Interview 1473 – Catallaxy Defined on Declare Your Independence

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In this clip from his regular weekly appearance on Declare Your Independence, James debunks the “economics” hoax of the language manipulators and defines the “catallactics” solution.

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James Corbett on Declare Your Independence August 28, 2019

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Episode 331 – Why Economists Are Always Wrong


    Paraphrasing you guys….
    “….its a confidence game…. that works as long as you can get people to have confidence…”
    “…its worth what people will give you for it…”
    I know I posted a link to this before, but it appears more appropriate here , sorry

  2. I’m glad that James does “refreshers”.
    A month or so ago, I was trying to remember the term “Catallaxy”, but couldn’t remember the word.

    • I like it when James Corbett “Repeats the Message”.

      This “Catallactic” concept is an important fundamental. It is foundational.
      Despite what authorities do, I think that people will form relationships and exchange among themselves.

      Catallactics –
      “…The word in itself speaks of the profound connection that is possible from the act of mutually beneficial exchange…
      … the creation of a community based on exchange and friendship.”

      “…the catallactic understanding of human action. Cooperation and exchange are the very basis of human civilization.”

      ~~~ New Order ~~~
      “…they took the image of an economy managed by a national government or a world authority, implied in the theories of the economists, as a model for their new order.”-(von Mises)

      “Indeed, the dream of the economists has always been to be the engineers of the “new order” in the service of their natural employers, the central planners.

      This is why the conception of technocracy was so immediately appealing to the very overlap of economists and engineers…”

      “…This also explains why economists are doomed to fail in their attempts to construct the perfect set of policies for directing the national economy….”

      QUOTES taken from Corbett Report’s “Episode 331 – Why Economists Are Always Wrong”

    • Many of Corbett’s episodes and articles tie in well to this road we are now upon.
      A profound favorite of mine is this…
      5 minute video Economics in One Image.

      I kid you not…
      I, Pencil is extremely enlightening and in a beautiful, aesthetic, high wavelength way.
      I recommend listening to the audio in order to capture the beautiful explanation of the miracle of the “invisible hand”.

      The audio is great!
      I, Pencil LINK

      • Without any doubt, I know a recession is coming. When? I dunno.
        Also, if we are not already at the beginnings of World War 3, there is also that ugly monster, perhaps, just over the next hill.

        In other words, things could get pretty ugly as the new decade starts.
        A lot of folks talk about prepping and “end of times” apocalyptic type scenarios.

        However, I take heart with that quote from “I, Pencil”. (around the 14 minute mark)
        “…Have faith that free men and women will respond to the invisible hand.”

  3. I’m sold on Bitcoin. 81% mined. No brainer. It’s perfect. It’s finite. It won’t go away. Only a matter of time. No con game.

  4. Ernie Hancock mentions “Silver” briefly during the interview with James on Freedom’s Phoenix James Corbett on Declare Your Independence August 28, 2019

    An interesting tidbit about silver which I heard recently, but did not know…
    Worldwide, “investment grade silver number of ounces” available is far, far less than “investment grade gold number of ounces” available.

    Silver has always been thought of as the poor man’s precious metal.
    I’m poor. So I qualify.

    David Morgan is a precious metals and investment specialist. I like him. He is well grounded and without hyperbole.
    SBTV, Silver Bullion TV often has some well organized and interesting interviews.

    (One or two minutes)
    (Rewind for more insight)

  5. I see an issue with that point of view since most of the “money” in circulation is not currency at all, but credit. In other words, debt. Which by it’s very nature is bonding, enslaving. That’s by far more worth to “elites” than property or oil or flow of oil.

  6. mkey-

    Yes indeed. Credit and debt are a tool of control. And a very effective one. If someone thought about it for 5 minutes that would be transparent, obvious, unless they were retarded.
    And the establishment lenders have no risk of loss, no exposure, as the “money” is not a real thing for them, but it is for everyone else. It is a gun, and they have an unlimited supply of bullets.

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