Interview 1491 – Truth in History on Financial Survival

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In this excerpt from the Financial Survival program, James Corbett tells host Melody Cedarstrom about how history is written by the winners, and why we must strive to bear witness to truth before it gets buried in the history books.

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  1. Thanks for showing video of yourself speaking, and editing in various other images & video bits, even though it’s a radio interview. I appreciate it.

  2. Yes so much of the history of the Internet has already been lobotomized. The largest causalities won’t be controversial subjects like Sandy Hook, true those subjects will be the most censored however some details will remain on a dark net somewhere. The main casualties will be information caught in the crossfire, IE information that has disappeared because it was hosted on the same site or channel as more controversial information that has been the target of censorship.

    Often the significance of information can’t really be understood until later.

  3. Dear James
    Excellent comparisons, especially blatant when one compares the photos you cleverly juxtaposed.
    At time 4;15 you state that both Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who was the officially acknowledged founder of Isis and his replacement his
    successor Abu Omar al-Baghdadi both of them were according to the Pentagon itself either did not exist or were made-up characters that were basically played along by by the terrorists and by the their military / intelligence handlers.
    Do you have a source from the Pentagon I can revert back to on this?

  4. This is for James Corbett & anyone that can answer it. Say a person wants to devote their life to the real truth (9/11 truth especially) being written in high school history text books. How does that person turn that devotion into income or employment? What opportunities in research and spreading the truth are there? How does one at least survive? How do organizations stay afloat?

    • Exo ; that is a good question. You will need an NGO like the Rockefeller Foundation, except it will be philosophically opposed to corruption and obsfacation of the truth. Then using the framework that they established you will have the resources to bribe all the governing bodies at the state, county and local school district level. You can literally put a book in the hands of a child and extort a classroom teacher to teach that the moon is made of cheese. You as a lobbyist for such truth will make millions from the publishers of such truth . That’s how, all legal . The truth will need funding or a new paradigm.

    • Exo ; your question is noble and finding a suitable answer will lean toward the esoteric. You could have as good an answer when asking for the secrete of the Sphinx. Its ancient, and not for the faint of heart. Corruption exists from time imordium. I recently grasp the parable of the tare, and came to understand the relationship of good and evil, truth and falsehoods. I Recommend you do the same for knowledge of how the real world works.
      911 and Architects and Engineers have come to a crossroads, a place where each is incapable of existing together in this world. 911 is a falsehood and A&Es are fundamental truth. We are in the early stages of this fundamental crisis. The force behind 911 controls the majority of money that is distributed in the form of contracts that A&Es depend on to maintain the integrity of the professional art. This holds A&Es hostage and can’t Maintain reality, or truth that makes the bedrock of our cities, bridges, airplanes and life secure, predictable. 911 threatens that. A compromise is in the works, or they will suffer the parable of the tare. We must tolerate the falsehoods up and to a time when we can seperate the tares out from the wheat. Restoring truth to science.
      You are not asking impossible questions but difficult ones if you don’t see the control and power you propose going against at this time. History of this era will be written by the victors. There is a little chance you could profit from this dilemma, but please don’t become what you are trying to destroy. Organizations that will succeed will have the full knowledge of the tares in the field and you may learn how to coexist until the time is right. They are out there. Some are noble, some you must come to realize are not. Good luck figuring it out. I have little knowledge of but one. In north Texas in the Dallas area. North Texans for 911 Truth.??? And of course A&ES for 911 truth.

  5. Dear James, since your work on 911 your WWI-Documentary was for me the biggest revelation in my lifetime. Thank you!

  6. Dear Manbearpig

    Thank you for introducing me to Fromenko. It is a fascinating theory and it has kept me fully occupied for the past 3 days.

    I would be interested to hear what James thinks about the new chronology.

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