Interview 1468 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Interviews | 6 comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: “Plans Already Implemented” – Russia Warns US Will Unleash ‘Space Arms Race’

France to Develop Anti-Satellite Laser Weapons for Space Warfare

The U.S. Air Force’s Secret X-37B Space Plane: A War Machine?

Satellites Have Already Started Watching Your Every Movement

Privacy Laws Aren’t Ready for High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Story #2: New York Area Fire Commissioners Make History, Call for New 9/11 Investigation

Firefighters for 9/11 Truth & Unity

9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani

Accused 9/11 Mastermind Open to Testimony Against Saudi Arabia

Upcoming BayerSanto Trial Will Be Televised

Story #3: Pfizer to Spinoff, Merge Off-Patent Drugs Unit With Mylan

Video: Pfizer to Combine Off-Patent Drug Business With Mylan ???

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  1. Just south of James Evan Pilato (Sante Fe), it seems Jeffrey Epstein has his Zorro Ranch (Stanley, NM) where he “wanted to seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating scores of women”.

    What a weird Eugenics line of thinking.

    People ain’t horses nor bulls.

    Yesterday, I was talking to a younger fellow in southern Oklahoma. He was telling me about working the farm and cattle ranch. About the peanut fields transitioning to watermelon because of government Ag policies.
    I asked if he ever had rodeo’d. No, he never did. We commented about how crazy you would have to be to ride a bull.
    He did say that they bred broncs for the rodeo on his ranch. He got to explaining that the best rodeo bucking broncs come from genetic breeding. Same goes for bulls. If a bull is on the rodeo circuit, they use that bull to breed more mean bucking stock.
    I never knew that, and I grew up with a lot of folks who rode in the rodeos.

    I guess a Eugenics fan thinks that people are like bulls and broncs.

    • HRS-

      A problem with the selective breeding of people or any other animal is that, sure, you can achieve the desired trait, like a bull that is pathologically pissed off, but it will be deficient in other areas, most likely.
      Some breeds of dog, for example, which have been selectively bred to the point of insanity for certain physical traits, have various unforeseen, by the breeder, physical shortcomings and weaknesses, as well as behavioral ones in some cases, even when the breeding is not so extreme. As a tropical fish hobbyist I have seen that some of the most lovely, selectively bred fish are by far the least hardy. Selective breeding of anything vandalizes the natural balance, physical or mental, of the individual. And when you do this with humans, as the eugenics geniuses lust for, who knows what will be the result of the process? Certainly not the selective breeders.

      When a toaster is defective, it doesn’t make toast. When a human is defective, you don’t know what you’re going to get.

      • Are you saying that selectively bred humans are like a box of chocolates?

        Jest as I might, selectively bred animals are often rather weak in many regards. Which does make sense and seems to be inline with ways of nature.

  2. Monsanto trial to be aired publicly? As this circus hits the airwaves I can’t help but ask the obvious question. Why? Public attention, certainly, will be consumed and diverted by the MSM during the proceedings but to what end? Agenda, agenda, agenda. There’s always that to consider. I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

  3. libertydan,

    “So it appears the gold trim is generally used on ceremonial indoor flags that are used for special services and is believed to have been first used in a military setting. It has no specific significance and its use, from what I understand, is in compliance with applicable flag codes and laws. To conclude, gold fringe is used on the flag as an honorable enrichment only. It is not regarded as an integral part of the flag and its use does not constitute an unauthorized addition to the design prescribed by statutes.”

    The above quote is one of several like-minded conclusions drawn from a website, linked below, which addresses the question regarding the meaning of a gold fringed flag. I happen to wholeheartedly agree with the website’s conclusions.

    I invite you to check it out:

    Obviously, you have an entirely different opinion on the matter,one that I find patently absurd, and your comment, at best, completely nit-picking and at worst, given the context of the situation, disgraceful beyond the pale, offensive and disrespectful to every member of the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District who pledged before that flag to work to open up a new investigation into 9/11.

    I cannot tell you, but for specific personal reasons, I am unbelievably proud of these people, to the point that upon hearing this report, my eyes welled up.

    Here are two quotes from the district’s commissioner:

    “We’re a tight-knit community and we never forget our fallen brothers and sisters. You better believe that when the entire fire service of New York State is on board, we will be an unstoppable force.” — Commissioner Christopher Gioia


    “We were the first fire district to pass this resolution. We won’t be the last.”

    Let me tell you, brother, not by any stretch of the imagination does this sound like any Warren Commission revisited. Hell, no!

    I do not understand the lack of attention, nor the thoroughly jaded attitude exhibited here, nor for the life of me, do I understand the emotionless, long faces on New World Next Week reporting this incredible development! As if it was, you know, ho hum, no big deal?

    It is a completely unexpected ray of hope, and who knows what unexpected and great developments might happen in favor of 9/11 truth.

    For once!

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