Interview 1483 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Hong Kong Leader Jeered Out Of Legislative Council During Policy Speech

Video: Hong Kong Leader Forced to Deliver Policy Address Via Video

Hong Kong Cops Claim Rioters Planning Lethal Weapon Attacks

China Slams ‘Arrogant and Dangerous’ U.S. Over Hong Kong Democracy Bill As City’s Dysfunction Deepens

Zedd Confirms: Chinese Government Forced Promoters To Cancel His Show

Houston Rockets’ GM Douses Team’s Relationship With Most Favored Nation

Story #2: No More Pillow Talk – Phones In Bed Taking A Toll On Relationships, Sex Lives

NWNW Flashback: Kids Preferred Books to Screens, So School Brings Back Textbooks

“All I’m gonna use this bed for is sleeping, eating and maybe building a little fort.”

Story #3: Scary Clowns Are Everywhere

NWNW Flashback: New World Next Year – 2017 (Dec 22, 2016)

Clyde Lewis: “Clowns” Search

Clyde Lewis: “Clown War Culture – Explaining The Killing Joke”

Know Your Meme: “Clown World”

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  1. Anecdote:
    In the days of “The Lone Ranger” (1950’s), I had a children’s book which had two smiling clowns in it. One was short and round, the other was tall and thin.
    Occasionally, I had scary nightmares with those two images in animation. I’d wake up in a fright. It must have been all the table sugar I loaded on the corn flakes. (Sugar burns up Vitamin B1. B1 can sometimes remedy nightmares or mis-emotion.)
    It always puzzled me on why I would have nightmares about those two clowns. There was nothing intimidating about the graphics.

    But little kids can have odd concepts…
    My younger brother and I shared a room, with beds separated by a small dresser between them. In the middle of the night, sometimes going to the bathroom was a courageous attempt. My brother was convinced that a whale might be lurking underneath the bed. It would get him if his feet touched the floor. I told him that it was impossible, because whales can’t swim on the floor. But the alligator underneath my bed might really be there. So, sometimes we would make the jump to the other’s bed, then put our feet on the floor and quickly scamper to the bathroom. Upon returning, we were sure to leap into bed without getting our feet too close to the hidden darkness underneath.

  2. The recent issues with Hong Kong have just hit the gaming world as well.

    Blizzard Activision (makes warcraft, overwatch, candy crush, call of duty, etc), just kicked a player out of their professional esports competition because they said they support the hong kong protests on a livestream tournament (they were the winner of the tournament and used their airtime in this way). They took his 10k prize money (that he earn’t over the ‘year’ and banned him from competing for a year) and also fired the two casters who were supposed to be interviewing him.

    An original clip of the players statement on the show:

    Caster crying later about it, because it pretty much has ended his entire career from what I understand. It’s not an easy line of work to maintain, and with that amount of time off, it will damage his ability to ever be rehired:

    Summary written article:

    Probably the best video to watch on the issue as a starting summary, you can continue to watch the rest in his series so far:

    Blizzard released two statements, one to china and one to the rest of the world implying different things:

    And it entered into mainstream news multiple times discussing the ramifications:

    The issue is, Blizzard is 5% owned by tencent, but they are an American corporate. Unfortunately for Blizzard, this PR shitstorm happened only a few days after South Park aired their new Band in China episode. Which brought into mainstream discussion the “should corporates be selling out to china”, as then South Park actually got banned in China for the episode.

    Reddit had a whirlwind time with the near entirety of /r/topofreddit/ being totally about blizzard for a few days. The golden part is that Blizzcon (a yearly annual event) begins at the end of this month. So a huge amount of people are about to get some actual public airtime at an event hosted by them. People are revolting really hard. < one of the biggest posts. the image is located in the IGN article. There are lots of others like this scattered around multiple subreddits.
    Quite a lot of the posts have been deleted and put into "merged" threads on other subreddits due to trying to control the aftermath of the weekend of just being inundated with spam and being unable to stop it.

    People have been linking the CEO of Activision (publisher of Blizzard games – joined corporate) to Epstein:

    Human Rights organisations have gotten involved:

    So there is a lot of gamers internationally right now, suddenly being made "very very aware" of what is happening in Hong Kong if they weren't before. As there is mass exodus from the games owned by Activision Blizzard. Everyone is grabbing the popcorn to see how blizzcon goes ( at the end of october. Whether they can control the amount of people in winnie the pooh shirts or mei hong kong cosplays.

    Thought this was relevant information to the piece :). Enjoy.

    Glad you both had a good time hanging physically, for the first time in 10 years :P.

    • Siren,
      Good reporting…with descriptives of links. Thanks.

    • I find it deeply depressing that the my beloved cultural identity has been infiltrated by Far Right Scum & Villainy. Yes, I am clearly a gamer, & I find it so disheartening to see many of my most favorite hobbies like Video Games, Anime, Manga, Roleplaying Games, etc. (I still love all those hobbies of mine BTW) get ruined by both Far Right morons & Politically Correct Identity Politicians, which is why I want to support & embrace Post-Left Anarchism. (I’m still a Left-Libertarian, Mutualist, & Individualist Anarchist with some Post-Left touches)
      In addition, I found a website that I really like that represents my socio-cultural values, & I love its aesthetics. Although, the cool woman behind it, Rachel Hatwire, could at odds with James Corbett since she’s a Transhumanist, but she recently blew the whistle big time on the Transhumanist Party of America for connected to Jeffrey Epstein. here’s a great video from a guy I admire alot, James “Grim Jim” Desborough that addresses Rachel Haywire’s whistle blowing & speaking out against that Jeffrey Epstein bastard:

  3. Welcome home, James Evan.

    JC–Nope. Americans don’t sleep with an M-16 under their pillow–too big. The weapon of choice is a 9mil. Fits better. Ha! I hope to rid my family of our used-only-for-streaming-music-in-the-car cell phone in 2020. I really can’t wait!

    Clowns? Internet clowns? They never scared me so I don’t get all the fright talk about them. Suppose I was reared in an era when clowns were our friends and I can’t see them any other way–even the creepy ones.

  4. sherry.a-

    I may have an answer for that. Way way back in the day one of the pro-tips that Machiavelli had for a wannabe tyrant was, have national holidays. They are one of many tools to help keep the population distracted and thinking about something else. Things are escalating.

    • sherry.a-

      I was thinking that I may have misunderstood. Is it a new official holiday over there like it is in the US, or is it just catching on organically?

  5. Nobody tell James that you can buy cheap replacement batteries.

    On the subject of phones, what do you all do with your phones when you don’t want to be spied on?
    Faraday bag, cookie tin, microwave, battery removal?

    Personally, I don’t have cell phone service but I still use a smartphone for its mini computer & app capabilities. For privacy, I keep tape over the camera and have installed small cut-off switches for the mics & speakers. At home, when not in use, the phone goes in a small cookie tin within a larger cookie tin, with the battery removed.

  6. The Epoch Times is a multi-language newspaper[2] founded in 2000 by John Tang and a group of Chinese Americans associated with the Falun Gong spiritual movement.[3] Though the newspaper has been known for general interest topics with a focus on news about China and its human rights issues, it is becoming known for its support of U.S. President Donald Trump and favorable coverage of right-wing politicians in Europe; a 2019 report showed it to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign itself.

    Trump is counting on Narenda Modi and his fascist Hindutva (Indians are the second largest migrant block in the US) and cult-stricken, authoritarian minded humans, like Falun Gong supporters, to win re-election.

    With a little help from the CIA.

    “Millions of dollars have flowed from U.S. regime-change outfits like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) into civil society and political organizations that form the backbone of the anti-China mobilization. And Lai has supplemented it with his own fortune while instructing protesters on tactics through his various media organs.”

    The Epoch Times was founded by Chinese-American adherents to a spiritual movement and meditation practice known as Falun Gong.

    Spiritual movement? Meditation practice? Riiiigggght!

    Falun Gong makes Scientology look like a romper room. It is a fascist cult.

    As an incredible new investigative report from NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins details (, Shen Yun is actually part of a concerted propaganda campaign carried out by Falun Gong, an anti-communist, anti-Chinese, anti-feminist, anti-gay, anti-medicine, and anti-pop-music cult. Its leader, Li Hongzhi, lives in a compound in upstate New York with the Shen Yun troupe members, where “internet access is restricted, the use of medicines is discouraged, and arranged relationships are common.”

    Li Hongzhi changed his birth date to correspond with Buddha

    Their news mouth, The Epoch Times spent over a million and a half dollars on 11,000 pro-Trump ads that decry the “Deep State” and “fake news” on Facebook over the past six months alone. Between the Epoch Times and their video arm, New Tang Dynasty, the group has gotten 3 billion views across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, according to NBC, making it “11th among all video creators across platforms and outranking every other traditional news publisher.”

    It’s easy to laugh at some Falun Gong beliefs that are reflected in NBC’s story, like an insight from former practitioner Ben Hurley who said people in the group believed that “Trump was sent by heaven to destroy the Communist Party.” (Hurley detailed in a Medium post that he eventually left the group after watching fellow believers die from refusing medical treatment, and that he worked for a while at the Epoch Times, where they were all “paid in ‘virtue’ — a white substance in another dimension that you gain when you do good things.”)(ibid)

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that Falun Gong is anything but Jim Jones on steroids.

    And be very, very critical of what you read about Hong Kong.

    • I have already known that the Hong Kong Revolution has sadly been severely compromised. Its so scary that Fascism is on the rise especially the EVIL Neonazis conspiring to take over the world. Its a good thing that James Corbett rejects Holocaust Denial, but the real problem is that Holocaust is an extremely complicated topic too hard to find the real truth on, since Holocaust Museums always focus way too much on the Jewish victims & too little on the Non-Jewish victims. Also what about facts that the Rockefellers & Rothschilds helped Adolph Hitler unleash the Holocaust, slaughtering far more than just German Jews. I want to thank Jason Carswell, one of the greatest Corbett Report Community members, for introducing me to Holocaust Skepticism.

      • You acknowledge that the “Rothschild Banking Empire” supported the Nazi regime of Adolph Hitler but fail to continue this line of reasoning that the Rothschild/Bauer Banking Corporation also funded Lenin, Trotsky, Marx/Engels and eventually Josef Stalin. Why? They were all Jews. This is not an anti-Semitic (actually anti-Shemite if etymology is correct) statement, it is documented fact.

        Go read the books by Anthony Sutton some time. Here’s a link to prove my case in video format for those without the time to read a book

        As for so-called “Holocaust Skepticism”, go watch any David Irving video you can find. YouTube has a plethora of them.

        Remember, the Jews created the practice of propaganda as marketing and advertising through Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew. Josef Goebbels merely modified such for the Nazis.

        The Corbett Report has many videos on this. Go watch them 😉

        • Of course its not antisemitic, you’re right on that. Yes, I am fully aware that The Bolsheviks alongside the Nazis were both funded by Wall Street, & that’s an obvious fact. Not only did Wall Street fund the Bolsheviks and the Nazis, they’re also even permanent financiers of the American Empire as well. That’s why we should all divest from Wall Street As Much As Possible. I have never heard of David Irving, I hope he’s much more honest than any of those Holocaust Denial shenanigans, I end up being more skeptical of him. Although the Holocaust was terrible & it actually happened, but there were genocide4s far worse than the Holocaust, like the Native American Genocide unleashed by Britain, lasting a few centuries, & slaughtered 100 Million Indians, far worse than both Holocaust & Holodomer, and even the Cambodian Killing Fields combined.
          Sadly regarding the Holocaust, there’s still missing honest info about the whole story without any of the Nazi & Zionist junk. Anti-Zionism is clearly not antisemitism BTW, & it was well proven by David Icke.
          Yes, I am interested in reading the books of Anthony C. Sutton on how the Nazis & Bolsheviks were both funded by Wall Street although even Sutton himself missed some big facts as well like those goddamn Bolsheviks slaughtered & suppressed Russian & Ukrainian Anarchists (yes, i’m an anarchist ideologically, accurately Mutualist as well as an Individualist Anarchist; James Corbett is also an Anarchist, specifically one of the Voluntaryist types). Its no wonder why the Bolsheviks deserve to be called Red Fascists by French Individualist Anarchist Emile Armand, remember that name well.
          One last thing, here’s the rare painting of Adolph Hitler & Vladimir Lenin (both despicable scumbags BTW) playing Chess, & I’d so love to share it with the whole Corbett Report Community, cheers!

    • – covert propaganda and media schemes –
      Epoch Times, ‘organ harvesting’, Falun Gong, anti-China, anti-Iran, pro-Zionist, pro-Trump, etc.

      Arby, Very interesting article at the top-most comment.

      And thanks to Weilunion who elaborates more here.

      In recent months, I really have noticed all the “YouTube ads” promoting “The Epoch Times” and they have a side YouTube Channel “American Thought Leaders”.

      In fact, it is interesting to see so very many different media platforms and entities promoting their own agenda and ideals. From Kyle Bass to Soros to foundations/white papers to whatever.

      A lot of confusion out there with so many different projections.

      Idea Warfare.

      • U.S. Propaganda about China

        Arby and Weilunion bring up some very interesting aspects.
        There is a lot of information to sort out.

        Christianity in China

        For some reason, I had the impression that Christianity in China was harshly suppressed.
        Evidently not.
        Here is the Editor of the primary Chinese Newspaper showing a Christian service for his Mother who died at the age of 93.
        Hu Xijin – Editor-in-chief of Chinese and English editions of the Global Times
        TWITTER Video

  7. Falun Gong. A meditation and/or spiritual group harvesting organs?

    See my post about this dewy eyed replica of Sun Yung Moon below.

    You won;t find them in the airports selling flowers, like Moon followers in the old days.

    Instead, they raise money through connections with oligarchs and fascists.

  8. I’m sure many of your subscribers know what I’m about to say about Halloween, but for those who know precious little about the roots of the “Samhain” or “All Hallow’s Eve” tradition and it’s use of “clown makeup”, here we go.

    Initially, the Celtic harvest “Holy Day”, from which the word ‘holiday’ is derived, was enacted on May 13th. The Catholic Church which had already indoctrinated the masses by substituting ‘saints’ for ‘pagan gods’ during the rule of Emperor Constantine, and thusly shunted the ‘final harvest’ day of the crops to about half-way between the Northern Hemisphere’s Autumn Solstice (Sept 23-24) and the Winter Solstice (Dec 22-25 which is when the Sun is quite stationary in the sky for 3 days & also the designated birth-date of Tammuz and his later incarnation as Mithras).

    So what is the origin of “Trick or Treat” you might ask from Celtic Druidic practice? Celtic Druids in hooded robes of black or brown would knock upon the doors of the serfs to either gain a treat (i.e. part of the harvest as a donation) or take a child to be sacrificed to their heathen Pantheist ‘gods’. The original “Wicker Man” (1973) with Edward Woodward & Christopher Lee is a very toned down version of what actually happened.

    Another aspect to this type of Saturnian ritual was the idea that on Halloween, from midnight to dawn, the bowels of Hell liberated their dead & demons to roam and pillage until the dawn of “All Saints Day” (Nov 1st). The common folk often wore ghastly makeup to frighten demons away. Therein lies the origins of the “clown costume” which Shakespeare among others transformed into jesters.

    I hope this clears up much misapprehension.

  9. Additionally, before the advent of electricity, the greatest indoctrination tool & contraceptive device TELEVISION & modern medicine came to the fore, most ancient Europeans were lucky to have a life expectancy of 40 years. Therefore, most girls were “married off” once they could menstruate which is where we get our “Debutante Balls” ideology. Introduce your daughter to society and hopefully get some compensation from her prospective husband since girls did NOT farm or labour in those days and rarely do now if you examine the statistics.

    I’m sure modern feminists would be appalled at such an occurrence but then most of them of are historically illiterate past the last 200 years so who really cares what they think? The same ideology of the production of male children for their use as labour and military personnel was used by China even into this century. This has been conveniently forgotten, hasn’t it?

    The Druidic culture of the drinking of blood, eating of the flesh of youths and “pharmakeia”(a Greek word meaning consumption of herbal hallucinogens) is all Saturnian in origin. The Vatican today is built on the land that was beholden to the worship of Saturn/Kronos(who devoured his children) and was called “Saturnia”.

    Not a lot has changed today. There are many articles you can peruse about the transfusion of children’s blood to rejuvenate elderly adult’s physiology. Vampirism & Werewolfism are mere fables denoting this practice. So is the book by H.G. Wells “The Time Machine”. The future “men and women” are merely physical children called the Eloi (In Hebrew: Of God) and are bred and eaten by the “Morlocks”(Moloch). Since Herbert George Wells was a member of the Fabian Society as was Aldous & Julian Huxley, I expect he knew what he was talking about. His non-fiction book “The Open Conspiracy” is quite an eye-opener.

    Lots of information to turn into future videos here James should you wish to do so. There’s “No-thing new under the sun” Ecclesiastics.

  10. As a conclusion:

    The word “clown” means jester, fool, clumsy & boorish fellow. Here’s a link

    Clown is NOT the word we should be referencing here. The actual word is “FOOL”.

    Not this European ideal of the “Fool” but the Kabballistic ideal of the Tarot Card “0”(Zero) “The Fool”. Here is a link to the very best book ever written on the subject by the German Cabalist Franz Bardon in his book “Initiation Into Hermetics”

    It’s all Cabalistic nonsense but the Gnostics tend to believe it as doctrine. Franz Bardon not surprisingly was a member of the “Fraternis Saturnis” (Brotherhood of Saturn). As James Blish stated in his excellent books (originally banned) “Black Easter(Faust Aleph Null)” & “Day After Judgement”, ALL magickal accomplishments are at the behest & control of demons (i.e. pacts & blood sacrifice). This includes both Black & White Magick.

    The best way to elucidate this dichotomy is this: The NATURAL world is that which is perceived through physical senses and means. The SUPERNATURAL world is not physical, but has the same “plane of existence” as the MIND. In Japan, particularly among the practitioners of Shintoism and the burning of paper effigies of materialistic things to allow those of the nether-world to partake of the “spiritual image” of those things burnt are yet another magickal token akin to Hermetic concepts.

    I’d stay away from that particular avenue of discourse if I were you. Simply treat it as a custom and then go have a beer or two to help you ignore it.

  11. That’s because you obviously grew up in a generation that actually developed their memory and were not beholden to Google Search or Amazon Alexa/Echo, Google Home or Apple Siri for their personal memory or information source.

    The elite families of this world forbid their progeny to use these devices since they are “indoctrination machines” developed to firstly promote TRANSGENDERISM which is the precursor to TRANS-HUMANISM (i.e. The Hive Mind).

    Good for you for being an INDIVIDUAL.

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