Interview 1451 – Jason Bermas on Oswald, the CIA and de Brueys

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Interviews | 18 comments

Jason Bermas of the Infowarrior channel joins us to discuss his recent deep dive into the JFK archives and what the memos and testimony tells us about Oswald’s connection to the CIA.

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  1. Sidenote:
    Early this morning, prior to ‘checking in’ at, I thought I would see what YouTube had today for my “Recommended” videos.

    As usual, “Corbett Report” was nowhere to be seen.
    However, I was suddenly surprised to see “Jason Bermas” as a “Recommended Channel” along with about 4 of his videos.

    Then I came to and saw this Jason interview.
    ha!…maybe Google tracks Corbett to see what topic is trending and how to base their algorithms.

    I should mention, (and I know I will be chided for it, but I am a free man), that almost always I will watch Corbett Report via YouTube at my computer (not on my phone).
    I have a variety of reasons for doing this routine. One reason is to “push back” at the YouTube “recommended” aspect.

    • Pretty sure YT knows your IP and while it may think your a separate household member if you look at just a couple of vids I’ve found it drops right back into recomending almost exactly what it did when signed in.
      For a real test try it on a dif computer (pretty sure they can tell what machine you are on either from cookies or hardware ID) at a dif location.
      I liked dial up better because mine used to give me a new IP every time I dialed in… on the other hand it would have taken an hour to download a YT vid to watch so…
      Personally I’ve cut my YT use by more then half and only go there for the channels that are not on bitchute because I am growing to really dislike them and hate to think of the fraction of a penny my click gives them prolonging their existence for even a second.. as kinda a YT addict its been weird

      • “Pretty sure YT knows your IP…”

        Not just YT/Google.
        Microsoft has just shut me out of a recently created Skype account.

        Reason? Because I have too many Skype accounts!

      • Calibrator
        I have taken to using either a virtual machine or a live USB of Parrot OS that doesnt save so no more cookies and malware and stuff. I tried Qubes but my hardware is too old.
        I guess I will need to look up how to reboot a router… thanks for the tip

    • I should mention that I never “sign in” to YouTube.

      I have three different browsers.
      I use one browser for many of my YouTube videos, especially Corbett Report. This is where I get “Recommended” videos.

      I most often go to and sign-in on the same browser.

      Some months ago or longer, YouTube stopped showing “Corbett Report” in the “Recommended”.
      In the old days, Corbett Report was always on my recommended YouTube queue.

      YouTube often tries to entice me to watch certain “Recommended Videos” which I refuse to click on.
      Occasionally, YouTube does this survey thing at the beginning. Most times I ignore it, but occasionally I will answer just to mess with the thing.

      I use another browser for emails, some YouTube videos, links, searches, news, finance, etc.
      There is no “Recommended” YouTube queue for me on this browser.

      I use another browser for some of the Meetup Groups and miscellaneous and occasionally a video.

      • Surprisingly, this morning YouTube “recommended” Corbett’s “The 5G Dragnet”. It was first in the queue.

  2. I have often followed Bermas since around 2006.
    I had dinner with him once, when he came to Dallas for the huge turnout our “North Texas for 9/11 Truth” Group had at the Lakewood Theatre with “Loose Change – Final Cut”.

    The guy is a down to earth, real guy. He is real.
    But man!…he is an encyclopedia, and he cut his teeth on the ground doing face-to-face grunt work.

    I am sure he has probably spoken about Bollyn before on some show/podcast. He has countless hours of videos and podcasts and interviews.

    You can see Bollyn in Dallas and also Bermas in Dallas on YouTube.
    Here is one of Bermas and “Final Cut”.

    • Dear HRS,

      Forgive me , but I’ve gotten cynical as fuck these days. Is it just that I’m getting older and is age kind of catching up? Idk.

      But, really. C’mon, man . . . . . “…huge turnout…”???

      So, your North Texan 911truth thingy was a huge turnout. Right. Well, that’s cool. I’m glad you feel that way….. Jesus h. Christ, what did you do, commandeer a Weight Watchers meeting for 55 and over? Personally, I would have drowned myself at the pub next door, in my own tears.

      But, anyway, HRS, I’m glad you feel you done some good. How them folks doing now? have you kept up?…………………………

      So, Bermas says 911truth died out, or down, sometime around 2010 or 2011.

      I happen to agree. It’s sure as hell dead in 2019. And he aptly noted that there’s been a shift going on, too, whereby the heaviest culprits, e.g., Mueller, Alphonse D’Amato…oops, I mean Rudy Giuliani, et al, are taking center stage as legitimate talking heads, etc., etc….. it’s actually much worse and much deeper than that. I mean, fuck Guiliani, he’s an asshole, obviously (as is his friend, the blowhard-in-thief, btw). But, anyway, to get back, it’s almost like there’s a Sunstein super corp of brainiacs ever so slowly adjusting, finessing, by way of editorial review in every corner of media consumption, the warping of common perceptions of “his”torical fact. Yes. to the victors lie the facts….

      And, make no mistake about it, folks. They, the “normies”, or whatever you feel like calling them, are winning the information war. Call it Hillary’s Revenge, if you will. Call it whatever you like. They are winning. And the Truth is fading away – the likes of the Corbett Report notwithstanding…..Sorry, James.

      I’ve got tons more cynicism to express, but I’ll call it a night…..maybe.

      Oh, but before I end, I just have to say that that fucking 800 pound gorilla, also known as Alex Jones….. did he REALLY do good? Or, was he an incredible psyop? Think about his collapse for a moment…. and make no mistake about it; Infowars has collapsed. It’s collapsed right alongside its founder whose been wallowing in his court calendared, remorseful regrets, just caught up in the moment as he says regarding the Sandy Hook incident, and having been brought into full MSM circus mode, came off looking like a fat, sorry-assed moron. No truth-teller, for sure.

      I, for one, ask myself, by design?

      Anyway, HRS, I’m near, at, or over my 500 limitation….. If so, please, for God’s sake, call me out….

      Good night y’all!

  3. On the memo being faked, I bet thats true- inoculating people against the truth by exposing them to either a fictionalized or a debunkable / ridiculous version of it makes sense. One buddy insisted that an actual robbery was JUST FICTION because he saw a TV movie about it and. I had to dig up the actual newspapers to show him.
    I was listening to Dr Richard Spence the historian and author of Wall Street and the Russian Revolution: 1905-1925 (which i have not yet read) and Secret agent 666 (which is an eye opener) who has a ton of talks on YT and he spoke of how the Soviets leaked fake docs about how they were funded so that when the truth came out people thought that it had already been debunked.

  4. From JFK and the Unspeakable, James W. Douglas

    Discussed on pages 196-197: An example of what the “Deep State” looked like in 1955: Air Force HQ ordered Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, to set up a Pentagon office to provide military support for clandestine operations of the CIA. Prouty became director of the Pentagon’s “Focal Point Office for the CIA.” CIA Director Allen Dulles was the actual creator of the office. He wanted military support to subvert nations in the Cold War. “I want a focal point”, Dulles said. “I want an office that’s cleared to do what we have to have done; an office that knows us very, very well and then an office that has access to a system in the Pentagon. But the system will not be aware of what initiated the request—they’ll think it came from the Secretary of Dense. They won’t realize it came from the Director of Central Intelligence.”

  5. I liked what Bermus had to offer here, so I subscribed, then went looking for other novelties that interest me.

    I watched the recent Bohemian Grove bit that he did, and was saddened by his appeal to homophobia.

    If he believes that somehow consenting adult behavior makes the crimes of ‘the elite conspiracy’ qualitatively worse, then all he’s doing is promoting a form of sexual fascism that limits individual liberty – certainly to the glee of the actual control elite.

    If all I have to do in order to join the global cabal (and hence, ascend to rule the world in luxury and comfort), is to cross-dress, perform in a theater presentation of Faust, and participate in gay orgies, someone please pass the script, the muscle relaxants and the poppers! All the riches of avarice, here we CUM! I’ll see ya’ll from the other side of Bilderberg, suckers!

    Talk about lumpy thinking. Somewhere Bermus missed the memo about consent in a free society, freedom of expression in the arts, and the sanctity of privacy in personal behavior.

    And so I unsubscribed.

    Incidentally, this reminds me of Patrick Wood’s belief that somehow identification with Christianity evidences superior moral behavior in adherents, or that attending Burning Man makes one a Default Globalist. (I adore Wood’s hard research, fwiw.) Or G. Edward Griffith’s belief in the Communist Conspiracy to subvert the American Way. Didn’t he read Sutton? (You’d think researching the FED would lead one back to grok the pretenses of modern wars, either Hot or Cold.) These well intentioned analysts and sleuths lose all credibility as soon as they move out of the paper-trail and into the sphere of the humanities. I can’t tell if it’s mirror blindness, tribal blindness, or paradigm blindness, but it’s certainly a sign of philosophical dis-integrity, and effects a form of self-sabotage in their efforts.

    • Skip Tomalou

      I have not yet watched that vid but I will point out that male homosexuality has often be associated with violence and domination when used in a social context- kinda like male apes will often mount lower status males to show dominance. To a Roman being the ‘active’ partner didnt diminish them but being the ‘subject’ was considered shameful/low status/weak- the British boarding schools and prisons were often traditionally places where the weaker people would be subjected to homosexual violence for social domination rather then sexuality/desire/lust reasons. Oscar Wilde said that anyone who had been to public school would feel quite at home in jail.
      The university prof who did the research (before his sudden suicide…..) in the doc known as ‘boys for sale’ said that many of the men having sex with boys were not ‘gay’ in the normal sense but that it was some kind of stress relief of something else.
      I have to admit that a bunch of gay dudes having orgies sounds gross but a private matter, where as a bunch of NOT NORMALLY HOMOSEXUAL dudes doing so sounds like some kinda weird and perverted power trip that probibly has some kinda blackmail pedo or other sick stuff

      If he believes that somehow consenting adult behavior makes the crimes of ‘the elite conspiracy’ qualitatively worse, then all he’s doing is promoting a form of sexual fascism that limits individual liberty – certainly to the glee of the actual control elite…

      ‘…If all I have to do in order to join the global cabal (and hence, ascend to rule the world in luxury and comfort), is to cross-dress, perform in a theater presentation of Faust, and participate in gay orgies…..’ I bet you would have to do something so disgusting that it forever marked you apart from other humans, like joining a gang by killing someone only worse

      ‘…. G. Edward Griffith’s belief in the Communist Conspiracy to subvert the American Way. D……..’ Actually he does talk in later work about how what he THOUGHT was just communism was much bigger… i think you can find a talk on it ‘the capitalist conspiracy’ or something like that

      ‘… of the paper-trail and into the sphere of the humanities. I can’t tell if it’s mirror blindness, tribal blindness, or paradigm blindness,…’ The more I hear about this kinda thing the more convinced i am that there is a deep religious aspect to the gross things some people do with their power- maybe the occult stuff is just gang style secrecy but i would bet money that some of them actually believe it- other wise why would people like Johnny Depp spend all that money to get a crowleite murderer out of jail? Why would the church of satanism and scientolgy too BOTH have government links

      • I appreciate that. In all fairness, I recommend you watch the 1st half of the video to know what I’m referring to, and after, I’d appreciate your thought, if you’re inclined. These are two different things.

        My pre-requisite for legitimacy is “consent in the free society,” which you write nicely about.

        I’m not talking about ritual enslavement, as you suggest; I’m talking about the way that hypothetically gay and theatrical acts by social climbers are construed in such a way as to casually affirm an association between non-conformity and vile, maniacal – but yet unsubstantiated – crimes. In fact, all the crimes! ‘cuz Kissinger was there.

        That’s screwed up. It’s not helpful.

        • Skip Tomalou
          If you mean the @here we grove again@ vid I just watched recently and TBH he’s not coming across very homophobic at all. I dont think he was appealing to homophobia, just pointing out a fact about some people that some folks may find distasteful.
          Its true that a ton of big time people are closeted or not so closeted homosexuals… possibly they use that today as a cover for their more disgusting activities. Its also probable that the people who let them get the good jobs are looking for either someone receptive to their advances or (more likely) someone who is easily blackmailed…. now I think about it the number of homosexuals in power may decline as it becomes more acceptable and they will have some far worse hidden desire.
          I’ve also noticed that homosexuality does kinda run as a theme in parts of the conspiracy world…Rhodes comes to mind but people who are one or more of the following a)disliked by straight people and forced to use secrecy b)sexually predatory in some way, or
          c)have suffered sexual trauma
          will be more prone to act in sneaky and negative ways…hmn, now I think about it I believe I read that psycopathic males are more prone to try socially rejected and unusual sex practices too so while most gays are not bad it wouldn’t be a surprise to find more bad people like to bugger others

  6. I love the work Jason does, not because it is necessarily bleeding edge research or chalk full of major discoveries but because of his tenacity and the passion he brings to it (homophobic tendencies put aside).

    I could well foresee a day 20-30 years into the future when the CIA will finally admit they had a role to play in the Kennedy assassination.
    But they would almost certainly qualify that it was strictly “for national security interests” and wouldn’t go into any fine details of their role.

  7. Nice catch, karl. Sadly this document doesn’t look like the 800 page overnight analysis.

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