Interview 1444 – James and Luke Tackle Bilderberg 2019

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James Corbett joins Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange to discuss Bilderberg 2019. From the mysterious fact that this year’s conference location is still a secret to the question of Bilderberg’s importance in the online age, we examine all the latest on the elite confab. Also, in the audio interview we discuss the US-China trade war and what it really means.


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  1. UPDATE: The Bilderberg website has just published the talking points for this years meeting.

    The meeting will be held from 30 May – 2 June 2019 in Montreux, Switzerland.

    The key topics for discussion this year are:

    1. A Stable Strategic Order
    2. What Next for Europe?
    3. Climate Change and Sustainability
    4. China
    5. Russia
    6. The Future of Capitalism
    7. Brexit
    8. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
    9. The Weaponisation of Social Media
    10. The Importance of Space
    11. Cyber Threats

    • I just saw the list as well, and when saw #9, I thought the same as you: Corbett’s spot on! The other issues there in the list are also issues that have been discussed in the alt-/independent media very recently and for many, many years. Interesting (to me, anyway) how they have “What Next for Eurpope?” and “Brexit” as separate items/issues.

      Future of Capitalism … well, we can see here in the US the rise of the so cialists/social democrats/progressives or whatever they call themselves, or to what others refer when discussing the recent swath of politicians that found their way to DC in the November ’18 elections (AOC, Ilhan Omar, etc.). Socialist societies/governments have existed in the past and today, so perhaps calling into question capitalism’s future is in recognition of the rise of socialist politics in the US.

      The Ethics of Artifical Intelligence … this one gives me a chuckle because how anyone can actually believe these people give a rats patuckus about ethics period is beyond me. Well, of course, it always makes for good talking points, right? I mean, of course it’s ethical to put microchips into everyone’s body (along the lines of IoT, Internet of Things)–apparently, some folks in Sweden are holding microchipping parties to celebrate this! How fun! Meh … Of course, it’s propaganda to convince everyone that connecting ourselves to technology, becoming the AI, via the 5G vehicle, is good for us all–and sadly, but not surprisingly, their propaganda is working. I have heard so many people–mostly young folks, traditional college-aged and actual university students– say that they’re so excited for 5G to arrive. (It’s already here in many cities throughout the US, including Sacramento, CA, where I’m located: a bastion of urban brilliance. Ugh …)

      Couple of websites/individuals to look into and check out regarding 5G as well as geoengineering wars, etc. include Deborah Tavares of; Matt Landman of; and Dane Wigington of

      Climate Change and Sustainability … yep, keepin’ the propaganda wheel a turnin’! And with this one–and all of them, really–they’re putting it out there in our faces, not even hiding it! Here’s a link to Business Insider article from March 2019 entitled “Harvard scientists want to limit how much sunlight reaches Earth’s surface in order to curb global warming”

      So … if anyone’s wondering why it seems so cold this time of year–if you’re in the northern hemisphere– well, it’s all part of the plan, nothing too unusual: global/solar dimming. These folks, the geoengineers, are actively using geoengineering to dim the sun! Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, the sun is enemy #1…. according to local newscasters discussing research on ingredients in sunscreen–which I personally recommend never using. It’s toxic crap. (I don’t have medical training, so go do your own research.)

      And that’s probably all the room I have! Thanks 🙂

      • “………..I wonder, with God dead in the west and agonizing elsewhere, and the increasingly trendy idea that human beings are subservient to Gaia, Mother Earth, fueled by the notion of babies as pollution, if a form of shallow A-moral pragmatism will permeate the zeitgeist that will lead to humans becoming robotic in their minds even independently of actually melding with machines…? no more irrational soul or innate sense of right and wrong… does not compute…..”
        Nope…. amoral civilizations wont last long, they are replaced by less degenerate ones. The only worry is that we actually are wealthy and powerful enough to sicken a larger chunk of humanity then every before and stave off the collapse until the societal rot is deeper then ever before.

  2. If you are not familiar, here is a link to the Wiki page for Peter Navarro, the “Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy” directly to the bibliography which begins with links to his 5 part series titled: “Crouching Tiger: What China’s Militarism Means for the World” from 2015.

    • The United States “Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy” is a new position created for Mr. Navarro by Trump.

  3. For Pete’s sake, James, why are you STILL hanging around with that lying piece of garbage, Rudkowski? You can’t really believe his idiotic story/vid that he somehow slipped into a high-level dinner, walked up to Heinz Kissinger and asked him questions??? Wake the hell up. He’s obviously some kind of mole–looks like one, too. Or maybe more like a weasel.

    He was hired by Galt’s Gulch Chile to produce marketing videos, took $2500 fee and spent it whoring in Santiago–or was it Vina del Mar? He never delivered on the contracted videos. The investors have asked for the money back, or a video about how we were defrauded, but he refuses to even answer us. He even tried to crash an investors’ dinner in Vegas a few years ago. Talk about nerve. He’s a stinking thief and liar, and you’d do well to avoid him.

    No doubt he’ll try to convince you to remove my comment. He’s blocked my comments from his themtube channel.

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