, maybe a bit more conspiratorial…I agree with your observation about the Sam Harris ted talk, just listing to him speak makes me feel a tad bit ill. It seems he would like to convince people to believe the perception that we are nothing more then robots, a truly vile perception. Many people take him seriously, and his “ideas” are promoted by the MSM (should give one pause for thought as to why) but his ideas on morality are truly disturbing. The “idea” we are robots opens up a pandoras box on morality, and it seems to me he is implanting extremely dangerous ideas into peoples consciousness. From that perspective why not kill ten million malfunctioning robots rights? Its for the betterment of all of us. Makes me sick.

    • Good addition. You can’t fight ego unless you want civil war. But as we become more present, the space between stimulus and response begins to open and through that window we are able to see the machinations of our own egos in the brighter light of consciousness. Clearly then, it’s offerings may be excepted or rejected. The illusive “choice”, pardner of freewill becomes apparent.

  4. Hi James Such a breath of fresh air! I thought the point among many good ones was when you pointed out that the only real choice point that allows us to be different than Skinner’s pigeons is the moment between stimulus and response. Here is the chance for a response different from the programed response. As Nathan said, “You hit and nail on the head” That is the present moment. That is the only thing which is real. All the rest is the fabrication of the mind past experience or future predictions. Stories we tell ourselves over and over again. These stories and the emotions associated with them constitutes the “I” who we believe ourselves to be. The mind does it’s best to support the “I” by filtering perceptions, thoughts, memory and even controlling our actions to be consistent with our stories. But there is a third part to this triad, the silent observer which watches all of this. It watches the “I” and it’s stories and emotions, it sees the mind and also the world through the senses of the body. It is consciousness. I see the ” revolution” as an inner disentanglement from the identification with the stories and the emotions generated by them. This makes us less vulnerable to the media and the ideologies which divide us from our fellows. The mind will no longer have to support the “I” as it will no longer have priority. It will be far less noisy so consciousness may emerge to take a greater part in the day to day living. And best of all that moment between stimulus and response will expand to be fully conscious.

    • normic says:
      Such a breath of fresh air!
      I thought the point among many good ones was when you pointed out that the only real choice point that allows us to be different than Skinner’s pigeons is the moment between stimulus and response. Here is the chance for a response different from the programed response.
      As Nathan said, “You hit and nail on the head”….

  5. Start down the path to understanding reality: James says Chicken or the egg. I would recommend 5 books to start figuring it out. Covers what they are talking about. A piece of each book was discussed by Riva and Corbett. What are your 5 books that form your perceptions of reality.
    1.Carlos Castanada, accused of academic fraud but the metiphysical message might be valid as allogory. 3 Don Juan books. Tonal-Denal duality, real or imaginary he had much to say about reality in mind, body,spirit.
    2.Ervin Laszlo, ” The interconnected universe; conceptual foundations of transdiciplanary unified theory” . Founder of the Club of Budapest. Not what it appears. Valid attempt at the theory of everything.
    3.Rupert Shelldrake PHd. Explores different methods of proofs using animals and human experiments. Consciousness and the morphogenetic field theory.
    4.Mary Baker Eddy.” Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures “. She was a complex historical fixture and brilliant theological academic . Just have to read it. It helps she was proficient in Aramaic,Greek and Latin. Its all in the translations.
    5.Alan Watt ” Cutting Through Volumes 1,2,3″ Lays out reality brilliantly. Ties everything together clearly as esoteric and exoteric perception can be understood. Explains the banking system mechanisms of controlling human behavior.

    • May I add: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

    • Funny, generalbottlewasher, just last week I mentioned the fourth book on your list when responding to mkey in the comments section of a NWNW show:

      You’re right, gbw, the conversation between Nathan and James touched on several “big” ideas contained in that book, among them this metaphysically profound answer to the question, “What is the scientific statement of being?”:

      “Answer. — There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.”

      I think what’s unique–and revolutionary–about the author (who lived from 1921 to 1910) is that she PROVED the aforementioned statement to be the reality of existence by healing countless serious, even terminal cases of disease and sickness and by raising the dead in several cases.

      How many of us can say that the ideas we hold true can be put into practice to such good effect?

      • CQ. Amen. I know this site is proliferated with people who practice putting their work into good effects. I like that the most. Apathy is the disease of our time.

        • You are so right, gbw. I like it the most, too! Not just talk, but action for the purpose of helping others.

          • Repeating important words…

            CQ. Amen. I know this site is proliferated with people who practice putting their work into good effects. I like that the most. Apathy is the disease of our time.


            You are so right, gbw. I like it the most, too! Not just talk, but action for the purpose of helping others.

            • Homey, I’ve just reintroduced my self to Mike Rupert from a talk he gave in 2004. His commentary on ” are we historians or activists?”, really hit home. CQ, Pearl and mbp were discussing something about the film “The Great Deception” . Sequel to be out soon . Sorry I missed it first time around.
              Looks as if after this much time we are becoming historians after all.

              • Sorry, four days late in seeing your comment and getting back to you, gbw, but hopefully NOT a dollar (or a yen) short. Strange idiom, huh?

                It actually isn’t too late for you to watch David Hooper’s original film, “The Anatomy of a Great Deception.”

                It’s not only on his own channel but is also mirrored–with hundreds of thousands of views–on lots of other channels.

                So have yourself a catch-up pre-sequel!

  6. Greater awareness of the present moment leads to more clarity of what is really going on in this world. What is phony and what is genuine. If a greater percentage of the population achieves higher awareness, that would increase the chances of not living in a world shaped by the secret-elite psychos. But how many more people need to become conscious and aware in order to realize the flowering of a more beautiful world? Maybe not many, but no one knows.

    I really enjoyed how awareness and mindfulness were tied into this conversation. It is such an interesting and mentally stimulating topic. For anyone curious about the idea of living in the present moment, may I suggest you check out Alan Watts, a prolific philosopher who died in the early 70’s. The conversation between James and Nathan is right up Watt’s wheelhouse.

    Living in the present moment is not easy, but it is a beautiful thing.

  7. They must breed good stock in western Canada.

    Prior to listening to “James Corbett on 3D Chess, Plato’s Cave and Conscious Revolution”, I watched some of Nathan Riva’s other videos.
    His previous video (11 minutes), “What is your why?”, set the stage.
    And I enjoyed seeing his garden while hearing his thoughts in “How to beat the New World Order? Become who you truly are”.

    Like most Corbett Members, I cherish conversations discussing deep seated beliefs and ideas, the nature of man, and fundamentals surrounding the human condition.
    Discussion of the “Awareness of Awareness Unit” and a being’s mental mechanisms help us all gain more insight and evolve.

    Great wrap-up to a wonderful conversation…
    “…We have to become authors of our reality….”
    (~102 minute mark)

  8. There was a time when I believed that I was an Electrical Engineer. Since then I was profoundly influenced by Echart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now”. Now I find it amusing when ever I hear someone describing themselves as a libertarian, anarchist, Democrat, Doctor, Christian, Atheist etc. The English language has evolved into such a weapon of mind control and psyops that most people are completely unaware of it. Now that I am more awake: I am never hungry; I do have hunger. I have never bought a home; I have bought a house. In addition to the subtle mind control we are constantly bombarded with completely absurd phrases : George Bush was not responsible for “disarming Saddam Hussein” ;he was responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. The Fed did not institute “Quantitative easing”; they counterfeited currency.

  9. I tried listening to this ‘interview’ twice. I wanted to hear James talk, but this conversation seemed to be a platform for Riva to hog the microphone and expound ad infinitum about his ‘metaphysical constructs’ and repeating himself at the expense of a two-way dialogue. Maybe James was fine with this different topic discussion track, and was content with his role in the interview.
    Narcissism comes first to mind when considering Riva’s character, and also an immaturity with regards to conducting himself in a guest interview (looking at the relatively scant content on his YouTube channel, it appears Riva is pretty new to the providing content game, which is fine). Can’t say I will give that interview a third listen, nor am I inclined to want to invest any further time into any future collaborations the Corbett Report does with Riva. In any event, I would hope that IN-Depth interviewer does more listening and talks less with guests in the future.
    Perhaps it’s just a stylistic preference, too. Maybe other listeners would disagree with my experience…

  10. Hi James,

    wow this interview really has Skeptiko-Qualities (
    Cool stuff.
    Turns out many people now come to the conclusion that consciousness seems to be fundamental, not the material.
    Something is converging here in the alternative media scene.


  11. “I” Consists of > 1 Mind as Confirmed by Evolution, Anatomy and Experience

    The human brain is a composite structure. As such, we are in possession of more than one mind. The cerebral cortex outcropping is responsible for logic, math, language (including the language of thoughts) etc. Ancient structures, out of which this reasoning grey matter sprouted, are responsible for Non-Thinking, Non-Reasoning, Non-Linguistic awareness. As our minds have evolved, the lizards brain has remained and plays an invaluable role in perception and emotions.

    We have been discouraged to develop a sensible relationship with this separate mind that non-psychopaths are generally aware of but have been misdirected and confused. It is here that religious fairy tales, spirituality and brainwashing reside. We “feel it in our gut” means that it is experienced in the emotional mind with which we are discouraged from exploring. Rather, we are spoon fed ready supernatural answers that shape our thoughts, beliefs and ultimately our actions.

    Spirituality, belief, faith and hope are thoroughly exploitative terms. The PTSB have understood this for a very long time. Symbolic flag waving, stirring sound tracks, Invisible-Omniscient-Bearded-Sky-Wizard Bless America. Queen and Country. Don’t you DARE question 911 or Climate Crisis. The cerebral cortex need not engage because the lower brain structures have been sufficiently traumatized to guarantee knee-jerk emotional reactions. This is the objective of competent propagandists and they have been extremely successful.

    Yoga is one of many methods for learning about the anatomy of your body and mind and building a sensible relationship and awareness with ourselves and others. I reject supernatural, unknowable fairy tale explanations for MY consciousness inflicted upon me by those who wish to keep me in the dark ….the better to control me.

    • MBP- flowing river of waxing elocutionism, it does!, in answer reverse, for I have no will to resist the currents of correction… except to say, Yet the consciousness has created the universe!
      Much ado.

      • This is where we hand it over to Catlain Johnstone to blather on and on about the chicken telling every touch word known about the egg then claiming how idiotic it is that it can’t be anything than an oligarchy plot to deny the chickens right to be first. Oh yeah a human cause to chicken denial. Only the unborn egg is showing any promise for a brighter future.

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