Interview 1500 – Marc Morano Debunks a Decade of Climategate Lies

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Interviews | 64 comments

It’s been a decade since the leak of emails from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia exposed the lies, obfuscations and dirty tricks behind the climate change orthodoxy. But although the conversation has long since moved on, there’s still a lot we can learn from the lessons of “Climategate.” Joining us today to reflect on a decade of Climategate lies and where the debate stands today is Marc Morano of

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  1. Colin Cancer talks about anthrax as if he did not know who sent the letters to Congress.

  2. ” We just keep doing what we are doing ” And ” The day we can go down to Walmart and get a solar panel, take it home and get off the grid is the day these climate solutions end.”

    Those kind of straight talk solutions make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Oklahoma is constantly giving that-kind-a solutions to the world {Texas} but they go unheeded.
    Im liken what Morano is sayin, thanks for this Up lifting report.

  3. phreedomphile,

    I’m sure I’m not the only Corbettphile who has long been a Hellerphile, but I must say I’ve never seen Tony’s career and character explained so succinctly and satisfyingly. Thank you!

    Lucky duck you are to have met him in person. Was that in beautiful Boulder?

    Truthphile CQ 🙂

    P.S. Now I’m gonna check out James and Marc; I’ve also been a Moranophile for a while.

    • phreedomphile,

      What a kind reply you wrote. Have you watched the JC/MM interview yet? I found the time, thank goodness, and was glad they reviewed decade-old Climategate.

      Did you see Nick Weech’s question for you about Tony? It’s just below our exchange.

      If you would like to email me, I will ask you about a semi-related subject having to do with Boulder.

  4. Manufacturing Consensus.

    There was a psych experiment, people tend to agree to something obviously false if presented with a consensus of other people agreeing.

  5. I can’t believe Marc Morano has talked for 47 minutes about all this without mentioning CLIMATE ENGINEERING and the devastating effects it is having all over the world.

    • Miriam.b ; I couldn’t agree more. You know who is in power by who you are never aloud to criticize. I wonder if the myth of power is a fraction of the mass of power. Im sure the arsenal for use by the globalist cabal operating out of the US contains weapons of mass destruction. However,I have come to knowing that the unknown is equally terrifying is where I believe we are today. The power is all in the mind of the terrified.
      The earth is much bigger than any machine power in the arsenal and equilibrium of some mass , like that of the earth, will return quickly if perturbed. The physical world doesn’t lie as frequently as the psychopathic paranoid overlords do to the honest folk.
      Then again someone was spraying the sky here so much the last two weeks everyone is coughing and hacking.

      • I hear you, generalbottlewasher—-the spraying here in central Illinois is horrific.

        • Miriam.b- the hype is only found here in the recesses of independent news boards. Nothing in the MSM. I see the Ken Lay type diabolical greed with precision of a military strike on derivative plays and market shorts { not to leave out Big Insurance frauds} as the basis of myths that the powers control the weather. No such thing . They are only able to rob one ATM at a time with localized collateral damage.
          But they make many attacks that accumulate into vast sums without detection or facing anyone strong enough or cunning enough to oppose them. The SEC is one of the cops on the take.
          Its very much like the myth of Bonney and Clyde. Bigger than life unstoppible!…???

      • I know, & that’s what I don’t like.

        People KNOW that something is very very wrong & yet when people talk about the climate change hoax, they almost NEVER explain why the weather has turned against us.

        That’s what happened to me when I was first attacked even on Jame’s channel on YT.

        People need to tell the WHOLE story way better.

        GeneralBW – which geo-engineering channel do you trust the most?

        I did trust Jim’s for a while, but then someone told me when he reached out to him several times that Jim wouldn’t talk to him. He was quite upset about it actually. I found him on Discord.

        And someone disputed what Jim said in an interview on someone else’s channel (about what fuel is in the planes’ tanks) & not one person addressed what the guy said.

        I’m the type of person who needs to see not a debate (I don’t like that word at all), but definitely 2 people going back & forth so I can get a better picture as to who is telling the truth.

        I often find people say a whole bunch of things in YT comments to dispute something I believe in & the experts NEVER explain away the disputes.

        Makes me distrust the “experts.”

  6. While listening to this interview I was thinking about how great it would be if Marc would bring up the whole intentional-destruction-of-Arctic-Sea-Ice aspect while he’s over in Madrid.

    Change the conversation.

    What Is Really Going On With Arctic Sea Ice?

    • Yes, this video by Camille takes an approach to Arctic Sea ice that I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

      I, too, hope Marc mentions the subject in Madrid.

      Thanks for bringing it to our attention again, Camille, since many in the Corbett crowd probably didn’t see your previous comment on this important subject.

        • Wow, that website is a treasure, gbw. I scrolled through the long home page and didn’t see anything on seaways per se, though I did find Ian Baldwin’s conclusion: “In short, the puppet masters must keep melting the ice and convince us they are doing everything in their power to stop the ice from melting.”

          Do you have a link to an article or essay that’s more specifically about the Arctic ice?

          • CQ, yes you noticed the layout but believe me it has been corrected and gets better over time. Ian Baldwin’s 19 articles are each accessible by clicking on the summary of each. Its 4 years in the making and when there were only 5 or six it was easier to follow. The Putin talk with CNBC directly indicates the complicity of the two Super Powers and the pivot to the North. {Mostly for Big Oil}
            The rest is finding the time to read each article. Sorry I can’t be of anymore help. Don’t you have a box to pull out a little more time in your busy life? Ha!
            By the way today had lot of new and exiting discoveries. The most disturbing is the XR. Do ya think it could be a reaction to the Yellow Vests. Macaroni (Macron) saying ‘mess with us and we will turn your kids against you and go into territory you never believed possible.’ I can only thank of Gobbles and his daughter, Thurnberg and his daughter. Its gone weird for sure. Uncharted territory or repeat and retool of past tries?

            • Bless you for finding it in the mammoth amount of geoengineering copy that Ian has churned out, gbw.

              It’s now on my “to do tonight” list — after a look-see at today’s #PROPAGANDA WATCH.

            • gbw, I’ve just finished reading Baldwin’s Part 5. Thanks for steering us to it. Obviously, he has done his homework not only on geoengineering, but on many related, tangential topics. I appreciate that he provides end notes; that’s always a plus. Better yet, he writes really clearly, which allows non-scientists like me to understand his many fascinating points.

              I guess you could say, in a nutshell, that Baldwin reminds me of the guy whose webpage we’re contributing to with these scintillating 🙂 comments.

              • CQ; I often wonder that the secrecy of
                ” large Plays” dovetails so nicely with Big Military, Big Oil and big Banking. All are masters of secrecy. So few public domain facts and verifiable information its a wonder we get enough fibers to weave a coherent tapestry of ‘What is really going on.’ Being from Ok, I see Big Oil at the center of resource sequestrations. They have had a lot of trial and error over the last century. A purely reductionists observation.

              • CQ, wondering again about this climite thing. If its hidden in plain sight and are gaze is hypnotized to seeing what’s really going on, then can we gain knowledge from our peripheral vision.


                If we interpret the world in this manner it seems to correspond to language, globallize comes to mind.

                Several books have attempted to do so in the past.
                Uptown Sinclair; Oil!… Teapot Dome swindle by Big Oil and Big Military.
                Taylor Caldwel; Of Captains and Kings… Joseph Kennedy and the model of the Anglo-American establishment and birth of NWO.
                Carroll Quigleys tomb; Tragedy and Hope…a real Gaze history book of A-AE and NWO written in pure globallize talk. Fortunately deciphered by Joe Plummer;T&H 101.
                And of course all the peripheral sight found here, with the scantiest of evidence in our direct Gaze and an abundance around our periphery . Need I say Bldg.7 explained in globallize and hidden in our Gaze but found in the periphery ?

              • CQ and just 5 hours ago this pops up. Richard Grove at Tragedy and Hope channel does an interesting book review of just such a book. Uncanny. One mind working together from the periphery .


              • GBW, it’s good to know that citizens in Rhode Island are stepping up and not only confronting the geoengineering agenda and implications but also informing their local legislators. I’m impressed by the substance and tone of Rachael McIntyre’s presentation. Not sure what to make of the reporter’s article, though, after reading the first comment below it, by ForwardThinker. Thanks for sharing, GBW.

              • CQ I wanted to leave the text of the bill for anyone to look at that might want to commenting the pros and cons of a bill. This bill attempts to govern the ungovernable. I will dive in and see who and how this is was written. I can’t imagine it want written by industry. We’ll see!?? Link too…
                Rhode Island H5992 PD

                It was presented in May 2019.


    • With regard to Arctic Sea Ice, I wonder if Mr. Morano is another person who is afraid to bring up the massive, ongoing Climate Engineering programs?

    • More of the the MSM same-ol-same-ol today.
      The Washington Post: Greenland’s ice losses have septupled and are now in line with its highest sea-level scenario, scientists say.

      Makes one wonder. Wonder about resonances Tesla was experimenting with.
      And we all know when scientists say… Run!

    • CQ and Alex, they XR are holding their cards close to the vest. The picture pattern I see is the open source circles in circles of the old Round Table groups. Hiding in plain sight. We have so much cognitive dissonance in public its truly alarming.
      Monopoly going up against other monopolies trying to be the only monopoly . Crushing the life out of diversified wholesome communities and associations for domination.
      I see the MSM holding them ,XR in reserve. They are no Yellow Vests. Are they the push back to those galling deplorable unwashed heroes?
      The outer circle always are exploited to the benefit of the few in the inner circle.

      • Your last sentence, gbw, reminds me of a young grocery store manager I know. He does lots of “truth” reading/watching and sees through the official lies told about 9/11 and other false flags, yet he’s a proud Freemason. He claims to not be bothered by what he has heard about the higher-ups in Freemasonry’s inner circle, because, he reasons, his participation in the outer circle, whose members do lots of charitable giving–especially before the holidays–is so rewarding. I suspect he wants to stand in solidarity with his Mason friends at church–yes, at the African Methodist Episcopal Church he attends.

        gbw, when you speak of “those galling deplorable unwashed heroes,” are you referring, tongue in cheek, to the Yellow Vests?

        • CQ; I was referring to Quigleys description of Milners Round Table Groups and how they work to accomplish goals. They were designed after the compartmentalized Freemasons structures of command control and manipulations to insulate the inner Elites of the Temple.
          And yes to the tongue and cheek of real heroes who know rights from wrongs. Why that hasn’t taken off here is a mystery. How do we expect to ever deal with the technocratic take over if we never show displeasure of what’s being forced upon us and of what’s being taken from us at the same time?

      • Alex, Americans are the quinticencal products of fakery. They have no concept of the real. The closest thing I can thank of to compare to is the cops and the gangs that are in a battle for survival here. Why do cops risk their lives? For power. Why do gangs fight to survive against power. They possess power if only for a minute. Its unknown to 90% of Americans. Completely neutered. We deserve to have no opinion on anything. For example 911, financial coup 2008 ect.ect with no power to possess any real threat to the real power process, or even to know of it 20 years after. My Venezuela freinds in the 80s where determined to not go the way of Brazil. Imagine that ! Americans won’t know the mass possession nor will they do anything about it if they get a text proclaiming when it will happen. Call me a pessimist or a realist. Its a toss up if we can resist being mass processed here anymore than you there. QueVoy! !!

    • You weren’t mixed up, alexandre. When JC/MM were discussing the UN military, the video behind them showed a photo of a news article with a headline on that subject, and I was unclear whether it was the same article Patrick featured in his Technology News, that’s all.

  7. I guess the positive side is that there will be a small number of survivalists that will be able to pick things up again after the sheeple have been sent to slaughter and after the technocratic system fails.

    Which it will do. It’s the true reason why it is called a pseudoscience. It’s because it doesn’t actually work! The more effort that is put into trying to make it work – the faster it will fail.

    Of course the trick is to survive the transition.

  8. BTW, congrats to Corbett on doing one thousand five hundred interviews since 2006!

  9. Ditto here. “I agree totally. “

    Hats off to phreedomphile for again validating Tony Heller and his work.

  10. I loved all the ‘animation’ of Marc Morano in this discussion.
    Corbett did a great job of directing the conversation.

  11. Morano is a fitting name for this guy. Sure climate gate is real, the numbers are manipulated, but to what end? To divide and rule and to create a debate that obscures the real agenda of geoengineering and climate “change” but who is really changing the climate? Climate change is real but needs to be put in the proper context of the few who are changing the climate with exotic technologies. Co2 is nothing but the scapegoat cover story for what is happening. This shit they are spraying is what is behind the bee die off and all of the other extinction shit happening. This is really no different than 911 but on a global scale using technologies that most can’t even fathom exist. These evil bastards are using the earth and its natural systems to create a controlled demolition, if you will, of the environment to justify bringing in the global government. This is the great psy-op of our time.

    This guy promotes trump? Fracking? a consumer economy that is consuming the flesh from off the face of the earth? bullshit – this moran(o) is either a fool or an agent. truth can be used to deceive and people need to get wise to that. Light can be used to blind and much as it can be used to reveal.

    Some resources to consider…
    Dane Wigginton – Geoengineering watch

    Sophia Smallstorm

    This is not normal – strange weather

    Cowspiracy – Destroying water table – this is completely out of balance with nature.

    You piss in your well you are going to get sick!

    • Thanks for the heads up here. I don’t agree with everything Dane has to say, but I also don’t see him as a gatekeeper, though I am always open to being wrong about things like this, but I don’t see it. I listen to Dane every week and think that he is misinterpreting some things when it comes to the climate change thing because if geoengineering has been going on for 70 years than how is one to decipher between the effects of the geoengineers and the general populaces effects on the environment? Dane doesn’t say that they are doing this because of global warming but that they are creating their propaganda in regards to rolling this out into public view as a solution to it. That is why he has spoken out against fools like David Keith who can be seen speaking from both sides of his mouth when ever he opens it when he comes out to put forth this false solution.

      I wasn’t aware of the Michael Murphy thing – but there seems to be more there than meets the eye…

      As far as trump (card), Dane sees trump for who he is and makes that point clear in almost every episode. He stands on sound ground from what I have heard him say.

      In the end all of us are subject to being fooled by disinfo – but if the individual is vigilant over time it doesn’t take hold and it only really works on weak minded people who are looking to follow rather than do their own thinking. None of us are going to have a pristine record when it comes to that. Maybe he was taken in at first by kevin shipp – i have been listening to him for a few years now and no mention of shipp or the q anon psy-op.

      If you ask me Alex Jones is either directly working with the cia or is handled by someone who does. That is clear to me because I used to listen to him every day while doing my own research elsewhere. Alot of times is isn’t what they talk about but what they don’t talk about and that they do it within concise patterns. But alex is whole other story…

      There is so much more I can go into here but to finish – Black Lives Matter was created so a real conversation couldn’t be had about the African people and their true history. it is a psy-op to steer the conversation into a designed pigeonhole so the real perpetrators of slavery and the true historical suppression of these great people is short circuited from being had.

      The whole global warming/ climate change thing is a cover of the same order – this is the end game – they have control over the weather – they can fool the masses with that and cause famine and pestilence on a global scale – the tools for global population reduction is in their hands – they are just setting the narrative with climate change bullshit debate.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. -JC]

      • Phreedomphile,

        I am interested to hear more about Dane Wiggington. Could you get me some links in regards to his support of agenda 21 for example and you mentioned there was much more…

        Could you be specific with links – i appreciate it!

  12. Nusuth, the earth is no liar. Incapable of lying? It seems the patterns the Earth *
    projects is in direct opposition to what hubris puts forth. No wonder they hate the world so much. I can revel in that driving TPTSB ape-$#¡t.

  13. Reducing the whole conversation on this topic to the subject of “climate change” is a reductionist strategy. The real name is “destruction of the environment”. The problem is the unconscious behaviour of humans vis à vis the world they are part of. Reducing the whole thing to “climate change” allows governments to propose scams and false solutions like the climate tax, cap and trade, etc., and lets critics proclaim it’s all a scam. Climate change is a misnomer. It is a tool of division. It is propaganda. The problem is much wider and much deeper, it has to do with the way humans inhabit their world. It is a spiritual problem, if one is inclined to use such words.

  14. Boa tarde Mistro, Como esta indo? Algumas correcoes estao em ordem. Con sua permissao?
    The act of the deliberate insult to the horse blanco was blown way out of proportion by a real Napoleonic Dick. His exaggerated disgust of the offense did not fit the crime as presented. The black lines were made of black cloth and articles of black clothing. Not paint. Easily removed and restored to the previous restoration conditions . The children were permanently effected by such wanton disrespect of such a noble historical effort on their part.
    How their inocence was deranged was all theater of the jerk who is banned from the local pub for being a Dick when ever possible. Of course I know you knew this.

    P.S. Minhas desculpas por esticar um pouco a Versace. Hope you are well.

    • Alex, oppps! auto correct! Should have said.
      Minhas desculpas por esticar um pouco a verdade.
      You know that advertising world like no other.
      All that XR and Greta crap is being gobbled up by people , ahh like ahh CokaCola ! Its the new Coke. Are people that stupid? Or is this the perfect Ad campaign? I’ m not drawn in , I ‘m repulsed. What’s wrong with me? So its not targeting me? Maybe they should a used a bazooka instead of a laser beam huh? Its diabolical.
      P.S. mbp. Cristo has nothing on you!

  15. Just started watching and it seems there might of been a part overlooked in regards to how email communication can be retrieved. Unless emails are encrypted, they are wide open for anyone who has knowledge of where the emails are coming from to catch them as they are being transferred. So this method isn’t really leaked or hacked but more like captured in transit.

  16. Thanks to my dearly departed brother who several years ago courageously spoke up about the University of East Anglia hoax, I have been awakened to the steamrolling of anthropogenic climate change. Overall, the interview was a great eye-opener, however, the one thing about the interview I found disturbing— Marc Morano’s full endorsement of fracking. My understanding is that fracking is a major source of aquifer pollution. Is this not true? If it is, James, why didn’t you say anything countering Marc’s pronounced glee for fracking?

  17. No mention of ongoing geo engineering, something James has covered in the past. I get confused by his thinking on climate warming/change. You can’t explain what’s happening to the environment/climate without addressing it.

  18. Mr. Blaid, nice assembly of work presented here.

  19. I was disappointed not to hear about the true climate catastrophe geoengineering not brought up throughout this conversation (also 5g). I was also disappointed to hear fracking brought up in a positive way with benefits.

  20. Time Magazine the pervading mouthpiece of NWO today announced their person of the year! Drum roll please… Greta Thurnberg !!! ?.
    Grata was surprised at the recognition and said she hoped the message is finally getting through.

    GAG ME!!!

    • Alex, she is an iconic tradmark representing the near perfect PR campaign. Well on the way to a lifetime career of being famous for only being famous. Big forces have hold on all sides and she may last longer than 15 seconds .
      Will she see any money out of this? Does she have a generous stake in the franchise that every sane person knows is running out of time? Its no Star Wars franchise. I don’t see any future for its CO2 cause, that part of the franchise is based on scientific fraud, however if they capture the world Eco Movement, in time, no one will care it started as a fraud , the fake foundations and nonprofit Enviro-Markets monies will wind up in the same bank but with a new name and address… I can appreciate how crafty this was planned out. Has the appearance of Royal sanctioned name change of older environmental cash sales con jobs. Put into younger newer hands. Birth of a new religion…erh…Logo, needs a world class PR firm. Who will even have the same campaign running in the wings, so assuring the clients wishes are realized. If Greta Logo fails it can be replaced by the new anti-Royal group Logo, XR . New Logo and address, same Bank.
      You said it awhile back ” everything is an advertising campaign now ”
      What I want to know , are the banks competing or is it all the same bank?

        • MBP , did not know the whole story, as I stated far from final. You exposed a part relevant to the whole understanding of how AI makes sure the message is weaponized and delivered with pinpoint accuracy.
          It takes a village . Thanks for clarifing and putting tares where they belong before harvest.

          I type T. Heller and it went to press T. Healer. What can you do?

  21. Nusuth – I disagree.

    Now when you say “we,” if you are talking about humans, that I agree with, but I’m specifically talking about the EVIL CORPS & the criminals in gov’t & technically they are human. Psychopaths for sure, but still biologically human, although I still haven’t studied whether they really are part alien.

    They are beyond a shadow of a doubt (to me anyway) destroying the earth & have been for quite some time.

    There was nothing healthy about the industrial revolution.

    Coal is VERY toxic & is used in so many ways in our lives that most people don’t know that almost everything they touch is made with toxic coal & that’s why it’s toxic in our homes.

    Everything plastic you touch is made with coal & even the receipts you get from the store you just bought is all made with toxic plastic.

    I haven’t studied this, but I even heard toxic drugs are made with coal.

    You mentioned just some of the ways, & I’ll take it further with glyphosate that has now poisoned almost our entire planet, especially since Monsato gave up the patent & some Chinese companies got their hands on it.

    And there are several other herbicides/pesticides that don’t get as much attention that are just as poisonous.

    EMFs, RFs, & DE – cell phones, cell phone towers, smart meters, satelittes all wifi devices, & now the weapon called 5g.

    We are ALL made up of energy including all specifies, & this fucks with our natural energy.

    GMOs – which is basically fucking with mother nature & ANYTHING that takes mother nature & totally destroys it to control is it WRONG.

    So no, we aren’t personally doing this, but b/c the majority of the populous is uneducated, they don’t understand how dangerous this is & they aren’t protesting (lets say like they are with vaccines), this has been going on for a while now & ramping up since around the early 90’s (I believe.)


  22. When I hear people say they “believe in climate change” I think of Tomorrow Never Knows:

    Love is all and love is everyone
    It is knowing, it is knowing

    And ignorance and hate mourn the dead
    It is believing, it is believing

  23. MBP , just out from Solari Report. Patrick Woods part, I found very interesting. The rest is self explanatory knoll you get into the genetic amino acids talk. It reminded me of Alex’ s question in a way..
    Watcha thank? Its got to be important.

    • MBP. The patterns Youtube was much more interesting and may be more relevant than Ulrike’s , Winthrope Rockefeller kind of technocracy religion. Fitts always has a surprise to spring on the public. Maybe the price of half the truth is payed by delivering half the truth.
      The Ulrike piece is so unlike the other three choices it stands out in so many ways comparing theme , content, ect. Ect.

  24. Alex the art of using English in a lyrical flowing manner can be near imposible. Take note. The Tri-meras of Words (mbp) has been on a tear, a gusty blow of vowels with constantent burning brilliance of the sun. HolySmokes Trimera! You is on fire. { Just outstanding production lately .}
    Alex this is no normal English speaker but a Titan of the tongue. Culturally speaking anyone from 1970 to present, in the English speaking cinema age , and I mean
    Anyone that can use “squeal like a pig” Ned Beatty in a piece without ‘ Delivernce ‘ deserves a promotion and a raise. LaCroixLangue OraRey, to you my dear Trimera from your humble admirers for going above and beyond English imagination . (and giving more joy to this country than you take.)

  25. MBP-

    Apparently you are a Billy Connolly fan.
    There is a video on YT called Billy Connolly: A Scot In The Arctic. Maybe you have seen it. If not, check it out.

    • MBP-

      Don’t worry. That video won’t go over your head. It’s just a very interesting and funny guy camped out in the middle of nowhere, talking to a camera.
      And as far as the evening entertainment goes, (quite necessary for me, anyway- after a day of depressing reality I need to decompress- )
      May I make another movie recommend, for you and anyone else who might be interested.
      It’s called Fido. Connolly plays the part of a pet zombie. Hence the title. A weird little film, one of my favorites.

  26. This interview is really eye opening. I’ve always been suspicious of the modeling science, and I don’t doubt the resulting hysteria is being used to usher in technocratic controls. Furthermore, as a scientist (medical science), I’m well aware of how dogma and moneyed interested are used in science to silence dissenting voices. However, the rise in global temperatures, corresponding rise in CO2 levels, and strong correlation to human activities has seemed like solid science to me for quite a while. Can anyone point me to a specific resource (documentary, book, etc) that provides a well-reasoned scientific and technical refutation of these foundational elements of climate science? I went to the Climate Depot website, but found it difficult to navigate.

    Beyond that, I’ve also been of the opinion that if energy technologies are available that reduce pollution and are more efficient, then shouldn’t we promote those technologies? Fracking was mentioned here, but I’ve seen a lot of information on how fracking pollutes the water tables of the locations it is performed. Is it really an improvement over oil and coal? To the extent that solar and wind are more efficient and less polluting, shouldn’t we favor those technologies? Maybe I’ve just been overfed a diet of BS on this subject, but I’m suspicious of points of view that support the activities of “big energy” (or any big moneyed interests in general).

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