Interview 1541 – The Propaganda Report Dissects The Second Wave

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A “second wave” is coming . . . and they’re going to blame it on YOU. Today James talks to Monica Perez and Brad Binkley of about their analysis of the “second wave” narrative and how it is going to play out in the unfolding covid crisis.

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Predictions: What Will Happen Next in the Corona Crisis?

Patton Oswalt “Open Fuddruckers” tweet

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Harass COVID-19 Nurses | NowThis

We’re not going back to normal

B.F. Skinner behavioral conditioning of pigeons

Bill Gates writes about “Pandemic I”

The State of the Police State – #NewWorldNextWeek (Russian online protests)

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  1. I’m having the same issue.

  2. It does seem inevitable that there will be multiple waves. From the controllers perspective it is a great way to condition the masses. But how sustainable are multiple waves from an economic perspective? Small business owners who have been considered “non-essential” are getting pissed, and some of them are reopening against the lockdown orders. Some are even going on the MSM to talk about it. I think this will be a wild card element in the multiple waves plan because after enough prolonged restrictions, any business owner will eventually get desperate and rebel against this. Even helicopter money from the government to business owners may not be able to keep them afloat. This will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  3. Yes, I’m getting the same error: “Error establishing a database connection”.

  4. As James Corbett mentions again in
    Interview 1451 – The Propaganda Report Dissects The Second Wave,
    there will be more waves of Cooties.

    Dr. David Brownstein MD and fellow staff talk about how this virus, like any other virus, will mutate.
    (e.g. “COVID-21”)
    “Saturday Afternoon Weekly Chat with the Medical Staff of the Center for Holistic Medicine- 4/25/20”
    (volume is low)

    A few QUOTES and highlights.
    ~~ We don’t have a cure. There is no cure.

    ~~ Support the Immune System. Support the Host. “Treat the host – not the infectious organisms”

    ~~ Dr. Ng: “It is not the virulence of the bug. It is the weakness of the terrain.”

    ~~ Staff point out that this COVID magnifies the body’s absence of Vitamin C. Their observations overwhelmingly suggest that folks who have adequate levels of Vitamin C, do very well when hit by COVID.
    They liken COVID to scurvy.

    ~~ Dr. Brownstein touches on vaccines. A vaccine liability is pointed out. Typically, vaccines only address T-cells, but not the whole body immune system.

    ~~ QUOTE
    “Flatten the Fear”

    • I strongly recommend that folks listen to Dr. Brownstein’s Case story
      Kathryn: ”Right away the nebulizer started to open up my lungs.”
      (15 minutes)

      On March 13th, Friday, Kathryn got sick.
      Z-pak was prescribed.
      March 20th, Friday – She goes to the hospital. IV’s of Tylenol and antibiotic. She is given oxygen. After days and days of not getting better, she goes home.
      She had worries of dying. It was hard to breathe.
      April 17th, Friday, – Kathryn sees Dr. Brownstein.

  5. NOT able to access on wayback machine at internet archive either
    Edit…. SOME snapshots do come up and load really slow.
    Could be my internet? Someone else should try

  6. ‘…The fascist authorities can do their worst as far as I am concerned. I want to see them push, as capitalists do, until things – their system of things – break. I want a new world order that looks like nothing they’ve created, own, rule and ruin…’

    CRONY Capitalists created fascism, nazism, and Bolshevism… if this sytem breaks right now I would expect that the system that pops up to ‘save’ us will be something THEY create.

    THEY created the Bolshevik overthrow of the 1st democratic government Russia ever had in order to asset strip Russian resources THIS is getting quite hard to search on youtube these days but the guy interviewed is an actual historian at a university

    Anthony Sutton did similar research

  7. Hey James,

    As always your video is shared on SaidIt, either by me or someone else.

    (SaidIt has grown over the last few years and is now an excellent truth-seeking aggregator. Perhaps it’s finally time to interview magnora7 soon? He’s also an expert specifically on the Rothschilds for some reason.)

    When I do, I include a link these source pages, and list the alternative platforms (many on SaidIt prefer to avoid YouTube).

    It occurred to me that you seem to have skipped over the Internet Archive. Is there a reason?

    Wikipedia and it’s sisters are pretty controlled, the sisters less so, but even on Wiktionary they keep censoring “truther” and “suicided”, so there’s not much hope of sharing TCR on WikiMedia Commons, despite it being “open”-source.

    I don’t need an immediate response, but I really would like to hear your take on the Internet Archive, who for the most part seems very good with few examples of censorship that I’m aware of.

    For what it’s worth, the Archive was located in the Presidio when I lived in SF/Oakland in 2005-2007 and the people there were great. I never met their leaders. I assume it’s still there.

  8. suzt says that James Corbett says:
    Inoculations of Truth 20:18
    “when we see the narrative before they roll it out, we will snap out of the conditioning.”

  9. The Fear Factor & receptiveness of communication

    One thing is for sure. A lot of folks trigger with the “fear factor”.
    Some folks thrive on it. They eat it for breakfast.

    Just look at the movies for example. Horror and Scary Movies. Audiences bite. There are cult followings of these type of movies.

    What does the media often use to tease a person to click?
    The Fear Factor.
    Disasters, wild weather, climate change bringing the end of the world, etc.
    It is not limited to normies with the media. The Fear Factor grabs many, many folks in the conspiracy realm, especially if it includes a sensationalized version without specific sources.

    But one thing which we can all observe with this COVID situation…
    A lot of folks are scared. They are afraid of getting very sick and dying.

    Try sweeping the floor with a dog in the same room who has been beaten by a broom all its life. That dog will not be too receptive to the idea that you are just sweeping the floor.

    A real roadblock to communicating to those who are in fear, is the fact that they are afraid.
    Like Senator & Doctor Jensen said: “Well, fear is a great way to control people”

    Kill the fear and the controllers lose control.
    I like the QUOTE from Dr. Brownstein’s crew…
    “Flatten the Fear”

  10. Very important conversation! 2 thoughts. 1. I’m worried that If we’re not duly impressed now we may get slammed with a real nasty bug on the ‘rebound’ — all scenarios are pumping dread into everyone’s heart. Churning solutions & antidotes, is heartening! Which brings me to #2. It’s interesting that the focus effectively on all s.c. baby boomers (“the elderly” healthy or not), of which I’m one — as I recall we were quite adapt in pro/tests without tracking/tracing devices, and “we” more than any one are told to completely isolate.

  11. same problem here. A 503 Service Unavailable error

  12. “yes that’s true, but there’s nothing we can do about that …”

    I’ve heard this so many times.
    Sometimes I confront this line of thinking, with question: Isn’t it true that if one thinks he is unable to accomplish something he already gave up hope, he won’t even try, he will sabotage himself…it’s self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Most people realize “nothing we can do” is bad excuse, most have some millage with self-help stuff, also people are drilled to believe success depends only on them.

    Freedom is not top priority for normies. Most people live on autopilot, contemplation is a word they need dictionary to understand. Don’t know what is needed to understand how important freedom is. I’ve met many smart people who are incapable to grasp importance of freedom, that you have to be very careful when constructing sentences containing word freedom .

    “….I am not delivering an effective message to counter it.”
    Not important, important is not give up, be vocal everywhere. We, black sheep, are extending the space-of-possible merely by our active existence.

    • “yes that’s true, but there’s nothing we can do about that …”

      That is the perfect excuse to not do anything at all… its is a mantra ‘literally for loosers’ and they absolve themselves from effort and responsibility with it.
      THIS dude has a good short video on that attitude

      • I understand you like this dude, in a way he is right.

        He speaks like motivational speaker.
        He obviously lacks knowledge and wisdom.

        If you would like things get done, he is the one.
        If you would like to understand something, run away from him.

        • Mik
          You mean Luke smith the video guy?
          Yeah, he does tend to enjoy his rants, but he does longer form more academic style talks. His ‘not related’ podcast is more serious.
          I dont take him as a guru ( I DO think the number of guru’s we have telling people what they used to know as common sense is a worrying sign of where society is at ) but he does read some interesting books and have some interesting ideas

  13. I also can’t reach the site. I’m not getting an error message (I’m on a Mac), but the site won’t come up. Other sites (this site) come up fine, though, so it isn’t an issue with my internet.

  14. Thanks for this.

    If we try to foreesee, then what about mandated (forced) vaccines? Uncle Bill may be promoting this. Already, in Denmark, the parliament has authorized forced vaccination. They have authorized this, though not started the practice yet. Of course, they will not try to forcibly inject anybody. They will just say, “if you would like to take the bus, be employed, or enter a grocery store, then you will be required to carry your vaccine certificate or card. You have x number of weeks or months to get vaccinated and to get your card.”
    How do we resist this? One idea is a written notice of liability to the doctor and the health minister/CDC official. This notice of liability might also work to oppose the forced rollout of 5G. The more people who write and send notices of liability to public servants and doctors, the more this might work or slow down forced vaccines and 5G.

    Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD develops this idea in this one hour, sixteen-minute video –

    Dr. Kaufman would make an excellent speaker on the Corbett Report.

    If you don’t have time for Dr. Kaufman, another insightful, free-thinking MD is Dr. Thomas Cowan MD in this ten-minute video about pandemics –

  15. Arby says that Monica says:
    “They ‘did’ flatten the curve. The timing of the lockdown was such that they prolonged the life of the virus.”

  16. A proposed solution:

    Its always about the money, isn’t it? Hit them where it hurts. They are messing with our livelihoods / income / savings by pretending they have the right to shut things down. Let’s tell the truth about their fake taxes. Starting with the truth about the income tax. Solution 1. report your income taxes with ZEROS, all zeros on all returns. Rebut W2’s and 1099’s with 4852’s containing numbers adjusted to ZEROS. This is LEGALLY CORRECT. Not wrong and not illegal and not immoral.

    The income tax is a hoax, it is being paid out of ignorance. No one checks the laws. The first line of an 1120s (corporate tax return) says “Caution: Include only trade or business income and expenses on lines 1a through 21.” Trade or business is defined in Title 26 Section 7701 (a) 26 as: The term “trade or business” includes the performance of the functions of a public office.

    The FEDERAL Income tax is a tax on income originating from FEDERAL SOURCES.

    Don’t be slaves to a legal fiction, man created government (unfortunately) not the other way around.

    This is just for the US, but I am pretty sure it is like this all around the world.

    In the case of the US, if you don’t have any money coming from Federal sources, there is nothing that falls under the purview of title 26 of the us code.

    Im so sick of the mind control these idiots have over my neighbors, friends and family members. Lets come up with some solutions.

    here are some links if you dont believe me

  17. Dr. Mercola is always prudent in his references and sources, and here again he provides a long list. I have been reading his stuff since the 90’s. A person doesn’t have to agree with everything he or his guests say, but he does offer open dialogue.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

    NewsGuard has classified MERCOLA.COM as Fake News
    NewsGuard has classified as fake news because we have reported the SARS-CoV-2 virus as potentially having been leaked from the biosafety level 4 laboratory in Wuhan City, China, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak…

    …As you may have noticed…I didn’t even make an assertion, I merely asked the question:
    “Is it pure coincidence that Wuhan City is now the epicenter of this novel coronavirus infection?”

    … To understand NewsGuard’s agenda, you need to know something about its creation and funding. Aside from internet giants Microsoft and Google, NewsGuard is backed by companies that are involved in advertising and marketing of pharmaceutical products, cigarettes and unhealthy junk food to kids.

    NewsGuard’s $6 million startup was funded in part by the Publicis Groupe, the “third largest global communications group” according to the Publicis website…

    …The Publicis Groupe has been manipulating what people think about commercial products for nearly a century…
    Publicis Scoops Up Top Vaccine Companies

    … NewsGuard has set itself up as the self-appointed global arbiter of what information is “trustworthy” based on nine “credibility and transparency” factors, not only for information viewed on private electronic devices, but also for information accessible in schools and public libraries26 — more than 700 libraries across the globe so far.27

    Librarians will even provide instructions to patrons on how to install the NewsGuard extension on their personal computers, tablets and cell phones….

  18. Lockdowns are guaranteed, they are announced for a while. But first they will relax the regime a lot, so people could enjoy holidays almost as they did before, people need a pause from a drill, people need a feeling of being back to some kind of normal. I expect open borders and air travel, but probably only for certified with tracker app.

    One aspect of social engineering hasn’t been explored enough:

    Building new habits

    Almost half of our awake time we are “performing” habits, when we are not fully aware. Some habits are outright bad like heavy drinking, some excellent like driving (skill/habit). It takes about a month to start building a habit they say.
    Not sure if it would be overstretched to say they built a habit in people to shut off their thought processes when they hear ‘conspiracy theory’.
    I think you can see how many old habits are going down the drain with new paradigm of social distancing and replacement is one big stinking pile of crap.
    But with enough training and persistence, both will be available, people are able to learn a lot.

    Some stuff about habits

    The Power of Habit: Charles Duhigg

    ted talks habit research

    The neuroscience of habit with Dr Jeffrey Schwartz

    • Not just that lockdowns are normal, way more insidious, building completely new habits that could not develop in natural environment. For example habit of being non-tactile, a habit that goes against human nature.
      Since almost half of average human activity belongs to habits, changing habits is in itself very stressful, excellent opportunity for controllers to exert their power.

      • Yes, economic collapse is just an answer to the long standing question When. Unfortunately, now it is presented all over the spectrum that it’s a consequence of insane covid measures. Economy was zombie for a long time, many didn’t recognized this fact, many just forgot it (amazing how short people’s memory is).
        With recurring lockdowns changes in human psyche are guaranteed, also minimal resistance is ensured. I compared this endeavor with Pol Pot’s social engineering and of course, normies looked at me with repugnance. Ok, maybe it’s a bit overstretched, there are differences, well also similarities.

        Watching whole series you say. You won’t spend your time worthlessly, so many different areas are covered, with analytic and synthetic approach, very helpful in understanding of human nature.

        I’ve been lazy and made no summary about the last proposed video. Well, it’s also hard and dense…just two things.

        People who are trained in childhood to respect more ability than effort are far more likely to endorse social-norm moral reasoning than social justice reasoning. (“right”-“left”)
        Carnegie foundation gives rewards for heroic acts and studies them (why???, knowledge=power). When heroes were asked what was on their mind before acting they said: nothing. They just did it with “automatic mind”. (habits, automatic mind)

  19. “Again I am confident that those creating the narrative know more about our psyche than we do. They are really good at this. When I listen to the folks around me, their response to my concerns about losing personal freedoms is
    ” yes that’s true, but there’s nothing we can do about that and we have to protect ourselves from this virus.”

    Suzt first I would put together a small package that you could actually leave with them to read after you have spoken with them.

    They say they are terrified of the virus.
    The package you leave them should show that their fear has been mainly pushed by the MSM and is unfounded.

    Give them numbers. Show them that the seasonal flu (which they have lived with ALL of their lives) is also a PANDEMIC (though the MSM and governments are very reluctant to admit it) and it kills more people in a year than this pandemic has.

    Ask them some questions in light of this. Ask them why they don’t quarantine themselves for six months of each year during the flu season?

    If they say they feel protected because they take their flu shots, tell them what the failure rate is for the flu shot, and that they can still die from the flu.

    Ask them why they don’t wear a mask during the flu season?
    Ask them why they don’t practice ‘social distancing’ during the flu season?

    Be creative with your questions. 🙂

  20. I’d like to first start by saying I think James hit a home run when he said:

    “The point is that if this were really happening, if there were an infectious agent that was causing death on some kind of scale then should the government be able to lock us all in our houses?
    And the answer should be a clear and resounding “No!” We have to reject that principle so that they can’t use this type of statistical chicanery to make people go along with it.”

    That really says it all.

    I realize that this is not a forum but rather a comment section and so discussions between a large number of members becomes awkward to say the least.

    Still the amount of brain power here is truly remarkable and so it would be a pity that we couldn’t engage in some form of discussion to bring out the best from the brightest.

    I was just alerted today about Event 202 which will take place in a couple of days. I am really looking forward to it and hope it will delve into many aspects of the post-pandemic world we will be seeing shortly.

    It is quite a coincidence because I was planning on starting a discussion here on matters that they will likely be covering.

    I figure why not go ahead anyway. So here it is.
    It’s about the ‘Big Picture’. And it’s about what we can expect going forward.

    James recently gave his take on some aspects of this in his
    “Predictions: What Will Happen Next in the Corona Crisis?”
    and a lot was discussed today on the current video “The Propaganda Report Dissects The Second Wave”.

    I would like to address a few more related topics that weren’t covered:

    1. WHO is behind the plandemic?
    Specifics, names, organzations. etc.

    Arby touches on this briefly here in one of his posts.

    2. How are they able to get virtually all nations
    on the planet to read the exact same script,
    and implement basically the exact same Draconian measures?

    For example the P.M. of Canada declared the following just yesterday:

    “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that ‘normal’ is a ‘long way off’ for all Canadians — and that some differences implemented as a result of lessons learned during this pandemic will last for ‘years.’ ”

    “If we want life to get back to the way it was exactly before, it won’t,” Trudeau said, speaking to reporters from the front steps of Rideau Cottage on Monday.

    “There will be differences, even a few years from now, that we will have learned from dealing with this global pandemic that I think will be important lessons.”

    3. How do you see countries moving in the coming 3-6 months
    to open their economies back up while at the same time
    retaining a tight grip on their citizens, assuming no vaccine has been

    4. Same as 3. but with a vaccine available?


    • 1 faucci seems to be the first visible domino, why cant he be suppenna’d for intent to scare a planet?

      2 “they” use pyramid power, and BCC; in other words control of the many by the few is done by compartmentalizing minyons. There are stacks of examples of foisting speculation onto others as if it were the next best postulate: big bang, monotheism, and viral infections/cures. we’ve got the geometry all wrong.

      3 thats key, because if the public gets the point that we’re much more powerful than the military’s will to mow down its brothers and sisters, the few dirty rats will either back off or triple down. I witnessed this at a recent fivjee infrastructure blockade/protest, the police were armed to the hilt, but there were only 5 of them and two dogs, where-as there was over one hundred “normal concerned people”. I asked a cop why they were putting up with the slack distancing and essential-needs-only protocols (incidentally the police were the by far worst distancers), he said “gotta be discretionary, lotsa people here at the moment..” when the police had tripled their numbers, then they got more aggressive with their move-on intentions.

      4 so now we have to be armchair virus/vaccine experts. some virologists say vaccines can take 5+ years to develop. some have strong evidence that vaccines are claiming to do what cannot be proved.
      why some people are so busy with what others are thinking or doing is stranger than we admit. Lets add to the Bill of rights:
      “the right to custodianship sovereignty over a primary shelter/residence”
      “the life long right to bodily sovereignty”

      5 less manically, but that will depend on individuals choosing to be more discrete and or responsible with our environmental demands

      6 herd instinct

      7 maybe we should declare it, to pre-empt the conspirator text book we keep getting smashed over the head with. a war on virus’s could start with the emperor’s vaccine, and then we mix red + blue and come up with purple pilling, anything to help reverse engineer the lies. The good news is that it probably isn’t a pandemic, the bad news is that many (how many?) would rather suck on the lie than admit they’ve been fooled. The danger news is that we may be precariously close to end game lock down (remember the strongest weapon is the element of surprise. we too must honor that tenet, fight for your life arjuna, and learn to love it.

      In these times of duress, when its time (been decades but) to address unlawfulness, the method of exposing deceit is our learning. These are the days of the sprung lie. how to expose liars is kinda what all these posts seem to be asking. I keep thinking team synergy is the only way through.

      • capt zilch, something struck me as I was reading your comment about adding to the Bill of Rights.

        Namely, this: Our Bill of Rights, which codifies our inherent rights as human beings, SHOULD be protecting us from that most dangerous “Bill of Wrongs.”

        Ya get it, guys?

        Three guesses what I mean by “Bill”! 🙂

  21. 5. How do you see travel unfolding between countries once the quarantines have been lifted?

    6. In the wake of 9/11 it was quite remarkable how quickly the entire world followed the lead of the U.S. in their ‘security’ measures at airports including:
    scanning machines, body scanners, belt, watch, shoes removal, liquids/gels
    restrictions, etc.

    Do you think the U.S. will lead the way again with measures that the rest of the world will adopt? If not, who will lead the way and in either case, will all countries be guaranteed to follow?

    7. Will a ‘War on Viruses’ be declared and who will declare it?

    Will it be a case of “You are either with us or with the virus”, this time around? Basically forcing countries around the world to follow the lead country’s measures or risk being marginalized in trade and other ways.

    • Fawlty Towers –

      Thank you for the compliment to the Corbett Commenters.

      I contemplate each of your questions daily and I must say it gets overwhelming.

      I ask myself what I can and will do in certain situations like work,travel, socializing and just everyday life in case of mandatory this and that.

      My goal is to say NO to the test and vaccine which may mean I biiiiiig readjustment, so I am thinking through my options each day. Not deciding anything yet,but just taking stock of where I am and how I might need to think “out of the box”

      I don’t have any solutions to offer right now. I am now the ONLY person in my local supermarket,post office, drug store, etc that does not wear a mask. I’m not kidding.

      Today my town was voting whether to make the masks mandatory. I have my own plans should that happen.

      They just keep posting higher and higher numbers of deaths – but no info about the big agenda and who’s behind it.

      Deep breaths…..

      • Thanks for your reply lovetodust!

        Like you I have my limits.
        It will be absolute NO to testing and vaccine for starters.

        I will likely have to become somewhat active locally and possibly at a higher government level to push back.

        In my small city the maskers/glovers are gaining in momentum, now probably over 50% and my city is pretty progressive.

        “They just keep posting higher and higher numbers of deaths – but no info about the big agenda and who’s behind it.”

        I assume you are in the U.S.?
        Today the U.S. posted its lowest case numbers in about a month!

        I am monitoring about 60 countries for cases/deaths and almost every one has not only peaked but is well on its way on the downward side of the bell curve.

        So the question is, how long will they wait to unlock their countries?
        When it is a perfect bell curve? Before?

        • I am in the US, yes.

          I was told by someone yesterday that my town and surrounding area is still pretty high so I should be careful.

          I thought we had reached “the peak” so I was surprised by this (mainstream) information, and that at this point there was a discussion/vote about mandatory masks.

          I suppose the perfect bell curve is whatever has already been planned by the folk that brought us this insanity to begin with?

    • Thanks fer67.
      It could very well be they won’t lift travel for a while.
      It will really hurt/kill the tourist/travel/airline industries.

      Yes I can very well see underground businesses for the smaller operations. The ‘armies’ that would need to be put together to monitor them would be quite extensive.

    • This is great CQ. Thank you!

    • climate manipulation is the likely explanation for lotsa

    • I was surprised to see RFK, Jr. in documentary Planet of the Humans being on the wrong side.
      He is an anti-vaxxer would like climate-deniers to be prosecuted. It’s unbelievable how shortsighted he is, he could be prosecuted, because he is going against the prevailing dogma. It’s astounding to me how one can have such a inconsistent schizophrenic position. On the other hand I know, people are capable to live even with bigger mess in their heads. I’m inclined to believe he is a shill.

      Here is an interview with protagonists of documentary Planet of the Humans, very revealing.

      Michael Moore, filmmakers respond to criticism of new bombshell environmental film

      In short, climate change is real, but responses to it are bad, but they don’t have answers and all in all one big thought mess. They are unable to address problems concerning socio-economic order, they are flirting with population reduction, they say UN is not thinking about population reduction. Moore went really far, he would extend corona fascism towards climate fascism.
      Holy shit, William Casey would be delighted, mission 99% accomplished.

      • Another interesting Moore, Patrick Moore.

        After Greenpeace ended up as
        – climate denier
        – GMO advocate (who didn’t want to drink glyphosate)

    • I guess everyone has that one (or several) topic they go bonkers over.

    • MBP. Im surprised ,You forgot to mention Catlin Johnson up there in the controlled messaging dept.
      Shiva is running in real life for a real seat. That’s putting it out there. He is opposing a Kennedy. Joe Kennedy . This is frowned upon in Corrupt MAssetutich. Its not kosher to challenge a Kennedy, now is it? If he should take the seat by waking people up to how corruption maintains control, all the better . Not a Trump fan here, but he did bring some awakening to the real stupid sonomulacs in the USA for the First time.
      Time will tell. If , and its a long shot, Shiva lives up to being a Destroyer, then time will tell who he is destroying. He is right there with Dane Wilmington on being trustworthy. Can’t make the call till we reach the finish line. Then you’ll know.

      Needless to say, that, TPTSB have a large tool box. With no regard to life they have tools like Covid19. And they will use every thing in the box to win.

    • Alchemist, MBP. I agree whole heartedly and will include the other side of this paradox of fully knowing , after its too late .
      David Keith. quasi-quote” million will die , but we have a chance to save billions ”
      Bill Gates. You know how he rolls. The two are linked and no one has connected the two and their delivery systems.
      Yesterday on a good walk spoiled by 4- F16s flying at 500 feet over the pasture I was in I pointed out the visual our 3some, 2 of which barely noticed the f-16s, flying to reward the health workers, and the multiple tankers laying down the chemtrails. Huh?
      Without promting, Doc says Gates wants to vaccinate everybody and there would be a tracing chip included. Making progress one mesmerized at a time. That made the spoiled walk all the more pleasant.
      Nice discussion you two. You made great sense out of a hard subject. There is a lot of moving parts. But not to point out the sky writing at 35, 000 feet . Something’s going on.

    • CQ. And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on. Bottoms Up. This is a sophisticated look at rebuttal. Kennedy is and always has been Mafia compromised. So is blood thicker than water. Let the mud slinging begin.

      They, crooks ran into Shiva’s honest principles in India and he was lucky not to have been killed.

      • Hey, GBW, I simply posted the link. I didn’t take a position. Did I? (Unless offering the observation that a certain someone didn’t, according to one version of the facts, invent the email, is a “position.” 🙂 )

        Time to extricate myself from being jammed in the middle of two warring sides, move wayyyyy off to the sidelines, and WATCH the sorry battle unfold. May Truth — or even what’s closest to it — prevail!

        • Yes Mame. I will join you on the side lines where truth has been pushed to and watch the show unfold.

          People massing in the square.

  22. Del and his Vaxxed team are hurding victoms of vaxed injured kids into a limited hangout that is fighting for exemptions only. The ARE the establishment

  23. Hi All,

    I wonder if someone can help me locate a video connecting covid19 and 5G which I think was mentioned on a recent Corbett Report Video by a blogger who gave the link and a Must Read Comment within the last week. The narrator of the 5G video also included screen shots of many articles he had used for the research. I thought I had saved it on My Favourites but not so.


    • Lumen, could you be thinking of Josh del Sol at He’s one of the more recognizable names on this subject, though he has lots of company.

      • Thnx for the info to the film ‘Take Back Your Power’ by Josh del Sol, which was timely because the utility companies have all sent me letters regarding the changing of my meters. They said it was for sample testing, based on Canadian Government stipulations while the opt-out option for analog meters and manual readers involve exorbitant charges. Do you know of any group or organization (US or Canada) that is apposing this? As regards the particular video I was looking for, I haven’t been able to locate it as yet.

        • Hey Lumen, I think it was yesterday I left a link to a video I came across elsewhere. Could this be what you’re thinking of? Warning! Those morgellons links; I could only take 5min or so before I began to itch! (The sources are cited in the video description):

          “Morgellons, 5G, and Charles Lieber’s Brain Mesh. Transhumanism (MUST SHARE)”

        • Lumen, Josh should be able to help you re finding group in opposition to smart meters. He’s in the middle of running a series of videoed interviews with experts on all aspects of this subject. So even if he doesn’t have an answer, he can steer you to the person/people who do. You can write to him via his website. I’m sure you’ll find the help you need.

          Oh, I just remembered: Jerry Day also knows how to “fight back.” He’s on the YouTube channel minivanjack, and if you go there, it’ll lead you to his website, I believe.

  24. I just went to a search site and typed in Propoganda Watch and when I clicked on one of the selections the site came up fine.

    Hope you’ve accessed it by now.

    • lovetodust,
      try Propaganda Report instead of Watch

  25. “what do we do”? james asks: I’d say you are doing it, but it isnt spreading far enough:

    The point of a prophecy is to predict the future, and if the the prophecy works, something else happens. When you pre-empt the conspiracy plan by saying what it is, if enough people see the conspiratorial logic, the complacency will drop in a heart beat. and the dominators will hide or double their tripling down. expose the plan. then it cant be used.

  26. thomas.j, maybe by now you’ve seen the RFK Jr. link posted further up in this thread? Just an FYI. As you’ll see by the comments, it drew a range of opinions.

  27. Verizon Wireless has been doing some awfully generous things to help its customers through this time of “disruption, distancing and uncertainty.”

    Here are a few of VZW’s most exceptional kindnesses:

    • Extending our “Those who serve” discounts now, and moving forward, to include nurses and teachers, in addition to first responders, veterans, and active-duty military who already benefit from our best pricing for Verizon Wireless and Fios Internet service. Many of our heroes already rely on America’s most reliable networks to keep them connected and this is a way for us to thank them for everything they do during this challenging time, and always.

    We’ve now committed over $50 million in contributions and donations to nonprofits, including No Kid Hungry, the American Red Cross, and the CDP COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO. And in partnership with the New York Times, we’re giving 14 million high school students within the U.S. free digital access to NYTimes‌.‌com.

    * * *

    Would that those 14 million students were instead receiving free membership in The Corbett Report, courtesy of VZW, the carrier of my sturdy, built-for-construction-crews-and-oil-drillers flip phone.

  28. Not at all familiar with austrian politics but it seems there is something going on. FPÖ (liberal party of austria) Herbert Kickl confronted the Federal Chancellor Kurz directly. (sadly both videos only in german without sub)

    In the press conference Presentation “Alliance Against Corona Madness” april 27th (starting at min 10:20) he even talked about protocols showing that Kurz delibratly fired fear through the media (which he financed) and wanted to present himself as the saviour. That would only be the tip of the ice berg. Also pointing out that scenarios were pushed inducing fear by propaganda and these scenarios did not manifest in reality. And now (he points out) that the „2nd wave“ narrative is been pushed. And that in the shadow of fear a reconstruction behind the facades is been done. He points out the power missues and the horrific meassures of mass surveillance, isolation of every human and mass unemployment due to the econimic effects. It is time to say „No“. Standing up for freedom and calling for a open debatting culture, hearing all sides (of all so called experts).
    Calling it coronacrazyness which needs now an alliance of all the citizens bringing back the real normality (stopping this new normality, which is being selled to the population)
    Because the majority of people listening to authorities, this might be good news. Maybe this has the potential to wake up people? now that there is a person (political party) speaking out and calling for resistance. Something i can not observe in the land of the helvetic- sisters.

    As Monica Perez pointed out the liberals seem to be in a rational ones. he seems to speak very rational, clear and authentic. However i still am sceptical towards the intentions of any political party.
    If there are any commentators here who have further insight into this, i would gladly want to read about it. Also i have no issue if someone can show me that this actualy isn`t good news.

  29. Same results here. Can’t access that page.

  30. I preface this with: this is NOT an advocation for senseless violence.

    That being said, have we reached our “storming the Bastille” moment? All the points made in this video (and all the other points made/lies seen through/controls being resisted by James and all of us) center on governments and NGOs alike censoring the information and framing the narrative in their favor. Constitutional erosion is met with public apathy. Blind obedience seems to come naturally and is being welcomed. Not to mention the laundry list of problems people still have hanging over them from the “old normal”.

    Like this video tackles, the behavioral conditioning of the world population is strong and effective:

    If we peacefully assemble, “gun nuts and bible bumpers who don’t understand science and want to kill you by spreading the disease”.

    If we logically analyze the data and draw different conclusions, “you’re harming others with your dangerous rhetoric by disregarding the experts conclusions”.

    Coupled with the constant onslaught of “thank you hero”, “we’re here with you” and “stay home, stay safe” messaging during every advertising break on TV, is it actually possible to restore the constitution with the entire deck against us?

    To ensure we live in free and open society, do we have to resort to violence and force with our governments? Our neighbors?

    It is not lost on me the hypocritical nature of the suggestion. I’m also highly aware of the severe lack of fire power when it comes to taking on the military. But, are we using our current suggestions as a coping mechanism to gain a sense of control over what we sense (and have actually seen) is uncontrollable?

    I’ll never stop consuming the research of other exposing the lies. I’ll never stop doing my own research to expose some of it myself. And I’ll fight back peacefully with every opportunity. But, simply put, are we fucked?

  31. “BAAM in to the colon you go!” going to use this phrase when flushing out STASI-people…figuratively i guess

    Something which was also observed here (aka the real first wave)

    Btw congrats on your Blog! My french is close to non-existant not long enough the feel, but it will have to do..

    one little detail which caught my eye (also reading mybeatenhearts`s translation); Because you write in a different language (and people reading your blog might not know of its english original) how about writing le france (not even sure if i`am using correct grammar here) instead of l`anglais?
    regards from a 2 pennies-worth thrower

  32. I saw someone online refer to “Coronavirus” as “AgendaVirus”. That might be a good term to popularize (in addition to “Plandemic”).

  33. Ya know, I love Joe for being passionate about his America. The people of Huntington Beach showed some grit today and took offense at Gov. Gavin Newsom’ s Totalitarian dictum.
    California protest today.May 1, 2020.
    The Fullerton Informer. Joe Imbrano.

    • GBW, I cannot get enough of watching/listening to all these intelligent, awake/aware/alert people Joe’s talking with at the peaceful protest in Huntington Beach. It’s a spectacular show of true “force” — the force of freedom that wells up within and spills out of all our hearts.

      Thanks to your tip, GBW, I’ve shared the video with quite a few folks. A friend in California who’s on the board of AE911Truth is loving it. He observed a few minutes ago, in an email, that one guy Joe interviewed spoke of the so-called corona crisis as the second 9/11 — only much worse in terms of violating our rights.

      It’s heartening to see all those people close to one another, “violating” the ridiculous six-foot edicts and lockdown orders and every other petty, criminal, thuggish, fear-promoting “state mandate.”

      I can’t wipe the smile of delight off my face.

      • CQ. Glade we can smile together. A real honest SMILE. Feels good docent it. I should have mentioned as Joe did , Newport Beach had protests too. The Cominturn Governor has wounded the people in Newport Beach severely. There could be a devastating change of property and wealth in that hard working blue collor sea side community. All with the dictate of mad men.

        • Yes, GBW, I heard Joe mention Newport Beach protests. If you have any links to same, please post. Merci!

    • Those are some unruly Californians. What the hell is wrong is with these people, just stay HOME and wait for the bogeyman to go AWAY. Ma and pa gubment will give you the green light, you can trust them, they wouldn’t lie to you.

  34. Never make the mistake to imagine we have any chance of successfully fighting a propaganda war with the Mystery Babylon media. Their power is so overwhelming that anyone under the spell of the Television is almost certainly unreachable. We must reach out only to those who “have ears to hear,” as Christ spoke. No matter how civil, polite, and clean cut we are, the Mystery Babylon media is going to paint us as deranged, selfish monsters bent on killing millions with virus.

    Don’t concern yourself with how “they” see us or paint us. Just tell the Truth.

    • Indeed, beaconterraone, indeed. Well said.

    • Excellent work, brother. This is a very fitting song. Let’s keep up with the pressure, it will have to give in at some point in time.


      There’s an evil virus that’s threatening mankind
      Not state of the art, a serious state of the mind
      The muggers, the backstabbers, the two faced elite
      A menace to society, a social disease

      Rape of the mind is a social disorder
      The cynics, the apathy oneupmanship order

      Watching beginnings of social decay
      Gloating or sneering at life’s disarray
      Eating away at your own self esteem
      Pouncing on every word that you might be saying

      Rape of the mind is a social disorder
      The cynics, the apathy oneupmanship order

      Superficially smiling a shake of the hand
      As soon as the back is turned treachery is planned

      Rape of the mind is a social disorder
      The cynics, the apathy oneupmanship order

      Watching beginnings of social decay
      Gloating or sneering…at life’s disarray

      When every good thing’s laid to waste
      By all the jealousy and hate
      By all the acid wit and rapier lies

      And every time you think you’re safe
      And when you go to turn away
      You know they’re sharpening all their paper knives

      All in your mind
      All in your head
      Try to relate it

      All in your mind
      All in your head
      Try to escape it

      Without a conscience they destroy
      And that’s thing that they enjoy
      They’re a sickness that’s in all our minds

      They want to sink the ship and leave
      The way they laugh at you and me
      You know it happens all the time

      All in your mind
      All in your head
      Try to relate it

      All in your mind
      All in your head
      Try to escape it

      The rats in the cellar you know who you are…
      Or do you?

      Watching beginnings of social decay……..

      • Turn that damn music down! I can’t hear the TV.

  35. At a first glance; very intriguing! Thanks alexandre

    not sure if this is of any help and if your paypal-mystery regarding CR-membership has already been solved; I received 2 mails from (seemingly) paypal which informed me that all my transactions have been deleted without naming any specific payment though. And instructing me to click “the link below” to check. Definitely something phishy about that..

    • Happy to read that your problem has been solved. Sounds like you have a benevolent sister, hopefully not solely limited to financial matters!

      This concern for my data-safety is very sweet of you, alexandre! obrigada
      Yes, i junked the mails and went to paypal directly.. no clicking links…Maybe the result of state-approved schools indoctrinating successfully by “teaching” me to do so..or maybe the fact that i do not have any active payments via paypal gave it away. Anyways (leaving the snitches and the po-po out), i am safe for now.

      Motto: No One should “HAVE TO” anything!

      P.s. Did not get the chance to look into the the british false flag called *word-of-the-year* article deeper..yet

  36. I’m sure many people have seen this and There are updated interviews with these two scientists as well.

    These scientists are pretty “mainstream” voices of dissent that are also educational about Covid-19 and from my understanding, the lockdown will guarantee a second wave because of herd immunity not being developed by the population. So if we prevent enough people from being exposed to the virus, this will prolong the life of the virus, but there should be herd immunity eventually, barring substantial changes in the virus.

    This is my understanding anyway. So it is important for people who are healthy to get exposed to the virus and develop immunity. Also, hasn’t Sweeden implemented less restrictive measures? From my understanding, they have had similar death rates and their population is developing herd immunity that will protect them from the virus and other countries will see that less restrictive measures are effective, which will prove that lockdown actually hurt more people.

    My hope is that this data will not be able to be covered up and demonstrate that the US and other countries that used lockdown actually made things much worse and that these lockdowns were politically motivated. Plus the fact that the virus is not substantially worse than influenza and people are not dying in droves like the media is hyping will be evident to people.

    I am getting as much exposure to other people as possible because I am healthy with a good immune system and think it is probably a good idea for other people to do this as well.

    My point is that this virus will probably be self-limiting and multiple waves of infection might not happen. This is my hope anyway and I suspect the data from Sweeden won’t be able to be ignored and the planners of this nightmare won’t be successful in achieving their goals. I think it’s important to continue to protest and build momentum and not get discouraged.

  37. hi mbp, your comment reflects some strong corona propaganda right into the heart of the corbett crowd. i am sure you are just naive exposing this information without any contextualization. so let me try to take care of that part.

    i quote: “Hospitalised Covid and Ebola patients have similar fatality rate”

    as far as i could picture ebola during the outbreak in sierra leone, this disease is extremely c-hungry. patients die on very short notice from heavy internal bleeding, which is typical for acute scurvy.

    corona patients die from inflammation of the lungs. this leads to a cytokine storm, which is an extreme reaction of the immune system, that actually destroys lung tissue instead of protecting it, leading to a lack of oxygen. these patients are connected to a ventilator, which is by itself extremely stressful and useless.

    if you followed this description with some vitamin-c awareness, you have noticed where things went wrong. clearly, vitamin-c is totally depleted. the immune system sending the fire brigade to the inflammation gets no response. there is no water (=vit-c) so ever more fire brigades are dispatched to no avail. the accumulation of firefigthers leads to damage by the fire as well as the fighters. there is no water, what can they do? indeed, only make it worse.
    even with some initial c, the stress of the ventilator and the induced coma will deplete it rapidly. patients in hospital should always receive extra vit-c, because being in a hospital itself is very stressful. 80% on ventilator die.

    so is there a relation between the clinical patterns of ebola and corona? yes of course, both die of acute lack of vitamin-c. whether to call this acute scurvy or a cytokine storm or what other particular proces that kills the patient is of academic importance. the cause of the disease and resulting death of the patient is not some ‘dangerous virus’ but absolute vitamin-c depletion and nothing else. with enough vitamin-c the infection would have passed unnoticed and there would not even have been a patient.

    saving lives with large doses of vitamin-c has been standard procedure for the past 80 years by a few doctors, but never reached the mainstream. if you want a recent real life example, check paul marik:
    30% of his icu sepsis patients died. with large doses vitamin-c, all survive.

    more quotes: “Some people persist in believing that Covid-19 is ‘no worse than a bad dose of flu’. They are gravely mistaken.”
    this is a simple lie as i explained above.

    the next one: “Despite the best supportive care that we can provide.. etc”
    again, a gruesome lie. witholding patients the only thing they need for survival is not the best care, it is pure intentional neglect, so their death equals murder, because i refuse to believe the professor is ignorant on vitamin-c. and if so, he should be fired for being too dumb.

    for next quote see next comment.


  38. “Nations look into why coronavirus hits ethnic minorities so hard”

    end of march i wondered why so many people abroad were dying of corona while nothing happened at home, which lies close to the equator. so far there have been a total of 10 positives, of which one died. all the rest were declared ‘cured’, meaning they cured themselves, experiencing the best supportive care, of course.

    if you think this fantastic result is due to the harsh measures of our government, you are wrong.
    check this example of national folklore:
    two meter social distancing? not even two centimeter!

    so i searched for corona in africa to verify my assumption, that tropical countries have no winters, but fresh food all year long, so people get their vitamin-c every single day of the year and don’t get ill. i found remarkable things, like: i found corona cases in north africa and south africa, all far away from the equator, but not many of them.

    this was before the total lockdown that was ordered by the governments of many african countries. but then, if you check africa now, you find two stories. one is about people starving at home and the resulting riots with their casualties, and second more cases of corona, also in tropical regions. i don’t know about the ‘experts’ now, but to me it seems obvious that this is a blatant example of a self-fulfilling prophesy, caused by counterproductive measures.

    people in tropical africa are supposely poor, so they have to work and scramble dayly to find money and food, i.e. fresh fruits and vegetables loaded with c. they are poor, but healthy.

    then comes the lockdown, everyone confined to their house, shops closed, markets closed, no work, no money, no fresh food, no vit-c and so they get sick, because without vitamin-c the immune system cannot function. the happy few may have some canned food, so they do not starve, but they equally miss their vit-c and get as sick as the poor.

    you may observe, that the vitamin-c paradigm explains the whole story.
    nice contextualization, isn’t it.

    our government here in suriname has been very wise so far, no extreme measures, and the total numbers of corona cases have long been at ten persons, of which one died with diabetes, and all the others were declared cured. nice braincruncher for the ‘experts’. oh and yes, we have a mortality rate of 10%! poor us.

    people in this country originate mainly from africa and india. genetically they are at home near the equator. they never went through the ordeal of the nordic peoples, surviving winter, year after year, for 60,000 years. with all these millions dying of scorbut, evolution created workarounds for the gulo mutation, even wikipedia agrees. this explains the relative sensitivity of minorities to corona.


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