Interview 1489 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Skin-On Interfaces Welcomes Human-Like Gestures to Control Your Smartphone

Video: ’eXistenZ’ Trailer

Mass Cellphone Surveillance Experiment In Spain

Story #2: Someone Finally Stormed Epstein’s Private Island and Caught It All on Film

Sketchy Expert Says Epstein’s Injuries Look More Like Murder

EXCLUSIVE: First-Ever Look Inside Epstein’s Private Island

TOP 5 Things We Discovered Inside Epstein’s Private Island!!!

AMA About Inside Of Epstein’s Island

Episode 361 – Suicided: The Final Days of Jeffrey Epstein

“Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”

Story #3: FBI Releases ‘Finders’ Files After 3 Decades; Declassified Investigation Linked to Tallahassee Child Abuse Case

PDF: FBI’s Finders Report Part 1

PDF: Child Kidnapping In America – The CIA Connection // A Report By Ted L. Gunderson

Interview 1403 – Derrick Broze on Jeffrey Epstein and The Finders

Conscious Resistance Network Search: “Finders”

The Finders Cult: A New Rabbit Hole??

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  1. OK… only listened to the fondle slab section and was having flashbacks to the StarTrek movie where the Borg grafted human skin onto Data and then blew over it-
    Its kinda a parallel to how smart phones control people- emotions and 2nd hand stimulation ( or is that deeper level stimulation of the brain?)
    The next thing I thought of was Faust, who sold his soul not for knowledge (which he had in abundance) but for pleasure.
    On the future of computing I think you are correct that the user is going to have less and less control as they buy a pre-packaged unit rather then build or assemble one BUT the flip side is that 80 or 90% of people really NEVER have understood or cared about the tec they use beyond what they needed to use it…. TBH the only reason we have so many people on the net is dumbed down = fondle slab tec. The sweet spot is when its easy to get information for most simple users and the dark spot is when its so hard you have to be one of the 5% of users who actually understand the deep level of how things work

      • I guess I could take “it” out to dinner first.
        That may get a “yes”.
        It sometimes works with female humans.
        Plus, I bet “it” will order a plate with nothing on it.
        I’m so cheap – That’ll work.
        Sounds like a plan to me…well, unless the waitstaff robot flirts with my date. 😉

        • The desire of women- especially less agreeable orless attractive ones- to regain the social and mating value lost them by the sexual revolution depends on limiting the supply of things like sex robots and porn… it will be as effective as limiting drugs now that so many young men are addicted

          The progress
          1) Women didnt give out sex except to a few powerful Alpha dudes…. women are valuable, Women fight prettier women, low class men fight for women
          2) Women give sex only to their partner in a pair bond- men dont need to fight men (past marriage age) and women dont need to fight younger women.
          Women valuable, men valuable.
          3) Men and women go wild in the 60’s…. men have as much sex as they want… women no longer valuable since who needs a cow when milks free…. divorce laws and welfare make men no longer valuable
          4) Partial return to condition 1- Women no longer need men but most desire the to 10%- women fight women. Uglier and older women fight prettier and younger ones….also fight low status men…. low status men are drugged off with porn and sink into depression.
          MOST Men not valuable MOST Women not valuable
          Most people live life of what Dr E Micheal Jones would call pleasure seeking sodomy and are good consumers and workers who dont need a family supporting wage

          • Interesting post. Addicted young men? I’ve not experienced any male during my entire lifespan who wasn’t naturally ‘addicted to sex’. It’s male. Some have manners and morals, of course. And, I can honestly make this statement from the standpoint of being ‘valuable’ at any age. Seriously, such pursuit appears to have no end in my experience.

            • The greatest gift a man can receive is to eventually lose his sex drive. It’s quite liberating.

  2. James, the pronunciation of “decedent” is: Dih SEED int
    (not DESS ident).

  3. It’s not the topic of the video, but you mentioned Nelson Rockefeller had a heart attack death that maybe wasn’t so natural, at least according to Mae Brussell. That’s pretty interesting. Did the PTSB have a reason to off Nelson in 1979? Surpring. Who is one of theirs if not Nelson Rockefeller? The basic search results say his death was mysterious, controversial, but because he was with a 22 year old blonde and they wanted to hush it. Anyone know anything?

    • It’s a bit hard to know for sure as most of Mae Brussell’s files seems to have disappeared, and trying to follow her shows at a later stage is a bit like trying to follow the Corbett Report just from the interviews of James on other shows without having access to his main site with all the links.

      I get the impression that he wasn’t fitting in with the plans of the Rumsfeld/Cheney factions (And those guys would not think twice about dropping a 110 story building on you if they don’t like you!)

      An interesting bit, not sure how it relates to any of it but this site about watergate related deaths mentions

      “Mrs. Louise Boyer, Nelson Rockefeller’s assistant for 30 years, fell to her death from a 10th story New York apartment on July 3, 1974. At the time, as a consequence of Watergate, Rockefeller was being considered for the vice-presidency. Accusations had been made that he had been involved in the illegal removal of gold from Ft. Knox. It’s believed that Mrs. Boyer supplied the investigators with this information.”

  4. Well.. read thru the FBI release in a couple of days (been away…only posting now) and the only possibly newish thing I found (which not being a finders expert may already have been noticed) but Elizabeth Sherwood and Barbara Sylvester both have Tree/forest related names and were born in the same year (1936) according to page 319 of the FBI download. I’d guess that indicates they are the same person… but again, pretty sure thats old news to actual investigators.
    Dont thing that passport records are FOIA-able but there is a Passport no in there too

  5. I agree. EWH! Just plain creepy–fondleslab.

    Finders? More in the connected pedophile story. Washington D.C.’s alphabet agencies and law enforcement arms (not alone as it goes everywhere in government, military, et al) are actively covering-up child trafficking for reasons of profit, personal entertainment and mass control over its politico pedophiles as well as over other organizations to keep them towing the line.

    ALL of the US alphabet agencies either participate directly or benefit indirectly from this criminal practice. No exception.

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