Interview 1441 – Ripple Effect On OKC And Why It Matters

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Today James Corbett and Chris Emery of Free Mind Films join Ricky Varandas on The Ripple Effect podcast to discuss the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and why it still matters.

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The Ripple Effect podcast

A Noble Lie documentary

Requiem for the Suicided: Kenneth Trentadue

Requiem for the Suicided: Terrance Yeakey

Episode 305 – The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh

More info about PATCON

FBI lead sheet admits FBI/ATF had prior warning

Interview 509 – Roger Charles on What The OKC Investigation Missed

OKC – A Conspiracy Theory



  1. James, Your videos on youtube are now supplemented with “official” sources to combat “misinformation”. This video had attached a link to the Encyclopedia Britannica’s description of the official narrative… Crazy stuff.

  2. Ted Gunderson ex-FBI retired agent had a lot to contribute to the conspiracy realist therory. At about 6 minute mark in his talk, He spoke about a barometric bomb his friend Michael had built and he suspected was used in OKC bombing. Chris Emery says around the 12:20 mark something about a sub-nuclear bomb and a mushroom cloud. Is this the same bomb?

  3. I thought Robert or Richard Booth was interviewed by you or James lately and referred to a accessible archive of files I have a deep interest but never received link back when I emailed him , why didn’t you mention this archive or was it removed by law enforcement ?
    I was on I35 between OKC and KC that day and have a history with the renamed and protected ex FBI agent Back draft Bob Ricks who went on to bungle Operation Black Biscuit in AZ. receiving protection for his role in this operation and being relocated near me .
    Fact is many of the same FBI people were involved in Ruby Ridge murder, WACO Murders ,OK city Murders and they participated in the WACO raid and the files on this were all stored in Murra building This in my opinion is why they went live and also why Vince Foster was Murdered as well !
    Makes me sick to think about this and my problems seem small in comparison.

  4. The link for the Kenneth Trentadue podcast opens the Terrence Yeakey podcast.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. The links were reversed, but they have been corrected.

  5. Some time ago I listen to a guy on X22 report named Robert “Cody” Snodgres. Did he have a role in this or just looking for attention?

  6. Stellar Interview and Conversation!
    I learned a lot!

  7. This also showed up. Who is this Brit.? Paid editorial opinion writer? Paid opposition fact fragmentor? I was able to make it 20 minutes and its an hour long. In the interest of fairness I will try and listen to the rest. Not impressed so far. Sounds like diversion or delusion. Maybe Im wrong . Anyone know who this Brit. is?

  8. The Final Jihad
    As I understand it, Martin Keating wrote the book , but could not get it published. The event occurred and then it was published.

    Amazon says:
    Hardcover: 597 pages
    Publisher: 3D Icon Corp; 1st Edition edition (June 1, 1996)

    About the Author

    Martin Keating is a master storyteller with unique access to government intelligence agencies and clandestine terrorist groups. His brother Frank Keating, serving as Governor of Oklahoma until January 2003, is a former FBI agent and assistant secretary of the Treasury who supervised the Secret Service, U.S. Customs, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Keating’s uncle, Barney Martin, was a career intelligence officer who headed the U.S. Navy’s worldwide foreign intelligence collection operations and counterintelligence activities.

    Introduced to the intelligence community through generations of family involvement, Martin Keating knows intimate details of what the rest of us can only imagine. Armed with firsthand knowledge of explosives and of chemical and biological weapons, Keating accurately reveals what the highest government officials have known, feared, and covered up for much too long.

    April 2008 Corbett had this podcast Episode 038 – OKC Was An Inside Job which gives an active link to Liveleak regarding the book.
    (In 2008, the truth movement was loudly blossoming.)

    Here is another mention at RENSE Tom McVey Bombed OKC 4
    Years Prior To Tim McVeigh

    911blogger and History Commons may offer some good information as research tools.

    Kevin Ryan, Orangutan and others have some interesting posts about OKC at 911blogger. EXAMPLE “Twenty Years Later: Facts About the OKC Bombing That Go Unreported”

    Here is ‘A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995’ on 911blogger

    In the comments you will see mention of “The Red Dirt Report”. They were Oklahoma based and put out some excellent work.

    (Note: Google Video was still around during this era)

    9/11 and OKC
    The “Key to Truth in Oklahoma” is a fantastic read which contains all kinds of ties to 9/11.

    • Here is a 3 minute Bill Cooper talk about the book…
      The Final Jihad – Bill Cooper (OKC Bombing)

      From the Video Notes
      Martin Keating, brother of Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, wrote a manuscript for The Final Jihad in 1991. This manuscript lays out a story of terrorists based in Oklahoma City who decide to bomb a federal building. One of the key terrorists in this fictional story goes by the name of “Tom McVey” and the terrorists are ultimately stopped by an Oklahoma highway patrolman for a broken tail light. On the day of the Oklahoma City Bombing, Timothy McVeigh was pulled over by an Oklahoma state trooper because of a missing license plate. Martin Keating struggled to get the manuscript published prior to the Oklahoma City Bombing His seemingly prophetic novel also predicted the downing of a TWA 747 (which occurred on July 17, 1996) and an attack on the World Trade Center. The Book (Manuscript – The Final Jihad by Martin Keating): The Final Jihad is a prophetic blueprint, a warning of horrifying upcoming acts of terrorism targeted against the United States. It’s a wake-up call no one should ignore. The Final Jihad brings readers, for the first time, actual intelligence gathered by espionage operatives worldwide. It has been fashioned into a blockbuster novel by Martin Keating, who employs “predictive analysis” of classified information-the same technique used by government security agencies to anticipate terrorist assaults. The plans, strategies, and assassination techniques of the terror masters in this book are real. Their chemical and biological tools of destruction are real. And their ever-increasing threat to our survival is real:

      • I understand that the book was published in 1996. Not earlier.
        However, it was written years prior. Just never published.

        Probably, the better sources of information would be from an Oklahoma newspaper in 1996 which talks about the book.
        Typically, authors promote their newly published book and conduct interviews.

        I assume that Bill Cooper (from the video) had read an article in some newspaper about the book and that his audio was circa 1996.

        • The Cooper broadcast was sometime right after OKC in 1995, before the first edition was released in 1996 which is an indicator. However I still can’t find the undeniable evidence to substantiate the claim

  9. UPDATE (News Story)
    October 6, 2020
    “Good Morning” via Yahoo

    Nation’s deadliest domestic terrorist inspiring new generation of hate-filled ‘monsters,’
    FBI records show

    (links within text)

    A week before 36-year-old Timothy Wilson decided to blow up a Kansas City-area hospital that was already reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, he considered attacking a slew of other targets instead, including several local mosques, a synagogue and an elementary school filled with Black children.

    But, according to FBI records, before the avowed white supremacist from Raymore, Missouri, picked his final target in March, Wilson texted an associate with a particular question: “How did McVeigh do it?”

    More than 25 years ago, Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and injured nearly 700 others when he bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City, making him the most ruthless domestic terrorist in U.S. history.

    Fortunately this time, Wilson’s associate was actually an undercover FBI agent, and Wilson was stopped before he could carry out his bloody assault.

    In the past three years, the FBI has arrested a few hundred Americans suspected of ties to domestic terrorism or violent white supremacy. And, as the nation confronts a surge in racially motivated violence, the FBI uncovered references to McVeigh in several of those investigations, according to an ABC News review of court records and government documents.

    “That data point – in conjunction with more public displays of far-right extremist beliefs and a rise in hate crimes – suggests we are seeing a dramatic re-emergence of the [same] views that served as the motivation for the Oklahoma City attack,” warned John Cohen, an ABC News contributor who served as the Department of Homeland Security counterterrorism coordinator under the Obama administration.

    Whether it was an apparent reverence for the killer himself or his lethal tactics, experts said the recent cases referencing McVeigh underscore how even decades-old forces can help fuel what the FBI has deemed one the most dangerous threats now facing the country.


    • (…continued…)

      “A mass casualty event like the Oklahoma City bombing is … meant to provoke further violence,” noted Kathleen Belew, a University of Chicago historian who has studied the development of modern white supremacy. “It’s meant to incite people, to awaken them to what people in this movement see as a state of emergency confronting the white race.”

      The ABC News review of cases invoking McVeigh is part of “Homegrown Hate: The War Among Us,” an hour-long documentary premiering Tuesday on ABC News Live that examines white supremacy’s violent comeback.
      A ‘huge wake-up moment’ in Charlottesville

      The FBI has said McVeigh was motivated by a desire to topple the U.S. government, but in a media interview before he was executed in June 2001, McVeigh also described members of the white power movement as his “brothers in arms.”

      That era “was kind of the last time” that the nation focused on right-wing extremism, because the 9/11 attacks just a few months later diverted attention overseas, according to Elizabeth Neumann, the recently-departed head of threat prevention and security policy at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

      Radical forms of racism then largely remained “masked” for decades – until the presidential campaign of 2016 inflamed divisions inside America and hate crimes began to rise again, added Neumann, who has since spoken out against President Donald Trump since leaving his administration.

      “For many of us,” she said, “a huge wakeup moment” came in August 2017, when a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, attracted white supremacists from across the country, who chanted racist slogans and clashed with counter-protesters, leaving one woman dead.

      Kelvin Pierce, whose late father, Dr. William Luther Pierce, is considered one of the pioneers of the modern white power movement, believes the Charlottesville rally showed that white supremacy was “becoming mainstream” again and that “the monster has come out of hibernation,” as further demonstrated just days later when Trump infamously claimed there were “very fine people” on both sides of the protests.

      “I see [it all] as a pretty massive swing of the pendulum in the wrong direction,” Pierce said, insisting that rhetoric coming from Trump has only exacerbated the problem.

      In fact, ABC News found that since Trump emerged as a presidential candidate in 2015, at least 25 people charged with hate-fueled assaults or threats cited Trump specifically in connection to their actions. ABC News could not find any such cases similarly tied to former presidents Barack Obama or George W. Bush…

      (Long article continues)
      …But, he added, domestic terrorists and white supremacists fantasizing about an all-white America
      or the collapse of the federal government are sure to be disappointed….

      • UPDATE NEWS…

        On the 10/15/2020 Interview 1586 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
        Story #2: FBI Informant ‘One Of The Most Active Leaders’ Pushing ‘Crackpot’ Kidnap Plot
        which includes
        “Defense Says Gov. Whitmer Kidnap Plot Was Just ‘Big Talk Between Crackpots’”

        In the Yahoo story above, it has an embedded ABC video, which mentions that the FBI has over 1,000 pending investigations into domestic terrorism.

        In light of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, the Yahoo & ABC story has a slant.
        It equates domestic terrorism to “white supremacists fantasizing about an all-white America”. In the ABC video, a former Department of Homeland Security official talks about the threat of White Nationalism.
        Included in the slant is that the Trump campaign embraces “White Nationalism”.

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