Interview 1461 – Silicon Eugenics on Declare Your Independence

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James joins Ernest Hancock of Declare Your Independence for their regular interview on all the latest news. This week they discuss James’ latest work on Silicon Valley, how it ties in to the eugenics agenda . . . and what we can do about it.


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  1. Hi James, Looks like the eugenics programs is ramping up, this week there are two stories supporting this. One is how robots will steal the right to parent your children and the other is how CPS is using AI to select out possible “abusive” parenting from a database to where children are being removed from families.

  2. One thing about the 5G (or WhateverG subsequently follows it) rollout has been a head-scratcher for me for a while. Maybe it has been addressed somewhere, but I haven’t seen it. I know this may be a really stupid question, but it is my question.

    If it is going to be all pervasive, covering the entire planet with the use of satellites, and it is going to mess with our cellular structure and fry our brains, then how are the technocrats/human-trash-in-control going to be protected from that? Wealth and power cause a degree of insanity in a lot of people but certainly they are not suicidal? They must have already established a way to protect themselves from it?

    If anyone out there can illuminate me on this issue that would be cool.


    • Cooly
      The biological effects from 5G come from the fact that 5G transmits at a frequency that is absorbed by water (and other biomolecules). Everything absorbs electromagnetic energy (radio waves) at particular frequencies (that is often how we measure things in chemistry) and water absorbs particular well in the 1-10 micron range:
      see the graph (the x axis is in um (microns wavelength) at
      5G transmissions are at a number of wavelengths, but (in the US and some other places) are dominant at around 39 gigahertz, which is 7 microns wavelength (7um). See the graph at the link above.
      A second fact is that electromagnetic energy (ie radio waves) energy drops off rapidly with distance at an inverse square relationship (if you move twice as far away from a 5G transmitter then you get 1/4 the radiation for ex).
      The effects from this new source of microwave radiation is HEATING, not unlike the heating that occurs inside your microwave oven. For various reasons I dont have time to go into here, these effects are NOT specific (no specific activation of specific genes causing cancer for example) if such were true we would be using such radiation in manufacturing in biochemistry, believe me we (including myself) have tried that many times over the years.
      So 5 G is a new source of low grade cooking, not too unlike going outside and getting warmed by the sun. But if you obey the inverse square distance relationship and stay away from the major transmitters (the internet of things devices are extremely low energy) then even the theoretical issues dont need to focus on……… (in my opinion) Marvin Mots PhD

      • (I did not finish editing my post)
        I want to add that the extreme danger to freedom and civilization is much higher than health effects (in my opinion) so high that it may be a good idea to use the biological effects to go after roll out of 5G. I am building a small radio museum on my small island and am always looking for new exhibits/demos to teach basic radio (I was a broadcast engineer in my college days). By the way, please consider making and using a faraday cage (simple metal mesh bag) to put your cell phone into, to block radiation going into and out of it. Also you can put a metal screen around an internet of things device to cut it off (although this wont help you with electric power line connected smart meter which sends your personal info down power lines, but the solution to that problem is another discussion. Mots

        • I sure appreciate the science lesson Marvin. It helps. Thanks.

        • Dr. Mots-

          Thanks for you reply. A couple things there went over my head like an F-16 but I do have a better understanding of 5G now. Your information is very helpful.

        • Faraday cages are pretty much placebo unless they are well grounded.

      • marvin,
        i happen to be a radio amateur operator and i know for sure that the wavelength of the 10ghz ham band is 3cm, meaning 30ghz corresponds to 1cm, or 10mm, so that the 39ghz you mention will probably produce 7mm wavelength. this is nowhere in the micron range yet.

        the value of 0.7 micron that you mention, is about the wavelength of red visible light.
        indeed, water vapour is a much more effective greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.
        it would be nice though, if 5g satellite signals would be absorbed by water vapour and then for 50% be reflected back into space, while the part that would arrive on earth would be totally opaque, so that all these fancy electronically steerable beams would become absolutely useless..

        another point: about cancer from 5g radiation. research shows that a certain rare cancer of the brain, called glioma happens more often with heavy cellphone users, and that at the particular side of their brain where they keep their phone. how this happens biologically is not yet known. 5g like 4g frequencies are not considered ionizing.

        you mention the phased array antennas. i am currently trying to calculate the power density when all 10,000 of these antennas visible per hemisphere at any time are pointed together to the same spot on earth and what may happen there. wild fires? cancer hot spot? roasted brains? who knows.

        you mention genes as a cause for cancer. i do not believe this theory, i think lack of oxygen at the cellular level, especially by a lack of the right kind of fat that the cell uses to absorb the oxygen is much more probable. see oscar warburg and brian peskin.

        i found the genetic cause of cancer in a book that is used in the dutch university curriculum for medical docters, “the immune system” by peter parham. it says that out of over 100 cancer sensitive genes, 5 or 6 mutations are necessary to lead to cancer. just imagine how many mutations this would imply to the genome as a whole! i cannot understand how something so incomprehensable can be found in such a book. mutations are supposed to be rather rare i thought. how else can you reconstruct a shared ancestor between two species over millions of years if meanwhile the whole genome would have mutated over several times. the idea is that you may estimate the number of mutations per millenium and than the difference between the species genomes gives you the time line.

        so, i may be wrong, i am in electronics and not much else, but to me it seems that this whole official cancer tale is used to put millions of dollars in genetic research under the guise of cancer research, so that they may be able to switch to a host of new artificially created epidemics based on genetics, the moment the whole cancer hoax breaks down and chemo’s are discontinued. a chemo ‘cure’ may be 20,000.= usd a month and it may take over 300,000.= dollar before the patient dies. thus the business model will be continued in a more sophisticated and flexible fashion.


    • Well in addition to Marvin’s post (about keeping your distance away) another way in which the technocrats can protect themselves from 5G is to take advantage of the beam-forming feature. Beam-forming allows 5G to target individual people within range by sending out a narrow beam in their direction.

      To see how beam-forming works there’s an on-line wave simulation that you can play with.

      It starts off with a single antenna radiating in all directions (anyone within range will get a dose)

      If you then change the mode from the drop down box to “Example: phased array 1” It will start transmitting using two antennas at the same time (You will see the waves make two distinct beams)

      People standing in the beams will get a larger dose that those standing outside.

      If you wind up the frequency, the beams get narrower (On of the reasons for using higher frequencies in 5G.

      You can also steer the beams around by changing the phase offset (Right click on the antennas and select edit).

      How will the system know who to target?

      Well I guess those playing Pokemon Go 5G edition will be setting themselves up to be the first targets…

  3. Monero is awesome, Monero has an infinite supply you know, and are any Cobetteers and Conscious Resitance folks here and on the TCR on Fediverse such as Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, PixelFed, etc.?
    The whole despicable 5G menace only makes me want to sympathize for the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, although I’m not technophobic I just HATE 5G.
    Here’s an awesome Bitchute video on the importance of Free Software, from another autistic anarchist weeaboo (a weeaboo is somenone who is really loves anime (japanese cartoons) manga (Japanese comic books) & mostly japanese stuff of the Anime & manga kind) like me, his Bitchute channel is lain_os:
    I might have to read to read the Unabomber manifesto, although I don’t approve of the Unabomber’s killings, but his ideas & messages are important, I think we need limits & ethics regarding technology, I love technology, especially Free/Libre Open SOurce dentralised computing tech:
    I’mtrying really hard to keep my comments under 500 words AMAP.
    One last thing, James, what’s your opinion on the Unabomber, Ted Kacyznski, and do you plan on making a video about him? I am simply curious and cheers! Peaceful anarchy FTW, Markets not Capitalism, & Let the Free Market Eat the Rich! Lets hope those Rothschild, Rockefeller, & other rich greedy capitalist bankster b@$t@rd$ sleep with the fishes.

  4. NEWS – July 16, 2019 – Yahoo UK

    Article mentions…“A New World Order” – Currency Wars – Dollar Domination – Bitcoin Threat because it is decentralized

    US President Donald Trump’s tweet attacking bitcoin (BTC-USD) highlights his increasing interest in controlling global currency markets — an interest that could create a “new world order” in foreign exchange…

    “We have only one real currency in the USA, and it is stronger than ever, both dependable and reliable,” the President tweeted. “It is by far the most dominant currency anywhere in the World, and it will always stay that way. It is called the United States Dollar!”

    …HSBC and ING both told clients last week that the US could be gearing up for broader intervention in global currency markets…

    …“The Administration is calling for foreign-exchange clauses as a backstop in every new trade deal it strikes,” HSBC said. These clauses would ban countries from “competitive devaluations and currency manipulation.”…

    …In this “new world order,” currency market volatility would be limited but economic volatility would increase. If countries can’t devalue their currencies to be competitive, then economies would suffer as exports fall or imports become less affordable…

    …bitcoin is controlled by no one central authority that the US can lean on to control exchange rates….

    • The New War – “The Hybrid War” termed by The Telegraph
      (I have been calling it “The Quiet War” which includes the whole mix from 5G to Propaganda to economics to food/water to….)

      Hybrid warfare mixes conventional and unconventional military forces with disinformation, assassination, economics, manipulation of social media, use of religion, plus other state-sponsored activities that seek to undermine an enemy without engaging in ‘traditional’ war.

  5. I tried 2x to listen to this whole interview but, unfortunately for me, the interviewer was just too interruptive in his interview style! OMG!
    Well, the documentary you made was better anyways, as well as was the follow-up commentary.

  6. ok, so they are eager to know what you are thinking without you knowing that they know. their problem however, is their general arrogance and stupidity, believing like alchemists you can solve problems without understanding your subject.
    and i have a feeling, understanding human thinking is not that easy.

    for example, it seems rather ridiculous to believe you can localize a thought in the brain by merely touching it with an oscilloscope probe and analyzing the wave form.
    yes, i watched the recommended youtube product, a typical piece of propaganda, constantly flipping texts with no time to read, just to intimidate the illiterate.

    to start with, thinking is a highly subjective activity, it is not determined nor anywhere limited by the use of language, it’s just the other way around, language would not exist without thinking. language grows on the need to communicate one’s thoughts. language is a product of intersubjectivity, like mathematics and science in general. thinking itself, on the other hand is totally subjective, at least for the time being.

    thinking is pattern recognition, with patterns being derived from very personal experiences by abstraction. abstraction is particularly important to cut out the fear content of experiences. with too much fear remaining, patterns may become useless and you may end up in a thinking prison, limiting your scope of thought between walls of fear, without you even being aware of it.
    early life fear in particular may multiply, because you are your own reference, like the way your infant living environment may seem like madurodam when returning home as an adult, many years later.

    understanding language is a very special form of pattern recognition. these patterns are public and you need an internal translator to understand them. then you can communicate, in as far as your very own pattern set and abstraction tool allow to understand the meaning of what is said. not all we hear we understand and not all we say is understood.
    you may also use language patterns for thinking itself, a rather safe way to go about when fear of thinking your own thoughts is your problem, especially when moral.

    in other words, language would be extremely useful for thought snooping, as it is the only aspect of thinking that has an intersubjective value of externally recognizable patterns, if it were not that it only covers a part and possibly infinitesimal fraction of the overall activity of thinking.
    the actual value may be connected to the persons level of fear.

    in short, i think falling back on the speech motor section, the output of the speech area in the brain, is a last resort to show the world – and your bosses – that you are working on the problem, meanwhile trying to hide the obvious, i.e. that you are not making any progress in thought reading at all. interesting, of course, but not functional.

    there is much more to say, but james is still so avaricious with character allowances that i must leave it here.


  7. Jefferey Epstein, Jaron Lanier and Eugenics. It’s getting more bizarre.

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