Interview 1440 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: New Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Goes Public; Defamation Lawsuit Targets Dershowitz

Daily Beast Found Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Secret Charity

They Knew In 1996! Why Was Nothing Done?

Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery

Official March of the U.S.O., “Spirit of the U.S.O.”, Written By Prescott Bush

Story #2: Russia Says ‘New World Order’ Being Formed

How To REALLY Defeat Globalism

IMF Executives Fail to Recognize Guaido as Venezuela’s ‘Interim President’

Story #3: Beware, Beware the Third Week of April

Peru’s Ex-President Dies From Self-Inflicted Gun Shot While Being Arrested on Corruption Allegations

Flashback: Peruvian Leader Abandons Sec. Clinton at News Conference (Jun. 8, 2010)

Alan and Hillary, Probably Another Coincidence

Surfside Woman Sol Pais Infatuated With Columbine Dead In Colorado

“An unidentified @FBI agent answered her parent’s phone in Florida when Denver7 called a phone number listed for #SolPais’ parents in Florida.”

Ariana Grande Shares Brain Scan, Opens Up About PTSD Over Manchester Arena Bombing

Kanye West to Bring ‘Sunday Service’ to Coachella for Easter

Al Aqsa Mosque and Notre Dame Burn

The Coming Destruction of The Dome of the Rock aka the Al Aqsa Mosque

April is the Cruelest Month (Apr. 19, 2009)

Is The World Going to End on September 23, 2015?

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  1. The Sol Pais story out of Colorado? Something is very, very wrong with that tale. Shot herself at the foot of Mt. Evans? Not very likely. Women so rarely use propulsion weapons to commit suicide that doing so is considered a red flag for investigators. Further, women do not ‘off’ themselves outside, in the open and especially in a public location. Men do these things.

  2. Very interesting! When will the cycle of fearmongering ever end?.
    Probably not until the real journalists stand up and stop taking money to propagandists instead. This I offer up . Roger Waters makes
    some interesting points for and by common man.

  3. JC,

    I take minor exception to your dismissal of JEP’s Catalyst Terror Event Scatter Plots on the calendar.

    Something that doesn’t predict anything is not of zero value. It is only of zero value relative to forecasting. But it has value in terms of psychological preparedness, artistic interpretation, and possibly attributing agency to seemingly unrelated things.

    The value of any collection of objects is in the pattern they present and the ability to recognize patterns is the beginning of any scientific pursuit.

    I would not have taken the exercise as far back as the Titanic certainly, as JEP did, though I think it is interesting that its anniversary aligns with Tax Day, considering the relationship between the Titanic and the founding of the FED and inauguration of the Income Tax, perhaps. But the rest of the latter events might have something to offer to analysts…

    For instance one simple hypothesis is the statement that “False Flags and similar catalyzing events that require a passive and distracted citizenry are most effective when they align with Tax Day, the most prostrating and humiliating of annual state rituals.” Tax Day is almost more ‘catch em’ with their pants down,’ than Christmas is. And it aligns with the seasonal calendar as times of renewal, emergence and establishment of new forms. At any rate it’s a strategic maxim that could have similar, but opposite, applications for scheduling guerrilla anti-statist (non-violent, but humiliating) PR campaigns, for those people interested in such things. And that’s not nothin’.

    For instance it would be a fantastic time of year for some whistleblower to release Trump’s tax returns of the last 30 years. Or even better, April 1st would be good for that, so that everyone has enough time to process the news and go on Tax Strike two weeks later.

    Assange’s arrest and the Notre Dame fire will appear aligned to the eye of any long distance historical analysis, so why shouldn’t we arrange them – at least thematically – in our our analysis of the emergent moment. While their causes may have dubious relation, their effects do not. The theme of a strengthened church hierarchy (which believes that all Christians are now once again Catholic without concern for their consent) and a military intelligence apparatus on steroids that’s willing to break any law to avenge its wounds of exposure have important overlap in their historical thrust. It also happens that the media spectacle of the former is being suppressed and muddled, while the spectacle of the other is a perfect distraction with an overlapping, coherent message: “we can and will erase from history anything that the Dan Brown’s, Umberto Eco’s (and Julian Assange’s) of the world wish to reveal.”

    If the message that one wishes to send is “The Patriarchy is perfectly content to destroy the House of the Mother,” what better time to deliver it than at the seasonal moment of birth? The more one wishes to deny or ignore that theme, the less psychologically prepared one will be when the social order descends further into totalitarianism, or when that theme comes home.


  4. I had been guessing that James might take some family time after he wrote the article: “Japan’s Emperor is Abdicating. Here’s What It Means.”

    After his article, this news piece caught my eye…
    April 13th, 2019 – Bloomberg
    Why Japan’s 10-Day Break Has Markets Worried

    2. So what’s the problem?

    While Japan grinds to a halt, there will be major events and economic data released elsewhere, including a U.S. Federal Reserve rate decision on May 1. Traders and investors won’t be able to exit their positions in Tokyo once the market shutdown starts, but it’ll be business as usual in the rest of the world. Japan’s Financial Services Agency urged currency traders to “manage their positions” before the holidays and said it will be monitoring for signs of market manipulation in the run-up, when trading volumes, or liquidity, are expected to be low. It warned of the prospect for post-holiday volatility. And the agency is encouraging people to withdraw extra cash or raise the withdrawal limits on their ATM cards so they don’t run short, since bank branches are expected to close.

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