Interview 1443 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Newly Released FBI Docs Shed 9/11 Light on “Dancing Israelis”

PDF: “FOIA Release of 9/11 Dancing Israelis thru the FBI”

Five Apparent Israeli Spies Arrested for Puzzling Behavior at Time of First WTC Attack

9/11 Suspects: Dancing Israelis

Story #2: After Opposition Support “Deflated”, U.S. Targets Venezuela Food

Obama Signs Off On Sanctions Against Venezuela (Dec. 18, 2014)

Story #3: Monsanto Spied On Both Sides Of Pesticide Debate In At Least 7 European Nations

Monsanto Spied on Friends and Foes to Sway Opinion on GMO, Herbicides

Bayer Has Now Lost Over 44% of Its Value Since Its Monsanto Merger

Bayer’s Management Face A No-Confidence Vote Over Monsanto Deal

Episode 340 – Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell

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  1. James, your front page link to this interview points to the “How to find broken links online”.

  2. 5G SOLUTIONS with Cal Washington | Red Pill Expo 2019 Preview

    Don’t miss this one, Corbett report peasants. Richard Grove discusses many an interesting topic with Cal Washington. It has 5G in the title, but it’s like a giant let-me-show-this-red-pill-down-your-goddamn-throat kind of video with a sly punch to the back of the head trick move.

    • I’m watching.

  3. Christopher Ketcham’s March 7, 2007 _What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?_ CounterPunch article connected the “High Fivers” with the “Art Students” and Gerald Shea’s Memo:

    CounterPunch published the article after first Salon then The Nation killed the story just prior to publication, as explained in _Ketcham’s Story_, a sidebar published with the article:

    Ketcham’s article was instrumental for many in terms of their beginning to question the explanations that still underlie the Myth of 9/11, as Ketcham had a good reputation as a journalist, with good sources.

  4. Some good news…

    (Tesla has been in the news recently. Their corporate control of money is out to lunch.)

    But, many companies are investing in electric vehicles.

    An electric tractor could have many advantages…
    Urban Farmer Curtis Stone and Farming with an Electric Tractor

    • Segue…

      You will be amazed.
      Bell Peppers out the gazoo! Modern Agriculture Technology
      (5 minutes)

      Actually, this type of “farming” is kind of intimidating.
      I don’t know what to think.
      It seems far removed from traditional methods.

      • More I read about hydroponic gardening, less I’m convinced it’s truly the way to go. Many issues present in traditional agriculture can be alleviated or completely resolved by using raised beds and soil building.

        As far as other things are seen in the video, much of it makes sense. Greenhouses, efficient production… the obvious question being what’s used as feed for the plants.

  5. Monsanto/Bayer merger was not about the obvious–increasing monetary market share. Think about it. The corporate machine knew before they chose to take on the merger that Monsanto stock would affect Bayer to the deficit. No worldwide corporation goes into such a huge deal without knowing every detail of the possibilities and accepting them. There was a bigger prize. The merger was about consolidation of power. Bayer gained even greater influence, via the usual political contacts, by merging the companies and taking a loss on the front end. Now all their buddies in the political realm across the globe are in one place, under one roof, working together to peddle their big money influence to governments.

  6. I’m trying to put together a full organisational diagram of companies / chemicals involved with IG Farben, BayerSanto.

    Interesting so far – Pfizer, Celebrex (NSAID), Aspartame, Thalidomide

    Comments / suggestions welcomed 🙂

    Link to draft / working document:

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