Interview 1487 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Japan Just Imported Ebola to Prep for Possible Olympic Outbreak

In Addition to Ebola, Japan Imports Marburg Virus

Japan’s Emperor Naruhito Proclaims Enthronement In Ancient Ceremony

Story #2: Army Says Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge May Have Game-Changing Alien Tech

The Army Wants To Verify To The Stars Academy’s Fantastic UFO Mystery Material Claims

How to Fake An Alien Invasion

Story #3: Judge Chosen To Re-Sentence Penn State Coach Sandusky

Another Judge Recuses Himself From Sandusky Re-Sentencing (Sep. 18, 2019)

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  1. Great report guys!

    On the alien “disclosure” note…I personally believe after doing months of research on this topic, that flying saucer technology was first being experimented with and tested by the German Luftwaffe in Nazi Germany. During Operation Paperclip, many of the scientists that were working with this and other aircraft technology were embedded in various “black budget” programs sponsored by such corporate Military Industrial Complex agencies such as Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

    *see this video of schematics of various Nazi Haunebu saucer drawings:

    Dr. Carol Rosin (see bio here ) has worked with various government agencies regarding various space projects and was with Dr. Werner Von Braun in his final years. She stated that von Braun warned that there were various stages in which the government will fake an alien invasion for the sake of having a “bogeyman” enemy to justify an increase in military action and more control over civil liberties.

    Her testimony regarding what he said is here:

    In summary, Werner von Braun was one of the Operation Paperclip scientists that came over, and had intimate knowledge of various secret programs that were going on within the MIC.

    He intimated the following to Dr. Rosin:

    * The first enemy will be the Soviet Union. The MIC will play up this enemy to justify military expansion.
    * The second enemy will be various “terrorists” throughout the world.
    * The third and final enemy will be aliens. This alien invasion will not be real but will be faked to justify a unification of all countries against a common enemy.

    I just thought I would intimate the above testimony to indicate a possible direction to this sudden preoccupation with UFOs in the media.

    P.S. I saw James your fake Alien invasion video…but I thought I would add the above for some possible future investigation.


    • “During Operation Paperclip, many of the scientists that were working with this and other aircraft technology were embedded in various “black budget” programs sponsored by such corporate Military Industrial Complex agencies such as Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.”

      Your statement is a FACT. Van Braun was one of many, many scientists who were brought to the US to work on flying saucer/rocket technology. Most do not know these scientists were recruited and brought over a long time before WWII ended (1940). The US MSM/alphabet agencies’ lie machine won’t tell that story but those who interfaced with them on the job, at leisure and in school with their children will.

      • Yes. I saw this article. Until we see its maneuverability it’s another Chinese fairy tale, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Thanks for the reinforcement!

        I try to tell this to family and friends and they think I’m a royal koo-koo clock.

        The connection between the 1947 Roswell incident , Patterson Air Force Base, and other incidents happened shortly after Operation Paperclip.

    • @Ethan Hunter

      Thanks for the detailed comment and links.

      From what I have gathered, the plan Werner von Braun warned about is still on track and a great deal of resources and careful planning have been committed to it’s actualization.

      I pray that when they attempt to hit that button to launch the ‘cosmic false flag’ someone or something intervenes. I see the potential for many (even surprisingly, perhaps some within communities such as the Corbett Report subscribers) to be sucked into a psyop that paints ET beings as the next ‘big bad boogie man’. I say that, because when I discuss the topic (here and with people in person) I see that a great many people have been successfully conditioned to have a fear based response to our cosmic neighbors, whether it be through quasi-religious anthropocentric propaganda or psychological warfare pushed through mass media).

      I put together an article focusing on this subject matter and would value hearing your thoughts on it. You can find the article here:

  2. Agree wholeheartedly with JC. The ‘music/to-the-stars-DeLonge-gets-hands-on-alien- material’ and the Army is all over the story? It smacks of misdirection besides it being just too stupid to acknowledge. Where did he get this material that the Army is so happy to report? Why did the Army get in bed with DeLonge when their history is… lying to the public about the crash being a weather balloon; humiliating Jesse Marcel and family on a world stage; assisting in the MIB-type intimidation and threats leveled against the Brazel family and everyone else involved; demonizing every single person who has ever reported anything about a UFO? And more–the Condon Report where Condon was hired to lie and obfuscate all facts, so much so that the other scientists refused to continue with him? Finally, what about the CIA weaponizing the phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’ to keep the public from talking about UFOs? (If you do not know that’s why the phrase was created.) All facts. Now they want to share information with the public through DeLonge’s academy of stupidity? RIGHT.

    BTW–I bought DeLonge’s book for research purposes. I tried to read it–OMG. It was so full of BS, misstatements about events/dates as well as outright lies that I became too frustrated to continue reading the entire text. I tossed it into the trash. Didn’t bother to pass it on. No one needs to have that crap in their head. IMO, it was an attempt to revise UFO research/history and it’s target market was clearly Millennials who know nothing about the subject. He also wanted to take the opportunity to convince them that he was “special” (ugh, finger down throat, gag.), like so many woo-woo ‘believers’ who create religions around nothing. The text was simply enraging. Decades of serious research into UFO phenomenon through primary sources is required to understand the phenomenon, not DeLonge’s, I’m-a-celebrity-worship-me revisionist history. (Yep. Kind’a on my soap box today.)

    • Yeah? Even with the story that surrounded DeLonge I felt that without reading his book I couldn’t rule out that he might actually have something truly unknown and/or connected to tell. Tried–never get that $20 back.

  3. Here is some good news…

    Urban Farmer Curtis Stone & Canadian signed documents “Royal Assent”
    “How to do Judo-moves on government AUTHORITIES.”

    Curtis Stone is out to better conditions for the everyday person. He is extremely active and provides incredible material.
    He runs a commercial urban farm called Green City Acres out of Kelowna, BC, Canada. His mission is to show others how they can grow a lot of food on small plots of land and make a living from it. Using DIY and simple infrastructure, one can earn a significant living from their own back yard or someone else’s.

    The government, as usual, with its bureaucracy and arbitrary mandates, has imposed regulations in a particular region of Canada.
    Silly rules which are destroying farmers.
    However, the bureaucrats have not been able to provide signed original documents of “Royal Assent”.

    Don’t miss this!
    (about 3 minutes or so – rewind if you want the backstory)
    “Royal Assent”

    • You made my day, you gallons of water guzzling Texan. I like Curtis, he’s a very smart guy and is apt at thinking outside of the box. Looks like he’s standing on the edge of the precipice.

      “It’s an act!” And it prints, black on white, clear as day, ACT! Hidden in broad daylight for everyone to see. That’s how they do it, they twist the words to control the minds.

      • Damn! I hear ya!
        My jaw dropped when I saw that “How to Worship Your Government” scene and the “nod”.

    • @HRS

      Thanks for the link, Kelowna used to be my ‘backyard’. 🙂 (my parents had a farm just south of there in Oliver)

      I wonder what Curtis Stone is up to now a days.

  4. In (kind of) relation to the news that Japan has imported viral strains of various diseases for next years Olympics, I was curious to hear your thoughts on whether the 2000 “foot and mouth” outbreak in the UK was as reported, from a rogue Northumbrian farm feeding its pigs remenants from a local Chinese takeaway or as theorised from Portion Down (UK MoD’s Biological warfare centre)?

    Interested to hear your thoughts.

  5. The following seminar from April 2019 is for the roll out of the Carnicom Educational Foundation. 325 peer review papers outlining many of the subjects discussed in the comments above . It is long as it covered two full days, maybe three. Packed with the doing of great works of investigative scientific research and investigative journalism. The subjects covered are confronting us everyday and if information can lead to truth these 3 hours will provide a great deal of food for thought. It will be a beginning of some new perspectives for some encompassing scientific dogma and ethics along with some spirituality mixed in that does not offend. Topics include;
    Cross domain bacteria
    Quantum physics life forms
    Rife and Tesla
    Nanoparticulates and smart dusted
    Unidentified aerial phenomena
    Col.Tom Bearden
    NWO- how, what, why and WHO is behind the agenda
    US Air Force
    And many more…hope you can spare the time, it is informative.

    Part two:

    Part three:

    Part one:

    • @generalbottlewasher

      Thanks for the links, i`ll check them out when I have time.

  6. What an utter crap is this alien story.
    Not worth to spend a word.

    People nowadays are led to believe all kinds of bullshit, so actually, no surprise.

    Similar story: Yugoslavian space program.
    There is a “documentary” about it.,_We_Have_a_Problem!_(film)

    Many people here fucking believe it. Even some friends that on the other hand see tin-foil hat on me.

    Path towards trans-humanism is hard, for everyone.

  7. @manbearpig

    The spectre of ‘deadly pandemics are perhaps conjured to convince people to get vaccinated for everything’ indeed.

    Looking back on this episode (and your comment specifically) it all seems quite prescient.

    The push to get people “vaccinated for everything” is accelerating here in Ontario, and there is also a push to make more and more genetic injections (and erroneously call them “vaccines”).

    There are a number of experimental pharmaceutical products and procedures that permanently alter the genome being pushed onto the market (along side the synthetic mRNA and viral vector covid genetic injections).

    For instance, there a company called “Verve Therapeutics” is now advertising for their new CRISPR ‘gene therapy’ treatment (which they concisely describe as a synthetic mRNA treatment that initiates a gene editing process to artificially manipulate cholesterol levels via contaminating intact human DNA with synthetic coding to force the genes to express themselves differently). Their slogan for this gene editing mRNA injection is “One And Done”.

    ( “Putting an End to Heart Attacks by Editing Human DNA
    Verve Therapeutics is targeting cholesterol-causing genes to clear arteries with its experimental therapy” : )

    Basically, they are saying “forget all that pesky time consuming and inconvenient exercise and healthy eating! You can eat big macs all day while watching Netflix and when your cholesterol levels get to dangerous levels just line up for a gene editing injection and problem solved!”

    Yay! Thanks big pharma.

    But remember, while this mRNA based gene editing product (linked above) is totally legit, safe, effective (and coming soon to a Walmart pharmacy near you!) people who are talking about other synthetic mRNA products in the context of gene editing and making permanent genetic alterations just a conspiracy theory.

    In essence, 2+2=5 got it!? Good. Now its time to line up for your 17th safe and effective tax payer funded mRNA injection… Big Pharma thanks you!

  8. James, thanks for the great episode. I share your suspicions about everyone involved in Tom Delong’s “To The Stars Academy”. I sense that his dog and pony show is a means for those than manage this issue to be able to offer controlled leaks of (mostly) misinformation surrounding the reality of our cosmic neighbors. I think the intelligence operatives involved in this have cultivated that blink 182 guy to be the mascot for their fear based ‘false disclosure’ and plant the seeds for the justification of massive military spending on the militarization of space (which they will want to move into the public consciousness as events unfold in the future).

  9. Those men (and institutions) who are backing Tom Delong’s “public benefit corporation” represent the same group who profited (and continue to profit) from the corrupt oil wars and central banking schemes in the middle east in a big way.

    Such entities have a vested interest in perpetuating the idea that there is some “big bad boogie man” out there that they and their friends in the military industrial complex are going to “save us from”. These are the same group who banked on the ripple effects of 911. Beware. They may be trying to use this to trade “big bad terrorists” for “big bad aliens”. Notice how they keep alluding towards a “threat” related to the phenomenon of anomalous craft operating in the earth’s atmosphere?

    Why would they do that? Truth is as long as they have us believing we need protection from a threat the more control over us they have. It wasn’t that long ago when the government “leader” said, “ Perhaps we need some outside universal threat. I can only think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world…” then I turn on the tv and I hear things like this: and this and it all begins to paint a very clear and disturbing picture.

    Further pertinent info can be found in this document (which James shared in his “How To Fake An Alien Invasion” article/episode).

    What they are doing is setting the psychological ground work to have us believe there are “Good” guys and “Bad” guys in space. They want us to think that interstellar space is the wild west and humans have a secret space force that’s going to save the day from evil aliens. Come on people, don’t be naive. If there were Interstellar civilizations here that wanted this planet… or anything on it, it would be over by now. There would be no need for sneaking about and doing nasty clandestine activities. They would possess the capability to shut down any form of resistance humans attempted, with ease.

    Thinking that “Bad ETs” are here and we are going to some how “fight them off” is a silly anthropomorphic projection of our own childish behavior onto something completely different and beyond anything human. When it comes to Extraterrestrial Interstellar Civilizations and the idea of one of them being hostile marauders or conquesting colonists it’s a contradiction in terms. What I mean is, you don’t harness the energy required to traverse the vastness of interstellar space without developing a certain degree of social maturity.


    • The very fact that they have gotten here across the vastness of space and thus must have harnessed energy far greater than even atomic fission, would seem to indicate to me that they have passed a kind of “cosmic litmus test”. After all it would make logical sense to assume that if they are harnessing energy many times the magnitude of our atomic energy for interstellar propulsion, they would have blown themselves up through internal conflicts in their society before getting here. That is to say if they were still ‘warlike’, “malevolent” or “malicious” beings their collective lack of social maturity would have resulted in their own annihilation before they could leave their own solar system.

      In my opinion, for one to automatically fear a culture simply because it’s not human is an indication of an illogical xenophobic paranoia which over time results in a detrimental psychological imbalance. Much of that is programmed and not the fault of an individual who might feel that way since there has been a very prolific psychological warfare campaign waged on the general population on this topic for over 7 decades now.

      Being capable of travelling amongst the stars, they are (for the most part) ancient races of beings that would have seen the development of many worlds as they transition through this turbulent stage that humanity is going through now. Despite our violent, short sighted, fearful and sometimes down right idiotic behavior, we are living conscious beings and i feel that you don’t get to their stage of technological, social and likely spiritual development (being capable of interstellar travel) without coming to cherish and respect all life. The apparent sightings of the interstellar and inter-dimensional vehicles that have been going on world wide may be part of some kind of intentional acclimatization process (on the part of the interstellar visitors), allowing for the gentle introduction of this reality in the consciousness of humans.

      There may be some rogue nefarious ET elements in play, but these are not representative of the majority of beings that are here now.

      Do not allow yourselves to be fooled again my friends. Let us learn from history and not be doomed to repeat it. The events of 2001 in New York City showed us just how far the misanthropic money whores will go to consolidate power/wealth… always remember that. While the war profiteers may have been able to convince many in the west to support the domination and killing countless people in the third world under the guise of “quelling a terrorist threat” (in order to pillage resources and perpetuate the status quo), if we allow them to attempt to use a similar “psyop” to justify weaponizing space it could be game over for all of us.

      • When it comes to how we perceive and interact with this aspect of our reality (the thriving interstellar community that is all around us) that (when openly acknowledged and understood) will reshape our entire society and how we see ourselves in the universe.. remembering to see with the heart and use one’s intuitive capacities is of paramount importance. If the day comes that the TVs and smart phones are filled with images and announcements of the reality of our cosmic neighbors, take a moment to be still, look inward.. and ask yourself: who would benefit from the message you are receiving being accepted by the masses?

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